American Civil War from The European Perspective | Animated History

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The American Civil War was a defining event in US history, but its effects were hardly isolated to the Americas. The political, ideological, and economic impacts of the conflict were felt around the world, and especially in the nations of France and Great Britain, who had the most to gain or lose in this American war. In this Animated History video, we look at how the great powers of Europe responded to the Civil War, and why.
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  • Another point against British intervention was that the President of the London Anti-Slavery Society was a German immigrant named Albert. By itself that meant nothing. But since Albert's wife was Victoria, by Grace of God Queen of England, Scotland, Ireland, etc., it actually meant a great deal. It would have taken a bold Prime Minister indeed to go to Victoria with a proposal to lend their weight to support a slave power.

    Tim McGahaTim McGaha2 gün önce
  • I suppose the fact that slavery had been completely outlawed in the British Empire for 40 years by the 1860s (and in Britain itself for nearly 300 years), with a third of the Royal Navy committed to ending the slave trade worldwide, wasn't relevant in this history of Europe's attitude to the American Civil War. Curious.

    ludocratludocrat6 gün önce
  • Russia sent their Baltic fleet to winter in New York, but this was largely to prevent their navy from being trapped in the Baltic sea in the event of war with Britain. They also sent their Pacific fleet to San Francisco. Their Baltic fleet went on patrols and might have deterred Confederate raiders. Also, Russia was busy with a revolt in Poland.

    Alex KyriacouAlex Kyriacou7 gün önce
  • The real story is why Britain got close to intervening in the war and wanted a apology is because when the American navy boarded a british ship and took the prisoners one of the American naval men saw a crate of tea and was like “oh what’s that then, be a shame if someone THREW IT OVERBOARD!” Then british blood boiled and so on and demanded a apology! I’m british and I’m still pretty sure it would’ve been something like that lol.

    Cody DeweyCody Dewey7 gün önce
  • Therapist: 'Chad Lincoln can't hurt you. Chad Lincoln isn't real.' Chad Lincoln: 11:09

    pipo declownpipo declown8 gün önce
  • Thumb nail map is incorrect.

    terenfro1975terenfro19758 gün önce
  • It's not really accurate to say the Monroe doctrine stopped Europeans interfering in the Americas at the time of the civil war it's more that the Monroe document happened to be largely in line with Britain's interests

    John StevensonJohn Stevenson9 gün önce
  • While not from Europe, the Kingdom of Siam offered the Union assistance in the form of war elephants.

    Ross AshburnRoss Ashburn9 gün önce
  • prussian officers looking at mass slaughter in the civil war: ''By gott we are awesome'' French seeing the US preoccupied with fighting themselves, with their other eye looking to mexico: ''hmmm, free real estate''

    dikkekaterdikkekater11 gün önce
  • can’t wait to see if and how European perspectives will change in the second rendition

    Maybe_real_celeryMaybe_real_celery12 gün önce
  • I am not sure how you can say the Russian empire only offered vocal support, when the Russian navy was deployed to the Union, and ships in San Fransisco were given orders to defend the city if the Confederates attacked it. As well as the standing orders of if the British went to war against the Union or Russia, they were to start trade interdiction. Well the Russians didn't act out of altruism, they absolutely threw their hat in the ring with the Union in case of European intervention on the side of the Confederates.

    Yellow GamerYellow Gamer15 gün önce
  • Fun fact: "The great political shift" was due to the repositioning of prisoners of war and captured cities. Or played a large part

    Warlord Mcmuffin IIIWarlord Mcmuffin III16 gün önce
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  • "But since the Union didn't have a border with Mexico, they couldn't really do anything about it" California, Arizona and New Mexico left the chat

    paul bunyanpaul bunyan18 gün önce
  • New york times is still fake news

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  • Raid is worse than the Confederacy.

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  • *American Civil War Starts* Europe: Grabs Popcorn* *WW1* America: *Grabs Popcorn*

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  • Dude. 5 minutes in and ive already got 4 advertisements. I love your content bro. Id come to you everytime for a history lesson vs Schools and colleges. But my god the ads...

