Barcelona Players Train Ahead Of Champions League Quarter-Final Clash With Bayern Munich

The Barcelona squad trained in Lisbon on Thursday, as they prepare to face Bayern Munich in their highly anticipated UEFA Champions League quarter-final on Friday.
The two sides are the only former champions still left in the tournament, having both been crowned European champions five times and made the quarter-finals for a record 18th time, but neither has lifted the European trophy recently - Barcelona’s last title was in 2015 and Bayern last won it in 2013.
Messi is Barcelona’s leading scorer with 25 goals this season, a disappointing one for the Catalan club, and it could be their first without a major title since 2007-08.
Quique Setien's side struggled after the Spanish league resumed amid the coronavirus pandemic, relinquishing the league lead - and the title - to Real Madrid.
@UEFA 2020
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  • Lets be honest, if jerome boateng played, Messi could have scored at least 2 goals.

    Emilios PowerballerEmilios PowerballerAylar önce
  • Barcelona is becoming next present AC milan in future if they continue like this

    Lb ChhetriLb ChhetriAylar önce
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  • They 8-2 train

    Ariel RiveraAriel RiveraAylar önce
  • Guys go watch this channel and subscribe he is working hard for the videos and the videos are edited by himself

    Naseema PraveenNaseema PraveenAylar önce
  • For me Bayern is the one of the best team in the world im last two years....Bayern is destroy Barcelona in 2013 year,but this is happened again....Bayern is machine..

    srdjan popovicsrdjan popovicAylar önce

    Eduardo PolackEduardo PolackAylar önce
  • Lol training

    E TVE TVAylar önce
  • Corona Timeline

    Language of DataLanguage of DataAylar önce
  • No sé de qué se queja la gente si este siempre ha sido el nivel de muchos de esos jugadores. Alba y Piqué le deben dar las gracias al sistema de juego porque son dos paquetes. Busquets sí es bueno, pero ha tenido un bajón INCREÍBLE y eso a TODOS los futbolistas les pasa y NO es algo de edad necesariamente. En fin, quedó al descubierto la mentira del barcamoda

    RafadynamiteRafadynamiteAylar önce
  • Not hard enough............................................................................................... 8-2 Visca el Bayern

    No CapNo CapAylar önce

    Germán NavarreteGermán NavarreteAylar önce
  • Hightlights barca versus bayern Muenchen, join and watch now

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  • Seconds from Disaster; season 8, part 2

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  • .ousman Sarra

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  • This video aged like fine milk

    Adarsh KurisingalAdarsh KurisingalAylar önce
  • Should've trained harder

    Dominic FelixDominic FelixAylar önce
  • They obviously trained the wrong way! 8-2 🥴

    Handynutzer 1234Handynutzer 1234Aylar önce
  • What a comeback from Barca in dying minutes, respect

    Abhi DhoundiyalAbhi DhoundiyalAylar önce
  • Barcelona is unsinkable, like the Titanic. Hands down.

    Said BelkacemSaid BelkacemAylar önce
  • 1:58 what lenglet doing on his dick

    ok and then okok and then okAylar önce
  • This training, you can do in your hotel suite.

    Ana BolikaAna BolikaAylar önce
  • Pata nahi kya training kar rahe thee ......aise kon haarta hai!

    abhay kumarabhay kumarAylar önce
  • Pata nahi kya training kar rahe thee ......aise kon haarta hai!

    abhay kumarabhay kumarAylar önce
  • Images before the tragedy 😂

    Field Marshal DogeField Marshal DogeAylar önce
  • Fuck them training 4 what

    Doctor DoctorDoctor DoctorAylar önce
  • i got a feeling they are gona win

    Bingo BangoBingo BangoAylar önce
    • Citus Manus same. Let’s hope they don’t 8-2 much before the game.

      Random VideosRandom VideosAylar önce
  • Even after having a perfectly good goal (and UEFA bribery) disallowed Barca couldn't cut it 😂😂

    wazza mcwazza mcAylar önce
  • Happiness before disaster lol

    Joaquin PhoenixJoaquin PhoenixAylar önce
  • Photos taken moments before disaster

    Valio BronzovValio BronzovAylar önce
  • Who's watching this after the match ? 😂

    Sreehari T AnilSreehari T AnilAylar önce
    • 😭😭

      Aymane 21Aymane 21Aylar önce
  • 8-2

    A RoshanA RoshanAylar önce
  • training for what?2-8 haha laugh in latin word ...

    Uzzy One loveUzzy One loveAylar önce
  • this is a childs game

    Wand CamiloWand CamiloAylar önce
  • God, i am late, i should have come earlier.. Time travelling exist in year 2064 and yes, 2020 is not the worst.. Be prepared guys, year 2032.

    Guna LetchuGuna LetchuAylar önce
  • 07:46 what about messi was thinking??

    Mizanur RahmanMizanur RahmanAylar önce
  • I'm here after 8-2 humiliation!!

    Mizanur RahmanMizanur RahmanAylar önce
  • Why so many female barca fans??😠 Go for LFC or Leipzig FC!!

    Peaceful PenguinPeaceful PenguinAylar önce
    • @SmartWarp lol! Just jealous ☮️👍

      Peaceful PenguinPeaceful PenguinAylar önce
    • Not so peaceful are ya?!

      SmartWarpSmartWarpAylar önce
  • Treinando pra levar de 8 a 2

    franc rosenofranc rosenoAylar önce
  • Semedo is always distracted in training and that's maybe the reason he's not focused during games.

    Maddaroad13Maddaroad13Aylar önce
  • Why ?

    shib shankar Lodhshib shankar LodhAylar önce
  • No wonder they got completely smacked. Lame stretches, that did fuck all, a bit of jumping and then play in a circle with most incompetent pressing known to man. It's so half-hearted and meaningless.

    Jannik NielsenJannik NielsenAylar önce
  • Messi looked like he already knew Barca was gonna lose

    Eh LohEh LohAylar önce
  • They look strong, fast, and well led!

    Levi PeughLevi PeughAylar önce
  • The result 2-8. Congrats :)

    Hindy R. IbrahimHindy R. IbrahimAylar önce
  • Imagine if barca didn't train.

    The1000waterfistsThe1000waterfistsAylar önce
    • 2-15 🤣🤣

      F TF TAylar önce
    • Lol 😂

      Charly PeaceCharly PeaceAylar önce
  • I come from the future to tell you about a tragedy that will happen on august 14th!!!!

    Angel-OAngel-OAylar önce
  • Momentos ante de la tragedia.

    Not OswaldoNot OswaldoAylar önce
  • I train even harder.

    Ahmed EnglishAhmed EnglishAylar önce
  • Here is very simple advise from FC Bayern fan: *Kick Messi’s ass really hard,* hire a few youngsters for the money Barcelona wasted on Mr. Mess..., and get to work. Simple as that...

    SKoch 999SKoch 999Aylar önce
    • @donnacha Biased Barca Fans as usual Always finding excuses don't get jealous About the thrashing we have to you guys 2 days ago I can smell your ass burning here till Qatar phehempth(understood?)

      Car nutCar nutAylar önce
    • Car nut sham you are definitely American by your use of the word momma like your opinion on football just is not relevant

      donnachadonnachaAylar önce
    • @donnacha Go Cry to your momma about Messi and Barcelona ass getting whooped by BAYERN 2 days ago 😂

      Car nutCar nutAylar önce
    • disrespecting the greatest of all time who dragged you to the quarters by himself, he should leave, but on his own terms not be forced out this club owes so much to him he’s scored hundreds and hundreds of goals for Barca, 10 percent of all Barcelona goals ever have been scored by messi, that’s over 100 years of goals and thousands of players and he’s managed to get ten percent of them by himself, just for disrespectful pricks like you to piss on his legacy, he’s the goat and it’s not a debate. Stfu

      donnachadonnachaAylar önce
  • They needed the Hyperbolic time chamber and mr. popo for this one

    Aaron JamesAaron JamesAylar önce
  • thank´s for video i from Brazil!

    Sergio GilmarSergio GilmarAylar önce
  • They were relaxing their muscles since in a few hours they would be subjected to the greatest pedophile abuse in the history of soccer.

    Fernando VillanuevaFernando VillanuevaAylar önce
  • They didn't know what was going to happen to them😧

    Tisito SaidiTisito SaidiAylar önce
  • This gale will be remembered as the fist-fuckingada

    Moms KashaMoms KashaAylar önce
  • they used to play good when they was poor, but after they get rich they never played like before

    Star movies SwahiliStar movies SwahiliAylar önce
  • Bayerns training was one day later

    Philipp HöraufPhilipp HöraufAylar önce
  • Little do they know...

    DJ CrassusDJ CrassusAylar önce
  • I heard Alaba also get a bonus for his goal

    Jowey trexJowey trexAylar önce
  • So funny watching the pre match comments talking about Barcelona and stuff like "if Suarez and Griezmann turn up and take off pressure" like bruv pipe down, you've lost 2-8

    col. yabhjdcol. yabhjdAylar önce
  • hahahahhaaha

    LooocoLooocoAylar önce
  • 8-2🤣🤣🤣

    Ranto JefriRanto JefriAylar önce
  • like the cattle getting ready to be slaughtered

    mikhael gomikhael goAylar önce
  • is this before the rape !!

    Asee LAsee LAylar önce
  • come on guys you can win this game. I believe in you

    Hafed FiguaniHafed FiguaniAylar önce
  • Si supieran k les Iva ir como perros en misa Messi no hubiera salido a jugar

    Hugo voseHugo voseAylar önce
  • top

    everton silva santoseverton silva santosAylar önce
  • Images that precede unfortunate events

    Axdan 8Axdan 8Aylar önce
  • 8-2

    Please SubscribePlease SubscribeAylar önce
  • 😭😭😥😭😢😢😭😢😢😥😭

    Maazin ibnu maasinMaazin ibnu maasinAylar önce
Barcelona Players Train Ahead Of Champions League Quarter-Final Clash With Bayern Munich