Billie Eilish - my future

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Directed by:
Andrew Onorato
Produced by:
Chop Studio
Alex Dray
Andrew Onorato
Annie Zhao
Cliona Noonan
Ian Ballantyne
João Monteiro
Josh Trotter
Keith Kavanagh
Maddie Brewer
Nancy Li
Sarah Schmidt
Sean Anderson
Genesis Magat
Rick Sweden
Jarrod Prince
Andrew Onorato
Adam Henderson
Shane Dering
Music video by Billie Eilish performing my future. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records




  • Magnifique j'adore .

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  • This song is legit. The vibe is on point when im working and listening to it

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  • My ex really loves Billie and i am finding out why just right now. She played me this song few days after we broke up and now a month later nothing is getting better with me and my thoughts but i came to listen the song once again just to go deeper in the words.

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  • Anybody else getting Lofi vibes and living for it?

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  • Y love You!! 💚🖤Your are so pretty! 💙You are freivrast!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚

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  • Billie: releases new song Spammers linking covers in the comment section: its free real estate

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  • Love it... Billie and the Beanstalk! I gotta say, love playing it at 1.5 speed.

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  • Love you Billie ❤️ 🥺

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  • I love you billie😍😍🤩🤩

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  • This need to be go viral and need more views. I'M SERIOUS.

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  • The frog​ is so cute and thicc 🐸💚

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  • This song is magic

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  • Idontwannabeyouanymore because my future is like a bad guy who lovely sees me in a crown Sorry but I felt this

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  • two of my favorite things Billie Eilish and anime

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  • Também sou Brasileiro Billie eu gosto muito das suas músicas

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  • ❤❤

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  • finally a animated video by billie eilish

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  • I pray who ever reads this, You will meet Billie Eilish.

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  • Billie never fails to create art and always does it in such a beautiful way. The animation, her voice, and the lyrics are truly breathtaking. I especially love how she personifies the future like a love song, but it's written for the future that she longs for. Self love is important and I love how Billie gets so deep with this song making it so relatable to us fans. Bravo Billie.... I love your music so much and we covered a bunch of your songs including "Everything I Wanted" on my channel, hope you will watch it. I can't wait to cover this song too. Thank you for being you and much love as always.

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    • Why do u say that ?

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  • I can't seem to focus And you don't seem to notice I'm not here I'm just a mirror You check your complexion To find your reflection's all alone I had to go Can't you hear me? I'm not comin' home Do you understand? I've changed my plans 'Cause I, I'm in love With my future Can't wait to meet her And I (I), I'm in love But not with anybody else Just wanna get to know myself I know supposedly I'm lonely now (Lonely now) Know I'm supposed to be unhappy Without someone (Someone) But aren't I someone? (Aren't I someone? Yeah) I'd (I'd) like to be your answer (Be your answer) 'Cause you're so handsome (You're so handsome) But I know better Than to drive you home 'Cause you'd invite me in And I'd be yours again But I (I), I'm in love (Love, love, love, love) With my future And you don't know her And I, I'm in love (Love, love) But not with anybody here I'll see you in a couple years

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  • Oh my god did you write this song for me sir. 😊

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  • I love this I love you as well bille do what you need to

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  • Will you keep making music as you get older :)

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  • Love

    WhaleCloudWhaleCloud12 saatler önce
  • this is now stuck in my head. Thank you very much billie.

    Aaliya ShaikhAaliya Shaikh12 saatler önce
  • Boże uchron tą piosenkę przed dziećmi a tik toka

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  • 😔-->😄

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  • Fact=we can't breathe while smiling. 😊❤i just want to see you smiling.❤😊 (Read my name)😊god bless you

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  • Nice art

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  • I swear kid you not I've seen her outfit on FashionNova🤑

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  • why u like its just a song, and sadness is butt

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    • :c

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  • this is sooooooo good Billie! also, I smell sabrina claudia! 💖💖

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  • *cute phrog intensifies*

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  • billie never fails at music:)

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  • the frog is called squish.

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  • Chillzz... literal chillz❤😌

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  • The rain in her vid is basically the tears of us loll

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  • Soo soo peace in my mind now

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  • MY QUEEN👑💚👑💚👑💚👑💚👑💚👑💚👑

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  • Who's having a sweet goodnight sleep after listen to this song 😏❤

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  • wow me loveeeeeeee you omg bille eilish :)

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  • Everyone: *Likes frog.* Me: But what about the *SPOODER!*


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  • Anime style is always nice

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  • My favourite part is from 0:00 to 3:49

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  • 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚Love you billie💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

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  • Nice Song

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  • Good

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  • Im the bald guy. wait

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  • I'm focusing on what the spider is eating

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Billie Eilish - my future