ABC’s Of Wild ‘N Out 😜 ft. Mariah Carey, Chance the Rapper, Tyga & More!

Your ABC’s just got WILD with our very own version of the alphabet. 😂 Peep and comment below the letter that’s looking like your fave. 🙌
#WildNOut #MTV
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Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out delivers lightning-fast improv and head-to-head battles, helmed by the master of ceremonies, Nick Cannon. The stakes are high as teams face off in a series of visceral, hip-hop-edged comedy showdowns, all culminating in a rap battle for the championship belt.




    Grace TysickGrace Tysick9 saatler önce
  • Justina is pure fire🔥🔥

    Cindy GrantCindy GrantGün önce
  • And guess what you don’t need yo makeup stupid ass boiiiiiii 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ximena FloresXimena Flores2 gün önce
  • Funyy It To.

    Raaj ChampiaRaaj Champia4 gün önce
  • OMG I love Mariah Carey .❤️❤️❤️❤️ Nick Canton you were lucky one day LOL 😂 😂😂 😂

    Laila HollyLaila Holly4 gün önce
  • Sommer gay I thought she was dating javis

    Banana PeeleBanana Peele8 gün önce
  • B should've been for bitch for Tim

    Alex DeBoerAlex DeBoer9 gün önce
  • B should've been for bitch for Tim

    Alex DeBoerAlex DeBoer9 gün önce
  • Here is a question we all want to know! When Justina kissed the other female here is what we wanna know ........ Is Justina a lesbian!? ( The female was Summer )

    Black OpsBlack Ops12 gün önce
  • 4:01

    Moon EditsMoon Edits13 gün önce
  • Is this old ?

    Destinee GrantDestinee Grant14 gün önce
  • 0:22 justinas one was just crazy

    Samira RiyaitSamira Riyait16 gün önce
  • so noone realized that there isnt an e

    Zephaniah saharielZephaniah sahariel19 gün önce
  • Nahhhh, B is for BITCH - Tim

    LWLmanLWLman19 gün önce
  • Wig

    Ms. Rain UnicornMs. Rain Unicorn20 gün önce

    Leroy SmithLeroy Smith20 gün önce
  • Justina my favorite idc🤷🏾‍♀️ and that last 1 wit zendaya took me out😭😭😭

    Fam0us SunnyyFam0us Sunnyy21 gün önce
  • The fear in Nick’s eyes when Mariah came out 💀

    It’s MeIt’s Me21 gün önce
  • J is for justina what ep

    Drama QueenDrama Queen22 gün önce
  • Which episode is the one nicks trying to buzz Vic Mensa off the damn wildstyle lol

    WTFandr3wWTFandr3w23 gün önce
  • Justina killed it!!!!! Dannnggg

  • M should have been Mariah

    michael gamezmichael gamez23 gün önce

    Aghape Abreha27Aghape Abreha2723 gün önce
  • Y’all should start showing this show on Netflix all episodes and newer !!!!!

    Citlali The WeirdoCitlali The Weirdo24 gün önce
  • Fake my as

    casmira ccasmira c25 gün önce
  • 4:55 was so funny lmao 😂

    Friz BoiFriz Boi25 gün önce
  • Oh my Godbwhen he said turbans r for Muslims like.............. My nigga that's Hindu culture

    Warda ElmiWarda Elmi25 gün önce
  • 4:08 you saw his face when she came out? 🤣

    Savannah LoweSavannah Lowe26 gün önce
  • 3:57 nick face tho

    Haley KnowlesHaley Knowles26 gün önce
  • Tyga madd cuteee 😩😩

    Jaedynne EmmaJaedynne Emma26 gün önce
  • i don't get it is Justina lesbian?

