Are Insects Getting Banned?

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Footage Sources:
Dragonfly nymph:
Mayfly nymph:
Bee pollination:
Ladybug eats aphid:
Carpenter bee:
Special thanks to Entomologist Phil Torres from the channel The Jungle Diaries for helping me write this script. Check out his channel here:



  • Will you do a video on hybrid animals?

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  • This music gives me Call of Duty "waiting for your squad in the lobby" ptsd.

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  • Best channel ever, personally thought this one was useful, because as a fruit bat main ,I was worried that I might run out of an exp source.

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  • I’m trying to find comments about the background bo2 music

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  • Bug types are getting nerfed.

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    • I JUST REALIZED THE RS TEXT FONT how to I sub twice

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  • At least moths are dieing if have a phobia for them specifically

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  • They just need to buff humans:)

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  • Is there going to be another extinction pack/patch?

    X X S A N AX X S A N AGün önce
  • maybe the devs just made humans admins. not invincible but they have enough power to change the enviroment

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  • are insects get banned?? ooo!! so hard question?? *uhh is this a game*

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  • as an insect main, this depresses me

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  • we need a collab or erb (epic rap battle) between animal logic and tier zoo!

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  • did a wasp just rape a rat

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  • can you talk about owls?

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  • Can you imagine all the shit talk in the comments section if people did actually main other things besides human?

    The Captain6006The Captain60062 gün önce
  • Everyone keeps saying that humans are are more powerful than than any other build, but I think that bacteria are equally as strong. Yes, they took a big hit when craftable antimicrobials were introduced, but people keep forgetting about the resistance ability. Yeah it's hard to get, but it can be passed on to new spawns which when combined with their low respawn time is a fantastic counter. When you combine that with them being one of the most important support characters in the game I believe it makes them equal with humans. If you think about it bacteria were really the overpowered ones until the introduction of craftable antimicrobials, so they were probably added to bring more balance to the game.

    pastelnerdpastelnerd2 gün önce
  • Yellow jackets? We fucked up.

    Michael FergusonMichael Ferguson2 gün önce
  • Climate Change is going to get the blame but it's really the insecticides and monocropping that's killing them

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  • You should do, how Komodo Dragon should evolve become a dinosaur, or just flightless bird to real dinosaurs

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  • At first I thought the title and thumbnail said incest instead of insect Wtf is wrong with me I'm not even from Alabama

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  • Are Orcas (Killer Whales) too OP?

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  • Everyone watching this video is maining human!

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  • I'd like to see a video on the parasitic builds, which for me is one of the most successful playstyles on the meta, being able to stand a fight against even humans and have some of the most horrifying, I mean, creative playstyles like the cymothoa exigua.

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  • please do a list of all ( or a lot) of the abilities with examples of what uses them e.g. sweeting: human venom: snake

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  • Humans are like brawl meta-knight on a whole new level.

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  • Tier Zoo is able to make watching sponsorships enjoyable.

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  • My friend just started playing, can you make a beginner's guide for him? I'm not good at teaching

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  • Can you do a video about how builds get banned. My friend just started playing and I can't find a way to explain why builds need to be banned

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  • nobody: Humans: *_/ban insects time: ∞_* Insects: *You Have Been Banned Permanently From This Server* *Reason:* *_STOP BITING MY FRIGGING DAUGHTER_*

    Jonah CaguioaJonah Caguioa3 gün önce
  • "Builds that have to lay eggs in water are seeing a decline." Wait, don't mosquitoes lay their eggs in water? Is one of the human build's biggest checks getting nerfed? Yikes, sounds as if human players could get really dangerous if that happens.

    Jascha BullJascha Bull3 gün önce
  • Ha ha, that beginning, though. "I don't feel so good, Mr. Stark!" "Like you're about to disintegrate?" "No, more like I'm going to starve forever..."

