Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Spacesuit Glove Wrist Rings!

Watch the conclusion to this build here!
Adam's latest machining project is a return to his Mercury spacesuit replica, his very first spacesuit replica project that keeps on getting improvements. Adam just upgraded the gloves on this suit with an amazing custom sewn pair, and turns to machining the distinct wrist coupler rings that connect them to the main suit. It's a painstaking process of turning a large round aluminum bar into hardware that looks right out of NASA's spacesuit shop.
LikeLinda's Mercury glove replicas:
Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Gunther Kirsch
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  • Watch the conclusion to this build here! Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks:

    Adam Savage’s TestedAdam Savage’s TestedAylar önce
    • Adam pull the jaws on your rotary table & insert them backwards, they're designed to hold an additional 50% in material thickness that way.

      joey dubbs76joey dubbs76Aylar önce
    • The jaws for both the late and the mill are reversible, especially for these scenarios where you work with big diameter materials...

      Popescu Cristian FlorinPopescu Cristian FlorinAylar önce
    • Im loving watching your videos and have thought you should look at Keith Fenner's Machining videos! All ways interesting and informative.

      BuggsK100RSBuggsK100RSAylar önce
    • Please put I am an impatient money wearing shoes on a tshirt. Never both laughed so hard and felt so seen at the same time.

      Gloriously ImperfectGloriously ImperfectAylar önce
    • Are the jaws on his dividing head reversible ?

      Pacific coast piperPacific coast piperAylar önce
  • make a cutter

    sam yeatessam yeates7 gün önce
  • All that grief for the initial 60 degree groove might have been avoided by using an old school horizontal metal shaper rather than trying to mill rotary bit problems that way.

    Timothy FrancisTimothy Francis11 gün önce
  • While facing @7:30 was the air to cool the tool without using fluid because the Aluminium doesn't need it or just to get rid of the swarf?

    BabyMakRBabyMakR12 gün önce
  • Coming from todays Tweet? 30:45

    Hey I'm a MakerHey I'm a Maker15 gün önce
  • Spacesuit enthusiast: Looks good. excellent work! The vacuum of space: I see you have made an error and you will now pay for it with your life.

    TheGalacticWestTheGalacticWest17 gün önce
  • This seems like this would be the perfect kind of thing for Aluminum 3d printing if you could get the finish to look right. Obviously that's not the point of the video, but the amount of patience and things that could go wrong seems like it would be a lot lower with a different approach and I find that interesting.

    RichJMoneyRichJMoney18 gün önce
  • Anyone know what mask that is in the top left corner during the time that Adam is cleaning his mill?

    Timothy VolkersTimothy Volkers19 gün önce
  • What is Adam using at the 10:15 mark? It sounds almost like a stone of some kind on the bed of the mill?

    mcvickjmcvickj22 gün önce
  • trepanning ftw here

    Sam LaceySam Lacey22 gün önce
  • Love the timelapse music on this, anyone any idea what it might be?? Is there a way to find out?

    CMorganCMorgan25 gün önce
    • Actually let me the timelapse music on this speeded (sped?) up to 1.5x (!)

      CMorganCMorgan25 gün önce
  • Video quality looks great on this one!

    menemaimenemai27 gün önce
  • 06:48 good enough for the girls I go out with

    moofymoofy28 gün önce
  • 10:49 ADAM!!! WHAT DID YOU DO!!!!!!!

    Joshua JesseJoshua Jesse28 gün önce
  • Anyone know what the song @ 16:25 is?

    Charlie OppenheimerCharlie Oppenheimer28 gün önce
  • what is the tool called that you used at 15:42 to find the center of the blank?

    Amanda TaylorAmanda Taylor29 gün önce
  • Dude! What´s the song/music???, start 31:30.

    Johan JohanssonJohan Johansson29 gün önce
  • Couple of helpful tips 1 flip the jaws on the lathe chuck 2 when on the mill use a stiff brush to sweep away chips that may other wise end up IN your finger 3 choke up on your boring bar on the lathe as much as possible because it will flex FINALLY 4 not that this video fits the idea a one day build means watch in one day not build in one day

    kenny didnt diekenny didnt die29 gün önce
  • I'm getting good at this. I tried to imagine how much talking Adam would do before actually doing any actual lathe work on the aluminum, and I was pretty close. I figured 15 minutes for tangents regarding how he first came across aluminum in the shape of a Coke can, then how Coke used to have real cocaine in it, then the entire process of turning coca leaves into powdered cocaine...and sure enough, 26 minutes into the video he finally gets to work.

