A REALLY Weird PC… - System76 Thelio Review

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There’s more than one company that makes its own operating system and hardware, and today, we’re taking a look at System76’s Thelio, an open source design you can build yourself.
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  • Use offer code LINUS to get 20% off everything on lmg.gg/mospack4

    Linus Tech TipsLinus Tech TipsYıl önce
    • I love bitching about your voice, still is squeaky but nice vid girlfriend.

      First LastFirst Last2 aylar önce
    • @Charles Mouse My 80+ year old grandpa is using Linux, and all my digital illiterate family members are too. If you arent professionally working, and you just use it for playing a game with steam, browse the web, check your mail, and maybe write some text doc for work, it is very easy to learn it.

      Jerry H ReitsmaxJerry H Reitsmax3 aylar önce
    • Linus Tech Tips used

      Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years agoMake Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago7 aylar önce

      C PC PYıl önce
    • Do a review on SuperTuxKart. Just so you can be confused

      Kian MooreKian MooreYıl önce
  • Who the f**k chose that B-roll background?!

    Max WangMax WangGün önce
  • Actually just got pop is to try. And I like it a lot 🤙 great for blender and DaVinci resolve 🔥

    Andrey BarkovAndrey Barkov3 gün önce
  • i will purchase a system 76 desktop and laptop, just for the coreboot and linux optimisation, i wanna be secure, i wanna be free, i wanna be anonymous, fack off nvidia, fack off intel politics, fack off intel Management Engine who is a back door for goberment and hackers to your precious files and life.

    MagoProfetaMagoProfeta4 gün önce
  • how about I buy the parts by my self and save $1000 and donate it to the team?

    Rifat islamRifat islam6 gün önce
  • What went wrong? Well, an immediate ad.

    Brian FabrizioBrian Fabrizio6 gün önce
  • It's Apple for GPL nerds.

    Divan VisagieDivan Visagie8 gün önce
  • Truthfully their biggest problem is not having a low end cheap option.

    camiblack1camiblack19 gün önce
  • System 76 is a massive middle finger to macs

    Random OpsRandom Ops10 gün önce
  • "It's easier to update it on Windows" bruh, GPU drivers are also a part of the update when you are updating the packages.

    KayKay91KayKay9111 gün önce
  • Holy crap this video is hard to watch with the crappy flickering background going in. Difficult to focus and really detracts from what you're trying to look at... not to mention it's just plain ugly. Artsy for the sake of it with no substance or merit, just pretentious.

    Robert ThompsonRobert Thompson13 gün önce
  • I've used linux since Ubuntu 9.10 in 2009 and I've *NEVER* compiled my own kernel lol.

    MrC0MPUT3RMrC0MPUT3R13 gün önce
  • 1:16 haha funny anybody else konws dd?

    Eric XYZEric XYZ13 gün önce
  • linux is the future fr

    DD13 gün önce
  • I wanted one of these computers so bad back in the day. So you went through the trouble!

    ChrisChris15 gün önce
  • Linux is defnetly some fun stuff even for a bloody beginner... you dont have all this crap that you DONT NEED like on windows and with those google and help from the forums its pretty easy to work with and.. games are working there like your on windows

    arachno000arachno00015 gün önce
  • Nice case, but not enough mesh to install air fans.

    Juan GonzalezJuan Gonzalez17 gün önce
  • soo I can make and sell their pc's? cool

    Hectic1 TechHectic1 Tech17 gün önce
  • Pop OS runs smoothly on my core 2 duo 12 year old laptop lol. Saved me money, i just want to watch youtube and I like being able to choose between mac or windows style interface. Feels really lightweight and customizable. I might explore other distros later, but I'm happy with the performance on my old laptop.

    LemonadeLemonade18 gün önce
  • If I could, I definitely would. Not just pop OS, but steam deserves all the love they get for Proton.

    Aditya SharmaAditya Sharma20 gün önce
  • I've tested Pop_OS since it's based on Ubuntu that OS does break, i find fedora the only OS that doesn't break

    Adrian B. DucaoAdrian B. Ducao21 gün önce
  • Really distorting intro denigrating Linux makes Mr. Linus look really uninformed, but the body of the review is very fair handed.

    arxaaronarxaaron21 gün önce
  • "Your comments down below, about what they got right, and what they got wrong." There, happy now, Linus?

    Darth SygniousDarth Sygnious21 gün önce
  • An update on system76?

    dekipantelijadekipantelija21 gün önce
  • 11.3 m subscribers ?????

