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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
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  • Love your videos and you are so funny, BTW you are great dad cause I remember your video with your daughter and the mouse trap lol keep spreading science and fun ;)

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  • Now no frequency integration

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  • Frequency integration

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  • Change converter,,, I cage

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  • I did learn something. You can use ac after dc (induction+dc).

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  • Debunk this

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    Gay FagGay Fag10 saatler önce
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  • Why don't you use your auto transformer?

    Engin YeğnidemirEngin Yeğnidemir13 saatler önce
  • There are verry few people on earth who can demonstrate a Subject with actually performing it's lethal aspect's Love the way of getting yourself shocked and educate people about lethality of current & voltages Waiting for the next shock......

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  • Damn you are very good at electricals

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  • Tesla would be somewhat proud!! 🤣🤣

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  • Now we got Thor of endgame here

  • 5:48 HOLY F*CK

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  • I don't want more Amdoc's made by film makers ! I want non-Amdoc's made by scientists !!

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  • Do a video on 5G and if it's harmful in any way

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  • Good intentions, very dangerous work area. If it keeps up, we can call him Hypothesis Man. Why? Because all of his works are never successful, but he gets and gets again on a failed experiment.

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  • I’m really surprised he isn’t immune to shock now he’s had a lot of practice

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  • This dude's gonna become electric shock resistant one day lol.

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  • You look like a middle eastern Humphrey Bogart

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  • How come this man gets zapped every episode but still looks like big foot.

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  • WD40 will help

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  • Can you "PLEASE!" take a look to @veproject1 channel? As we know, you "LOVE" free energy devices XD. Jokes aside, his videos are about perpetual machines (as he says), and I wanted to know the trick behind these machines or whatever.

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  • free energy guy from india

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  • U SCARED ME AGAIN!!!!!!!!! U LUNATIC!!!!! why the fuck u r doing that?! I got electrocuted 1000 times and now I'm jumping all the time when I hear the wires pop! Damn u!!

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  • In order to cut the copper more easily you should anneal it. Annealed metals also conduct electricity better.

    Michael FoppianoMichael FoppianoGün önce
  • What do you call an overloaded full bridge rectifier? A full bridge recti-fire!

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  • Why does molybdenum show undulations when heated.

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  • Make negative ion generator

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  • Slots are skewed to avoid cogging.cogging is opposive interaction torque between stator and rotor.Due to this squirrel cage induction motors don't start .

    Sachin gollapalliSachin gollapalliGün önce
  • When he starts carelessly flinging the hot wire around. It was just a matter of seconds

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  • How is he alive?

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  • End rings not use in rotor this cause no current flowing in rotor due to this it's not rotate

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  • can you make a self running motor

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  • Did you heard about Police going to Cody's lab home? We needa support him in any way possible... Pls like to make this comment to be seen by electroboom

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  • Professor electro boom, i hope you're a teacher at high school or university 👌😂 because you explain everything with passion and curiosity. Really cool keep going ! I love your fails and electro shocks 🤩

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  • Hey Mehdi we all know that perpetual machine does not work in real life. Check this video out & make a rectifier video pls. #perpetualmotionmachine

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  • YOu really make a great channel!!! Love it.

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  • Cool vid

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  • ------[[[[[[]]]]]]------ 1 like = 1ohm

    IskanderIskander2 gün önce
  • Use an old car alternator for a 3 phase generator. Lots of current there.

    cmfrancis1cmfrancis12 gün önce
  • Why not just plug it into a 3 phase outlet? (maybe with some resistors)

    gasdivegasdive2 gün önce
  • Hello sir , i have question sir and my question is can i use a 2amp 0-12 transformer in place of 1amp 0-12 transformer ,by using a 2 amp transformer will not end up getting burn my 6283 ic sound amplifier circuit

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  • Hey theres a guy who claimed he had made a free energy device and is also challenging all the electrical engineers like you, heres the link to the video....

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  • ElectroMan: Let's see if we can weld this two pieces. ElectroMan: ... *Burns the whole universe* 5:37

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  • Can you make vacum tube tesla coil

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  • What could go wrong

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  • Try resonating the coil using capacitor bro

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  • Is he Indian

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  • Here's the simple truth. You're dealing with a very low impedance generator, (permanent magnet alternator) and a motor with a much higher impedance. if you wound each bolt with only about 1/3 the number of turns, that would reduce the inductance enough to draw enough current at the low voltage produced by the alternator, to produce a field strong enough to run ANY of the rotors you tried. Please keep in mind, those RC model motors are designed to turn incredibly high RPM at relatively low voltage. That means there is very little EMF produced by the motor, meaning, it generates very little voltage at low RPM, but a very high current. The impedance of the electromagnets needs to be low enough to draw that current at that low voltage.

    Vincent RobinetteVincent Robinette3 gün önce
  • 5:49 seriously??? STOP!

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  • قربون اون شکل هالیوودیت کاش یک کمکی هم به من مسکین می کردی. چند تا موتور از ایر کاندیشن و فکس ماشین باز کرده ام، لامصب ها هرکدوم چهار پنج تا سیم دارند. نمیدونم چه جوری اونا را به سه تا سیم مثبت، منفی و زمین وصل کنم. در ضمن، دمت گرم که هم خیلی میدونی و هم هنر آموزش داری.

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  • Can you take each of the 3 phases output from your generator and run thru a transformer to increase current?

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  • I absolutely love this channel. I watched back to back for about 4 hours. Educational and funny 😀

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  • James. I've got one for you. A local barista of mine served up an amazing V60 Burundi for me a while back and gave me two empty glasses and asked me to split between them and taste the difference. I looked at him like he'd lost his marbles. I laughed, played along and he said tell me what you think. I tasted between the two cups and there was a significantly noticeable difference between the two. I poured them with the same amount of liquid and drank interchanging between both. The cup that was more of a straighter up and down side wall had more body. The cup that was a lot more flared out at the top tasted lighter, more floral. Same coffee, same temp, same brew, same same, different taste.

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  • How is this guy still alive?

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  • I have been watching some videos where conspiracy theorists show some hidden Nikola Tesla research material that shows that he was successful in creating an anti gravity device. Many you-tubers claim to have achieved this. Can you please bust some anti gravity levitation videos like this one -

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