Another Top 10 Breaking Character Moments on Saturday Night Live

These breaking character moments on Saturday Night Live didn’t just have the cast members cracking up. We’re looking at instances where “SNL” hosts or cast members couldn’t keep it together during a sketch. However, we’re excluding specials and things that didn’t make it into the final show, so behind the scenes footage of Larry David dying of laughter while rehearsing a sketch will not be included. WatchMojo ranks the funniest breaking character moments on Saturday Night Live. Which breaking character moment put a smile on your face? Let us know in the comments!
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  • And to think Adam driver is a Marine well technically ex marine but u can ask any marine that once a marine always a marine!

    Joe CrailJoe Crail15 gün önce
  • If yall would quit so much commentary And let the scene play.out more the video wpuld be watchable.

    Nick HenleyNick Henley17 gün önce
  • Chris farley was my favorite of all time.

    2DEEP2MUCH 4202DEEP2MUCH 42019 gün önce
  • Well Stefon is the best, because Bill Hader is the best, is like when he was on Pineapple Express explaining how he feels when he was under the influence of Mary Jane!!! Is Epic

    CHVS DesignsCHVS Designs25 gün önce
  • Where is Chris Farley's motivational speaker?

    Jenae DaileyJenae Dailey26 gün önce
  • y'all notice it wasn't no black people in that kissing family skit.....culture

    Mo 11Mo 1129 gün önce
  • I think someone breaks in every Mrs. Rafferty sketch.

    Elise in the AtticElise in the AtticAylar önce
  • 10,000th like

    RANDOM ERANDOM EAylar önce
  • lol, Will Ferrell.

    SevenDeMagnusSevenDeMagnusAylar önce
  • This would be great if you would STFU!

    david wooddavid woodAylar önce
  • It would be nice if there wasnt an annoying ass voice talking over the absolute gold these comedians are putting out. Cant even enjoy it..

    AllenAllenAylar önce
  • Stefon is still my favourite sketch on SNL, followed by Nicholas Cage Interviews, but the Scared Straight sketch is still my favourite breaking character moment.

    Malcontent 7Malcontent 7Aylar önce
  • breaking character because the skits aren't funny

    Matt bauerMatt bauerAylar önce
  • I was thinking the sensitive drill sergeant would be #1

    Tris TurnerTris TurnerAylar önce
  • John Mulaney was the real genius behind the Stefon bits for Bill Hader -- many of the club names and "featured" acts playing at the clubs were kept from Hader until the actual W. U. Segment so he was reading them from the cue cards live (SNL does not use prompters since rewrites happen frequently just before air time).

    Joel WalkJoel WalkAylar önce
  • The Dave chappelle breastfeeding skit need to be here. Nothing’s funnier than people breaking character while being spray with fake titty milk

    trippler786trippler786Aylar önce
  • Stefan may have broke character the first time but after that it became a thing, i promise, that's not true break, that's going with the flow. I like Downer Debby, they always break character in those sketches.

    MindGemMindGemAylar önce
  • Jimmy Fallon has never said a single funny thing and SNL hasn’t been consistently funny in 30 years.

    Ken SKen SAylar önce
  • Really wanted to watch this but who needs the play by play

    Grant KingGrant KingAylar önce
  • that adam driver scene was hilarious

    sean knotsean knotAylar önce
  • I still have that genuine looney tunes jacket

    Joenel SarachoJoenel SarachoAylar önce
  • Dear God show the gag reel! I dont talk when your watching!!

    Zach GudahlZach GudahlAylar önce
  • Wish i could have seen the clips and less voice over

    Patrick TaylorPatrick TaylorAylar önce
  • The commentary for the video really killed the humour of it all.

    Justin DrakeJustin DrakeAylar önce
  • Sorry, but the 'Sidney Applebaum' punchline is much funnier with the "Blackula" set-up.

    bman342abman342aAylar önce
  • I can’t tell if these are funny with all the narrative:/

    Bukka LevyBukka LevyAylar önce
  • Bill hader actually talked abt Stefon on Seth Meyers. He said he and John Mulaney made the character together but John Mulaney would change some of the lines at the last second to make Bill Hader break so Bill Hader started covering his mouth as Stefon to hide his laughter.

    jakes 47jakes 47Aylar önce
  • This whole video was ruined with the lady talking over it the whole fu time. No one wants to hear your you telling us about he sketch and why the actor started laughing. Be quiet up and let us enjoy the video.

    terrell christianterrell christianAylar önce
  • Phil Hartman was a comedic God

    Gigi LehdeGigi LehdeAylar önce
  • you ruined the video by narrating it. shut up and let it play

    CoryBrothersCoryBrothersAylar önce
  • You guys talk WAY TOO MUCH during the video, why explain the action when it can just play out, too much narration....please cut it down

    V, George SmithV, George SmithAylar önce
  • I have an idea, STFU and just show the clips

    Chris BilbreyChris BilbreyAylar önce
  • Really just really, I wish i could have liked this video but there was some female talking over all the funny bits as if she could explain better than we could bad... i woulda liked this #$@^ &*$!₩*!

    Myke Just MykeMyke Just MykeAylar önce
  • Gilda, Gilda, Gilda, God I LOVED her.

