All the songs of the second Semi-Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

Eighteen acts participated at the second Semi-Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Here is a recap of all of them.

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  • In my opinion Sweden is sooo overrated

    Michał DziedzicMichał DziedzicAylar önce
  • My Top 18 : 18 - Denmark 🇩🇰 17 - The Netherlands 🇳🇱 16 - Russia 🇷🇺 15 - Sweden 14 - North Macedonia 🇲🇰 13 - Latvia 🇱🇻 12 - Austria 🇦🇹 11 - Moldova 🇲🇩 10 - Azerbaïdjan 🇦🇿 9 - Albania 🇦🇱 8 - Norway 🇧🇻 7 - Malta 🇲🇹 6 - Croatia 🇭🇷 5 - Romania 🇹🇩 4 - Lithuania 🇱🇹 3 - Armenia 🇦🇲 2 - Ireland 🇮🇪 1 - Switzerland 🇨🇭 From France 😊🇫🇷

    Léø.Léø.Aylar önce
  • From Turkey; 1- Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 2- Sweden 🇸🇪 3- Malta 🇲🇹 4- North Macedonia 🇲🇰 5- Norway 🇧🇻 6- Albania 🇦🇱 7- Russia 🇷🇺 8- The Netherlands 🇳🇱 9- Switzerland 🇨🇭 10- Armenia 🇦🇲

    B Y.B Y.2 aylar önce
  • Srbuck Robbed

    Sebastian GarzaSebastian Garza2 aylar önce
  • Moldova was so great🤩...why this not in the Final? 🇲🇩🤝🇩🇪 Malta,Russia,the Netherlands and Norway was great too 🇲🇹🇷🇺🇳🇱🇳🇴

    GSGGSG2 aylar önce
  • Armenia: Meh Ireland: Guilty Pleasure (1 pts) Moldova: Ok Switzerland: Catchy Latvia: I like it¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (2 pts) Romania: Cool song (7 pts) Denmark: Another guilty pleasure (3 pts) Sweden: I don't care Austria: I like it Croatia: Wow... Not bad. Malta: One of my favorites) (8 pts) Lithuania: Meh... Russia: Cool! (5 pts) Albania: One of my favorites (10 pts) Norway: Ok The Netherlands: Cool! Even tho it's a bit boring... N. Macedonia: QUEEN (12 pts) Azerbaijan: I like it xD (4 pts)

    C. WhiteC. White2 aylar önce
  • Awww Moldova was so cute

    ticc toccticc tocc4 aylar önce
  • It’s really sad to see that (in my opinion) the best Romanian entry ever achieved the worst result for the country...

    lord sandwichlord sandwich6 aylar önce
  • stop saying Armenia was robbed, she was stressed and couldn’t reach a note, in vocals, Ireland was better, tho I agree Romania was criminally robbed

    AugustinAugustin6 aylar önce
  • Russia 12 Maceodnia 10 Austria 8 Norway 7 Albania 6 Armenia 5 Lithuania 4 Ireland 3 Netherlands 2 Latvia 1

    rutka rutkowskarutka rutkowska9 aylar önce
  • WTF irenland

  • How the hell did Denmark pass??? Horrible song it was 🤮🤮🤮

    AlvidAlvid10 aylar önce
  • Top 10 from Spain: Armenia, Switzerland, Latvia, Austria, Croatia, Malta, Albania, Norway, The Netherlands, Azerbaijan.

    Javier Fernández AbadJavier Fernández Abad10 aylar önce
  • Romania 😓❤️ not even 11th... 😭 I can’t believe people prefer Denmark

    linalina10 aylar önce
  • 0:58 what is that D:

    nejsoucnem // LaVoixCZnejsoucnem // LaVoixCZ11 aylar önce
  • 3:46 is that the winner of Jesc 2015 on the left

    Rage Linox xdRage Linox xd11 aylar önce
    • Yess

      Felice BlankerFelice Blanker10 aylar önce
  • Even Ireland’s recap clip was dire 😂

    Joseph BleasdaleJoseph Bleasdale11 aylar önce
  • My top after Eurovision 1. Albania (Top 10 before the show) 2. Norway (Top 10 before the show) 3. North Macedonia (Top 10 before the show) 4. The Netherlands (Top 10 before the show) 5. Russia (Top 10 before the show) 6. Sweden (Top 10 before the show) 7. Malta (Top 10 before the show) 8. Switzerland (Top 10 before the show) 9. Croatia 10. Moldova ------------------------------------------------------ 11. Denmark 12. Azerbaijan (Top 10 before the show) 13. Romania 14. Lithuania 15. Austria 16. Ireland 17. Armenia (Top 10 before the show) 18. Latvia Greetings from Germany

