April Meme Rewind 2019

Not a huge number of memes this month but still some quality memes.
Music by Dylan Locke (Congratulations 1.2 Instrumental): open.spotify.com/album/4C98OddbV1hM3pqBp7WdNp
Original remix also on his TRvision channel: trvision.net/detail/video-CuvBSg2M5vE.html
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  • Alguien habla español xdd

    La Lata Pro 2018La Lata Pro 20185 saatler önce
  • Wow this is happened on my birthday 1:03

    minefa5minefa56 gün önce
  • F

    TuttemannenTuttemannen22 gün önce
  • Who here has been bingeing the month review ls

    Owen BackupOwen Backup24 gün önce
  • 0:22 WHAT IS THIS, ALL I SEE IS No robbie's ever pewdiepie lee gone

    GoozeGooze24 gün önce
  • F

    Always lonely GamingAlways lonely Gaming27 gün önce

    CringeFire9 of The Cameron Council*CringeFire9 of The Cameron Council*Aylar önce
  • I'm Japanese DiamondRobot

    TheRobotsTVTheRobotsTVAylar önce
  • Best video in all TRvision. And SUBSCRIBE to PewdiePie.

    YakusinYakusinAylar önce
  • Can someone explain 0:21 all i see is robby rotten lee everett and other things

    yeetø yurtøyeetø yurtøAylar önce
  • Gta SA sucks

    Adam SiwaAdam SiwaAylar önce
  • you should have started with ah shit,here we go again

    Johns Barker38Johns Barker38Aylar önce
  • Press f to pay 50.000 dolar

    Nightcore4TurksNightcore4TurksAylar önce
  • Nobody: Notre Dame cathedral: *_OOF_*

    • A big UUF

      cyka blyatcyka blyatAylar önce
  • Man i forgot about the cathedral F

    [HD 4k] Oh Yeah Yeah[HD 4k] Oh Yeah YeahAylar önce
  • Arriba españa y los memes de perros

    Wilmer ReyWilmer ReyAylar önce
  • Prince Harry is a good man

    Panicky KhanPanicky KhanAylar önce
  • WHERE'S RICARDO MILOS? \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

    JeCaM JeReMiCJeCaM JeReMiCAylar önce
  • I think nobody here's a spanish speaker to realize the actually translation from 1:01 it's "Has sido víctima... " or "caíste en uno de los trucos más típicos" And I don't know why I'm seeing this until now

    John OmegaJohn OmegaAylar önce
  • ¿puppy?

    volterix xpvolterix xpAylar önce
  • Sub to pew die pie dies in endgame

    Helloits LukaHelloits LukaAylar önce
  • Sub to pewdipie meme dies in endgame

    Humor GamescatHumor Gamescat2 aylar önce
  • f for notre dame

    gg2PROgg2PRO2 aylar önce
  • Yes I got a meme rewind on the month of my birthday!!😎😎😎

    Krispy ChipsKrispy Chips2 aylar önce
  • *mix mix mix* *drink* *aaaaaah* Here's The motherfucking *T-SERIES* *YASSSS*

    Not CamilaNot Camila2 aylar önce
  • Me playing Minecraft: how did I break bedrock then got a diamond and can eat diamond Shrek: Good Question

    BiteSterxBeastBiteSterxBeast2 aylar önce
  • f

    turbo sneezeturbo sneeze2 aylar önce

    The real FourThe real Four2 aylar önce
  • 1:04 my birthday is on 6april XD

    PesehutPesehut2 aylar önce
  • F

    Meme ManMeme Man2 aylar önce
  • My birthday month is always the month of darkness, awesome memes, and destruction (Sometimes). I'm glad that I was born in April, the same month that PewDiePie created his channel. :)

    Semi ProzSemi Proz2 aylar önce
  • Shrek will never die

    The 711DevinThe 711Devin2 aylar önce
  • Pls, in a vid include howtobasic :0

    vlad productionsvlad productions2 aylar önce
  • 1:09 f is for friends that do stuff together

    SpartanSpartan2 aylar önce
  • May rewind hype

    BlueCube067BlueCube0672 aylar önce
  • Make a January meme review

    Anmar MandourahAnmar Mandourah2 aylar önce
  • It’s freaking jan

    Anmar MandourahAnmar Mandourah2 aylar önce
  • Make the May Rewind plz

    Omotayo04 Productions POE TWOOmotayo04 Productions POE TWO2 aylar önce
  • Nobody: Bowling alley screens when you get a strike:

    Kimi1522Kimi15222 aylar önce
  • We need May Rewind now!

