BEN GOES THROUGH MY PHONE!! (terrible idea)

Thank you guys for watching! I was actually so nervous, I can't believe I let him do this. Don't forget to give this video a LIKE and make sure to SUBSCRIBE! Love you guys!
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  • When he said who are these babies I was like taydum and Oakley (I was right)

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  • Alexa I thought it was Lexi

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  • BEXI

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  • Like when you went to his phone

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  • "How to get a boy to stop talking to you" I'm dead 😂😂😂😂😂

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  • It it's love

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  • ben farted at the cheses cake restrant when lexa went to the restroom

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  • These videos are so funny!!🤣😆

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  • I laughed sooooooo hard I peed my pance

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  • This was the funniest video ever Plz do a part 2

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  • Are you not talking to me he has a crush on you Lexi you are girl fro him and he. The guy for you

    Madison RutlandMadison Rutland15 saatler önce
  • You should tell him back right now!

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  • Ben has a crush on you not Kidding he does really is is not a lie I saw his video and it said my crush is going through my phone 📱 ohh he likes you you should date. Him now!

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  • you forgot to put a line on the guy from the DMs on the bottom of the screen, shout-out to @yusufdyse

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  • This is shit

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  • Unlike if it’s Brent Ben comment Lexi like

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  • Who has more info on there phone Ben,Lexi,brent

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  • Me

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  • Lexi spi on brent and ava

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  • swap phones for a week

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  • Lexie’s laugh tho

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  • I’m dying after the ”uncontrollable fart syndrome”

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  • Lexi is very beautiful

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  • Hi! I love your videos! You guys are so cool!

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  • Uncontrollable fart syndrome hahahahaha 😂 I

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  • Her laugh is so cute

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  • Which ship do you like better? Lexi and Ben: Len Eva and Brent: Breva

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  • pause the video and click this 2:21 they don't hide things safely

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  • Hold the fukk up so brents sister has 1,6 mill subs😲🤯🤯

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  • U should go through bens phone

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  • Ben:”These are your kids,You have Children Me:Laughing so Hard😂

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  • Are you dating or no

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  • Why is lexi yelling

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  • Ship name lexbe

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  • Are y’all dating?????????

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  • i'm worried about HIM going through ur phone!!!!

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  • You have 290 something messages I can’t go with one that hasn’t been answered

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  • 4:03 you can see the name🤫🤫

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  • 1:01 your laughs

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  • I TᕼOᑌGᕼT ᔕᕼE ᔕᗩIᗪ "ᕼE'ᔕ ᗷEEᑎ ᗷᗩᑎGIᑎG ᗰE TO ᗪO TᕼIᔕ ᐯIᗪEO "

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  • I love ur vids Xxx*

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  • I love it goes Xxx

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  • her laugh tho

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  • I love this vid good idea lexi

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  • 2:42 Ben: Oooohhhh, I know dis babies!

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  • Hi I love you

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  • Lexi i love your brother as a boy friend Brent

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  • I subscribed

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  • 3.12 i literally peed a little in my pants 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Now I don't really feel bad about all the similar selfies and pictures that I have on my phone

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  • Liex be careful Ben likes the other liex

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  • You’re so funny and lexi you are sooooooooooooo pretty

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  • 3:0

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  • This was published on my birthday😊❤️

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  • I would not let my boyfriend go threw my phone by aalayia

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  • I sing with you

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  • Brent was talking to Lexi

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  • Cool🦊

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  • Cool

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  • You don't play pubg 😠

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  • Comment for Lexi and Ben Like for Lexi and Caleb

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  • Love Ben

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  • Poolkoop

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  • At 3:45 we can actually see the guy’s username down 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

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  • *hey guy*

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  • Lexi you and Ben are perfect for each other your both really gross and autistic and your both ugly

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  • omg those babies are all big now time flies

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  • lexi u should prank ben and tell him that u want to brake up with him!! its going to be so funny to see his reaction!

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  • Can you show us Ben's brother in one of your videos please 😦😦😦😦😦

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  • Hey guys you are my friends I'm your fan love you guys as a fan

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    • I'm so sorry for your lost that bte died

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  • I almost spit out my chocolate on my dad when Lexy said the farther thing

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  • omg Lexy I'm soooooo sorry for you girl😢 I hope you delete the photos Ben saw

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  • bennnnaaaaa lmao i love the way she says ben's name

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  • Not quite Caleb yet...

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  • Oh and sophie dossi

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  • I subscribed to you,Ben,Brent,eva and another girl called piper

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  • Well... Ben really found some interesting stuff...

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  • Lexi should go through bens phone

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  • Hid

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  • I don’t know if I should laugh or vomit

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  • Lexi just say NOPE to that guy

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  • Lexis laugh is really special

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  • 2:16 is Lexi drunk lol

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  • Can u give us an update on what that guy said when Ben dm him back pls

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  • Your laugh is so cute Lexi

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  • Ben don’t breaK with Lexi

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  • Hahaha haaaaa

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  • my mom will not let me do that

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  • my name is erica

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  • Lexi make a video that you go to brent phone and wen the video is't done make a video that brent gos to yous phone plz plz plz plz plz pl😍😍

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  • Sometimes the camera is blurry for some reason??

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  • duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh clickbait

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  • Lexi:Are you looking for anything pasific Ben: Oh yes!!! Ben's head: HER NUDES (ik ben is not a pervert it's just to be funny)

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  • Your cute

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  • Watch her go somewhere and all the guys ignore her

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BEN GOES THROUGH MY PHONE!! (terrible idea)