Avicii - Heaven (Tribute Video)

Listen to TIM: lnk.to/TIMAlbum
Tim and Chris Martin wrote and recorded “Heaven” in 2014, with Tim producing the final version in 2016.
About the tribute video: My name is Levan Tsikurishvili and I have been working with Tim since about 2013. During these years, we made 8 music videos, 3 concert movies and 2 documentaries together. In 2016, right after his last show, Tim, Tim’s childhood friend Awat, and I spent 19 beautiful days in Madagascar, ll Saint Marie. We spoke about everything, laughed, played monopoly, hung out with lemurs, and explored the entire island together. Now, two-and-a-half years later, I returned to the island to remember Tim, to honor his legacy, and to recreate the memories that will stay with us forever.
Note: This video is a collection of my smartphone videos plus some parts of unused material from the documentary Avicii: True Stories and newly shot footage. I also did some 3D animations in order to recreate the moments that I did not have any video material from.
Line Producers
Francois-Xavier Mayer (Fifou) (2016-2019)
Jonathan Waldefeldt (2016)
Tomas Kollder (2019)
Rouglan Guillaume (2019)
Tatiana Brouers (2019)
Location Manager (2016-2019)
Sergio Botou
Driver (2016-2019)
Senga Botovangaindrano
Coordinators (2016-2019)
Florielle Bevahoaka
Dina Mampionona
A-J Hamilton (2019)
D.O.P (2019)
Albin Sjödin
D.O.P (2016)
Levan Tsikurishvili
Nils Moström
Composing, 3D Animation, Retouching
Volodymir Kolisnyk (KPP)
Modelling, Texturing
Alex Zaremsky
VFX Producer
Vlada Kiseleva
Olga Korzhinskaya
Directed And Produced By
Levan Tsikurishvili
Christopher Thordson
Step out into the dawn
You pray ’til, you pray ’til the lights come on
And then you feel like you’ve just been born
Yeah, you come to raise me up
When I’m beaten and broken up
And now I’m back in the arms I love
And I think I just died
I think I just died
Yeah, I think I just died
I think I just died
And went to heaven
And went to heaven
Beaten and bathed in blood
I'm hit by, I'm hit by your love and drug
And now you've come to raise me up
And I think I just died
I think I just died
I think I just died
Yeah, I think I just died
And went to heaven
And went to heaven
And went to heaven
It’s such a night, such a beautiful night
It’s such a view, such a beautiful sight
I think I just, oh, I think I just died
And went to heaven
And went to heaven
(Oh, yeah)
We’re gonna be birds and fly
We're gonna set the world alight
We’re gonna lose ourselves tonight
We’re going be birds and fly
We're gonna set the world alight
We’re gonna lose ourselves tonight
In heaven




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  • still I miss him

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Avicii - Heaven (Tribute Video)