BEST Las Vegas BUFFET! Wicked Spoon VS Bacchanal BEST VALUE All You Can Eat

I'm back in Las Vegas after many years, and when in Vegas, I have to eat at the buffets. But this time I'm comparing two different buffets to see what place gives the best value. So here's my comparison on Wicked Spoon vs. Bacchanal buffet in Las Vegas.
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✧ Wicked Spoon
✧ Bacchanal Buffet
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  • What's your favorite buffet in Vegas?

    Strictly DumplingStrictly Dumpling8 aylar önce
    • After seeing this i deeply fallen in love with Indian buffet ❤️❤️

      Santanu RoySantanu RoyAylar önce
    • Bacchanal is definitely my favorite.

      Alex N.Alex N.2 aylar önce
    • Rio Hotel buffet!

      Rhoda LindsayRhoda Lindsay3 aylar önce
    • Circus Circus...….. just kidding.

      casinosnoopycasinosnoopy3 aylar önce
    • I ate at Caesars Monday- Jan 20. 2020 excellent.

      Gerold At LargeGerold At Large4 aylar önce

    Virginia ZhangVirginia Zhang3 gün önce
  • There’s no better buffets than the ones in Vegas lol

    tubagoo domtubagoo dom7 gün önce
  • I love bone marrow. There is a dish in India that the Muslims usually make called “Nalli Nihari”. Don’t know if u have tasted that but it’s a bone marrow curry. Dip that with bread and that’s heaven

    Shannon DiasShannon Dias7 gün önce
  • Only Mike plays a love song to food. LOL!

    Kenneth WuKenneth Wu15 gün önce
  • i always see your videos but never understood what you do to afford traveling

    Ignacio LopezIgnacio Lopez16 gün önce
  • Dude... Someone give this guy some fricken BONE MARROW!!!!!!!!

    Anthony is gamingAnthony is gaming18 gün önce
  • *cries in quarantine*

    kuriakose jimkuriakose jim18 gün önce

    michael Lampkinmichael Lampkin22 gün önce
  • Heard they had some greate deep friend kidneys here

    St.EveNMichael MADaraSt.EveNMichael MADara24 gün önce
  • Does anyone skip the first 2 min of the video to go to see the food?

    anubhav kumaranubhav kumar24 gün önce
  • Every year it's a las Vegas luncheon

    Kei KeyKei Key26 gün önce
  • I love how the music is always live songs for the foods. Lol

    kmaylone810kmaylone810Aylar önce
  • I have NEVER had bone marrow before. After watching your videos, I have to try it now. lol I bet you;ll have some at your resturant right?

    Jason KingslandJason KingslandAylar önce
  • Bread pudding is one of my faves, especially with vanilla ice cream.The matcha cake looks good too!

    Jason KingslandJason KingslandAylar önce
  • I have never Tried seafoof in a buffet im to scarred of getting sick

    LausLausAylar önce
  • Mike is a light eater as soon as it gets light he starts eating lol 😂

    ted.s. ptakted.s. ptakAylar önce
  • How come you are not a fatty??

    timothy wigmoretimothy wigmoreAylar önce
  • The Baccinal Buffet is awesome.Especially with the $8 for unlimited mimosas. I've blacked out on that, according to my friends.

    Joshua ThompsonJoshua ThompsonAylar önce
  • I don't know if you have ever been to Atlantic City or not but the best buffet that I have ever had was at Harrah's. The buffet is huuuuuge!!!!!!

    Rachel DietrichRachel DietrichAylar önce
  • Hay Mike , rule of a buffet ..... Leave pasta till the end 😉. Hit the great stuff first .

    Deb Yorkshire lassDeb Yorkshire lassAylar önce
  • back anal lololol

    Benny WongBenny WongAylar önce
  • The bone marrow looks I'm not sure if I could do that.

    MarkMarkAylar önce
  • That brisket at the Bacchanal legit made my mouth water.

    zackvanhalenzackvanhalen2 aylar önce
  • So is this his full time job?

    Stonie FoxStonie Fox2 aylar önce
  • Shite music,just cheapens the show

    David MaccormackDavid Maccormack2 aylar önce
  • Intro song ??

    Ace versesAce verses2 aylar önce
  • I love watching him

    fun and interesting personfun and interesting person2 aylar önce
  • I know you go for the food but do you ever hit the casino’s. I’ve never heard you say anything about it.

    tj meadowstj meadows2 aylar önce
  • I’ll kill to say that garbage is pho

    Xuan Tung LeXuan Tung Le2 aylar önce
  • Watched another reviewer at the same Buffetts in different videos All he wanted was basic foods like mashed potatoes and meatballs, fried chicken. He skipped out on the exotic or more expensive foods.

    Priya MasonPriya Mason2 aylar önce
  • “So jushy” is what I hear every time

    B HB H2 aylar önce
  • where he hell does this guy put all that food

    Gerald LevanGerald Levan2 aylar önce
  • That guy can eat! Wow that is throwing down some Gerouceries. .

    Donald WayneDonald Wayne2 aylar önce
  • How much are these buffets? Omgoodness I want to go there just to eat, everything looks so good Edit I commented too early... I love noodles and seafood and that marrow looked awesome

    Becky ABecky A2 aylar önce
  • He wanted to say this is nasty as pho even for a buffet😂

    hboogi1hboogi12 aylar önce
  • tried bone marrow once in new hampsture and it was to die for, have not been able to find it anywhere sense

    Rick HarksRick Harks2 aylar önce
  • Dude can pound the food for guy his size. Go bro.

