Boruto & Mitsuki vs Sarada Begins! Boruto Episode 183 Review

Team 7 has arrived at a high-tech research center along with Katasuke. There, they end up running into some familiar faces. The mission has ended without incident, and Boruto is ready to head home. However, there’s more they must do. Boruto and his friends end up cooperating in a test-run of a Scientific Ninja Tool that is under development. Boruto is unhappy at first, but as the test run continues his feelings start to change. As that happens, Team 7 is given a new urgent assignment from the Hokage
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  • Sarada: I’ll take you both on. Don’t go easy on me. Boruto and Mitsuki: So you have chosen death...

    Nour AshoushNour AshoushAylar önce
    • @Hexx I agree 50% I mean boruto is still young but one day in the future he will do that like minato and be self aware

      Lil TestaLil TestaAylar önce
    • @WuTang Chris what I never said they were the same lol you just prove my point that it’s different and jogan is shown less in the manga I then the anime

      Tyler's music channelTyler's music channelAylar önce
    • @Tyler's music channel in the anime the jougan is drawn differently on purpose they confirmed during the nue arc what are u talking about? The MANGA never differentiated between the 2 and it’s the anime providing more lore to it. So the anime kinda isn’t filler. The jougan shown all 3x in the anime is the same design and is shown to be drawn differently from hynabi, himawari and Hinata byakugan. It’s not even the same color it’s meant to be the bright blue beacon of hope from the Hamura clan I don’t think u know what your talking about. Go back to watch Naruto the Last movie with Toneri.

      WuTang ChrisWuTang ChrisAylar önce
    • @YxngAcer don't forget momoshiki said boruto has strongly inherited the power of the otsutsuki that's a compliment for boruto because a god told him that he was powerful and don't forget boruto has hagoromo and hamura otsutsuki's blood in him and no way sarada could put up a fight with boruto. I was just adding to your list how boruto would beat sarada.

      Lil TestaLil TestaAylar önce
    • @Tyler's music channel I agree with you plus sarada couldn't beat future kawaki. Plus boruto and kawaki have been going at it probably for weeks in the future not even sarada could beat kawaki not now not in the future witch states boruto will and always be stronger than sarada

      Lil TestaLil TestaAylar önce
  • i fucking hate ninja tools 🛠

    Bedri XuseinBedri XuseinAylar önce
  • Still don't know what kind of jutsu and ninja tools Code has up his sleeve, though I do hope that maybe after the timeskip, there could be a decent battle with the likes of him.

    Scott IvoryScott IvoryAylar önce
  • No I think Ninja tech is stupid a real shinobi shouldn't rely on Ninja scientific tools they should be confident in there training and there Chakra. I view scientific Ninja tech like PEDS your basically cheating. But whatever I don't even know why they were introduced now every member of kara is either a Cyborg Android or Alien all of them use scientific Ninja tools/tech which I find annoying.

    Lukie2131Lukie2131Aylar önce
  • Sarada beat them both in less than a minute. Yes she is a Uchiha

    Lukie2131Lukie2131Aylar önce
  • Kara is so lame compared to the Akatsuki

    Lukie2131Lukie2131Aylar önce
  • Naruto Explained: There's a difference between criticizing and hating. AOT fans: Yeah Ik😔.

    Mugiwara no Tony D. StarkMugiwara no Tony D. StarkAylar önce
  • I don’t like the idea of ninja tech from a learning perspective as being a shinobi you have to learn those skills but if those skill are already given to you through the ninja tech then you loose those critical skills and concepts. Like it would be 100x Better if sarada had learnt a new justu like zabuzas mist. The most also blocks out there senses this would also mean it blocks saradas senses but if she had learnt a justu instead of using Ninja tech she could have created her how type of mist that could put her opponents at a disadvantage but it won’t affect her at all

    B M WheelB M WheelAylar önce
  • Boro: no one can beat me. Me: Bruh, you had your ass handed over to you by 4 meddling kids minus the dog. In fact, one of them chidori'ed your ass and your healing factor. And she is just a 13 year old girl and you are a grown ass man in your 50s-60s. And later, you got flattened to pancake size by a demon possessed boy. Yeah, in the words of Forneverworld, "you are crusty as fuck"

    Foreverchris01Foreverchris01Aylar önce
  • NarutoExplained comparing how the woman from the inuzuka clan was drawn in the manga and anime. Me: ah i see he is a fellow man of culture as we are

    Foreverchris01Foreverchris01Aylar önce
  • Boro: hahhaha is there anyone who can kill me? Borushiki: *iam about to end this mans whole career*

    Aragon VortexAragon VortexAylar önce
  • Maybe I haven't been paying attention, but I've barely seen any Boruto and sumire scenes that would make me think they're setting it up to be endgame- If anything, Boruto and Sarada's bonds have grown stronger as the series has continued- (They've both blushed at eachother, shown concern for one another [especially in the manga], they change their demeanors while in scenes where it's just the both of them, etc.) and in the next episode (184) adapting Ch.19, it *should* show Sarada being a bit shocked at Sumire's confession, looking back at her with the sweat drop drawn in... she did say "no way I don't like Boruto like that", but we know she and Boruto tend to be very tsundere, not being fully honest with themselves at times...To me, that gave the impression that perhaps Sarada wasn't all that pleased...

    nessa S.nessa S.Aylar önce
  • This was a pretty good episode. The only thing I did not like was Boruto being whiney, but it was dealt with thanks to him being there, and talking with the other characters. The pacing is not bad. I agree about katasuke, and the scientific Ninja tech. The chakra sword was awesome. It reminded me of the first hokage's lightning sword way back in Naruto. The smoke screen was similar to the dragon sage jitsu Kabuto used against Itachi. I believe the Ninja tech would be a great asset in the right hands, if used properly. As for the blimp crashing etc, I can't wait to see how the situation will continue to turn out.

