Asking Strangers to go on a Road Trip to Mexico on the Spot!!

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We've always wanted to do an epic road trip to Mexico. But we figured it'd be even more awesome if we got a stranger to come along with us and take part in the adventure. So we did just that. It was surreal getting into a brand new country with a brand new friend.
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  • What’s the next thing we should do with strangers?

    Yes TheoryYes TheoryYıl önce
    • one day camp at amazon rain forest

      Victor MaVictor Ma9 gün önce
    • Yes Theory you should go jet skiing with strangers

      Huthgrtg10ten launchpadHuthgrtg10ten launchpad4 aylar önce
    • Yes Theory I dare you to ask a stranger to go to Canada 🇨🇦 New Brunswick, St. Andrews and jump into the ocean

      Stella’s LifeStella’s Life5 aylar önce
    • Come to Palm Springs and spend the day with me you won’t regret it!

      Anabek CardozaAnabek Cardoza5 aylar önce
  • i don't understand where you are storing ur cum at im so confused

    Pig PenPig Pen7 saatler önce
  • This People restores my faith in humanity🙏🏻

    Jack BorsaJack Borsa6 gün önce
  • these videos are awesome! ive always been sketched out by traveling and especially flying- a friend of mine i barely know asked me to go on a trip with him, with no plan or any idea about what we were doing or how we were getting there. i decided i was done being scared and said lets do it. ive said for years ill never fly, but once i said yes to the trip i was all in and suggested flying. i was going to do everything i said i wouldnt do and was down for whatever came up, we even made plans to do a bunch of stuff both of us had never done or said we never would do. so we booked the flight and left just a week later. ive never went on vacation, let alone with people i barely know- never in my life would i think about flying lol, etc.... crazy thing is i loved flying hahaha. so happy i decided to do it. unfortunately my trip didnt end as well as these videos. 20hrs from home, with people i barely know and they freaked out and got into a huge argument. my "friend" basically kicked me and the other person out of where we were staying, things got really weird and the cops even showed up. the argument didnt involve me at all tho. now mind you im the farthest ive ever been from my house in my life lol, never done anything like this before (because ive always been too scared, too broke, and didnt want to leave my gf and son (we have too many dogs for a family trip- so someone has to stay behind to take care of them). here is the kicker tho, my "friend" said if i came he would pay for everything, so i had no $. so now im stranded almost a full day away from home, without a place to stay, basically no money, etc... this happened the second night out there. i didnt get to enjoy a single thing, trip was supposed to be 9 days. ended up using a credit card and paying $700 to drive 20 hours back home. slept 3 hrs in a rest stop parking lot, had terrible anxiety, and lost a friend. never the less, im really happy i got to fly and realized i really enjoyed it. i got to see the ocean too. you guys are amazing for doing this for people, love the videos.

    dragakneedragaknee8 gün önce
  • 4:02, "Here, let us feed you before we sell you into a life of sex slavery and misery"....😂

    CubanSoldier 20CubanSoldier 208 gün önce
  • Reasons why I would say no: 1) I don't wanna get kidnapped or killed. 2) I got serious Motion sickness. If not. I'm down.

    Massing AugustMassing August10 gün önce
  • I wanna go!!!!!

    BY3F3L1C1ABY3F3L1C1A12 gün önce
  • Yes

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  • in peoples mind four dudes dancing toghether

    meji45meji4515 gün önce
  • Fyi margarita was invented in Juarez, Mexico. Right at the border with El Paso, TX

    B GomezB Gomez19 gün önce
  • How the fuck is this guy so chill

    vel raamvel raam22 gün önce
  • Ya we do beer LOL

    John KevorkianJohn Kevorkian23 gün önce
  • According to FBI it is most likely that a neighbor, roommate, acquaintance will stab you or kidnap you rather than a stranger, 25 % percent of the time a stranger will made a bad move, 75% people you know.

    Manuel RamirezManuel Ramirez25 gün önce
  • so like if i give you guys my address.would you take me to a random really cool place? i don't care where 0-0 XD

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  • That looks like the place where despacito was filmed bro

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  • Mexico is a good place to be at

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  • You guys are so great. I love the attuide. Shortly after watching your videos I booked for me and my friend to spend 48 hours in New York! We were already going to PA to see a friend and thought why not and just booked it!

    Cait BuckleyCait BuckleyAylar önce
  • My family lives in Ensenada

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  • 3:06 no wonder why 36% of american have legit passport lmao

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  • man all these people wanna be the strangers, while I'm just sittin here appreciating the fact that this happened.

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  • What do I have to do to bump into you guys? probably get a passport maybe.

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  • you guys should of cut his kidneys out and sold them. EZ money

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  • Ive been watching these guys' videos lately and they are proving so many notions i have about the world wrong. very eye opening.

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  • Ok so ive just discovered you guys channel like a few weeks ago, and i love your channel! To tell a little story, I am a huge introvert and my idea of a vacation is just staying at home alone with good internet connection, going out/meeting people drains me so much. but because of the positive message you portray i thought why not try? Then fast forward to a week ago i said yes to a road trip with my friends to go out of town to go surfing and whatnot (which i would normally say no to because I think my energy would run out fast because ill be with people for like a 2 full days). Just an hour before i was about to leave the house my mind and body just kept telling me not to go: my stomachs turning; my eyes are shutting down; im already feeling drained... but i just thought of you guys positive mindset to just go for it so i went and fast forward I HAD A GREAT TIME AND I LEARNED HOW TO SURF (WELP NOT REALLY BUT YEAH). Thank you for being an inspiration!

    Yuji Im임유지Yuji Im임유지5 aylar önce
  • Matt looks like he gives really good hugs

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Asking Strangers to go on a Road Trip to Mexico on the Spot!!