    Robert GoudyRobert Goudy2 aylar önce
  • How the hell did he eat all that food! ...hollow legs

    Laura PearsonLaura Pearson2 aylar önce
  • Damn you sure can eat. WOW.

    jermain tamjermain tam2 aylar önce
  • I used to hate Wicked Spoon because I didn't care for Bone Marrow. Now I suddenly love Bone Marrow so I will have to start playing slots at Cosmo again.

    lucabodenlucaboden3 aylar önce
  • How much is it?

    Bradley HiemstraBradley Hiemstra3 aylar önce
  • I don't trust travelling right now and that includes Las Vegas. Coronavirus.

    Troy TroyTroy Troy3 aylar önce
  • All you did was bitch through this whole meal. Total turn off

    Tormented SoulTormented Soul3 aylar önce
  • That original Bacchanal brunch video is how I fell in love with your channel all those years ago.

    jr132jr1323 aylar önce
  • Mike be careful with your eating of bone marrow it can cause your cholesterol to jump to a higher level

    William KingWilliam King3 aylar önce
  • Cesar palace so bad for the price it's really not that good

    MATADOR WMATADOR W3 aylar önce
  • I eat about 1/3 of yours. Hence, they should charge you 3 times my price. Charge by pound by weighing you before and after (without going to the bathroom or using a weigh before and after the rest room) is fair. All the buffet owners should close the door when they see you coming. LOL. Sorry talking dirty.

    Tony PowTony Pow3 aylar önce
  • When are you and chris tucker making another movie

    Lee MouaLee Moua3 aylar önce
  • BOYS... 'the plan is really simple'

    StamXStamX3 aylar önce
  • So if its tender its not too dry....i see a buffet as chosen piece of meat or side not cuisine restaurant...I get those at star cuisines places and a lot of whine.....

    Minna PiñaMinna Piña3 aylar önce
  • That "short-rib" in Bacchanal actually looked like SHANK. I love stewed shank.

    KimoKimo3 aylar önce
  • 9:30 "this came from from Mexico so don't feel like this is really gonna impress me " WHAT that really hurts ..... ;((

    Krysta BalderasKrysta Balderas3 aylar önce
    • He said, "Just came back from Mexico so i don't think it's going to impress me much".

      signiustalassigniustalas3 aylar önce
  • My favorite was the the Buffet at the Bellagio

    Paul MuzioPaul Muzio3 aylar önce
  • Eating Chinese watching!

    CJ CutterCJ Cutter3 aylar önce
  • So i never had bone marrow can someone explain the taste

    the_ nuggetthe_ nugget3 aylar önce
  • What is the song is the beginning? Im digging it's vibes

    Ant CheaAnt Chea3 aylar önce
  • How are you not overweight LOL OMG literal goals

    Jasmine GravadorJasmine Gravador3 aylar önce
  • Bachannal is totally the best all you can eat place I’ve ever been as well!!!

    Jasmine GravadorJasmine Gravador3 aylar önce
  • Only thing better than bone marrow is between a woman's legs lol lol

    Ben SanchezBen Sanchez3 aylar önce
  • I ALWAYS eat at this buffet when im in vegas. Its definitely my favorite especially for the price.

    Jason SmithJason Smith3 aylar önce
  • I know this his Channel but he cracks me up about him is he says stuff like he was ever a chef great job wicked spoon 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

  • When the Wicked Spoon first opened, it's was $24.99 for dinner, stayed that way for a couple of years, at that price point, it was a no brainer, same food, half the current price. I ate at the Bacchanal on Thanks Giving, it was okay, a few great dishes like the Wagyu, but honestly, if I had paid for it, I wouldn't have been happy. The one thing I will say, Caesars will play the holiday pricing game with the Bacchanal, moving the price well north of $60 for any holiday they can come up with, St Freds day in Bulgaria, yep that's holiday pricing, so if you go, don't be shocked at the price not being the one advertised and be prepared to wait, lines can get very long.

    dave smithdave smith4 aylar önce
  • Crab legs and bone marrow look yummy!

    Mina HaMina Ha4 aylar önce
  • Mike the next time you're in Las Vegas you have to try the A.C.Y.E buffet at the Palms. My husband is one of the sure chefs and it's amazing! Give it a try next time you're here!!!

    Shannon SomersShannon Somers4 aylar önce
  • Can you show the French items next time

    sai manojsai manoj4 aylar önce
  • Dayum dude you really destroyed those buffets. I love it. Get your money's worth. I pack it in pretty well at buffets too. I just stumbled across this video but after watching some of your other experiences I enjoy your channel and subscribed. Looking forward to more food adventures.

    Rich SutterfieldRich Sutterfield4 aylar önce
  • Welp... I'm going to have to settle for some late night Taco Bell.

    cskillet2003cskillet20034 aylar önce
  • How much are each of these Monday thru thurs ?

    Jacob GonzalezJacob Gonzalez4 aylar önce
    • $42 for dinner at the wicked spoon, $46 at the Bacchanal

      dave smithdave smith4 aylar önce
  • Where is the best seafood buffet or a la carte restaurant in Vegas in your experiences?

    Ava YuAva Yu4 aylar önce
BEST Las Vegas BUFFET! Wicked Spoon VS Bacchanal BEST VALUE All You Can Eat