A REALLY Weird PC… - System76 Thelio Review

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There’s more than one company that makes its own operating system and hardware, and today, we’re taking a look at System76’s Thelio, an open source design you can build yourself.
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  • Use offer code LINUS to get 20% off everything on lmg.gg/mospack4

    Linus Tech TipsLinus Tech Tips7 aylar önce
    • Linus Tech Tips used

      istolit • 10 years agoistolit • 10 years agoAylar önce

      C PC P6 aylar önce
    • Do a review on SuperTuxKart. Just so you can be confused

      Kian MooreKian Moore6 aylar önce
    • Still not big enough to replace my old Targus built for 2 very thick laptops, and tons of accessories.

      midnightwolfmidnightwolf6 aylar önce
  • it looks more like a stereo speaker than a computer

    BrettBloodyHellBrettBloodyHell50 dakika önce
  • Like your content, but what do you mean by the second drive was hidden? You might want to get better acquainted with how Linux file structure works.

    Eric CorsiEric Corsi2 gün önce
  • Not working today and I’ll call every morning thanks again thanks for everything thanks

    Balachander RamachandranBalachander Ramachandran2 gün önce
  • Quick question for the kids to join the meeting with me tomorrow evening at my house at three or five minutes my house will come to you tomorrow evening thanks

    Balachander RamachandranBalachander Ramachandran2 gün önce
  • Linux is basically the future of desktop and gaming. Microsoft is fucking up their computer software and Apple is fucking up their computer hardware. Might as well say goodbye and get some premium quality shit that actually works and will continue to do so.

    Marie LoiseauMarie Loiseau2 gün önce
  • I feel like LGR would love the case for that pc

    Nateorius MeNateorius Me2 gün önce
  • For $2400, you can get a Hadron collider of a machine from a server builder like, for example, ABMX servers (they'll even pre-install Linux on it if you want instead of Windows)...

    Hungry GuyHungry Guy4 gün önce
  • God this comment section has them fat Linux neckbeards jerking off to Linus actually giving light to their ever so precious Linux

    Pabs PadillahhPabs Padillahh4 gün önce
  • Oh it's like apple pay way to much for fuck all

    TheGameMakeGuyTheGameMakeGuy8 gün önce
  • Honestly I wouldn't mind paying the extra money to support System76 rather than build my own *IF* I made enough money. Plus it's probably my favorite case design ever. But there's definitely a premium tacked on, as with all pre-assembled computers. At the same time, I'm also set for at least a few years now hardware-wise. So maybe I could just save up for a System76 instead of swapping out a part here and a part there.

    aLilBabyOtteraLilBabyOtter9 gün önce
  • Installing os, apps and drivers is easier on Linux than windows. We are not in 1995 anymore... No need to compile kernel! Thelio pcs are too expensive for their specs. Over pricing their PCS it's not the right way to earn the money they deserve. I think it's not a good business model.

    ocram2mocram2m9 gün önce
  • Its a cool concept but I'll stick with windows.

    ForbiddenFateGamingForbiddenFateGaming12 gün önce
  • @10:55 Linus: "if you have a body you need Dollar Shave Club" Michael Berryman: [crying internally]

    IRMacGuyverIRMacGuyver12 gün önce
  • I thought it was a laptop from the thumbnail...

    Sandu ZmeuSandu Zmeu13 gün önce
  • The closest thing to compiling a kernel is when I cook some popcorn in my kitchen microwave. And I am a person who installed Linux Mint 19.2 onto an old Laptop I had laying around on the shelf, collecting dust.

    Honesty CountsHonesty Counts14 gün önce
  • 0:40 " make Linux more accessible to 'Normies' " = YUP !!!

    Honesty CountsHonesty Counts14 gün önce
  • im watching this on my Pop OS pc

    Aymen LECAILLONAymen LECAILLON15 gün önce
  • Looked like a laptop in the thumbnail

    DogfishdogDogfishdog15 gün önce
  • Eww normies

    Zachary ZandZachary Zand16 gün önce
  • Actual Question: Does Linus know how Linux works?

    IainIain16 gün önce
  • Well a lot of people will get mad considering the pure anarchy of users and linux distros, for example if you say you use Ubuntu, someone will come up and throw you to the ground saying something like "Manjaro is better" I love Linux and will never change, but the community is pure chaos.

    WoopWoop17 gün önce
  • im also pop_os user, in hp probook :-|

    Kavindu AdikariKavindu Adikari17 gün önce
  • As I lifelong Windows user, I found myself with a netbook that couldn't fit Windows 10 updates despite it being the native OS. So I tried to switch to Linux. I tried Ubuntu and one of the small 'user-friendly' Linux (don't remember what it was called). In short: they sucked. They're just not user-friendly compared to Windows. I spent two weeks trying to get Linux to do what I wanted it to do and found that it just wasn't worth it. There was nothing I could do with Linux I couldn't do (easier) with Windows 10. The only issue was the size difference. It turned out to be more beneficial to go back to Windows 10 and just handle updates manually. Eventually replacing my SSD so I could keep up to date.

    toamousetoamouse17 gün önce
  • Do they have a donation page? I would love to install this on my machine, but would also love to support their project.

