BEST DUO EVER!! *Pro Fortnite Player* // 2,500 Wins (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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  • ranger’s great

    casscass2 aylar önce
  • goated on the keys

    Annette CobbAnnette Cobb7 aylar önce
  • Who watched the whole thing

    Nikola RadulovNikola Radulov8 aylar önce
  • Hi

    Tiffany AndersonTiffany Anderson8 aylar önce
  • Hi

    Tehyah HahnTehyah Hahn8 aylar önce
  • Ranger > Exoph

    MickiMouseDKMickiMouseDK8 aylar önce
  • Nobody literally nobody Typical gamer:there weird

    NotBufferYTNotBufferYT8 aylar önce
  • You are doing good hhdhf ffh nnnf

    Mohamad ASHARMohamad ASHAR8 aylar önce
  • When you wanna stream fortnite but don't got a new update for the game

    MaDixie NormusMaDixie Normus8 aylar önce
  • I don’t like the bravo leader

    Logan WengerLogan Wenger8 aylar önce
  • Keep The Awesome Vids Coming👌🏻

    JerseyJersey8 aylar önce
  • The toxicity on the title!?

    Gerle HGerle H8 aylar önce
  • Hi

    Macaulay MeeneyMacaulay Meeney8 aylar önce
  • Ranger is a terrible teammate

    Cody CorumCody Corum8 aylar önce
    • No he is not

      Zexo FNZexo FN8 aylar önce
  • Ranger gets destroyed** “hE’s oN cOnTrOlLeR” Moral of the story.. Ranger is a bot

    Cody CorumCody Corum8 aylar önce
  • love you vids man keep doin what your doin

    mario carothersmario carothers8 aylar önce
  • i might be late on this but im really a hudge fan and yeah you should play with samara, avery, and expho

    mario carothersmario carothers8 aylar önce
  • You need to play gta

    Bradie ClaypoolBradie Claypool8 aylar önce
  • Typical gamer do you have the Bigfoot skin

    J MJ M8 aylar önce
    • Of course he does he has ever skin in the game man

      Jack BurtonJack Burton8 aylar önce
  • I miss playing Fortnite My Gf Said It was The Game or Her and I had to Pick Her Bc u Know She Dumb Thick Sorry Fortnite:(

    GogetaGogeta8 aylar önce
  • *I love u th*

    vex kalebvex kaleb8 aylar önce
  • what's up

    Carmen RiveraCarmen Rivera8 aylar önce
  • My birthday is on sept.21😀🖐🏻

    Casey AllenCasey Allen8 aylar önce
  • Hi TG I got one of your backpacks a few days ago and I love it

    cody Kuefnercody Kuefner8 aylar önce
  • Still playing cancer I see.

    Peanut MulePeanut Mule8 aylar önce
    • Let him do what he wants

      Shredded CheeseShredded Cheese8 aylar önce
  • 1:31:13 thats my friend daddyhanxy with the bulleyes and black knight shield

    konekone8 aylar önce
  • I like the waypoint with the gas mask and blue outfit

    Trey PhillipsTrey Phillips8 aylar önce
  • you a magnet

    Chancellor HoltChancellor Holt8 aylar önce
  • *Oof*

    LewisDoesYTLewisDoesYT8 aylar önce
  • Is it just me, or am I the only one who enjoys watching TG grind?

    Evan WallestadEvan Wallestad8 aylar önce
  • Man of medan. PERIODT

    Gabby HuddlestonGabby Huddleston8 aylar önce
  • hey tg what server do you play on fortnite

    HeroxyHeroxy8 aylar önce
    • west

      Brayden HenryBrayden Henry8 aylar önce
    • Y?

      cmm200117 Gamercmm200117 Gamer8 aylar önce

      HeroxyHeroxy8 aylar önce
    • NA-West

      DYN FNDYN FN8 aylar önce
  • We need men of Medan in our life

    Exoticbutters4LExoticbutters4L8 aylar önce
  • Nba

    Dusk Brocky50Dusk Brocky508 aylar önce
  • Nba

    Dusk Brocky50Dusk Brocky508 aylar önce
  • Wheres gta sa?

    FuZe EckoFuZe Ecko8 aylar önce
  • Were is man of madan and nba2k20 like if agree so I can get to the top and Andre can see this also comment 2k20 and man of madan

    Dusk Brocky50Dusk Brocky508 aylar önce
    • Dusk Brocky50 I guess we will never know for man of Medan

      Exoticbutters4LExoticbutters4L8 aylar önce
  • I hate to be doubtful but I think he is lying about “OVER 2,500 WINS

    Jamie MooreJamie Moore8 aylar önce
    • The player with the most wins has over 10,000 stfu

      Out her SpaceOut her Space8 aylar önce
    • I added I’m Daquan are Xbox?

