Lindsay Small-Butera ...... Penny
Olivia Craighead ...............Billie
Tim Batt ............................Tim
Chris Fleming....................Cesare
SungWon Cho...................Doctor
Ayo Edebiri........................Frances
Alex Small-Butera.............Conrad
ISOLATED BACKGROUND AUDIO(for dubbing, if people want to!):




  • Cesare knew from the moment that he got out of bed that Steve would run 100 MPH and pull out a katana to slice his food truck

    Troy SanchezTroy Sanchez10 dakika önce
  • Love the implication than pouring Gatorade on Conrad is a necessary step. Like it’s either a reward or they do it to keep Conrad sated.

    Maddie WeaverMaddie Weaver25 dakika önce
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  • Steve may be the clown, but Cesare is the whole circus.

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  • You know things are getting to the next level when SungWon shows up.

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  • This be great my dude...

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  • One of their menu options is literally “Odor”.

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  • Steve just cut a whole truck in half and the most surprised reaction was Francis saying damn it

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  • I love this more than words can say. Patron.

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  • Want to take some sucker shots at my banana cage? W A N T TO T A K E S O M E S U C KE R S H O T S A T M Y B A N A N A C A G E B I L B O!?

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  • An adult swim series

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  • How are they rivals if they have completely different business models? Smh so unrealistic

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  • 2:05 Maybe removing the bad burger from the menu could boost the sales a bit...

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  • "Top 10 anime battles"

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  • I started with this episode and just assumed Steve was mute which is why he doesn't get a title card reveal. No, he is just on multiple levels drugs.

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  • *Top 10 Stupidly Overpowered anime Characters*

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