    Element 55Element 5517 gün önce
  • the only thing i think is to give a KDE option on first boot. no normie wpuld think to type in the terminal "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop" (KDE is a desktop enviorment which is very close to windows)

    TNT Man IncTNT Man Inc17 gün önce
  • I dislike how Linux users are overproud of themselves

    Drew SennaDrew Senna18 gün önce
    • Have u try to use it for a week? Try it and see how u feel

      Marky DMarky D17 gün önce
  • linus the new linux OS

    metalex bonnie200metalex bonnie20018 gün önce
  • Or you want hardware that just works without hunting down drivers and hunting down solutions

    LestibournesLestibournes19 gün önce
  • LinuxTechTips

    JakubPlatypusJakubPlatypus19 gün önce
  • Isn't that super overkilled for normies?

    Abeille Magique Dans CoquelicotAbeille Magique Dans Coquelicot19 gün önce
  • [insert LGR woodgrain reference here]

    LuisLuis20 gün önce
  • I really want the ability to choose which distro you want to use

    Aleksandr PodyachevAleksandr Podyachev20 gün önce
  • If i had the money I would get it, but as of now I would have to conform with a Pinebook pro.

    Francisco ArboledaFrancisco Arboleda20 gün önce
  • I've built systems since I was 12 and I have been using Linux since I've been 15 years old. I am a full-time Senior Software Developer and I simply don't have time to tinker. So this machine is for me, not just for noobs.

    thecount25thecount2521 gün önce
  • lol dollar shave club sponsoring baby face linus xD

    Olen HarperOlen Harper21 gün önce
  • linus, linus, i shaved today..... ;)

    Kevin DomingoKevin Domingo21 gün önce
  • Use kdenlive to make your youtube content to truly test it

    Kevin DomingoKevin Domingo21 gün önce
  • if you remove the "H" in Thelio (Telio) in Greek it mean Perfect

    Garik KazarianGarik Kazarian21 gün önce
  • Linux user here. Wanting Linux pre-installed isn't a matter of time, convenience, or knowledge for many of us, but of expense. Why pay for an Windows license when you aren't gonna use it? Also, I haven't compiled a kernel once in several years. As you'd know if you installed it yourself, distros like Ubuntu and Arch (edit: not Arch, that's one of the techier distros and it's installer is less of an installer, and more of a wiki page and some utilities) and PopOS (what System76 ships their systems with) are really easy to install and use.

    octet33octet3321 gün önce
  • For that price you get the freedom from a corrupted corporation such as Microsoft or Apple, Gnu/linux is the only system that wont steal your personal information .

    VeryStableGeniusVeryStableGenius22 gün önce
  • what the hell are you talking about ? Linux is easier then windows to maintain you just have to install the dam thing, they really have any idiots making any review on youtube, so sad.

    VeryStableGeniusVeryStableGenius22 gün önce
  • If it's made locally, or assembled locally, it's a Buy! Why support China etc. It's enough most of components come from Asia. Give the assembly work to locals. Worth the extra money.

    Veature_iTech GuyVeature_iTech Guy22 gün önce
  • "Compile their own kernel", lol. If you can't be bothered to do that, just choose any of the other thousands of distributions other than gentoo

    Oscar NelinOscar Nelin23 gün önce
  • Budget Mac Pro?

    redline2466redline246624 gün önce
  • LOVE IT! ill take this and install arch right away.. it will be perfect...

    BatteryProductionsBatteryProductions27 gün önce
  • It's open-source and democratic. That's why I love the internet and System76

    Finn KFinn K27 gün önce
  • Saying that all linux users are like this: • Compile everything from source • Hunt for source codes in obscure locations • Use only the command like is like saying that all americans do this every day: • Eat cheeseburgers • Drink beer • Watch TV Not all Linux users use Gentoo. Check out Zorin OS.

    Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name.Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name.28 gün önce
  • The bs should be like 6220800 for a single frame of 1080p/24bit tho

    Димитър ШоповДимитър Шопов29 gün önce
  • What's the name of the intro song at 0:00 @ Linus Tech Tips

    Vivek PraharshaVivek PraharshaAylar önce
  • Thanks for the honest review. I must admit I am a bit of a fan of the S76 folks and PopOS.

