OMG OMG OMG 😂 By far the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced. 60-0 In 1.3 Seconds. It was like flying for a second. Time to rebuild the entire front end 😂 Big thanks to @mrs.whistlindiesel and @diesel_115 for helping film! Go to to get some apparel with code WHISTLINDIESEL for %10 off and be entered HUNDREDS of times to win a 900HP Cummins on specialty forged wheels! #GOODCONTENTGANG




  • 2M views and I’ll do boosted launches without a single bolt in the entire truck. Not even motor mounts

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  • I have a 07 duramax lbz 2500hp In my driveway I can’t get running the injectors went out.....saved the money to replace them witch took over a year with 5 kids.... and I finally replaced them and it won’t start... so when ever you totally total your lbz I’ll take your motor for donation lol... love the channel bud!!

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