Hope you enjoyed watching something a little different.. I haven't been this vulnerable and felt so nervous making a video before but here it is... Lana's Instagram: @LanaBlakely and Thomas: @ThomasBrag
Thank you to Norwegian Airlines for being so convenient and letting us book Lana a ticket last second. Love ya
If anyone out there is struggling with a heartbreak or has become closed off emotionally for whatever reason... Just realize that the first step out of it is to start trusting again. I hope this video can maybe inspire some of you out there to realize that it does get better and that you cannot let your fears make you miserable forever. So go out there and choose love over fear my friends.
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  • Hi everyone! This is Thomas, super strange for me to put up something like this for the world to see but if this can somehow inspire some of you who might be closed off like I once was.. Then it's worth it. Much love to you all!

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  • A few months ago I asked my crush out for a date and she said yes, we planned to go watch a movie the day after the second christmas day. On the second christmas day we were going to go to a party with a group. At this party everything was going great and we had a lovely time, I we danced, drunk and had a lot of fun. I was getting some drinks and when I came back, my world collapsed... The girl that I adored, the girl that agreed to go on a date the next day... Was kissing someone else... Everything around me turned quit, the people disappeard, the music stopped, the lights went out apart from one, the one above her... kissing him. I did the one thing my body let me do, I turned around and ran. I ran to the exit, I knew I had to get out, I could barely breath. When I got to the exit I was stopped by an old friend. He looked at me and asked, what's wrong? I said nothing so he kept walking. I turned around to look after him but my eyes got caught on her once more. Thrue all the people I saw them heading towards me, towards the exit... Due to the tickets already having been paid we did go on that date and had a good time but it still hurt. A month later she texted me saying that she chose him over me, and that was it. I thought to myself, this is what love gives, this is what you get for opening up for the firts time in my life, after everything I had gone thrue this was merely one more on the pile. A week passed and it was new years eve, I was still heart broken and couldn't even get outside to celebrate, until my mother came into my room. She gave me the advice that gave me the strenght to keep going, she told me this: Life will kick you down but always remember that rock bottom might feel hard but it's a great foundation on which to built. What I want to say is that whatever happens, you get bullied, your parent's get a divorcy, you have an abusive stepdad who always fights with your mom, you lay in the gutter of a town because you are economicaly broken, suicide is not the way out, it might look easy but it is worth fighting on. It will turn out better, you will turn out better. Please grant me the serenity, to accept the things, I cannot change...

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