    Douglas WardDouglas Ward23 gün önce
  • I mean, if you really want to use such a distro, just for the love of god go with Manjaro instead.

    Vali ZethVali Zeth24 gün önce
  • Having an entire separate PC specifically for Linux is not what I'd call "normie friendly." When in doubt, dual boot.

    RatRat24 gün önce
  • No sometimes people who can tinker around and do things with their linux install. Just need a system that works (say they don't have a extra laptop/desktop or a family computer they don't have admin access to)

    Olivia drinkwineOlivia drinkwine26 gün önce
  • $900 for a 3200g, 8gb of ram, 120gb ssd and no graphics card? this is a scam.

    rikuリクrikuリク28 gün önce
  • also said 5400 rpm on hdd

    Dan Del AguaroDan Del Aguaro28 gün önce
  • Ugh Linus really should gain at least some passable Linux skills, it's embarrassing for someone who runs a channel like this that he is such a noob, I mean Debian and Ubuntu based OS's are so fucking easy to use.

    Chris MacKayChris MacKayAylar önce
  • I've been using Linux for over 20 years and it has been my daily driver since 2004. What distribution do I use? Linux Mint (Mate). It is a well polished distro and the devs listen to its users. I like that it bases off a version based release. This makes it easier to support than rolling releases. Dealing with bugs in rolling releases is like playing wack-a-mole. I don't like what Ubuntu is doing but Debian doesn't have a PPA infrastructure support for organizations / companies distribute their software outside the open source ecosystem. I'm a pragmatist when it comes to Linux software. As long as they support it, I'm okay with it. Just saying we have this version that run on Linux but don't ask us for help, isn't supporting the software.

    Ben TygerBen TygerAylar önce
  • > compile your kernels _cries in gentoo_

    The guy with the unnecessarily long nameThe guy with the unnecessarily long nameAylar önce
  • Good to see that, we are able to something not from China..

    Manoj KumarManoj KumarAylar önce
  • i love it

  • It would be great if they offered their monthly financing for international customers.

    Marko Velimir KobakMarko Velimir KobakAylar önce
  • heck with messing with compiling Linux. Download and install most Linux Distros now days 15-30 min min

    Linuxy linLinuxy linAylar önce
  • “If you haven’t compiled a kernel why are you using linux” And this is why I hate your channel

    Mark Penguin, Leader of AAFOMark Penguin, Leader of AAFOAylar önce
  • Like the video; however, the amount charged for that system is pretty ridiculous IMO.

    Jerad CrankeJerad CrankeAylar önce
  • Wow, got an ad featuring linus before this video lmao.

    Samir ShresthaSamir ShresthaAylar önce
  • The best part about these machines is that they disable Intel ME (on the ones that have intel chips).

    NikephorNikephorAylar önce
  • It's the DOG. He's the brains behind the whole operation. All the Humans...answer to the DOG. (plus...Dog Food and Bones ain't cheap! ) Same situation with TiedyeBarn.com. The TURTLE has TWO HEADS. And THEY (Zack and Mack) are the boss of their humans.... see if they obeyed their specs, Linus...head over to tiedyebarn.com and...buy a few things there... for TWO REASONS.... 1) They don't eat Pizza... and 2) Hi-Quality Worms ain't cheap, either. And when it's a TWO HEAD TURTLE....Double the Brains....Double the cost. But Definitely....Double the QUALITY..... (unlike this comment, that needs more development....oh well)

    Kapt BlastoKapt BlastoAylar önce
  • 5000

    Parpaquetde SixParpaquetde SixAylar önce
  • Laziness made me interested in the Thelio, cheapness made me build my linux pc.

    KyleKyleAylar önce
  • By looking at the thumbnail, I thought it was a laptop

    AcontructinthecoreAcontructinthecoreAylar önce
  • linux is really good right now, but not for me and just for a minimal reason: I couldn't install reshade on my games, couldn't get apex legens or valorant to work, vrchat has poor performance, lol I wish I didn't play those games cause appart from that I enjoyed a lot the linux eperience on debian gnome systems

    TheUtgardian ChannelTheUtgardian ChannelAylar önce
  • 11 million subs, imagine how much youtube pays this guy! dammm

    0.z0.zAylar önce
  • Which of the Thelios do you have there?, Major?, or Massive?

    Asbjørn MikkelsenAsbjørn MikkelsenAylar önce
  • Thank you for covering Linux and mentioning Linux gaming!

