Baking a 6-Layered Rainbow Cake in An Easy-Bake Oven


  • Watching this video right now. Commercial break for Grub Hub. Great timing

    Barb LarkinBarb Larkin8 saatler önce
  • Realizing you have a channel is giving me life!

    SabexSabex8 saatler önce
  • I want trixie to be my dad

    tessa. wrighttessa. wright21 saatler önce
  • Trixie : so I was just nearly murdered by the blue cake Trixie a few seconds later : I can’t believe this is going so well

    Hallie JonesHallie Jones22 saatler önce
  • Trixie is wearing her barbie wig

    That Little Unbrella Bunny OwOThat Little Unbrella Bunny OwOGün önce
  • Always wanted an easy bake oven when I was little. It’s all I would ask for every birthday and Christmas. I remember begging my Dad for one and him saying “I’m not spending money on that stupid shit...just play pretend and use the toaster oven.” I cook everything in the toaster oven til this very day.

    Have a great day!Have a great day!Gün önce
  • I legit COULD NOT stop smiling when Trixie cut the cake!

    Maddie PetersMaddie Peters2 gün önce
  • Omg the cake is so pretty

    Kristin WhitakerKristin Whitaker2 gün önce
  • Trixie thank for being that light in the darkness. I think you should do more baking in the easy bake oven, I never had one always wanted one. Do it for that child we were that longed for one. love you 💕 you’re the best

    Kristin WhitakerKristin Whitaker2 gün önce
  • I love you you want to adopt me as your new daughter? I'd love to have you as my Mom.❤️

    PaigePaige2 gün önce
  • you look like a literally...come on I have seen drag done right but this is proof someone needs to put the make up down...and really really look at themselves. Batman with inch long eyelashes and lipstick that looks better for clown work.

    Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin2 gün önce
  • Sis, why’s your knife upside down?

    Bram HarrisBram Harris3 gün önce
  • I freaking loved this video😹 buuut Why does everyone forget about PINK when they are doing a rainbow, like Every Time😫💖 I mean pink is Everything, come ooon hahaha🤪💖 other then that I Loved this😝🔥

    Candy CitCandy Cit3 gün önce
  • I am in LOVE with your makeup in this video? Something about it is just making me live

    a tiny ghosta tiny ghost3 gün önce
  • 7 would be if you did red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. That's the other rainbow I swear I was taught.

    Kevin MurphyKevin Murphy3 gün önce
  • yo that purple is gray honeyyyy

    Stephanie SpencerStephanie Spencer3 gün önce
  • Brava

    Kristie LewisKristie Lewis3 gün önce
  • I never thought the highlight of my 2020 would be Trixie Mattel screaming over a tiny rainbow cake.

    Alex BravoAlex Bravo4 gün önce
  • Girl.... that alarm scared the fux out of me.

    Aquatic DragonAquatic Dragon4 gün önce
  • "for now"

    Not _ Emily?Not _ Emily?4 gün önce
  • Hey trixie do u remember likee I was there????

    Ella WalkerElla Walker4 gün önce

    Jenny TrustyJenny Trusty4 gün önce
  • I didn’t expect That gabbie Hanna shadeee lmaooo

    Habiba KasrawyHabiba Kasrawy4 gün önce
  • "I love myself' - every time I bake something for me

    Jędrzej NiemczykJędrzej Niemczyk4 gün önce
  • Trixie Mattel I love your makeup and I love you🎀💓💓💓🎀💓💓💓🎀❤️😘

    Panda KızPanda Kız4 gün önce
  • Tag yourself, I'm that one curl on the front left side of her face

    PotOfTeaMulanPotOfTeaMulan4 gün önce
  • Why is his makeup like half done

    James CraneJames Crane4 gün önce
  • is anyone here concerned about the connection between food dye and autism?

    RealtorMelSWFLRealtorMelSWFL5 gün önce
  • So what if it’s lopsided? It’s a gay cake, it’s not supposed to be straight. Also, cool Halloween idea that I just want to throw out there, in the early 2000’s they released the Queasy Bake Oven. It was purple and green, looked like ooze, and was geared more toward boys because “they can’t have pink things and wanting to cook and feed themselves makes them gay ewwwww”. The recipes were like “make dog biscuits” and it was just a bone shaped sugar cookie or some shit. Maybe give it a try if you can find one somewhere

    Open Casket Ready with Matty MarjoletOpen Casket Ready with Matty Marjolet5 gün önce
  • The sheer delight Trixie's feeling in this video does NOT get old on a rewatch. What a lovely thing it is, getting to indulge your inner child. And that cake turned out absolutely gorgeous!

    ShadespeareShadespeare5 gün önce
  • Trixie should of on master chef

    Cams DragCams Drag5 gün önce
  • Ok, so multiple personality and this is stupid.

    Puppy LovePuppy Love5 gün önce
  • I misclicked on this video but whats up with her face

    Blake's SketchesBlake's Sketches6 gün önce
  • How to get wasted in 10 minute: Watch this video and take every time Trixie says “GAY”. WASTED! Also I love how excited she is for this cake. She is elated! So cute! I love seeing people happy.

    Matthew McGovernMatthew McGovern6 gün önce
  • I love your dress!! Wish I could wear one and look as good as you

    ChimmyChimmy6 gün önce
  • She could definitely do a barbie cooking commercial XD It fits her so good!! XD

    Kimsegii XoXoKimsegii XoXo6 gün önce
  • Bruh y she need that much makeup

    Frosty_banditFrosty_bandit6 gün önce
  • It’s indigo... u forgot indigo Roy-g-biv 👍

    G PG P7 gün önce
  • Jesus I love you

    Kiara ArdelliKiara Ardelli7 gün önce
  • Can’t even see his eyes 😂

    Fishst1ckBoiFishst1ckBoi7 gün önce
  • “The cake is kind of lopsided” yeah, it definitely isn’t straight

    infectedzombieguyinfectedzombieguy7 gün önce
  • Dat makeup doh

    Oreo Da beanOreo Da bean7 gün önce
  • That Pam Beesly line was Everything

    Jennifer ReyesJennifer Reyes7 gün önce
  • We really really realllly need to reopen asylums...this person is extremely mentally ill and people are enabling this mental illness instead of helping this person.

    Ballsack McgeeBallsack Mcgee7 gün önce
  • What the fuk his face is a cake of its own

    You WishYou Wish7 gün önce
  • Trixie Mattel: very feminine and girly *Takes sip of vodka*

    Eric MangumEric Mangum8 gün önce
  • i always wanted an easy bake oven...but like who thought it would be a good idea to give OVENS TOO CHILDREN 🤣😥

    jay penjay pen8 gün önce
  • Count how many times trixie says tiny gay

    KaiKai8 gün önce
  • Wait why did the thumbnail look like a sims character? Thats how you know you are beautiful!

    enter_ sadface_ hereenter_ sadface_ here8 gün önce
  • i hope trixie realizes that her logo is the pan flag

    pouty babiepouty babie8 gün önce
  • What happen to your side kick chic

    jeff edwardsjeff edwards8 gün önce
  • Epic cooking session

    Ava RogersAva Rogers8 gün önce
  • Trixie can you please try Popin’ Cookin’ by Kracie. They’re miniature candy/food sets that are popular in Japan and they’re really fun to make!!

    rosey poseyrosey posey8 gün önce
  • I woke my husband up laughing so hard at this... I’m dead 😵

    Gayboy2098Gayboy20989 gün önce
  • Ew

    Christopher MartinezChristopher Martinez9 gün önce
  • Grrl you just refuse to draw that nose on straight, eh?

    Brian RobertsonBrian Robertson9 gün önce
  • I don't understand the putting oil in cakes thing. I'm a chef and I cant remember the last time I did that........if ever......

    Painter's brush 16Painter's brush 169 gün önce
  • You’re a man 👨

    MarcusMarcus9 gün önce
  • If anyone wants to know what mental illness looks like. Watch this channel

    MarcusMarcus9 gün önce
  • I have easy bake ovens but sadly, they stopped being used because the mix is gone and the wires are like broken because of my 8 cats chewing on my stuff for some random reasons, they were lucky to not get zapped to death because those easy bake ovens were not plugged in at the time when they bit the wires. The outer wire is only damaged but I kept them to have my memories of using them before they were put into a state of brokenness and such more things. That board you have is actually called a Clapper Board. I know many directors use it in editing of films and so that the cast know what scene and act they're in for the story of the film.

    Catie BowmanCatie Bowman9 gün önce
  • Can we talk about how beautiful/stunning the wig of Trixie Mattel

    Lovely petalsLovely petals9 gün önce
  • The gayest way lmaoooo love you trixie

    Olivia LashayOlivia Lashay10 gün önce
  • This video gave me lifeeeee

    emilia teranemilia teran10 gün önce

    George AndersonGeorge Anderson10 gün önce
    • I hate TRvision recommendations

      George AndersonGeorge Anderson10 gün önce
    • Mad

      Lance mince BoyLance mince Boy10 gün önce
  • Excuse me excuse me 😍

    Tiny TantrumsTiny Tantrums10 gün önce
  • Trixie forgetting that the colour pink exists doesn't make sense in my fantasy

    CharlieFryerCharlieFryer10 gün önce
  • This is so wholesome and giving me LYFE

    Christa KimbroughChrista Kimbrough11 gün önce
  • Is no one going to talk about the fact that Trixie casually said she was making eggs in her easy bake oven in the mornings? Lol what

    ariana mooreariana moore11 gün önce
  • It was literally so satisfying seeing her cut into it omg 😱 I cant believe I’m addicted to easy bake oven trixie videos

    Mike DMike D11 gün önce
  • If we’d ever get a Trixie collab with Ro I’d cry

    Raven’s Art WorldRaven’s Art World11 gün önce
Baking a 6-Layered Rainbow Cake in An Easy-Bake Oven