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The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum digs out these motorcycle sirens-MV Agusta’s 500cc GP bike, Honda’s RC161, a Seeley-Kawasaki mash-up, a single-cylinder Matchless G50, and the Britten V1000.
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Videography/Edit: Bert Beltran / SpaceMob Studio
Photography: Matthew Jones
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  • Aircooled boxer, 70s norton, bsa and laverda, nearly all 80s,90s 2 stroke

    GerdGerd22 gün önce
  • that turbine engine, i dont know what it is, but its scary for me.

    iodineclipiodineclipAylar önce
  • Gotta love opinion based stuff, my favourites are big Singles like the KTM SMCR690 or LC4 640

    xGxPhantom ZzzxGxPhantom ZzzAylar önce
  • I had to check to see if this was posted on April 1st, because it has to be a joke.

    Desert MoPhoDesert MoPhoAylar önce
  • Benelli 900 Sei.. that was a monster sound.

    Cyber GastyCyber GastyAylar önce
  • What an amazing and well crafted showcase. Great job on this

    ArtCenterMiataArtCenterMiataAylar önce
  • Any 250cc 4 cyl bike from the 90s

    Cpt SlowCpt SlowAylar önce
  • I love the sound of honda 1960 it sounds so Good 😍

    kenneth cuencakenneth cuencaAylar önce
  • Y2K: "When you love the sound of your vacum cleaner so much, you want to ride it"....

    Roy GodiksenRoy GodiksenAylar önce
    • @Liam Horn I've heard what a actual jet engine sounds like. This is more of a powerful vacum celaner.

      Roy GodiksenRoy GodiksenAylar önce
    • That thing sounded like a damn jet engine taking off

      Liam HornLiam HornAylar önce
  • How can you not have a cross plane R1 on the list of best sounding motorcycles?!

    TheXdmgx7TheXdmgx7Aylar önce
  • Just because it’s rare, doesn’t mean it sounded good

    Faris FahmuddinFaris FahmuddinAylar önce
  • These bikes sound good, but I wouldn't call them best sounding of all time.

    Magellanic SpaceCloudsMagellanic SpaceCloudsAylar önce
  • Britten.... if they'd had an RC166, that might have superseded John's masterpiece.

    Eric WeberEric WeberAylar önce
  • New title: The way these particular bikes sound.

    kc2giwkc2giwAylar önce
  • What this list is garbage. Where is the ducati desmosedici rr, norton nrv588,. honda rc 149, benelli 900 sei, Aprilia rsv4 amazing sounding motorcycle's

    Landon LockauLandon LockauAylar önce
  • Not a single two stroke....

    Julian LovickJulian LovickAylar önce
  • two stroke 500cc hv the best sound

    Bruno clarkBruno clarkAylar önce
  • GIve 'em hell, Chuck!

    Thomas WilliamsThomas WilliamsAylar önce
  • I would like to have the Barber Museum and Motorcyclist make more videos like this! I love all these bikes!

    Craig SCraig SAylar önce
  • This list is... questionable... The Y2K? Really? It’s just a jet engine, nothing particularly special there besides the fact that it’s crammed into a bike. More annoying and headache inducing than anything. Seriously though, no CBX1000? RC166? RSV4? Come on now. Weak list with mostly OK sounding bikes.

    LinearlinkLinearlinkAylar önce
  • The Britten sounded way better before they put those stupid cans on the later models. I saw the open megaphone "bundle of snakes" exhaust racing at Daytona and Charlotte 1991-1992, what a glorious sound, it made the Ducatis sound like mini bikes.

    Steve LowrySteve LowryAylar önce
  • Well that was a waste of time. CBX should have been one of them. And a Yamaha RD or better yet, Kawasaki 2-stroke triple. Lame.

    Matthew MeadMatthew MeadAylar önce
  • So many good ones you missed what a shame...

    Vince TuckerVince TuckerAylar önce
  • Only one bike here, the latest

    anton veselyanton veselyAylar önce
  • Not good enough...

    Anastasios MylonasAnastasios MylonasAylar önce
  • meh.

    PaPa-DPaPa-DAylar önce
  • I'm surprised you didn't include the BMW G310R

    3NITROUT3NITROUTAylar önce
  • My dog is barking at the sound of the Y2K. Dunno if I'd call it a "good sound" simply because, while novel, it also is inducing a headache after a couple minutes.

    King SarathosKing SarathosAylar önce
  • Better be a Duc 748 in there!

    weldingblaster1weldingblaster1Aylar önce
  • So cool to see the Y2K on the track. Would have liked to see wide open whatever the fuck helicopters use.

    focusboyfocusboyAylar önce
  • That MV Agusta was amazing.

    Chris RChris RAylar önce
  • More like best sounding motorcycles until about 2000.

    AristhrottleAristhrottleAylar önce
  • that y2k turbine sound insane. sound like a fighter jet

    sajith vimukthisajith vimukthiAylar önce
  • didn't expect this really the best sound machines even in 2020..yep old is gold..thanks for the video really enjoyed

    sajith vimukthisajith vimukthiAylar önce
  • I don’t like how they moved the comment section

    Patrik MonPatrik MonAylar önce
  • Honda sounded just like every other motogp bike

    The CommunistThe CommunistAylar önce
  • Best was the tourbine one. So peaceful

    The CommunistThe CommunistAylar önce
  • Should have enlisted 19Bozzy92 for audio assistance. The onboard sounds good, but a well-recorded fly-by sounds outrageous.

