Binging with Babish: The Cake from Portal

The cake, as they say, is a lie. But this one isn't: a classic black forest gateau, soaked in kirsch and laden with cherries, served entirely without fish-shaped solid waste. Stick around after the show for a sneak peek at "Being with Babish", premiering March 22nd!
Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
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  • Just wanted to let you guys know I'm hearing y'all loud and clear - very sorry I omitted the original recipe from the game! I was short on time when I shot this last week, and figured it was so full of crazy/toxic ingredients, I should just skip it. I'mma do my best to include accurate renditions in future episodes before I go into the 'Babish' version!

    Binging with BabishBinging with BabishYıl önce
    • No, I don't think we need you to make a cake using fish shaped poop

      ShowToddSomeLoveShowToddSomeLove27 gün önce
    • Are you going to produce the fish-shaped solid waste yourself

      Airking090Airking090Aylar önce
    • It looked alot more like a black forest gateux anyways

      BallonEEEBallonEEEAylar önce
    • There’s a version that removed the nasty bits. I don’t remember where it was posted but it made a nice cake.

      ilikeceral3ilikeceral3Aylar önce
    • This is a lie

      홍진호홍진호2 aylar önce
  • The cake is a lie

    Cosmic GamingCosmic Gaming20 dakika önce
  • Where's the God damn fish shaped candies?!

    Nick NineNick Nine11 saatler önce
  • There is a full recipe on the challenge mode screens of portal 2 co-op for the cake

    Deap ImpulseDeap ImpulseGün önce
  • Fished shaped TRvision

    F1SHF1SHGün önce
  • You should make the Sandvich from Team Fortress 2

    TASQForceTASQForce2 gün önce
  • Make the minecraft cake

    High PitchedHigh Pitched3 gün önce
  • Are you ever full Bab? Or are you always just a little Bab-ish?

    Eloc- 35Eloc- 354 gün önce
  • This videos a lie....

    MizzMyst3riousMizzMyst3rious4 gün önce
  • No one: Babish:S A U C E P I N

    Cooper HicksCooper Hicks4 gün önce
  • It.. It's.. *NOT* a Lie!!

    Shipmate | Revengefull TroutShipmate | Revengefull Trout4 gün önce
  • Cake from death stranding

    Gaming YeetGaming Yeet5 gün önce
  • Babish: “There has to be a more human way to say that.” Also Babish: “Saucep’n” Which is it? You can’t play both sides.

    my dad hits memy dad hits me6 gün önce
    • Is he saying it wrong, or have we been saying it wrong... he's making me question things I didnt think I had to.

      April PenaflorApril Penaflor5 gün önce
  • So it's a lie? well yes, but actually no

    Jeffrey Van HeurckJeffrey Van Heurck7 gün önce

    John JohnsonJohn Johnson7 gün önce
  • No one: Babish: where's my biggest blow torch I need to light a small candle!

    RayRay7 gün önce

    Nick WeberNick Weber7 gün önce
  • Al yu min yum prison The americans are angered

    The Spartan Variety ChannelThe Spartan Variety Channel7 gün önce
  • The cake is a lie

    aa8 gün önce
  • Looks like meat

    Creepzer178Creepzer1788 gün önce
  • The cake is a lie

    James MartinJames Martin8 gün önce
  • The game version looks like ground beef.

    Corrupted_NCorrupted_N8 gün önce
  • Thought it was a cake topped in deviled ham, mayo flowers, and greek olives from the thumbnail

    Seth R.CSeth R.C8 gün önce
  • The cake was a lie :3

    DJ 55GDJ 55G8 gün önce
  • You're such a down to earth guy. Really nice. Keep it up! :)

    SemmeleinSemmelein9 gün önce
  • I came for the double krabby supreme but stayed for the comedy. And, ah. The cake is NOT a lie.

    Misty WebbMisty Webb9 gün önce
  • Made this a few months ago. The wip cream tastes good but was a mess structurally.

    "NICE" guys"NICE" guys9 gün önce
  • The way he says saucepan Edit: I saw my comment again and it creeped me out that someone had the same name as me and then I realized it was me...

    Samantha LawrenceSamantha Lawrence9 gün önce
  • So the cake isint a lie

    grim creepergrim creeper10 gün önce
  • This was a triumph

    KayagorzanKayagorzan10 gün önce
  • The cake is fake

    Logan GLogan G11 gün önce
  • Saucepin.mp4

    Suspect XXSuspect XX11 gün önce
    • Dat new york accent do

      Suspect XXSuspect XX11 gün önce
  • The Caik is ae ly lol 😂!