    Lil MooseLil Moose26 gün önce
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 this funny as shit!!! Lol

    Errol BenjaminErrol Benjamin27 gün önce
  • 9:24 we find justina is a lesbian

    Sandstorm2734Sandstorm273427 gün önce
    • She's probably bi

      Dia Plays RobloxDia Plays Roblox27 gün önce
  • Put woah Vicky on here 😂😂😂😂

    Essence BaileyEssence Bailey28 gün önce
  • *Please and please watch this video* 😂😂😂

    Abdirahman HassanAbdirahman Hassan28 gün önce
  • 1:43 is it me or it kinda sounded like Emmanuel dousing for ah good minute

    Its ._NaeIts ._Nae28 gün önce
  • Maria racist

    JL SouljaJL Soulja28 gün önce
  • how is W not wildstyle?!

    Catherine KCatherine K28 gün önce
  • That rapping chick on da rodeo bull: I died!!!

    Thomas FarmerThomas Farmer28 gün önce
  • Dc ain't funny

    dafi swudafi swu29 gün önce
  • Sorry Nick but I love Mariah more 💖

    JoanieXmsJoanieXms29 gün önce
  • Nice

    Baby Monkey TooBaby Monkey Too29 gün önce
  • Wow

    Baby Monkey TooBaby Monkey Too29 gün önce
  • So nobody gonna talk about what happened at 5:36

  • I miss tim

    Jasmine SaeleeJasmine Saelee29 gün önce
  • They should of had ski mask the slump god on K

    Ernest LucioErnest Lucio29 gün önce
  • DC Young Fly ain't get his own letter... but he was in everybody else's lmfaoooo

    JigglyChocolatemanJigglyChocolateman29 gün önce
  • Bring Vic back

    pretty womanpretty woman29 gün önce
  • Nicks wife is so god damn ugly

    Brooke ArdenBrooke Arden29 gün önce
  • They should’ve used Timothy for B “bitchhhh”

    Shyan CharfaurosShyan CharfaurosAylar önce
  • Did Justina smack MGK?

    Kode KweenKode KweenAylar önce
  • 9:03 not again 🤣🤣

    David RDavid RAylar önce
  • Its like WWE but in rap.

    VektorVektorAylar önce
  • Wrong Phone!!🎶🎶🎶

    Shawn RakgoaleShawn RakgoaleAylar önce
  • She ain’t playin. She will shut shit down lol nick was scared

    Snake PliskinSnake PliskinAylar önce
  • I all but died at the zendaya one.

    Kitty KittyKitty KittyAylar önce
  • Awww when Karlous came Chico was the first to hug him.

    Temperance DardenTemperance DardenAylar önce
  • Put the beat back yall so mean 😂😂😂😂

    高価なCosty高価なCostyAylar önce
  • Vice Mensa a bitch

    NZXNONZXNOAylar önce
  • The best one was karlous millers return yheard me

    YoungTalentYoungTalentAylar önce
  • Damn, when they have D'Lo on Wild'N O- Oh damn, that _is_ Vic

    Kid CoreyKid CoreyAylar önce
  • Did Darren get pissed for real at Jacob for that mama joke?

    DeMario HammondDeMario HammondAylar önce
  • invite cardi b

    Elphie Sinan neumannElphie Sinan neumannAylar önce
  • Zendaya 😍😍❤️😍

    Maurice JohnsonMaurice JohnsonAylar önce
  • This is a minstrel show...coonary at its finest

    lemmieatitlemmieatitAylar önce
  • They should have used W for Wildnout

    Uby UdofiaUby UdofiaAylar önce
  • Tht red haired bitch is the worst

  • M - should have been Mariah Carey. Periodt.

    Juan Camilo CarloneJuan Camilo CarloneAylar önce
  • That XYZ all caught me off guard. Top Moments.

    Singh-Is-King-94Singh-Is-King-94Aylar önce
  • Nick look like he done seen a dam ghost when Mariah walked up

    Maria LaneMaria LaneAylar önce
ABC’s Of Wild ‘N Out 😜 ft. Mariah Carey, Chance the Rapper, Tyga & More!