All ONFIRE Letter Locations Guide - Fortnite (Downtown Drop Challenge)

All ONFIRE Letter Locations Guide - Fortnite (Downtown Drop Challenge)
One of the Downtown Drop challenges asks you to "Search O-N-F-I-R-E Letters". Each of the ONFIRE letters can be found on the downtown drop track and you must search all six letters to complete the challenge.
Because you are always sliding, it's a bit tricky to get the letters. The very last letter can be difficult as when you come out of the lift you are launched forward down the hill and can miss it (like I did). If this happens you can respawn to appear at the very start of the track.
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    • Oh I found it it’s in the alley where the durrr burger and the n were

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    • Update: the E is in the tunnel/store room

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    • Just go to the places that you didnt went to And the letters could change

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All ONFIRE Letter Locations Guide - Fortnite (Downtown Drop Challenge)