      Connie EdwardsConnie Edwards8 aylar önce
    • Yeah

      Tyler BachandTyler Bachand8 aylar önce
    • Wat is that your gamer tag

      Connie EdwardsConnie Edwards8 aylar önce
    • @Connie Edwards mine is Fearfuljoker871

      Tyler BachandTyler Bachand8 aylar önce
  • bring back dying light

    Elyse McknightElyse Mcknight8 aylar önce
    • He finished that game along time ago

      Corey FreemanCorey Freeman8 aylar önce
  • yo

    elena kauoneelena kauone8 aylar önce
  • I have 2.6k wins on solos alone, check my stats out. For proof, go to my instagram and click on the glitched thumbnail, if you want me to verify my account just message me and I will say Im from youtube

    HeBan YarbroughHeBan Yarbrough8 aylar önce
  • Qi

    vGreenAddict -vGreenAddict -8 aylar önce
  • We want big brain E

    Purple MoonPurple Moon8 aylar önce
  • Why do you stream fortnite every time a skin comes out just stream the tournaments

    JaydenJayden8 aylar önce
  • Play with exoph and Avery

    Edgar PortilloEdgar Portillo8 aylar önce
    • Edgar Portillo no

      sonam alisonam ali8 aylar önce
  • play more minecraft

    Nickbravo 99Nickbravo 998 aylar önce
  • where does Exoph stream??

    Ethan BloomfieldEthan Bloomfield8 aylar önce
    • @Velocity Carter ty, for some reason it was twitch

      Ethan BloomfieldEthan Bloomfield8 aylar önce
    • TRvision just search up exoph

      Velocity CarterVelocity Carter8 aylar önce
  • woo

    gunnar baldwingunnar baldwin8 aylar önce
  • This Games sucks stop playing it

    Eric StoneEric Stone8 aylar önce
    • You mean you suck at it

      Shun SlomamShun Slomam8 aylar önce
  • play 2k 20

    Maat FamilyMaat Family8 aylar önce
  • Subscribe

    kim lilkim lil8 aylar önce
  • Subscribe

    kim lilkim lil8 aylar önce
  • I appreciate the work you put in. Like smashed. thx

    PostposterousPostposterous8 aylar önce

    farhaan mjkfarhaan mjk8 aylar önce
  • Sup TG

    Hunter AndersonHunter Anderson8 aylar önce
  • please sub to me

    AtomixzツAtomixzツ8 aylar önce
  • Typical join faze clan

    lebka Johnsonlebka Johnson8 aylar önce
  • Like typical gamer comment ninja who is better in your opinion

    lebka Johnsonlebka Johnson8 aylar önce
  • Just love your vids 😍😍

    Stingler KarthickStingler Karthick8 aylar önce
  • Dude can you do more borderlands 3 vids

    Stingler KarthickStingler Karthick8 aylar önce
  • Thanks for the content homie!!

    Divi 20Divi 208 aylar önce
  • I copped the skins

    Nathan RavenNathan Raven8 aylar önce
  • Hey TG... where do you live

    JK GamingJK Gaming8 aylar önce
    • JK Gaming he lives in Vancouver British Columbia canada

      Dusk Brocky50Dusk Brocky508 aylar önce
  • Bro in the second game in the beginning you missed a green smg and you had a grey one and you also missed chug splash in the first house you landed

    mf bossmf boss8 aylar önce
  • This stream was hilarious😂 and gd content More streams like this

    OfficialClips 16OfficialClips 168 aylar önce
    • Wanna get lots of *ᴠ-ʙᴜᴄᴋꜱ* in the game quickly? de You just *view video method* in *myChannel*

      Free.VBucks VisitMyChannelFree.VBucks VisitMyChannel8 aylar önce
  • The best squad with pyro exoph and Jacob?

    Ade AlliAde Alli8 aylar önce
    • andre ranger avery and exoph is dream team lol if not avery samara is a good human sheild

      Dylan WarnerDylan Warner8 aylar önce
  • Wheres the start?

    Richard LovelaceRichard Lovelace8 aylar önce
  • 34 comments damm. TG u going Down hill

    AJAJ8 aylar önce
  • Tg I have a challenge for you can u 200 kills in creative

    S-ClassS-Class8 aylar önce
  • Always play with exoph he literally makes the stream almost better not saying that it’s not good with just tg

    Bra DeBra De8 aylar önce
BEST DUO EVER!! *Pro Fortnite Player* // 2,500 Wins (Fortnite Battle Royale)