    Darrin PearceDarrin PearceAylar önce
  • The only thing this pc does is remove the need to install Linux on your own. Which is not hard as long as you choose the right distro

    Otso VäisänenOtso VäisänenAylar önce
  • Zorin OS and Pop OS are for Windows noobs who do not want to manually install apps. Basically a mainstream Linux

    H2V PRO EternalH2V PRO EternalAylar önce
  • I really think that Linus should make a video of 10 ways linux is better, jsut like he did with Windows and MacOS. Linux has a lot of features, aside of being free, safe, secure and has a lot of distros. There is a lot to linux than what people think, especially for programmers. For example, like what Linus mentioned on the MacOS thing, a lot of developers liked MacOS as it was based on UNIX, well, why not seeing what developers would say about using linux??

    Abdul Rahman SabbaghAbdul Rahman SabbaghAylar önce
  • looks like a wood version of the inwin a1 to me

    iTry NanoiTry NanoAylar önce
  • Linus you should try Linux for a month.

    Kickass MoviesKickass MoviesAylar önce
  • I’d think Linus knows the days of having to compile code to get a working application or kernel on Linux have been gone for some time.

    Sean PattersonSean PattersonAylar önce
  • This 76 thing predicted xbox

    Yovan GabutYovan GabutAylar önce
  • looks like the new xbox's father

    felipe bezerrafelipe bezerraAylar önce
  • Thanks, Linus for A Fair "MAGA" Review of System 76 Thelio!!! We would Rather Install LINUX MATE 19!!! Date: 12/17/2019!!! God Bless, AMERICAN PATRIOTS!!!

    william kannonwilliam kannonAylar önce
  • Been running Pop!_OS for a while now and stumbled over this video. I downloaded the ISO and installed it. Super simple, not even close to the hardware they are showing. Serious thanks to all that are buying those machines, this is allowing me to use this completely free and enjoy the OS. You sure seem to be buying decent hardware at this point. Thanks Linus for diving more into this OS.

    Paul van WoenselPaul van WoenselAylar önce
  • "So, what do you get for that extra $1,000?" Act now and we'll throw in this coupon for 30% off a new wine glass to sniff farts out of!! !!BEWARE LINUX USER!! Linux has gotten _trendy_ now. I wish this was going to be a good thing for the community, but, as this product illustrates, all I see so far is a bunch of Mactards coming to "curate my user experience", and they can fuck right off. Linux people do not pay $1,000 for visual appeal. Linux people pretend that they don't know why your mom's two year old laptop is booting to a blue screen, so that they can buy it "for parts", and install Arch on it.

    Dinka BoutitDinka BoutitAylar önce
    • bro ... chill. I've 'installed arch' many times but i would buy something like this if i had the disposable income. Just because you have a personality where you don't care about how things look is fine, but many people do enjoy having beautiful things around them and will pay for that

      Brandon SimonBrandon Simon23 gün önce
  • Let's be clear, people who don't use a computer as a "computer" don't even know about Linux, so how will buy these PCs. I think a better marketing attempt will put Linux on the front page. We really need the industry to know how viable Linux is as an OS.

    Arkaprabha ChakrabortyArkaprabha ChakrabortyAylar önce
  • Gnome is crap

    EduardoEduardoAylar önce
    • @Ishan Agarwal xfce is crap

      EduardoEduardoAylar önce
    • Plasma is crap

      Ishan  AgarwalIshan AgarwalAylar önce
  • Wait for a while for that open-source hardware. RISC-V is making big waves! The landscape of hardware will be turned upside down completely after RISC-V architecture gains traction. For an Indian like me, the only downside of System76 is their unavailability in this country. They can ship to our big neighbor; what's wrong in shipping to us??!! Aside from that, there is really nothing to complain about System76 machines. They are superbly crafted and capable machines. The high price tag is due to its niche customer base. As Linux grows in the consumer computing market, the prices will definitely go down due to the scaling up of the shipments and related profits.

    Sudip ChatterjeeSudip ChatterjeeAylar önce
  • Pop was my first full time Linux. I've since moved on, but it was great.

    Jake HillionJake HillionAylar önce
  • Been using Pop! for a year from Ubuntu and never looked back. Nowadays you install Ubuntu and it comes with shitty stuff on the home bar (i.e.: Amazon launcher) and that looks so much how Windows comes with shitware it's scary.

    Kristofher Muñoz RojasKristofher Muñoz RojasAylar önce
  • This guy is one of those vlogers that when I hear his name I immediately remember his commercials, they are like in every video and he puts so much attention to them. He really tries hard to make that dollar), damn he even outs two commercials in one video plus he is advertising razer and shaving cream in video baout Linux , carl!

    Florida VacationFlorida VacationAylar önce
  • ...doesn't SEAL but CONCEALS. I'm so mad!

    Rapty AxaRapty AxaAylar önce
  • To this day, PopOS is my go to distro. Everything on it just works.

    Rytis LiaučysRytis LiaučysAylar önce
A REALLY Weird PC… - System76 Thelio Review