Bill Burr | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #231

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Theo sits down with his favorite living comedian Bill Burr to talk about cancel culture, Antonio Brown, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but definitely not the Mary Tyler Moore Show.
Check out Bill Burr’s latest stand up special Paper Tiger available now on Netflix
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  • Wasn’t 70s/80s kids Gen X?

    lexilexi4 gün önce
  • 'Im not an addict, I'm an idiot' - Bill Burr. Good advice for 'advanced addicts''

    Eliot MayEliot May5 gün önce
  • Theo, have Bill on one more that he's off the pedestal & give him fire. Mono y mono. Toe to toe.

    Truth4peace4freedomTruth4peace4freedom5 gün önce
  • This is why you shouldn't put people on pedestals. I would much rather go out to dinner with Theo. His mind is so creative & unique.....and he has a good soul. Southern man all day. Billy Boy....Bye.

    Truth4peace4freedomTruth4peace4freedom6 gün önce
  • Theo's schtick is just making stories up lmao

    SuperFuckYourOpinionSuperFuckYourOpinion7 gün önce
  • I like how bill burr can whine and moan on the JRE for half a hour at a time but theo says anything he act's like he being to emotional. Like wtf bill

    Ty MillerTy Miller7 gün önce
  • Negative meets positive.

    jessicanfisherjessicanfisher8 gün önce
  • It's funny how Bill acts like this and then becomes a puppy on the JRE. I'd be the same with all of em.

    jessicanfisherjessicanfisher8 gün önce
  • Dude, I'm 38 and seems like a lot of you are too sensitive. This is two dudes talking. Look kids, check it out. When someone doesn't agree with you? Or has a different opinion? It isn't an attack on you personally. Jesus, wtf is going on?

    NickNick11 gün önce
  • "at any point can I promote my special? I'm not sure where we're going with this" - 5 minutes into the episode

    Jon JamesJon James11 gün önce
  • Omg these comments... "Bill did this, theo should've that" They both seemed to enjoy the conversation. I don't understand what all of are on about. How tf do you interact with your friends??

    Pontus BlomquistPontus Blomquist16 gün önce
    • @Movie Master ofc i did

      Pontus BlomquistPontus Blomquist12 gün önce
    • You didn't watch the podcast didn't you?

      Movie MasterMovie Master13 gün önce
  • Knowing myself..after the podcast..I would have hit bill burr in the mouth..facts

    Brandon SmithBrandon Smith17 gün önce
  • Bill Burr "I don't think I've ever met a cigar smoker who wasn't cool and chill" Jimmy Savile has entered the chat

    Eric DouglasEric Douglas17 gün önce
  • Burr was a top 5 comic to me.... now he's just a fuckin dick... Smh...

    christophermhudson09christophermhudson0917 gün önce
  • Seems like Bill was busting Theo's balls to see if he could pass the torch. Just like Patrice did with Bill.

    wede smonkerwede smonker18 gün önce
  • Fuck bill treated my boy like a little kid kinda annoyed with the way he acted toward Theo.

    Tanner O'PeltTanner O'Pelt19 gün önce
  • I'm a huge Bill Burr fan but Burr was an arrogant dick during this podcast.

    Michael SmithMichael Smith19 gün önce
  • It is actually reported that George Micheal did have aids and Napoleon was alive in the 1800s so fuck of Bill acting like a stuck up asshole.

    Max EdwardsMax Edwards20 gün önce
  • Theo needs to put some shit on that table

    White MikeWhite Mike21 gün önce
  • What happened to generation x if u had a pager your not a millennial .. how the fuck sombody gonna be the same generation as their kids get the fuck outta here

    White MikeWhite Mike21 gün önce
  • I’ve never been in a helicopter except there was this one time I was in a Blackhawk😭

    ryan mryan m21 gün önce
  • These two are just pretty different completely. Theo also said he was nervous as well. It seems like it didnt go the way either of em expected

    Luis UrenaLuis Urena21 gün önce
  • dawko

    Redel SunRedel Sun22 gün önce
  • 90% comments: Bill is an asshole. 10% comments: Bill is an asshole. What planet am I on where EVERY comment is made by an absolute fucking no-brain. Grow up people.

    Degenerate999Degenerate99923 gün önce
  • Goddamn I love Theo but you all are soft as fuck.

    Brendan smithBrendan smith23 gün önce
  • Seeing Theo stop his one liners, get uncomfortable and just try to make it through without enjoying himself made me physically sad for him. Dude just wanted to impress his idol. Bill has always been my fav. Still is. But that was messed up.

    Samantha CruzSamantha Cruz25 gün önce
  • This is cringe but there are some funny parts like the aids talk 😂

    Chris RChris R26 gün önce
  • Damn, Bill Burr has some major issues..