    Deniz AkdenizDeniz Akdeniz11 aylar önce
  • 1 Netherlands 2 Norway 3 azer

    My Piano MusicMy Piano Music11 aylar önce
  • I think if romania and armenia were in the first semi-final they qualifacted

    WhitetigerNLWhitetigerNL11 aylar önce
  • 🇦🇲🇭🇷🇷🇴

    Nikola BarbicNikola Barbic11 aylar önce
  • Bests of the contest were in this semi final. Lets look at them: 1-she said she was walking out and she did so.. 2-u cant be more than 18 darling there is only 18 songs so. 3-didnt listen even once seemed boring.. 4-best staging! Well done 5-just boring 6-sorry for her. Should have been qualified instead of denmark 7-cute but... 8-mamas rocked! Wow! 9-sorry for yooouuuu... 10-dont think angels look like you.. 11-cheer! She made to the final 12-good looking but bad staging. 13-tears screamed!.. 14-best vocals well done 15-adored her and love the group.They rocked! 16-simple but amazing. 2nd Best lyrics 17-best lyrics! 18-best choreography with the song's story!

    Met tMet tYıl önce
  • Now that is what you call a semi final of death!!!!

    Kieran EdmundsKieran EdmundsYıl önce
  • My nation romania are robbed in the semifinal with lithuania and croatia

    Patrick MihaiPatrick MihaiYıl önce
  • In my opinion this is best to worse : 1.Malta 2.Switzerland 3.Norway 4.sweden 5.Netherlands 6.lithuania 7.russia 8.romania 9.Austria 10.Azerbaijan 11.north macedonia 12.Latvia 13.Croatia 14.albania 15.Armenia 16.ireland 17.Denmark 18.Moldova

    Steven CoatesSteven CoatesYıl önce
  • If armenia was in the 1st semifinal would have qualified

    ESC AdilESC AdilYıl önce
  • Poor Armenia and Romania They had to be in Grand Final

    Pro ProfessorPro ProfessorYıl önce
  • And Spain?

    Miguelito JBRMiguelito JBRYıl önce
  • I think it was one of the best semi-final almost all the song were good. 😊

    Ariel stuffAriel stuffYıl önce
  • Romania and Armenia wtf :((( I'm still so sad for them :((

    Black WidowBlack WidowYıl önce
  • Armenia : Srbuk became Yianna Terzi Ireland : Retro kitsch, deserved bottom 5 Moldova : I'm the only one who prefers it from Ukraine 2011 Switzerland : Bop Latvia : Cute song, but this Sabine's hat is bad Romania : Robbed, deserved Top.10 Denmark : Cute performance, the outsider of ESC 2019 Sweden : Nice song, the Mamas slayed ! Austria : I liked her performance she didn't deserve 0 points from Televote Croatia : The wings are kitsch, but good performance Malta : Bop Lithuania : Poor staging, great voice and ok song Russia : Sergey Clones 2.0 Albania : Amazing Balkan ballad with bad staging... Norway : The perfect Eurovision song The Netherlands : Salvador Sobral 2.0, simple, yet amazing North Macedonia : Simple, but good staging, great song and vocals, well done Azerbaijan : Bop, best performance of ESC 2019

    ESC VasilisESC VasilisYıl önce
  • Stopt die Amerikanisierung. Warum singen die Aktreure nicht in ihrer Muttersprache? Armes Europa...

    Rum MähneRum MähneYıl önce
  • Wow I really can't stand how many the exact-same-sounding pathetic sad ballads were presented this year.

    Mikołaj SolikMikołaj SolikYıl önce
  • לכל אותם שמאלנים שבעקבות המכתב לגדעון סער, יוצאים נגד ההורים שלי בטענה ל"כפייה דתית", אתם אל תדברו איתנו על כפייה. אתם, כן אתם ה"נאורים" ו"הפתוחים" כביכול. אתם שכופים עלינו את מצעדי התועבה שלכם כדי להכניס לנו לראש שגבר וגבר זה תקין. ולא רק זה אלא גם מכניסים את זה לראש כבר מגיל צעיר, אם זה בגן כשאתם מכניסים להם לראש את המושג "אבא ואבא"\"אמא ואמא", ואם זה בפרסומות בטלוויזיה שמראות להם אבא ואבא וילד. שזה ההפך הגמור לא רק מהיהדות, אלא מהאנושות כולה! אתם שלא מסוגלים לעכל את זה שאישה צנועה עם כיסוי ראש תנחה את טקס יום העצמאות, ולא אישה בקושי לבושה. אתם שחטפתם ילדים תימנים וגזזתם להם את הפאות כמו בכל פוגרום בגלות. אתם שאם באמת הייתה מפריעה לכם ה"כפייה" הייתם יוצאים בשצף קצף נגד הערבים, שמטרתם לאסלם את כל העולם. והלוואי שהרשימה הייתה מסתיימת רק בזה... אני לא מוצא לזה עוד סיבה חוץ משנאה מטורפת ליהדות. אז בקיצור, כל עוד אתם "לא בדיוק מושלמים" פשוט שבו בצד וסתמו.