    JETZcorpJETZcorpAylar önce
  • My Yamaha Yxz 1000r triple sounds better than any of them bikes

    North Wales SXSNorth Wales SXSAylar önce
  • Great video. Can't believe people would shit on this. Obviously everyone will choose different bikes, but y'all picked some really cool ones and posted a clean, well made video with zero fluff. No music, no talking, no dumb interludes, just sweet WOT. The community doesn't deserve you lol

    DirtyYogurtDirtyYogurtAylar önce
  • Definitely not what I expected

    Mike LMike LAylar önce
  • Was this list supposed to be a joke, or has Motorcyclist gone deaf/old? None of these bikes were remotely exciting to listen to.

    William MoscatiWilliam MoscatiAylar önce
    • Agreed.

      Desert MoPhoDesert MoPhoAylar önce
    • William Moscati exactly, just because it’s a rare bike, doesn’t mean it sounded good

      Faris FahmuddinFaris FahmuddinAylar önce
  • 1960's Honda 6 cylinder racing machine better be here or I'm deleting TRvision. Edit - I can't believe it, they went with the 4 cylinder 1960's Honda.

    Captain WinCaptain WinAylar önce
  • So where's the Seeley-Kawasaki?

    KenneticKenneticAylar önce
  • Where is the zxr 400?? That bike sounds wicked

    FireBird-16FireBird-16Aylar önce
  • What a crap compilation! Boring engine sounds. Not a single one raised my pulse. In fact, the Y2K was less exciting that sitting in the middle seat on a flight to Dayton. Boooorrrriiiiinnngggg. So many good bikes they could have used. 6 cylinders, gear driven cammed V4s, supercharged bikes, massive two strokes, screaming small displacement bikes, but no. This dross. I liked the little Honda, but that was about it.

    Andrew HAndrew HAylar önce
  • Am I the only one who thinks that turbine motorcycles sound worst than electric do

    Αγιου ΦιλιπινεςΑγιου ΦιλιπινεςAylar önce
  • Wouldn't say the Y2K sounds good, just has a different sound 🤷🏻‍♂️ the CBX should have been on here

    Barbell BikerBarbell BikerAylar önce
  • Yeah either cbx or honestly the R1 with the crossplane sounds pretty effin lethal

    Elliott KillickElliott KillickAylar önce
  • Here is the actual best sounding motorcycle of all time, the CBX 1000.

    Jon KoepnickJon KoepnickAylar önce
  • That chrome must be absolutely blinding

    Turbo DonutsTurbo DonutsAylar önce
  • ASMR awesome motorcycles revving

    sj misfitsj misfitAylar önce
  • Cbx 1000, Street Triple for a tie for first!

    Chris LoewChris LoewAylar önce
  • HD v-twin is most recognizable, H2 flutter on the super charger sounds great, 1990 CBR 250rr 4 cylinder

    TheClericaTheClericaAylar önce
    • Kawasaki ballius 4 cylinder 250 sounds better than the cbr, cbr sounds awesome too but the kawi is better.

      Noneya BusinessNoneya BusinessAylar önce
  • The first one made me think of why I hate the sound of the motorcycles in the GP games, sounds awful imo

    Gavin DraculiaGavin DraculiaAylar önce
  • How is there not a 2 stroke in here?

    EreksonJEreksonJAylar önce
    • Nothing beats a Braaap

      Apollo creedApollo creedAylar önce
  • Need a Kawi triple, Suzuki Rg500 and Yami RD350 thrown in there too , need to show the two strokes some love

    dilsher12dilsher12Aylar önce
  • Where's rsv4 panigale v4 and r1 crossplane?

    Growler IndonesiaGrowler IndonesiaAylar önce
  • The Y2K is epic, but Britten won the list

    Dji BalzDji BalzAylar önce
  • I was very fortunate to actually chat with John Britten at Daytona in 1995, and have him show me his machine's clever details. And it's basically ALL clever details! An early Slater Laverda 1000 Jota, with 180-degree crankshaft, should be in here too. Those magnificent beasts sound more like a Can-Am car than they do a typical 120-degree triple.

    Ricardo JulietRicardo JulietAylar önce
  • *Cough Cough* HUSQVARNA NUDA 900R, bmw f800 engine bored up 98cc’s,Naked/Supermoto and waaaaaay meaner then a Harley Davidson 😈

    TheNiceBikerTheNiceBikerAylar önce
  • The jet bike is much better suited to a taxiway than a racetrack!

    Ricardo JulietRicardo JulietAylar önce
  • I needed this today.

    ncsteeltoencsteeltoeAylar önce
  • Anything more terrifying than the concept of an American made jet bike?

    Save YemenSave YemenAylar önce
  • Where's the Kawasaki? Lol, you guys put in the jet bike and haven't even corrected that you completely omitted the Kawi.

    noobasdfjklnoobasdfjklAylar önce
  • The Y2K had to be an interesting track ride. Cool video!

    tcparker2tcparker2Aylar önce
  • Y2K is my favorite from this list

    Constantine ShcherbynaConstantine ShcherbynaAylar önce
    • Best sound

      The CommunistThe CommunistAylar önce
  • Matchless g5p is the worst sounding motorcycle ever!

    tsuthebasatsuthebasaAylar önce
  • John Brittens bike is a charming piece of Machinery

    belson koshybelson koshyAylar önce
  • RD350⁉️

    LA silversurfersLA silversurfersAylar önce
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