    Vincent VancourVincent Vancour26 gün önce
  • This guy is arrogant as hell. Don’t even know who he is. (Bill). Get over yourself dude

    Jessbo BessJessbo Bess26 gün önce
  • what the hell is with the comments on this video? this interview was great! y'all a bunch of fake psychologists

    Moody FuckMoody Fuck28 gün önce
  • Bill Burr is being an asshole !

    erica hannererica hanner29 gün önce
  • I love Bill Burr, but he was kind of an asshole here. Theo is a comic and runs in the same circles and Burr is treating him like some local news affiliate his agent is making him do. Pretty shitty to take the piss out of a guy on his own show.

    Dain BlackDain Black29 gün önce
  • 15 minutes in I'd be so pissed I'd say "ok you plugged your thing bro now lets enjoy absolute, subzero db silence for the next hour" and I'd stare into his eyes for as long as it took for him to get the fuck out of the studio

    Spiros LapposSpiros LapposAylar önce
  • Billy burr slowly sliding off the relevancy frame and being a little bitter bout it also

    Spiros LapposSpiros LapposAylar önce
  • This was a terrible podcast. Love both of these guys and their work but why did they do this? Clearly Bill did not want to be doing this and Theo was trying so hard to carry. Who knows what happened but Bill is being straight up disrespectful. That is not his comedy, there is no joke.

    Scott WilsonScott WilsonAylar önce
  • Bill... He has made it

    Angela BrownAngela BrownAylar önce
  • Him and Theo knew each other. He could just tell that Theo wasn’t being himself and was uncomfortable.

    Anthony CarusoAnthony CarusoAylar önce
  • Why are they wearing headphones. They're across the table from each other.

    Zak ElkaZak ElkaAylar önce
    • It's a thing with podcasts

      123 897123 89728 gün önce
  • Has to be the worst guest Theo has ever had. Bill was condescending and disrespectful af ! Kudos to Theo for having the patience to interview this dude.

    Brian CayetanoBrian CayetanoAylar önce
  • Theo and Ethan from H3 showed us 1) they didn’t watch any other Burr interviews before having him on and 2) their generation was the beginning of the pussification of America

    Mike HasslerMike HasslerAylar önce
  • It’s like Justin Bieber talking to Clint Eastwood. Don’t let’s this happen again

    Luis MunozLuis MunozAylar önce
  • Bill is just breaking balls pretty sure Theo knows that and honestly it’s an honor to be roasted by Bill Burr so who cares

    Edgelord of this universeEdgelord of this universeAylar önce
  • Most of these comments are so off. If you watch Bill Burr do talk shows or interviews he always acts like this, its his shtick. Just go watch Bill Burr on Hot Ones if you think im wrong and that works fine. The difference is Sean isnt nervous to have Bill on and Theo is, so it leads to Theo taking Bill too seriously which makes Theo act awkwardly in this interview.

    N AN AAylar önce
  • I’m just here to watch bill burr bully another podcaster.

    OneTimeHeroOneTimeHeroAylar önce
  • Is this bill burr guy supposed to be funny because he just sounds like an asshole

    Billy WhiteBilly WhiteAylar önce
  • 16:00 Theo trolling Bill 🤣

    Bill BronsonBill BronsonAylar önce
  • Theo pissed Bill off initially when he told him he cancelled dates

    Nick SladNick SladAylar önce
  • This guy is a terrible, blunt, confrontational, egotistical, and careless human, and man do I like it.

    B BB BAylar önce
  • Some people just don't jive. And that's cool. Two great guys, none the less.

    Micah ThornerMicah ThornerAylar önce
  • Bill Burr is an asshole in this. "At what point am I going to be able to promote my special?! I don't know which way this is going." Wtf. Dick.

    Corey AmbroseCorey AmbroseAylar önce
    • I think the drawing of his wife and daughter on the wall annoyed him

      Ankush MamgainAnkush MamgainAylar önce
  • That wasn't as bad as people made it seem. That's just Bill Burr. Is this the right interview that was supposedly so bad?

    TimJim MaloneyTimJim MaloneyAylar önce
  • Bill made his bones in Boston and NY with guys like Patrice and Norton. They would literally heckle and trash each other on stage back then. Hacks were called out in a second. Theo came up in the podcast era, where hacks get together and blow each other. If it wasn't for Rogan Theo would be waiting tables.

    Mose SchruteMose SchruteAylar önce
    • @Justin Wood Bill made Patrice famous only after he died. I can agree with O and A only because the Philly incident was on their tour. The Philly rant is what made Bill blow up. Imagine Theo vs an entire hostile crowd. He'd probably walk off stage and make a therapy podcast about it afterwards.

