AVENGERS Gameplay Demo FULL Walkthrough (2019) Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America HD

AVENGERS Gameplay Demo FULL Walkthrough (2019) Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America HD
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  • The destruction of property in this demo could make this a commercial for the SHRA.

    darthkynreevedarthkynreeveSaatler önce
  • 2050?

    asir sakinasir sakin5 saatler önce

    killerbug 12killerbug 126 saatler önce
  • Is the avengers game going to like spider man and that or no

    Glichy BoiGlichy Boi8 saatler önce
  • Chris Evan's isnt voicing captain America or Robert Downey's jr iron man ☹

    Brady FriesBrady Fries20 saatler önce
  • 11:33 captain marvel confirmed

    Kamian GaitherKamian Gaither22 saatler önce
  • Is that seriously how they made Tony look? I'm not saying use only Downey Jr., but at least stay close to that look

    Simple-InsanitySimple-Insanity23 saatler önce
  • Im nore hyped for this then cyberpunk or outerworlds.

    TheMaximusTheMaximusGün önce
    • Prepare to be disappointed

      Squiddles wooooshes jokesSquiddles wooooshes jokes2 saatler önce
  • This game looks good if it's 2009

    YeysBaws!YeysBaws!Gün önce
  • Looks like Batman Arkham knight except iron man is the Batmobile

    Erick GonzalezErick GonzalezGün önce
    • LOL

      Amaan KhanAmaan KhanGün önce
  • I have a feeling that those flying dudes are going to be as annoying as the ones on SpiderMan

    Gustavo MuñozGustavo MuñozGün önce

    Mattias PattersonMattias PattersonGün önce
  • good

    MartinMartinGün önce
  • will this be open world at all or is it missions

    STORM WOLF 208STORM WOLF 2082 gün önce
    • The directors has confirmed its not open world only missions

      Amaan KhanAmaan KhanGün önce
  • It would be cool if marvel create a game where you can customize your own character with your own super powers , story etc make it an online game with a huge world similar to World of Warcraft

    Danny A.Danny A.2 gün önce
    • Are you familiar at all with DC Universe Online?

      Squiddles wooooshes jokesSquiddles wooooshes jokes2 saatler önce
  • When is this game coming out

    NeyoNeyo2 gün önce
    • May 15

      Tanner AitkenTanner AitkenGün önce
  • Thanos who could’ve been in this: "All of that for a drop of blood." Hulk smashed but no blood

    Andrew OrrAndrew Orr2 gün önce
  • oh.. my mind.. my stupid mind

    Bez MontazhaBez Montazha2 gün önce
  • this better than spiderman

    Kevin KPKevin KP3 gün önce
  • Huge MCU fan! but this game.....is gonna suck.

    quinn schiderquinn schider3 gün önce
  • Sometimes I like to rewatch this video, with my controller (no batteries) in hand, pressing the buttons just to imagine how amazing this game is going to be once it drops.

    Max NguyenMax Nguyen3 gün önce
    • ​@Amaan Khan The gameplay doesn't suck bc of the Hulk, it is definitely clunky movement, but it isn't bad. Also, a majority of new videogame releases look like trash because the companies want gamers to keep playing and continue logging hours. Within months of each video game release, their graphics their physics, they've all improved either in one or several updates, and the updated versions are miles away from how we know the original versions to be. AND IF YOU ARE GONNA BE PLAYING THESE TYPES OF GAMES ON CONSOLE, THEN OF COURSE YOUR GRAPHICS WILL BE TRASH.

      Max NguyenMax NguyenGün önce
    • Nope the graphics are OK and the game play sucks especially of hulk

      Amaan KhanAmaan KhanGün önce

    Eduardo ChamorroEduardo Chamorro4 gün önce
  • Fighting is slow movement is slow smh. Thor, Tony, Hulk should be able to cross that bridge in seconds.

    Saber Zer0Saber Zer04 gün önce
  • Dam this is so bad.

    Saber Zer0Saber Zer04 gün önce
  • all I really want is an open world iron man game

    Bogdan AntalBogdan Antal4 gün önce
    • Its not open world

      Amaan KhanAmaan KhanGün önce
  • I expected the game to make you feel powerful, like with the hulk and thor it should feel so destructive and like you are insanely strong, iron mans blasts just sound like peashooters.....pretty disappointing

    SonOfSparda36SonOfSparda364 gün önce
  • should´ve use the skins from marvel vs capcom

    Noan ManjiNoan Manji5 gün önce
  • Why is tony a white boy. He's supposed to be vaguely Hispanic, or at least italian, I mean shit.

    RAW asshitshowRAW asshitshow5 gün önce
  • This video was amazing! It put me straight to sleep like a baby, best rest I got in years! Thanks Stan Lee!!

    Kin HamidKin Hamid5 gün önce
  • Man they are avengers (mighty heroes) there should be a mighty villian

    Husn AraHusn Ara5 gün önce
  • I hate this portrayal of task master he wouldn't be just tanking hits from black widow he would be able to beat her easily since he knows all of their fighting styles he would so easily see through that invisible thing she did.

    Giorno GiovanaGiorno Giovana5 gün önce
  • Tbh this doesn't look that bad

    KJ broKJ bro5 gün önce
  • It is not logic at all

    Siddessh viknesSiddessh viknes5 gün önce
  • Why taskmaster in this

    Siddessh viknesSiddessh viknes5 gün önce
  • Come to switch please

    Christian TjiptoChristian Tjipto5 gün önce
  • The people creating this game seriously need to completely rework hulk's gameplay (This dude is like olympic-level athletic and has good running formation) home does not move like a big green hairless ape with Down Syndrome like the first Avengers movie had him.