    Tom SnoozeTom SnoozeAylar önce
  • Back around 2005 before I knew anything about computers I ordered a dell laptop and it came stock with ubuntu. I have no problem with linux as a nerd. I love it to b honest but at the time as purchase I had no idea how to use it. I live in the country and internet wasnt common. Most people around here didnt even no wat internet was lol. It was garbage for me. I still wouldnt ever give linux to a normy.

    RetroGuardianRetroGuardianAylar önce
  • I always go through this cycle of suddenly wanting to install Linux, but then I watch some Linux fans talk for a bit and suddenly all of my desire to actually try Linux again vanishes.

    VostokTheROBOTVostokTheROBOTAylar önce
  • the So This at the beginning gave me biigggggg Doug DeMuro vibes

    Justin ManuelJustin ManuelAylar önce
  • i dont really like pop os, because... PoP OS > Ubuntu > Debian > GNU/Linux Kernel, basically pop os is based on ubuntu and that on debian (of which is it's own distro) and then on GNU/Linux kernel, also i noticed some pop os features are from elementary

    OP17 GamingOP17 GamingAylar önce
    • @Nukumori ok, well thanks in anyways for the info😊✌️

      OP17 GamingOP17 GamingAylar önce
    • @OP17 Gaming It's not your fault. Blame the GNU people.

      NukumoriNukumoriAylar önce
    • @Nukumoriyeah, sorry. I get confused sometimes with linux and gnu/linux considering that I'm only 15 years old...

      OP17 GamingOP17 GamingAylar önce
    • @OP17 Gaming Indeed. The LINUX kernel. Not GNU/Linux

      NukumoriNukumoriAylar önce
    • @Nukumori well, all those distros out there are based on the linux kernel, basically the distros has package managers, 3rd or 1st party window manager or desktop enviorment, and some other things, though everything is still built from the ground up from the linux kernel

      OP17 GamingOP17 GamingAylar önce
  • Wwwwait this is a Linux based PC? I kinda wanna get it because I have no clue how to download and install operating systems at all. All I know is building the hardware lmao

    dodge ram 1500 1996dodge ram 1500 1996Aylar önce
    • Just download the iso, flash it to a usb, and boot on the usb

      Chiel VooijsChiel Vooijs28 gün önce
  • If you can Google, you can pop!_os

    Allen LarkAllen LarkAylar önce
  • To install linux you don't have to compile your kernel.

    Larry KimaniLarry KimaniAylar önce
  • After I atched this, I literally found the same and better parts on Newegg for $598. System76 is Overpriced, but let's hope they drop the prices a bit.

    yanikeyanikeAylar önce
  • Coders like me don't have time to setup Linux but want to use it because it is what 90% of software is targeting.

    Justin SmithJustin SmithAylar önce
  • Compiled their own kernel!!. I am quite sure most of the linux users don't know how to compile the kernel. This guy should see how easy it is to install linux like Ubuntu.

    rachit shahrachit shahAylar önce
  • I'm using Pop_OS! in my Helios 300 and only had to compile a tool for controlling fans in Linux just cause they don't offer pre-compiled binaries. EDIT: I also compile my own project but that's cause I study programming

    Victor BayasVictor BayasAylar önce
  • 1 questions how does the highest configuration compare to the cheese grater in the HW level and the price

    I AI AAylar önce
  • I use Pop OS daily for my web development and android development daily. But wouldn't buy that System 76 rig

    - Blanabbaz- BlanabbazAylar önce
  • Lmao this comment section is just angry linux stans. To be clear im not a linux hater its just funny to see all these ppl get mad at a throwaway comment he made

    Kaya GursuKaya GursuAylar önce
    • I'm an Arch Linux user, btw... And holy molly, newbies mad

      Gustavo PeredoGustavo Peredo11 gün önce
  • "compile ur own kernel" lmao 99% of mainstream distros are based on precompiled binaries. Gentoo and void-musl are few which Ik which are "relatively" mainstream which requires compilation of kernel and customization from the ground up.

    RayyanRayyan2 aylar önce
  • It looks like a fancy notebook (like as in an actual note book not a computer notebook.) Standing up on its' side by opening it.

    NaraxNarax2 aylar önce
  • Background video effect is just one abcdef word annoying

    nk gnk g2 aylar önce
  • Entroware has pre-built ubuntu laptops

    Gabe RolesGabe Roles2 aylar önce
  • Using procfs is so outdated

    Sjoer van der PloegSjoer van der Ploeg2 aylar önce
  • I build my own PC but I use their OS.

    MadmartiganMadmartigan2 aylar önce
  • "if you have a body, you need 1$ shave club"

    Lee OswaldLee Oswald2 aylar önce
A REALLY Weird PC… - System76 Thelio Review