    Tehan R.Tehan R.11 gün önce
  • It looks like the cake was made from meat

    Fr_ BdFr_ Bd11 gün önce
  • In Germany "Kirsch" is usually called "Kirschwasser" (Cherry-water)

    Dennis MüllerDennis Müller11 gün önce
  • I thought the thumbnail was a meat cake...

    MidnightMidnight11 gün önce
  • Well here we bake again It’s always such a pleasure Remember when you tried to eat me twice? Oh how we baked and baked Except I wasn’t baking Under the circumstances I’ve been shockingly sweet You want your frosting, take it! That’s what I’m counting on I used to want some brownies Now I only want some cake

    Chicken Pitta PocketChicken Pitta Pocket12 gün önce
  • Thanks Babish! I'm using the recipe for my dad's birthday. He requested a Black Forest Cake he gets one.

    Bluepaw WARRIORSBluepaw WARRIORS12 gün önce
  • into a medium sosspin

    Beck EricssonBeck Ericsson12 gün önce
  • minecraft cake next

    KokamzyKokamzy12 gün önce
  • I am devastated wahr You have done to my favorite Cake ! You can not under any circumstances use these syrup-cherrys...

    ZerbioZerbio13 gün önce
  • I loved both of the portal games

    Hacker pro C UnscHacker pro C Unsc13 gün önce
  • Kinda inaccurate to the "true" Schwarzwälder. I'm from Switzerland and we have what I believe is 'actual' Schwarzwälder, just as in Germany. Inaccuracies being: - Schwarzwälder always has three layers, from that one single cake you made, not 1.5 - no whipped cream at the bottom - cherries need to be mixed in with the whipped cream filling - not as much drenching in Kirsch as you do - only a tiny amount of whipped cream on the outside, enough to hold the shavings - no shavings on the side, but chocolate sprinkles

    PeterPeter13 gün önce
  • I didn't know that Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte is in Portal. So

    Florian LippFlorian Lipp14 gün önce
  • But... But... It was supposed to be fake...

    Anilekle2806Anilekle280614 gün önce
  • Fish shaped ethylbenzene

    ZephyxZephyx14 gün önce
  • Did you also take a bath.

    karm42ynkarm42yn15 gün önce
  • Aw man from what i remember from chem a couple months ago, ethyl-benzene, which was listed as one of the ingredients, is basically gasoline. That sure in a malicious cake.

    Alyssa SeayAlyssa Seay15 gün önce
    • That's GLaDOS for ya, not one to bake with love

      Emma RounsvilleEmma Rounsville7 gün önce
  • The cake isn't a lie

    Diego KauanDiego Kauan16 gün önce
  • This cake is also a lie

    Epic Gamer250556Epic Gamer25055616 gün önce
  • With the cake is a lie i was expecting a meatloaf masquerading as a cake

    myroomisblue2myroomisblue216 gün önce
  • Pull and peel licorice Oh and also those are called dollops(the whipped creme flower blossoms)

    AboveAverageCat44AboveAverageCat4417 gün önce
  • the cake is a lie

    Mart HusMart Hus17 gün önce
  • My mom made it and it looked better

    Sticky McbranchSticky Mcbranch17 gün önce
  • The cake is a lie

    King DumbassKing Dumbass17 gün önce
  • Stop putting sugar in whipped cream!

    qiTsukqiTsuk17 gün önce
  • Needs more rhubarb.

    Grug BonkersGrug Bonkers18 gün önce
  • 1year Today.

    Kirk WrightKirk Wright18 gün önce
  • What kinda watch is Babish wearing?

    noelcalevanoelcaleva18 gün önce
  • Everyone's talking about the fish shaped dirt, what I wanna know is where's my rhubarb and rhubarb and rhubarb and rhubarb on fire?

    Carrie BeckerCarrie Becker19 gün önce
  • Do it again please ... U really fucked it up again

    deathriderX1deathriderX119 gün önce
  • What was that quiche?

    Jezza LenkoJezza Lenko19 gün önce
  • If he doent like kirsch I'd like to see him try Williams Christ.

    Wilhelm IWilhelm I19 gün önce
  • The cake is a lie

    Random Jerk From The StreetRandom Jerk From The Street20 gün önce
  • The cake was not a lie.

    Daniel WhiteDaniel White20 gün önce
  • The thumbnail looks like mashed tuna mushed into cake form

    DK88 34DK88 3421 gün önce
  • The cakes no longer a lie.

    Some guy GuySome guy Guy21 gün önce
  • I thought the cake from the thumbnail was a lump of meat with sour cream with strawberries

    water, yes Liquidwater, yes Liquid21 gün önce
  • the original recipe is easy one large cup of a LIE....

    Headstones666Headstones66621 gün önce
  • He didn't put in a freaking needle injector dangit

    DisciplexeonDisciplexeon21 gün önce
Binging with Babish: The Cake from Portal