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  • TierZoo secretly making the most engaging educational videos about the effects of climate change and habitat destruction

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  • Listen. The humans are OP, sure, but what about the deity class? They should be the most OP one out there. Do a video on it.

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  • Do a humans tier list to see what ethnicity is best

    ThomasThomas4 gün önce
  • Dude if insects get banned can’t they just appeal for a unban

    DarkburdDarkburd4 gün önce
  • Overspecializing is always a huge risk. Take polar bears, for example. I've been following the changes and possible changes to the Arctic server for a while and is seems that most of the builds there are benefiting or at least adapting fairly well except the polar bears which have been *insanely* over-specialized for a single attack strategy. Honestly, with how crazy some of the specialties have gotten with insect builds, I'm kinda surprised this hasn't already happened. Edit: Though I'm a bit dubious about the whole 'milkweed becoming less common' thing. There's milkweed *everywhere* near my human main's base.

    brigidtheirishbrigidtheirish4 gün önce
  • Please examine the new robot class that the humans keep making. All of them appear generally worthless and have abysmal stats with special abilities that make even water bears look desirable.

    82824 gün önce
  • What about veganism? We feed animals whit plants. It is not efficient to consumer animal products. 40% of pollution came from those 70% land use for those.

    Spore809Spore8094 gün önce
  • have you done a video on human colonialism if not make one soon

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  • I know this is a controversial topic but you really should talk about the legend of the messiah build.

    D HufflepuffD Hufflepuff4 gün önce
    • +D Hufflepuff oh yea, maybe it was a promo for the expansion

      pixel fairypixel fairy2 gün önce
    • +pixel fairy: That or a event by the developers.

      D HufflepuffD Hufflepuff2 gün önce
    • all we have to go on are rumors and in game fan fic. was probably a glitch or a hack.

      pixel fairypixel fairy2 gün önce
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  • Am I the only one who noticed the bo3 multiplayer theme song

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  • The devs are just getting rid of bugs

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  • Do a continental tier list

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  • can you do a dlc video of hybrid animals such as the pizzly, liger, coywolf, etc. or is the dlc for them never coming out?

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  • Sounds like my garden will remain safe for another day .... and in danger. BBC needs to partner up with tier zoo to make a full nature documentary in this style. Could you imagine what he could do with a team of editors and all the footage BBC could provide.

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  • God has finally listened to me and banned scary insects.

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  • I know it's a weird request but could you explain how octopuses have 9 independent brains , especially how the brains in their arms work ?

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  • 6:51 Woah, what is happening here?

    ApotheosisTK117ApotheosisTK1174 gün önce
  • Normal people: oh no losing biodiversity! Me: any way we can use focused effort to specifically ban those roaches/jackets/ect that got buffed?

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  • If only i could go back to the beta version

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  • pls ban cockroaches pls!!!

    i like Pouting girlsi like Pouting girls5 gün önce

    Jade[d]Jade[d]5 gün önce
  • General question: Do all organisms begin the game with the same number of skill points? Or do some start with an advantage off the bat?

    Sangwon KimSangwon Kim5 gün önce
  • you should do a video on if they added zombies

    idontknowwhat toputasmynameidontknowwhat toputasmyname5 gün önce
  • Will any living things be unvaulted, like for example, a mammoth or dodo bird?

    ShadowShadow5 gün önce
  • Feedback: I think the background music in this video is a little too loud / noisy. It makes it a bit difficult to focus on what you are saying sometimes. Keep up the good work, really love your videos

    Milan VerploegenMilan Verploegen5 gün önce
  • What would be the highest tier hypothetical animal, if you could just make one.

    Nerdking42Nerdking425 gün önce
  • Kill all insects.

    No NameNo Name5 gün önce
  • a jellyfish tier list, or a reptilian one would be cool to see

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  • Can you make a video on builds with the highest of each stat (ex. Octopus- Stealth, Human- INT)

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Are Insects Getting Banned?