    מוסיקה יהודיתמוסיקה יהודיתYıl önce
  • 🤯🙆🤦🙅🤷

    Мафтуна ФархадоваМафтуна ФархадоваYıl önce
  • Problem. ...they all sound the same . Soz

    Gera1713Gera1713Yıl önce
  • It would be really nice to have like more naughty songs, just saying...

    Eliana Mariel GablerEliana Mariel GablerYıl önce
  • Azerbaijan♥️

    Ibrahim IsmayilliIbrahim IsmayilliYıl önce
  • Semi 2 it's strongest than 1

    Saulius LukaševičiusSaulius LukaševičiusYıl önce
  • 1. The Netherlands 2. Norway 3. Russia 4. Azerbaijan 5. Switzerland 6. Armenia 7. Lithuania 8. Sweden 9. Albania 10. Denmark 11. North Macedonia 12. Malta 13. Croatia 14. Romania 15. Moldova 16. Latvia 17.Ireland 18. Austria

    Thea KaninThea KaninYıl önce
  • You listen to these songs and it doesn't matter which country are coming from, they have no character of the country they're representing.

    Spy RettoSpy RettoYıl önce
    • Albania and Norway have and they are my two favourites

      Ύλμπερ ΖίκαΎλμπερ ΖίκαYıl önce
    • Spy Retto Norway?

      Assdfg QwerAssdfg QwerYıl önce
  • Malta, Love from Ukraine 🇺🇦❤️

    a clowna clownYıl önce
  • Denmark is awful

    Άγγελος ΤσαφαράςΆγγελος ΤσαφαράςYıl önce
    • Άγγελος Τσαφαράς no

      LunachuLunachuYıl önce
  • The only countries from the finals that deserve to win are Albania, Malta and The Netherlands in my opinion.

    alwezanderalwezanderYıl önce
  • Croatia was amazing and deserved to be qualified :(

    Wonder WomanWonder WomanYıl önce
  • Wheerrrreeeeee issssss Estoniaaaaaaaa 🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪

    Anni TenslindAnni TenslindYıl önce
    • In Europe

      Michał DziedzicMichał DziedzicAylar önce
  • Such a strong semi! Even the weaker entries from Moldowa and Lithuania weren't bad. The only one I didn't like was Croatia. There's still one problem I have. Could anyone change Denmark to Armenia or Romania? They deserve the final much more!

    Benjamin PekrulBenjamin PekrulYıl önce
  • ♥️ the song of the Netherlands!

    Ghislaine OujdiaGhislaine OujdiaYıl önce
  • What a great song from The Netherlands this year!!😍 12 points from Belgium for sure.

    paardebloem18paardebloem18Yıl önce
  • Iceland, Australia, Norway, Switzerland and Albania are my Favourites this year!

    DoktorChaos81DoktorChaos81Yıl önce
  • Real everlasting music and singing for generations to come : Moldova , Russia , Albania and North Macedonia . The winner is : Norway !

    Islamic AlevismIslamic AlevismYıl önce
  • I'm super happy for Russia and Albania, but Armenia and Romania 😥😭

    Екатерина И. ПетроваЕкатерина И. ПетроваYıl önce
  • RUSSIA 🇷🇺❤️

    Sonya FarutinaSonya FarutinaYıl önce
  • Netherlands is littttt

    angel dangel dYıl önce
  • Hay pobre de España cuando ganaremos?

    Xeila S.Xeila S.Yıl önce
  • Romania, Moldova & Croatia were robbed

    Burned And FrozenBurned And FrozenYıl önce
  • Armenia should have gone to final((((( I love Srbuk.

