Best Electric Mouse Trap/Homemade Electric Mousetrap Work With Battery 12V/Mouse Reject


  • Why are you covering up the action? wasted my time...💯

    Peach JacksonPeach Jackson2 aylar önce
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    Artem MulenkoArtem Mulenko3 aylar önce
  • nice

    kn mkn m4 aylar önce
  • i want see dancing mouse

    SM ASM A4 aylar önce
  • The video would be good, if I did not put those annoying patches that make it difficult for us to see what happens inside

    Pedro ReboredoPedro Reboredo4 aylar önce
  • Water laugh more

    خيآلخيآل5 aylar önce
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    David CifuentesDavid Cifuentes5 aylar önce
  • I love this trap, make more bigger and stronger

    Erfan Wahyu UtomoErfan Wahyu Utomo5 aylar önce
  • whats with the yellow circle what a fucking dick cock sucker.

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  • Welcome to seeking death....season 3

    Super RobotSuper Robot5 aylar önce
  • Best traps

    احمد احمداحمد احمد5 aylar önce
  • Ingenious!

    MireilleMireille5 aylar önce
  • Es Micah Bell:0

    Iran PonceIran Ponce5 aylar önce
  • You need more amperage. This is a horrible method. Imagine yourself sitting in a bath tub with just enough current flowing to stun and burn you from the inside out! Your neuro transmitters would be going crazy and the pain response would be unreal all the while your unable to do anything about it. Please , all of you do it yourselfers stop using technology designed to kill insects! This is an inhumane method that isn't necessary. If your gonna use electric traps, take note of the Rat Zapper. Clean and quick. That's what humane is.

    Mike Sobieniak JrMike Sobieniak Jr5 aylar önce
  • Why are u touching them so much🤢

    Yessy ValdezYessy Valdez6 aylar önce
  • World’s dumbest censor

    Andrew BurnsAndrew Burns6 aylar önce
  • eso es tortura chin0 put0

    zadkiel009zadkiel0096 aylar önce
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    Уникальный channelУникальный channel6 aylar önce
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    Уникальный channelУникальный channel6 aylar önce
  • I pray for this channel's owner's whole family to suffer a much worse and painful end than the rodents he has tortured.

    KL CassidyKL Cassidy6 aylar önce
    • You are so sweet and kind human being.

      Factorum MonterreyFactorum Monterrey5 aylar önce
    • soy boy

      knotsandcrosses1knotsandcrosses15 aylar önce
  • great but mmm porque la censura ? ._.

    Shaher JusoShaher Juso6 aylar önce
  • What kind of fly swatter racket is that?

    SpearChuck777SpearChuck7776 aylar önce
  • Seen large animals being killed on TRvision why the hell are you hiding the end of some rats?

    Lee AbrahamLee Abraham6 aylar önce
  • Barbaric.

    Darren CadyDarren Cady6 aylar önce
  • That literally sickens me😡😡!!

    Elijah HowertonElijah Howerton6 aylar önce
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    Ángel AUBDÁngel AUBD6 aylar önce
  • This trap is not good. The mouse surfer hard b4 dying. Not fair

    JohnJohn6 aylar önce
  • No animals were harmed in the making of this film. ;)

    Steve ASteve A6 aylar önce
  • Dance you fuckers, *_DANCE!_* .

    BodragonBodragon6 aylar önce
  • Lol, the first rat tried to use instinct but it was too late, indeed it was a fighter...

    Tango Digital SystemsTango Digital Systems6 aylar önce
  • you fuck animals murderers, they must do the same with you

    Ronny VerachtertRonny Verachtert6 aylar önce
  • :-D electric rock´n´roll

    Václav KostkaVáclav Kostka6 aylar önce
  • LOL: rodent hip-hop!! Well, at least they’re getting a “charge “ out of life.

    Douglas KelbanDouglas Kelban6 aylar önce
    • LMAO!!!!

      FreightDawgFreightDawg5 aylar önce
  • very cruel the animal suffer a lot not instant kill...

    CulichorHimselfCulichorHimself6 aylar önce
  • I don’t support killing animals.

    Allen SmithAllen Smith6 aylar önce
  • this channel is copying your videos

    Banda Corazón SinaloenseBanda Corazón Sinaloense6 aylar önce
  • wtf, why did you censor it. we love watching the mouse suffer.

    Laboratory DepartmentLaboratory Department6 aylar önce
  • Very cruel, mice are in agony for several minutes, a good trap should kill the mouse quickly with little pain or suffering - poor mice

    Adorecream 1976Adorecream 19766 aylar önce
  • Logo擋三小

    高進高進6 aylar önce
  • We come here to see the rats get zapped. If you cover it up, then there's no reason to watch.

    sabretech2001sabretech20016 aylar önce
  • The dinner is ready.

    Arianne LositzkyArianne Lositzky6 aylar önce
  • I feel like electricity should be stronger the first rat seem like a kind of suffered need to make that shit stronger so I could be an instant death.

    G_4 sonic1234G_4 sonic12346 aylar önce
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  • Those are rats, not mice

    Pez2013Pez20136 aylar önce
  • Imagine those rat/mouse censor icons having weepy eyes, like 😭. 😏

    GDSpectraGDSpectra6 aylar önce
  • So you spent 10 hours of your life to torture animals ? for another 10 hours of your fun.

    Stone CatssStone Catss6 aylar önce
  • Can I use 110 volts

    MikeMike6 aylar önce
  • 12 volts is not very much. But a mouse is so small. I suppose it could give it a heart attack. 3 blind and dead mice.

    Dan WorthingtonDan Worthington6 aylar önce
  • No blood and nothing and yet you censored it.

    ConfuserM22ConfuserM226 aylar önce
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    • Правильно делает. А обзывать не надо человека .Грызунов много развелось надо госить их

      АлексейАлексей6 aylar önce
  • Slow death, seems a little cruel.

    Marc LoisMarc Lois6 aylar önce
  • should make one hooked up with 4 12v batterys, just fucking fry the mouse

    JesseJesse6 aylar önce
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  • You should make a website for uncencored version

    Noke Dwi A. S.Noke Dwi A. S.6 aylar önce
  • Nice trap

    Rubèn De la cruzRubèn De la cruz6 aylar önce
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  • R.I.P. Rat In Peace

    Aldo Sebastián  NuñezAldo Sebastián Nuñez6 aylar önce
  • Fraud!At 12:33, he pulls the trap, and there is a 230V red wire behind the wall.

    Törjék GyulaTörjék Gyula6 aylar önce
Best Electric Mouse Trap/Homemade Electric Mousetrap Work With Battery 12V/Mouse Reject