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  • Learned some history today. Thanks.

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  • I am disappointed in you. You did a very good video on the Crimean War. Didn't war weariness have anything to do with their calculus to not enter our war?? Both France and Britain had lost credibility in their military. Isn't that right?? So, it would be hard to justify entering another major war. I am sure the battle casualty figures had to give their leaders pause.

    Craig DillonCraig DillonAylar önce
  • Slavery..........the reason of the Civil War............and the reason of Europe non intervention.................

    alejandro casalegnoalejandro casalegnoAylar önce
  • The civil war map is incorrect. California was a Confederate state. Oregon was a Union State. In between them and Texas and the modern day Bible belt were territories which were not fully claimed by the USA yet.

    David WileyDavid WileyAylar önce
  • What about palmetto ranch

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  • Britain: Is lion. France: Is chicken.

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  • Protesters calling protesters racist in DC. Civil War Soon!!

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  • De ju vue the South diplomats are bunch of cronies with total lack in diplomatic skill just like Trump's diplomats and appointees.

    dantankundantankunAylar önce
  • The failure and refusal of the Confederate to emancipate slavery was their main downfall and defeat while the Union emancipation of slavery led to the Union gaining the moral grounds and kept European powers from supporting the Confederate that would make them look bad internationally.

    dantankundantankunAylar önce
  • Behold the I don't care inator- Britain

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  • Nearly 3 minutes of commercial.

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  • No european powers joined the war because the americans said it was a 1v1

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  • When does the video start?

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  • Uncle Kenneth, the moon ornament seems to be moving. What is going on this time?

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  • "Were consistently impressed... with themselves by comparison." burn

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  • What about the in 1863 when Russia sent her Far East fleet to defend the West Coast, for notably San Francisco when the Confederacy's cruiser _Shenendoah_ was about to attack that city? Russian collusion? Nope. Britain's & France's HOSTILE neutrality was kept in check by Imperial Russia's Alexander II as the USA was about to be carved up by ravenous Jacobin powers wanting their old lands back. “God bless the Russians!” ~Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles / Father Neptune

    slant6guyslant6guyAylar önce
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  • I think that the American public is willful kept ignorant about this crucial intervention of the "bad" Russians in support of the Union.

    Alberto Di RoccoAlberto Di RoccoAylar önce
  • He has omitted a very important fact :the intervention of the Russian navy. The tsar send some of his warship in San Francisco and New York in 1863 to deter a possible France or Great Britain intervention. Probably it will been too shocking to the American public to known this fact. . But this is a grave omission.

    Alberto Di RoccoAlberto Di RoccoAylar önce
  • it looks like we might be heading that way again

    sneksnekitsasneksneksnekitsasnekAylar önce
  • 3:13 America in 2020

    WafflyTundraWafflyTundraAylar önce
  • Yeah, Maximilian was actually pretty cool while he was leading Mexico, but he was executed later on

  • The prussians learnt about the importance of railways in the civil war.

    efaz ahmedefaz ahmedAylar önce
  • "Lincoln made it about slavery!" Uhhhh didn't the slave owners make it about slavery?

    Anthony RodriguezAnthony RodriguezAylar önce
  • better title: An American Perspective on the European Perspective of the American Civil War.

    Wayne BrinkerWayne BrinkerAylar önce
  • Your animations improved a lot!

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  • America is just a test change my mind.

    Ol' DreäddyOl' DreäddyAylar önce
  • I think the British sold a lot of high powered rifles to both sides?

    Beach BoyBeach BoyAylar önce
  • The Confederate was an evil state. It practiced slavery which tainted cotton exports. The British were replacing slavery with indented labour. Everybody hated the Confederacy.

    Beach BoyBeach BoyAylar önce
  • The truth is that the British almost lost India in 1858 and they were exhausted. Both British and French were exhausted from the Crimean war. British were also happy that USA 🇺🇸 nailed the Canadian border.