      Mose SchruteMose SchruteAylar önce
    • @Justin Wood thanks, I needed a good laugh

      Mose SchruteMose SchruteAylar önce
    • If it wasnt for Patrice and o@a burr wouldn't be blowing guys on the corner for money..

      Justin WoodJustin WoodAylar önce
  • Read the comments and expected Bill to be a total asshole but it just ended up being regular ol Billy red nuts. The rat pack needs to develop thicker skin lul

    BoredHubBoredHubAylar önce
  • I love burr but why the fuck was he being such a pompous prick to Theo? I kinda wanted Theo to jump the desk and slap him.

    Wandering AroundWandering AroundAylar önce
    • I think the drawing of his wife and daughter on the wall annoyed him

      Ankush MamgainAnkush MamgainAylar önce
    • Theo is a safe space comedian

      Mose SchruteMose SchruteAylar önce
  • “Midnight express...with Tom Hanks?” - Theo Von

    Curtis RolandCurtis RolandAylar önce
  • If he acted like this around Rogan he would get kicked into a different Universe

    Andrew WilliamAndrew WilliamAylar önce
    • Theo was nervous clearly and he does act like this to Rogan stop acting like Rogan is some Terminator or something.

      HalfHarryHalfHarryAylar önce
    • Lol yeah right. Bill can trash Rogan to his face and Joe will laugh because he can take it. And he wouldn't make a therapy podcast reflecting on it.

      Mose SchruteMose SchruteAylar önce
  • Theo before: Bill's my fav Theo after: *Never meet your heroes*

    Carl Does MusicCarl Does MusicAylar önce
    • Carl Does Music Chevy Chase(Comedian) slapped Rob Huebel(Comedian)right across the face when he tried to introduce himself. He told him it’s rude to interrupt people afterward. Imagine your idol flat out bitch slapping you.

      ryan mryan m21 gün önce
  • I love you Bill, but go count yo money bitch, ok, cant stand this interview.

    BaruchasBaruchasAylar önce
  • 00:01:43 you can see Bill Burr (already in a bad mood) closing up and deciding to be defensive for the whole interview. Interesting as well the subject that worked as a catalyst. It seems young Theo represents many things Bill Burr secretly desires. Like freedom of saying and doing whatvever he wants. Bill was in fact like thatin the past, but with money and fame come resposibilities (familiy included), and you have to answer to many people which leads to censor oneself. So it seems that Bill channelled his envy putting down this young whipper snapper on every single topic. Hey Bill love your comedy but you need to grow a pair. Eventually you will have to decide like Chappelle did 15 years ago. You want all the money and success you can get or do you want to be true to yourself? U know u can achieve a healthy balance between speaking the truf and playing the hollywood game.

    MyTube RecapMyTube RecapAylar önce
  • Bill just too wrapped up in buying his useless wife gucci shirts to realise we treasure theo. Fuck off Boomer

    texas MADeMantexas MADeManAylar önce
  • What piece of shit burr is fuck u and ur show force feeding ur shit show on the podcast ur a guest in and shiting on Theo on his show

    Mahdi kMahdi kAylar önce
  • Why is bill such a prick in this

    Jude TaylorJude TaylorAylar önce
  • I think people like to point out the minor negative things and make them major. Yall are a bunch of pussies and need to grow the fuck up.

    Anthony DiazAnthony DiazAylar önce
  • Fuck y'all Theo pussys!

    Avi SinghAvi SinghAylar önce
  • Bill was talking about how hard it is to be an actor because your at the mercy of so many other creatives in the field. Then Theo agreed with him and started supporting what Bill had said by saying that's why he likes being a stand up comedians because he has full creative control. Then Bill Shits on him for the way he words it. It's like damn dude. Theo was just being friendly and supporting the last thing Bill said.

    Brandon WhelanBrandon WhelanAylar önce
  • “ Your love one are gonna save money on the funeral because no one is gonna go “- bill Lmao

    Jaime GarridoJaime GarridoAylar önce
  • Bill Burr is just abrasive. He’s raw. Couldn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about what he is to say. Love both these guys

    Adam WaddoupsAdam WaddoupsAylar önce
    • He can spot a hack in a second.

      Mose SchruteMose SchruteAylar önce
  • I love you ❤️😘💕 you crack me the hell up and I’m excited to have found you keep up the great laughter

    Jamie UberJamie UberAylar önce
  • 13:50 Theo’s face says, “Fuck dis dude”

  • If u ever want fresh fries at mcyds ask for no salt they have to make them new then get to the window and ask for salt packets

    joe palumbojoe palumboAylar önce
    • Daniel Foster you can actually do it with the burgers too because they put some salt pepper mix on when the cook them

      joe palumbojoe palumboAylar önce
    • Gang bruh

      Daniel FosterDaniel FosterAylar önce
Bill Burr | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #231