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Catherine Merridale, Ivan’s War, Life and Death in the Red Army, 1939-1945
Max Hastings, Inferno: The World at War, 1939-1945
Great Battles of World War II - Dr. Chris Mann
The Historical Atlast of World War II - Alexander Swanston & Malcolm Swanston




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    • M M

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    • Hey I know you might not be checking comments on old videos but what mic tripod is that? I need one

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    • Dude your pronunciation is terrible, do some research on how to pronounce luftwaffe, Zukov, etc...

      Pablo de SilvestroPablo de Silvestro4 aylar önce
    • @Papa Stalin спасибо товарищ

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    • На Берлин!))

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  • Terrible video. Zero animation. It looks like it was made by a 12yr old for 8yr olds

    Antonio GomesAntonio Gomes35 dakika önce
  • my wife was a sniper there for the wehrmacht. she wasn't a keen nazi but went along with it to try and persue her dream of being a sniper. she is still alive

    baisteescruncherbaisteescruncherGün önce
  • Congrats on 1 million subs

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  • 7:42 "the enemy at the gates" Stalingrad fountain.

    zoinks boomzoinks boom4 gün önce
  • 1:50 Well, I once read an account that Stalin actually did try to flee from Moscow. I love USSR btw. He forced the others to fight till their death. Donno if it’s true

    Niranjan RNiranjan R4 gün önce
  • Why is there soviet propoganda behind you?

    picklickwickpicklickwick5 gün önce
  • This is so different than newer video

    Jose RomeroJose Romero6 gün önce
  • wait people actually watch these videos for fun? im here for hw

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  • They should've left the Caucus and let Rommel go to Stalingrad

    Cooking With Chef LucCooking With Chef Luc9 gün önce
  • When ever I watch a video about Wehrmacht vs Red Army, I think of a HUGE Black Monster going up against a Red giant :P

    Slick xDSlick xD12 gün önce
  • Russian army have alot of knowledge of surviving surroundings even without supplies if there is emergency.

    You want My name?You want My name?13 gün önce
  • Gosh the audio on this channel is always nonexistent. I’m playing this on a speaker and i can barely hear

    SepticgunsSepticguns15 gün önce
  • 1:35 thats a lie, german tanks were mostly regular fuel tanks, the russians were diesel

    updaonupdaon20 gün önce
  • Do the battle of Kursk!!!!!

    Alex FangAlex Fang22 gün önce
  • 4:10 in the end it was russians who settled in germany

    Oliver StykOliver StykAylar önce
  • Operation - UR Anus!

    Фелипе КалдеронФелипе КалдеронAylar önce
  • Rommel and Paulus were the most honorable German generals.

    ubiozmiecubiozmiecAylar önce
  • Hitler was a hack

    This is Laflare TvThis is Laflare TvAylar önce
  • RIP to the 27 million soviets that gave their all fighting the Nazis

    Muniz SimsMuniz SimsAylar önce
  • This man recording in his school

    Mr. BiscuitMr. BiscuitAylar önce
  • My great grandfather died in that battle as a medical officer of the german army. (I don't know exactly how, I think his ambulance car drove over a mine)

    Moritz ReinhardMoritz ReinhardAylar önce
  • General Paulus wanted to break out! He knew that if they stay there it will be disastrous. He begged(!) the army command to be able to to that. He was NOT afraid to break out, he just subordinates to the (bad) orders!

    Tobias GöbkeTobias GöbkeAylar önce
    • He should have died as an honorable soldier, just as the defenders of Berlin did.

      Jon PitJon Pit25 gün önce
  • I love history

    BIGBURRITO1127BIGBURRITO1127Aylar önce
  • The author forgot to mention that at the beginning of the Stalingrad battle, the German 6th army had 250 thousand people. And in two Soviet armies in the city - 50 thousand each. The Russian army were much smaller in number than the German one, as is the division. The battle of Stalingrad is called the confrontation of the fronts 500km long near Stalingrad, and the number of people in these fronts is called. But there were much fewer people in the city itself. There weren't millions. This is a small city, it is impossible to accommodate so many people there. The Russians held the city in a minority. And they managed to realize the numerical advantage to encircle the enemy at the second stage. Pure strategic victory. Although if listen to the Germans - they killed more Russians than there were. And definitely won. Well almost. As for the dead prisoners, this is a tragedy. Nobody wanted that. The fighting destroyed all roads in the vicinity, and supplies were destroyed. There was no transport to send 100 thousand people at once to the rear. The condition of the prisoners was catastrophic. I will not describe this shame here, read memoirs, to which the vaunted German discipline and order descended.

    Александр РощектаевАлександр РощектаевAylar önce
  • Stupid nazis winters for Russians

    CEO Of AutismCEO Of AutismAylar önce
  • German army attacks stalingrad Geman army: why do I hear boss music?

    FinJproductionsFinJproductions2 aylar önce
  • Video starts at 1:21

    ანდრეი ველასჰოანდრეი ველასჰო2 aylar önce
  • You just make $$$ there’s always so many ads on your videos, 2 after another as well

    Leo BLeo B2 aylar önce
  • My grandfather was fighting there in Stalingrad light infantry lost all the finger on his hands and legs due to froze bite. He was part of Soviet Army.

    Alisher RasulzodaAlisher Rasulzoda2 aylar önce
  • Excellent presentation of history, facts, BUT -- you've really must bring in consultants to review your pronunciation of German and Russian names and words. Your mangling of German and Russian is difficult to bear, and detracts from the authenticity/accuracy of your history. Wouldn't hurt to have an English language editor review your regular script copy as well. Although I must admit, you got SIGH-KNOW Japanese War right. But please fix this in future videos

    William FongWilliam Fong2 aylar önce
  • Russia was a different type of animal Germany could not defeat

    liz Ramirezliz Ramirez2 aylar önce
  • 6:32 ping 999

    Alex TushaAlex Tusha2 aylar önce
  • "Before I tell you about one of the bloodiest battles ever fought, let me tell you about Skillshare!"

    Jordan FuifuiJordan Fuifui3 aylar önce
  • 8:07 im sorry but operation uranus LMFAO

    DS4V17-LAU Cheuk Lap Edgar [s]DS4V17-LAU Cheuk Lap Edgar [s]3 aylar önce
  • Why did they attacked the city? That was the absolute opposite of blitzkrieg.

    Martin MiznerMartin Mizner3 aylar önce
  • 6:32 at this point the British were like: *"you wanna fight with air, I'll fight with air"*

    frst.frst.3 aylar önce
  • One of the best cod missions ever was taking the hill in stalingrad

    james carrolljames carroll3 aylar önce
  • Everybody is a gangsta until winter starts speaking Russian

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  • 7:38 there’s a sniper playing dead inside that fountain

    SleepLessSleepLess3 aylar önce
    • World at War reference... also don't forget about Dimitri, he was there too

      Canalu' lu' DorelCanalu' lu' DorelAylar önce
  • Dr. Donald has compelling intelligence implicating Russia.

    Steve 059Steve 0593 aylar önce
  • Germany had a great defeat before Stalingrad. The Battle of Moscow was a total defeat for Germany.

    Daniel TadrosDaniel Tadros3 aylar önce
  • My great grandfather died in stalingard

    sujan opsujan op3 aylar önce
  • The Russian military is so freaking badass.

    Taylor JenkinsTaylor Jenkins3 aylar önce
  • Armchair Historian: Its like we're official with Skillshare, an American... Stalin loved armchair historian, who just branded himself American. This action angered stalin, who punished him severly

    Sumedh ShahSumedh Shah3 aylar önce
  • How dare you pronounce names, places in an english accent? Shuikov? Who the hell is he supposed to be? At least try to pronounce the name in his mothertongue: zukhov

    Jason SmithJason Smith4 aylar önce
    • Anton Dragon?? Is he supposed to be an american spy? Why do the high quality videos have such a butchering of languages?

      Jason SmithJason Smith4 aylar önce
  • People just

    Reginald FosterReginald Foster4 aylar önce
  • It's funny when they talk about harsh Russian winters when, in fact, areas around Moscow\Stalingrad aren't known here in Russia for being harsh at all. Relatively mild winters tbh. Quite far away from Siberia. Napoleon bitched about losing due to harsh Russian winter, but it was actually just -12C in that month. Compare to Siberia's -40C/-50C being the norm.

    KonstantinGeistKonstantinGeist4 aylar önce
  • excellent russian documentary series Soviet Storm, in english

    hoodvaavdoohhoodvaavdooh4 aylar önce
  • Mate, thanks for the video, and I am glad to see that TIK's videos for research purposes, which leads me to my next point/question, how the heck did you figure out that Germans "were halted near Moscow due to extreme weather conditions"? So, let me get this straight, the "extreme weather conditions" was the only/the most important factor that lead to German defeat at Moscow in 1941? Oh and btw, the Stalingrad battle started mid July, not late August, as you are suggesting. I believe TIK also mentions that in his videos as well, apart from the "winter argument"

    Artem AlexandrovichArtem Alexandrovich4 aylar önce
  • Von stroheim will be remembered

    Juan zecaida JrJuan zecaida Jr4 aylar önce
  • My grandfather was born before the war

    Petra GonzalezPetra Gonzalez4 aylar önce
  • Why Germany need caucasses??

    Skwizzz BSkwizzz B4 aylar önce
    • Oil

      The Endor VeteranThe Endor Veteran3 aylar önce
  • The Nazis were stopped by the end of November 1941. The frost began in December.

    антон скорняковантон скорняков4 aylar önce
  • dodnes neexistuje žiadna odpoveď ako prežil bombardovanie a 30 atentátov niekomu stačí ná atentát jeden pokus

    Pacaj AlbertPacaj Albert4 aylar önce
  • мне бь хотелось слушать ету историю на русском язике от руского, чий дед воевал у Волги в 1942 году ...

    hrpankov hrpankovhrpankov hrpankov4 aylar önce
  • You have 800k subs

    F 15 EF 15 E4 aylar önce
  • It’s sounds like the Russians are holding you at gunpoint to make this video

    Mr LimeMr Lime4 aylar önce
  • What happens to your background looks like you where moved to a Russian gulag in Siberia

    Mr LimeMr Lime4 aylar önce
  • communists are way worse than nazis but shhh, writers write history

    samy Nacheuriesamy Nacheurie5 aylar önce
  • Griffin is cool. I love watching his videos

    Timothy TaylorTimothy Taylor5 aylar önce
  • Anyone know where i can find the Music towards the end ?

    a barahmeha barahmeh5 aylar önce
  • A channel named "The Armchair Historian" (awesome name, btw), but you're not in an armchair... ;-)

    Damien DimitriDamien Dimitri5 aylar önce
  • I’m Romainian and im happen when i hear my country name

    Playagame #Playagame #5 aylar önce
  • Japan did not attack because they got absolutely destroyed by the Red Army in 1939. and not only fear of the Red Army but attacking USA while fighting in China and having their own oil and supply lines crisis ensured Japanese will stay out of that theater.

    Mandalorian CrusaderMandalorian Crusader5 aylar önce
  • My Granduncle died there He was Hauptmann in the SS (And yes He was a Na*i and My Family isnt very proud of him)

    Akram GimminiAkram Gimmini5 aylar önce
    • @I like history and things like that "I like sucking and things like that"

      samy Nacheuriesamy Nacheurie4 aylar önce
    • @I like history and things like that smd

      samy Nacheuriesamy Nacheurie4 aylar önce
    • he can be pround, he stand against stalin hordes

      samy Nacheuriesamy Nacheurie5 aylar önce
    • my grandgrandgrandma died by a bomb in ww2 she was russian :/

      PeanutPeanut5 aylar önce
  • Germans had no business at Stalingrad. They needed oil but didn't go for it. How stupid is that?

    James12345 JamesJames12345 James5 aylar önce
    • @James12345 James the Volga was very good for transporting the oil, and the city was close to the caucuses, if the Germans left it, the soviets could of used it to stage counter attacks.

      The Endor VeteranThe Endor Veteran3 aylar önce
    • @Peanut my opinion the city had nothing, Volga is just water. They needed oil but didn't go for it. When they decided to go was too late.

      James12345 JamesJames12345 James5 aylar önce
    • the city had stalin’s name it would be a huge moral blow, and would be a very important city cuz it had acces to the volga

      PeanutPeanut5 aylar önce
  • Why does hitler in thumbnail looks like hes 20

    LeaderLeader5 aylar önce
  • Never leave your flanks to the Romanians

    Roberta GoddardRoberta Goddard5 aylar önce
    • leave em to the uhhh, to the italians uhhh no, the germans uhh no theres no troops

      PeanutPeanut5 aylar önce
  • Rokossovski was Polish?!

    MisiuloMisiulo5 aylar önce
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