    Beach BoyBeach BoyAylar önce
  • Lol, playing Billie boys in the background at 7:03

    Micheil LeilMicheil LeilAylar önce
  • >russians didnt do much to help the union The Tsar sent warships to help the union blockade the confederacy (granted it benefited him as well to put them there so they wouldnt be bottled up) and a guaranteed that if france and england supported the confederacy hed declare war on both of them and join the union hell he compared his ending of serfdom to lincolns ending of slavery

    ϟhitlordϟhitlordAylar önce
  • I just realized it's the armhair historian not the armed chair historian

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  • You missed an element that effected the British involvement. Which I believe was the almost simultaneous outbreak of the Tai Ping rebellion in China. In a book on that topic called; Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom. Author Pratt often makes mention to the attempts by pro Taiping supporters in London to get recognised as a legitimate contender to power. This is noted as important as similar efforts were being made in London on the confederates behalf. Pratt makes mention multiple times to it becoming a near thing on behalf of the Confederates and from memory events both in China and America effect the final decision not to give either secessionary group recogniton. I cannot remember the definitve term for the recognition but under British law at the time, aquiring it would have allowed either the Taiping or Conservatives access to credit lines and more importantly it came with approval to purchase the higher grade Steam Ships and other higher tech military assets of the time.

    Taliesin AttrillTaliesin AttrillAylar önce
  • While we where marching through georgia !

    Bill Nye The Russian spyBill Nye The Russian spyAylar önce
  • Would you believe that Abraham went to war for economical reasons and not for freeing the slaves... If yes. state why If No... State why.. I just want read to read your opinions

    TheRedfoxismTheRedfoxismAylar önce
  • *So the South wanted to win the War:* *(Compare California and the Southern States)* *The Wealth in 1870 without Confederate States:*

    Das gesunde ZeugenmehrDas gesunde Zeugenmehr2 aylar önce
  • Europe, especially the UK, saw America as an upstart that threatened monarchies, commercial primacy(especially maritime commerce), whaling, and industrial leadership. Add to that the need for cotton and other commodities from the South and you understand why the Europeans were lukewarm about supporting the Union. On the other hand, the South appeared to be the bastion of slavery, a morally reprehensible institution that was a cause celebre for humanitarians and unions of Europe...

    thomas aquinasthomas aquinas2 aylar önce
  • Stpooed watching when the shameless sponsor plug started.....seriously, people are more likely to boycott any products that are used as annoying sponsors

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  • wonder who will get involved in the second american civil war 🤔🤔🤔

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    • Ideology

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  • I was enjoying this until the 11:00 min. mark and you told the lie that Lincoln "effectively made the war into a moral conflict." The Union Troops knew it was a moral conflict from the beginning otherwise they would not have marched to battle singing "John Brown's body lies a moldering in the grave." Lincoln may have changed his sales strategy after the Emancipation Proclamation, but he did not "make" the war into a moral conflict, because it was always a moral conflict.

    Gregory WonderwheelGregory Wonderwheel2 aylar önce
  • 7:35. The civil war was a class war. A minority polulation of wealthy slave owners had extreme disproportionate power in politics. The Republican party ended that. Marx even applauded the union movement.

    A Youtube commenterA Youtube commenter2 aylar önce
  • make a video about the invasion of Norway

    Gabriel ShalevGabriel Shalev2 aylar önce
  • You made no mention of the fact that Britain was also kept out of the war by Russia parking a large fleet in New York Harbor. It sent a clear message. Their supply lines would have been in danger and Russia would enter on the side of the Union.

    General Obi Wan KenobiGeneral Obi Wan Kenobi2 aylar önce
  • Sounds exactly like what's happening now, and the parties have the same sides.

    Toxic FootToxic Foot2 aylar önce
  • But I heard that the Russian king sent ships to protect New York from a British or French attack.

    Red Dragon GamingRed Dragon Gaming2 aylar önce
  • I never realized the importance of grain to Europe (I mean I knew, but I never connected it with the Civil War). Food is always more important than clothes!

    Dayvit78Dayvit782 aylar önce
American Civil War from The European Perspective | Animated History