    John SantiagoJohn SantiagoAylar önce
  • Pretty much all of these comments are about bill hader lol

    austin houseraustin houserAylar önce
  • Why is there crickets chirping in the background

    ceaz87oceaz87oAylar önce
  • Omg the talking ruins it. Stfu and play the clips. You don't gotta explain everything

    ChobblerGobblerChobblerGobblerAylar önce
  • You could have saved time and made them all Jimmy Fallen.

    Wysper 666Wysper 666Aylar önce
  • 7:54 No they aren't. Gilda is improvising, and not breaking. She only broke once that I know of, during the final Todd and Lisa sketch. Oh, and I miss her like I miss everything good in my childhood.

    Howard BarnettHoward BarnettAylar önce
  • I don't trust anyone who thinks Andy Sandburg is funny

    AG KillahAG KillahAylar önce
  • You forgot one. Debbie Downer with Lindsey Lohan, I cry with laughter every time! The whole skit is gold! And they all can’t stop laughing.

    Chris MorrisChris Morris2 aylar önce
  • John Mulaney always changed the line for the Stefon skit just to make Hader break...... so good

    Burke FoxBurke Fox2 aylar önce
  • As soon as Jimmy Fallon realized he could be the "cute one" by breaking character he got sickening doing it every. single. sketch. Haven't been able to stomach him since.

    jb0579jb05792 aylar önce
  • Shit up and let us see the clips. You literally talked through the entire part

    Linds RyanLinds Ryan2 aylar önce
  • Talk some during the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    aaronbrandon1aaronbrandon12 aylar önce
  • another top ten where they speak over the top ten..

    BamwichBamwich2 aylar önce
  • The Janet Jackson "Cork Soaker" skit was supposed to be a setup. Barely a week or so before, Janet Jackson had that "wardrobe malfunction" during the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXVIII. The writers at SNL were wanting Janet to have a different kind of "malfunction", even if it meant NBC drawing the same heat from the FCC that CBS got.

    Stinger GrailStinger Grail2 aylar önce
  • i've always enjoyed SNL so much more than other shows like MadTV. simply because it looks like the cast of SNL are having alot more fun performing.

    James DickJames Dick2 aylar önce
  • Anyone else hear the cricket throughout the video?

    Luis CastroLuis Castro2 aylar önce
  • Adam Driver is the best!

    kelizabeth nkelizabeth n2 aylar önce
  • Bill didn’t cover his hands to hide his laugh

    Andrea DelvalleAndrea Delvalle2 aylar önce
  • These are not good. There are much better ones.

    William DollarWilliam Dollar2 aylar önce
  • Jimmy fallon does it on purpose too draw attention to himself, I hate jimmy fallon.

    It’sJimIt’sJim2 aylar önce
  • i was excited to watch this video but the woman talking over everything ruined it. :(

    Karen StarkKaren Stark2 aylar önce

    Toxic Masculinity Shock Syndrome BunyanToxic Masculinity Shock Syndrome Bunyan2 aylar önce
  • what a useless irrttating channel tells you about something then doesn't show the clip...

    wildrain1969wildrain19692 aylar önce
    • wildrain1969 Ikr?

      Toxic Masculinity Shock Syndrome BunyanToxic Masculinity Shock Syndrome Bunyan2 aylar önce
  • I thought that was Post Malone on the thumbnail.

    Ayen AlvarezAyen Alvarez2 aylar önce
  • John Melaney used to change the script just ministers before Bill’s Stephane sketches to make him break so when he was reading them, he was reading them the first time and laughing

    David DanielsDavid Daniels2 aylar önce
  • Some of my favourite moments in SNL are when they break. Its hilarious. I love when Bill Hader, Kenan Thompson and Pete Davidson break. Its so wholesome and endearing.

    AthenaGoddessAthenaGoddess2 aylar önce
  • Fred Armisen breaking is the most adorable thing. When it comes to Bill, my ultimate favourite is Hollywood Dish with Scarlett Johansson. When he needs to keep his mouth open in shock but is laughing so much that he can't. Bless the man.

    jacksonlady69jacksonlady692 aylar önce
  • News flash news flash Jimmy Fallon-- breaks

    Cory ThompsonCory Thompson2 aylar önce
  • I was hoping Maine Justice was on here.

    Morphic cMorphic c2 aylar önce
  • Stop talking lady. Play the sketches. You savage

    Robert RomeroRobert Romero2 aylar önce
  • No Debbie Downer?! That’s a crime!!!

    RachelRachel2 aylar önce
  • More like 10 times Bill Hader broke character lol

    VloggettsVloggetts2 aylar önce
  • You look maaaaaavelous!!! Love Billy Crystal.

    James HughesJames Hughes3 aylar önce
  • Stop explaining just let us watch.

    Black TigerBlack Tiger3 aylar önce
  • If you make a part 3, PLEASE include Pete Davidson and Kate McKinnon in Lobster Diner!

    Lydia KinlochLydia Kinloch3 aylar önce
  • Jimmy Fallon in cowbell

    KSechristKSechrist3 aylar önce
  • This would be better as a countdown. We don't need narration

    Oliver DocOliver Doc3 aylar önce
Another Top 10 Breaking Character Moments on Saturday Night Live