    B BlutarskyB BlutarskyAylar önce
  • He didn't "accuratize" it, he accurized it.

    B BlutarskyB BlutarskyAylar önce
  • Plot twist: Someone was at the front door.

    WJLWJLAylar önce
  • There is an old machine called a Shaper machine which would have eliminated the use of a slitting saw and would have made a true 60 degree cut all the way to full depth trivial. Abom79 has several videos on their function and use.

    JackJackAylar önce
  • Why does anybody give a guy like Adam a thumbs down?

    AndyBAndyBAylar önce
  • Very interesting video Adam. I'm assuming that is not blood-spattered over your divider head? I just had an idea, you and Keth Rucker should do a joint venture of some kind. You both will be master and student in each of your respected trades.

    Michael PoulinMichael PoulinAylar önce
  • Someone needs to setup a web site for "Tested: Machinist Bingo" cards... Alternately we need a tested 'builders' forum for people to give feedback and discuss the things that he's doing with the machining videos. These videos are a GREAT learning opportunity, but the buried/random youtube comments on the subject don't seem to actually generate any productive criticism, since they all devolve to "here's what's wrong" vs "adam's a pro, he knows what he's doing". (despite adam himself regularly clarifying that he *doesn't*...)

    PoignantPiratePoignantPirateAylar önce
  • Include a towel as in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? (2.09).

    JoachɨmJoachɨmAylar önce
  • Can I recommend a project? Could you make an arrow whistle like they do in every movie? Maybe a machined ported field tip like a nerf ball?

    Photo Sushi IVPhoto Sushi IVAylar önce
  • If you want machining tips forget clickspring, watch Abomb79, Keith Fenner, or Tom Lipton.

    Richard SchmidtendorffRichard SchmidtendorffAylar önce
  • Most chuck jaws can also be reversed for those trickier chuckings.

    Richard SchmidtendorffRichard SchmidtendorffAylar önce
  • I can really relate to the “getitdoneitis”. I’m six years into a kit car build with tons of modifications. Sometimes I spend a week to discover how not to do something. Simultaneously frustrating and oddly rewarding!

    Glenn BeckGlenn BeckAylar önce
  • I feel like a skim cut across the whole piece before layout would have been good just to get a fresh surface to work on.

    S SmithS SmithAylar önce
  • Adam, by all means keep using air on your mill and lathe, but just know that (since these machines will outlive you) the next person who gets them will have a really dirty, worn out headache on their hands. Will need to repair and clean and it won't hold good accuracy. I hope I never again buy another machine from someone who didn't know or care about respecting their own tools.

    c0mputerc0mputerAylar önce
  • Can we get an “Impatient Monkey Wearing Shoes” t-shirt please

    Nick BeckmanNick BeckmanAylar önce
  • One Day Build my A$$..... 😭 I was so psyched to see these too.

    XPNDBLheroXPNDBLheroAylar önce
  • I'm only halfway through the video where's the timecode I can skip forward to where he figures out he can just use a dovetail cutter and rotate the part so the cut line is at 30 degrees?

    NicoyaNicoyaAylar önce
    • Thank you. Also.. All that layout. Isn't that what the dividing head is for?

      Sage TXSage TX27 gün önce
  • was the martian suit ever finished?

    daviessa91daviessa91Aylar önce
  • Wasn't there a whole story about someone who made a set of 7 rings (among a few other sets of other quantities) which didn't end very well?

    Nate BeckNate BeckAylar önce
  • Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Matthew SinclairMatthew SinclairAylar önce
  • Does anyone know the music that plays during the time lapse, the guitar piece as Adams milling his 11 slots in his billet?

    Darryl MastersDarryl MastersAylar önce
  • I was happy to see you use the safety visor when grinding. Not so happy seeing you mill without. Especially when you keep peeking above the protection of your own glasses. Btw, what kind of visor is that. I've been trying to find a similar mask but all of them are virus masks nowadays. It's almost impossible to find a good pair that only would cover your nose and not the entire head.

    Anton YmerAnton YmerAylar önce
  • I love that he has such a diverse range of tools for the most specific tasks, but always somehow seems to have to macgyver his projects

    jraybozyjraybozyAylar önce
  • Reversible jaws on the rotary head!

    Darren RedmonDarren RedmonAylar önce
  • I know your question answers videos are usually patreonquestions.. but the Clickspring joke made me actually start wondering... Do you watch a lot of other Makers, specifically the ones with rather specialised fields? And do you take away more than use mere mortals from doing so? Love Chris' work...

    Richard LundströmRichard LundströmAylar önce
  • Yer arse is hanging out Adam Lad!

    mrvertigo23mrvertigo23Aylar önce
  • Ive never had that problem with spray, same brand as that brush pot too

    Binary SoulBinary SoulAylar önce
  • Have you collabbed with Everyday Astronaut? Your personalities would mesh extremely well!

    brian554xxbrian554xxAylar önce
  • I mean... what if we just got you a real suit? Meh, where would be the fun in that I guess.

    NathanNathanAylar önce
  • Judging by the spatter pattern on the dividing head. It has been used as a murder weapon...HA!

    pigeonfarmboypigeonfarmboyAylar önce
  • Just tried tested VR with the Quest 2. I would strongly recommend it, very good experience, but watch out, Adan likes to swing items around, nearly took my bloody head off lol.

    Shaun BrownShaun BrownAylar önce
  • Are those not reversible jaws on the chuck? Why not just flip them around?

    Tossed SaladTossed SaladAylar önce
  • Okay weird question, why would they be weathered? Other than to make them look old or original, if they were new but used at the time, they would be in amazing shape since the inside of a ship is intentionally very clean.

    Ben LasherBen LasherAylar önce
  • 48:21 exactly what ti was thinking

    FSK1138FSK1138Aylar önce
  • The thing at the end is an aluminum anodizer? Maybe?

    Ryan FeaginRyan FeaginAylar önce
  • Help! I need my ThisOldTony

    KayslerKayslerAylar önce
  • The music in the time-lapses are awesome, anyone know what any of them are called?

    J. KempsterJ. KempsterAylar önce
  • it is hard to leave something that to myself looks like little progress has been made. Adams pro tip for sure haha Love Tested!

    J LarsonJ LarsonAylar önce
  • Please clean up those lathe guides from abrasive of flap wheel grinder...

    Stanislav PStanislav PAylar önce
  • Whenever Adam said he was gonna blue the 6061, the first thing that came to mind was gun blue, not the marking fluid

    Wyatt BiggsWyatt BiggsAylar önce
  • Switch Apoc just has "I hope the Oracle gave you good news" as his only line.

    Dan HerrDan HerrAylar önce
  • um that's crazy amounts of time for so little.. can some explain to me , why, is worth it?

    Common SenseCommon SenseAylar önce
  • Adam explaining complex measurements: My brain: 39:05

    Nick Adams FilmsNick Adams FilmsAylar önce
  • Thats a deep Matrix call-back!

    Gareth RogersGareth RogersAylar önce
  • Measure once, cut 125 times!

    Chris FosterChris FosterAylar önce
  • please put chapter marks in your future videos for easier reference please!!!!

    MrSnappyComebackMrSnappyComebackAylar önce
  • Hey, if you want a time saver for tramming your mill Vice then you should key it, this allows it to drop and align to the table grooves. it is commonly done in machine shops to save time. 👍

    MechatronCNCMechatronCNCAylar önce
  • You definitely have to buy a 3D printer!!!

    George AndersonGeorge AndersonAylar önce
  • Adam, you can turn the jaws around on a lathe chuck to grab inside or outside diameters

    Dick FitzwellDick FitzwellAylar önce
  • Milling that aluminum had to have smelled so good. Cutting aluminum makes me hungry.

    AF-AF TechAF-AF TechAylar önce
  • 42:54 - I hope you'll consider sending a set to Vintage Space[0] -- I mean, I don't actually know, but I'm guessing she would enjoy getting such a thing. :) [0]

    David LindesDavid LindesAylar önce
  • 14:51 - Like, Clickspring material, you say? To that, I say..... "Exactly!" (see 8:43/8:47) :D :D ;) (Love your stuff, Adam, but... you and Chris from Clickspring have _very_ different styles (e.g. 29:49? ;) )... I admit it's fun to see the fluid go on on the lathe, though. :) ) (Edit: AND, it's cool that you also take inspiration from Chris's work. :) )

    David LindesDavid LindesAylar önce
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Spacesuit Glove Wrist Rings!