    Gabe SteinGabe Stein5 gün önce
    • @Andrew Orr irrevelant to anything

      Gabe SteinGabe SteinGün önce
    • Hulk looks like he is from 2003

      Andrew OrrAndrew Orr2 gün önce
  • why dont they build character base on Robert, Chris Evan, Scalet johanson,..?? i dont understand, if they do that, a lots of fan and nonfan of MCU will buy it, so sad , so sad . due to succes of End Game, its a very smart choice but they ignore it, too bad

    tuan anh doantuan anh doan5 gün önce
  • where did you get this demo?

    Matus  BohunickyMatus Bohunicky5 gün önce
  • This looks awful!!

    Pablo CPablo C6 gün önce
  • Not even 1 drop of blood thats SUCKS

    pa4etopa4eto6 gün önce
  • Can we have Insomiac work on every superhero game from now on?

    Avarice YusiAvarice Yusi6 gün önce
  • Looks like Xbox 360

    Lucas GodoiLucas Godoi6 gün önce
  • Make it open world n itll be worth something

    DabroH RDabroH R6 gün önce
  • Looks generic lol. Insomniac's Spiderman is better.

    DnjaDnja6 gün önce
    • True

      Mark RiggelinkMark Riggelink2 gün önce
  • The release date is way too far off😰 I’ve watched the 3 times now.

    Adam BakerAdam Baker6 gün önce
  • finally we get the hulk we deserve

    Anthony HernandezAnthony Hernandez6 gün önce
  • Best cellphone game ever

    Carmine DomeCarmine Dome6 gün önce
    • Lmao

      KJ broKJ bro5 gün önce
  • Why does the bridge always blow up? They can't blow up a train or something? Maybe an underwater secret lab? It's always a bridge lol.

    Infinity ZombiInfinity Zombi6 gün önce
  • Looking good. Yeap.

    Infinity ZombiInfinity Zombi6 gün önce
  • What consoles is it coming out to

    Hunter ChambersHunter Chambers7 gün önce
    • Ps2 lol

      Amaan KhanAmaan KhanGün önce
  • Thor entry 1:18

    G-WarG-War7 gün önce
  • If the UMPF in Thors attacks are to be takes seriously, the baddies need to splatter on the pavement. Oh well, I think I will leave this one for the kids. Hope Crystal Dynamics have succeded

    Bingo BerraBingo Berra7 gün önce
  • malisimo

    Christopher Herrera VenegasChristopher Herrera Venegas7 gün önce
  • This game looks amazing

    Dominick DabdubDominick Dabdub7 gün önce
  • Iron Man and Thor's hits (in the game), maybe stunned enemies...*activate Hulk* Thousands and thousands of dead LOL Also, how did whoever made this miss out on having the MCU cast do the voice overs??

    joeltt1joeltt18 gün önce
  • I love the fact that almost everyone is complaning abaout thor needs 3 hit to kill a human while in other games they can take 20 headshots from a shoutgun

    the mad titanthe mad titan8 gün önce
  • iPhone or android?

    Tomasz LukasikTomasz Lukasik9 gün önce
  • I hope we can get skin suits for each character

    Anime FreakAnime Freak9 gün önce
  • Sadlly looks like just another button-masher. Makes me miss Marvel Heroes where you could put thought and decision into your gear and power configurations. sigh...

    Nightrun007Nightrun0079 gün önce
    • Nightrun007 yeah I really wish Insomniac made this game since they made the only great looking and great feeling Marvel game. This not only looks like shit, but seems to play like shit.

      Marco SharkoMarco Sharko7 gün önce
  • Hits feels so weak, shame...

    ValthorValthor10 gün önce
  • I love this game

    ANDERIA B00bsANDERIA B00bs10 gün önce
  • I think it would be cool if the Ant-Man is in it and he can turn 15ft tall or change really small and just change sized and still beat em up. They can also put Black Panther in and Spider-Man/Doctor Strange & Captain Marvel

    Julian HallJulian Hall10 gün önce
  • If Thor has a life bar that's BS. Unless you have the power of a star or you are Worldbreaker Hulk, even alien weaponry shouldn't do much of anything

    Alchemistic AcademicianAlchemistic Academician10 gün önce
  • This looks like a iPad game or a app

    Kingdom MindedKingdom Minded10 gün önce
  • This game should have a better animation and combat scene

    Matteo DoughMatteo Dough10 gün önce
  • Yes ill pay the fucking game

    daddy hitler69 daddaddy hitler69 dad10 gün önce
  • Thor can’t actually fly it’s him holding onto to hammer so that’s disappointing

    Simon ErvinSimon Ervin10 gün önce
    • If I remember correctly he can control the air around him so technically he can float. The reason why he throws the hammer and holds onto it is because it's much faster

      SweatySweaty7 gün önce
  • I doesn't look that good. What a disappointment. They should have had the developers from Spiderman work on this title.

    Eman BassEman Bass10 gün önce
    • Exactly.

      CapriCapri7 gün önce
  • Man there are so many butthurt Marvel fanboys in the comments section. Its alright to admit this game looks terrible and nowhere near the creativity of Spiderman and Arkham games.

    Tahsin AhmedTahsin Ahmed11 gün önce
  • Imagine a hero vs villains like battlefront, would be ducking amazing

    Luke SkywalkerLuke Skywalker11 gün önce
AVENGERS Gameplay Demo FULL Walkthrough (2019) Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America HD