    The ShadowlessThe Shadowless2 aylar önce
  • *I am waiting the may meme rewind!*

    초겐초겐2 aylar önce
  • Y Ricardo milos

    Andres OrtizAndres Ortiz2 aylar önce
  • what does this mean 0:23

    epic gamer basarepic gamer basar2 aylar önce
  • 0:22 what does that say

    Kratos playzKratos playz2 aylar önce
  • F

    Wilford motherloven WarfstacheWilford motherloven Warfstache2 aylar önce

    Santino MontalvoSantino Montalvo2 aylar önce
  • what does 0:20 mean? i know the top row is no one's ever but i dont know thr bottom row

    MashupmixproMashupmixpro2 aylar önce
  • Here's Tick tick The motherF**king Tick tick *t-series*

    LolzGamerLolzGamer2 aylar önce
  • hamborger

    _Orchid__Orchid_2 aylar önce
  • soi el uniko aue habla español :V

    silvestre pro andia Zabalasilvestre pro andia Zabala2 aylar önce
  • When will there be a May meme rewind? At the 1st of June?

    Patrick PlevakPatrick Plevak2 aylar önce
  • May meme rewind nigga

    Aesir GodAesir God2 aylar önce
  • Wow these memes are getting way out of hand.

    Prisma 101Prisma 1012 aylar önce
  • Anyone here waiting for May Meme Rewind 2019?

    DominikaDominika2 aylar önce
    • *Expecting new memes*

      Fzxse AwtgFzxse Awtg2 aylar önce
  • What is 0:21

    AbyssinianAbyssinian2 aylar önce
  • *Here's the motherf*ckin T-Series" was an epic cross-over meme, one of the best ones ever, great job

    Rage virus and zombification are 2 diverse conceptsRage virus and zombification are 2 diverse concepts2 aylar önce
  • She Protecc She Attac But most importantly She got the Motherfuccin Tea in the bacc

    Mukundmarvel4Mukundmarvel42 aylar önce
  • Liked everything except for notre dame so had to dislike cause notre dame isn’t a meme

    Supreme - Fortnite Funny MomentsSupreme - Fortnite Funny Moments2 aylar önce
  • this guy does monthly meme rewinds.

    W H A T I S L I F E ?W H A T I S L I F E ?2 aylar önce

    dam boidam boi2 aylar önce
  • May Meme Rewind Is Gonna Be Horrible Because This Month Memes Is Garbage

    Adam MysteryAdam Mystery3 aylar önce
  • 0:20 no we are number ones ever really gone

    Elizabeth KnoxElizabeth Knox3 aylar önce
  • iT's MeMeWiNd tOm eVeRyBodY

    [HOVLD] Vojtele10[HOVLD] Vojtele103 aylar önce
  • Yehey

    BisaCraftBisaCraft3 aylar önce
  • It’s April MemeWind

    CLoaK_RyZeCLoaK_RyZe3 aylar önce
  • Y isn’t my bday in here

    LozuxLozux3 aylar önce
  • Doesn't show the stereo love meme Nigga

    yeet lmaoyeet lmao3 aylar önce
  • The video is good, but the video has a room for improvement. But good job!!!

    Sir KnightSir Knight3 aylar önce
  • Ninja did what in europe News :This morning a terrorist blew up the church in paris

    The KillerThe Killer3 aylar önce
  • Spoilers: Noobmaster69 Is Tekashi

    WILLY ZWILLY Z3 aylar önce
April Meme Rewind 2019