    Nadezhda SkrypchukNadezhda SkrypchukYıl önce
  • *My* *favourites* *Armenia* *Switzerland* *Sweden* *Malta* *Norway* *Azerbaijan* *(my* *vote)* *L💟VE* *From* *Ireland*

    Sorcha GartlandSorcha GartlandYıl önce

      KeVa GamingKeVa GamingYıl önce
  • The Netherlands 🇳🇱🇳🇱

    Sinem GüvenSinem GüvenYıl önce
  • Winner will be probably come one of these; Netherland, Russia, Greece, Cyprus, Italy... but Jüri this time possible try to make compansate the 2016 and together with televoting Russia the most probably will be winner.. and Cyprus and Greece can make surprise with diaspora votes which are not my favourite.. I strongly wish Netherland or Italy very much deserved to be winner and may be Azeribeijan..

    Ferhan MantarFerhan MantarYıl önce
    • Nah Jury make North Macedonia won....

      Vladimir BlagoevVladimir BlagoevYıl önce
  • My top 18 (after the show) 18) Croatia 🇭🇷 17) Moldova 🇲🇩 16) Latvia 🇱🇻 15) Ireland 🇮🇪 14) Austria 🇦🇹 13) Denmark 🇩🇰 12) Lithuania 🇱🇹 11) Romania 🇷🇴 10) Macedonia 🇲🇰 9) Albania 🇦🇱 8) Armenia 🇦🇲 7) Norway 🇳🇴 6) Sweden 🇸🇪 5) Azerbajian 🇦🇿 4) Malta 🇲🇹 3) Russia 🇷🇺 2) Switzerland 🇨🇭 1) Netherlands 🇳🇱 I have changed my opinion about Albania 🇦🇱 and Macedonia 🇲🇰, because before the show I didn't feel the chills and emotions that everyone has said in this song, but when I had seen the live performance I saw the coulor of these songs and I know why everyone likes them ... Sorry Denmark 🇩🇰 but I want Armenia 🇦🇲in the final and for my English (I am italian) PS: GO MAHMOUD 🇮🇹

    TommyTommyYıl önce

      KeVa GamingKeVa GamingYıl önce
  • Eurovision second day were beautiful

    Marlin QoseMarlin QoseYıl önce
  • My qualifiers: Switzerland Lithuania Norway Russia Azerbaijan Netherlands Ireland Albania Romania Denmark

    Niall AbdullaNiall AbdullaYıl önce
    • Naly Abdulla Wtf

      LunachuLunachuYıl önce
    • @malva halldin Actually disliked the song. Have nothing against Sweden btw, last year they were my favourite

      Niall AbdullaNiall AbdullaYıl önce
    • Sweden ???

      malva halldinmalva halldinYıl önce
  • I expected all the comments to be of North Macedonia. They were worse than San Marino, how did they qualify ESPECIALLY when this semi had so many female slow songs that were all better than North Macedonia.

    Niall AbdullaNiall AbdullaYıl önce
  • Lithuania and Netherlands both had 2 slow songs sang by males. I thought Lithuania would definitely qualify as there song was far superior. Wait till results come out, Netherlands for some reason always gets high jury points.

    Niall AbdullaNiall AbdullaYıl önce
  • I'm a little bit sad that my country (Austria) didn't qualifice but there are some really good songs ❤❤

    Google NutzerGoogle NutzerYıl önce
  • Azerbaijan❤️

    Зара АсадзадеЗара АсадзадеYıl önce
  • denmark did not deserve the qualification

    adrian pacuszkaadrian pacuszkaYıl önce
  • From Poland 1. Netherlands 2. Azerbaijan 3. Switzerland 4. Norway 5. Sweden 6. Armenia 7. Albania 8. Russia 9. Macedonia 10. Malta 11. Lithuania 12. Latvia 13. Denmark 14. Austria 15. Romania 16. Moldova 17. Ireland 18. Croatia

    Bekowicz z KlanuBekowicz z KlanuYıl önce
  • Top 18 Semi Final 2 Performances 18: Ireland 17: Lithuania 16: Moldova 15: Croatia 14: Austria 13: Latvia 12: Romania 11: Armenia 10: Albania 9: Denmark 8: Russia 7: Norway 6: Switzerland 5: Azerbaijan 4: Malta 3: Sweden 2: North Macedonia 1: The Netherlands

    N.P.L.SN.P.L.SYıl önce
    • Well, between your top and mine there are differences My top 18 18-Austria 17-Russia 16-Croatia 15-Denmark 14-Latvia 13-Sweden 12-Romania 11-Armenia 10-Lithuania 9-Ireland 8-Albania 7-Switzerland 6-Azerbaijan 5-North Macedonia 4-Malta 3-Norway 2-Moldova 1-The Netherlands

      No c :vNo c :v8 aylar önce
    • Wow you agree with all qualifiers

      Series ClipsSeries ClipsYıl önce
All the songs of the second Semi-Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest