ASMR 20 Wood Triggers 🌳 (NO TALKING) Scratching, Tapping, Clicky & New Sounds for Sleep & Study 💚

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Hello! 💚
Tonight I have 20 various wooden (and wood related) triggers for you to relax, study or fall asleep to 💤 I tried to use lots of different types of wood and included some cork, pine, beech, mango & rosewood, plus some more experimental triggers such as typing on a bamboo keyboard & some scratchy biodegradable plates made from fallen palm leaves! :) I hope you’ll enjoy these natural triggers and get something positive from the sounds 🌳 Many thanks for watching and sending you lots of love ~ Rhianna ❤️✨ xoxo
00:01 - 03:48 - Wooden textured bath mat. Scratching & tapping
03:49 - 08:45 - 2 Cork covered boxes. Bassy scratches & some tapping
08:46 - 13:34 - Real bamboo keyboard. Typing, tapping etc.
13:35 - 18:00 - Large wooden frog instrument. Various different sounds
18:01 - 24:08 - Rattan textured dough basket, nice scratches
24:09 - 28:43 - Beech wood nutcracker with screw (the unscrewing is similar to lid sounds)
28:44 - 33:05 - Gentle Pangi nut/seed rattling sounds
33:06 - 38:59 - Beech wood Gnocchi board, textured scratching
39:00 - 44:37 - Mango wood lidded pot. Tapping, scratching & lid sounds
44:38 - 50:30 - Biodegradable disposable plates (made from fallen palm leaves). Textured scratching & crisp tapping
50:31 - 55:05 - 100 bamboo skewers! Rolling them on the table & rattling sounds etc.
55:06 - 59:11 - Rosewood maze toy. Various sounds
59:12 - 1:04:14 - Walnuts in shells. Hollow kind of clicky sounds etc.
1:04:15 - 1:08:32 - Pine wood hanging decoration. Bassy scratching & tapping
1:08:33 - 1:13:52 - 2 large pine cones. Unusual hollow scratching & tapping sounds
1:13:53 - 1:20:00 - Wooden coaster set, tapping with some scratching
1:20:01 - 1:24:27 - Wooden children’s toy, unusual clicky & sliding sounds
1:24:28 - 1:28:48 - A straw & twig owl. Crisp crinkle type sounds
1:28:49 - 1:33:03 - Cedar balls. Clicky, rolling sounds
1:33:04 - End - A wooden ladybird massager. Tapping, scratching & soft fluffy massage
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❤️ Love, ASMR Magic xoxo




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ASMR 20 Wood Triggers 🌳 (NO TALKING) Scratching, Tapping, Clicky & New Sounds for Sleep & Study 💚