    B-Rad GamingB-Rad GamingAylar önce
  • I’m still not liking these scientific ninja tools. The way they are setting up the new world as a whole is dope though.. it’s interesting... wondering how the Kara came to power and how there more powerful then the villages is cool. I still think boruto and sarada are going to be a thing because in the manga it shows how much sarada actually likes boruto... however with all the ninja tools the real ninja is fading away.. I wanna see boruto and sarada kids and the way the world is I feel like we will never get a continuation.

    Donovan MoralesDonovan MoralesAylar önce
    • I just don’t want the universe of naruto to end because of tools. Once everyone becomes ninja no one is. I need a big war or something that resets all this technology. So I can boruto and sarada kids and all that.

      Donovan MoralesDonovan MoralesAylar önce
  • #borusumi always

    Kakashi HatakeKakashi HatakeAylar önce
  • I feel like no one can say ninja tech is bad that fact that your using the internet to watch this video u see tech can be used for good. However there are ppl out there who use it with less positive motives

    Mrawesomeguy222Mrawesomeguy222Aylar önce
  • 1000

    prxmosprxmosAylar önce
  • Dude been hittin the backwoods too good bro? Hope you're not gettin sick

    C. PissoffC. PissoffAylar önce
  • Code is really reminding me of deepa. I’m starting to think he’s an upgraded or better version of deepa. Has similar marks under his eye. Sorta the same skin tone. This is only true in the anime. The manga version doesn’t look so much like deepa. Anyone have thoughts?

    HaffHaffAylar önce
  • Can we not relegate Sarada to shipping fodder over a guy Sarada's literally asexual anyways. She's in love with the Hokage hat lol

    sasuke's trucksasuke's truckAylar önce
  • Someone plz tell me how far along is the manga to the anime.. how many years till we see boruto stab sasuke eye out

    Happy Gilmore706GAHappy Gilmore706GAAylar önce
  • Just like real like, tech progresses if you like it or not. Scientific ninja tools can be both a plus and a minus. Skills that were previously deemed important in some minds are now irrelevant in others. It can help the ninja and others who aren’t ninja and it can also be the phasing out of ninja. If everyone is special, nobody is situations can come about. The list goes on for each side. The product is there, use it, done use it but it it exists lol.

    Sylver QrowSylver QrowAylar önce
  • This episode is pretty much Among Us: Kara Edition. 😂

    Hispanic Fence-sitterHispanic Fence-sitterAylar önce
  • People here downplaying sarada always bringing up her haruno heritage lol. She is like the kakashi of her generation (no offense to konohamaru). Mitsuki is engineered while boruto is possessed by an alien. Sarada is the most "normal" among the te 7. And i thinl this stems from the fact that she is a she. So...

    john kirby gonzalesjohn kirby gonzalesAylar önce
  • Last time we had a Chakra Beam Saber was the Second Hokage's Sword of the Thunder God from the old Naruto Filler.

    JamCal-XJamCal-XAylar önce
  • bruh how can you complain about bigger tits🤣🤣🤣

    DonDeadshotDonDeadshotAylar önce
  • Theres somethink weird... Sarada means salad.... 😑🤔🙄

    Catalin SovanCatalin SovanAylar önce
  • Thought they hinted at how they are going to defeat the main boss with nue draining tge Chakra of who it is

    tygoomtygoomAylar önce
  • I Think the ninja tech is great but that’s a problem where the bad people will use it in a bad way but with helping people or animals it’s great

    Leon OscanianLeon OscanianAylar önce
  • One thing I found interesting is the kite thing Boruto uses is based off a myth about ninjas in Japan using kites to fly over walls

    Alejandro KaplanAlejandro KaplanAylar önce
  • I have a theory that code is a Uzumaki. Only hard evidence i got is he has red hair and the reason ishiki had code take care of dealing with the ten tails is because of the Uzumakis sealing jutsu capabilities? We don't know what codes powers are yet. Just a thought

    GranDaddy GandolfGranDaddy GandolfAylar önce
  • Ok yo I know this is off topic but ive literally just have started wondering about this. Can you make a video about who would win in a fight NARUTO VS OPTIMUS PRIME. I think im onto something😂

    Seasonal ShaunSeasonal ShaunAylar önce
  • The director of the medical facility was thicc af and I’m 50/50 but if had to choose i would be up for it they’re cool they remind me of Batman’s gadgets that Fox would make for him but for the against the science tools you can’t always rely on technology it will become a liability in certain situations like our society today

    Damian Thomas Knight WayneDamian Thomas Knight WayneAylar önce
  • I feel you. My dogs name was prince also. He's been gone almost 2 years.

    Jonathon AndrewsJonathon AndrewsAylar önce
  • What is the website of manga?

    Vince Rookie GarcesVince Rookie GarcesAylar önce
  • I dont understand how momoshiki is still alive in the manga. Didnt boruto kill him by using rasengan? They even showed him turn to dust after boruto ended him.

    Kunal PatilKunal PatilAylar önce
    • He is inside of boruto that is why boruto has the seal

      Naruto 7th HokageNaruto 7th HokageAylar önce
  • Sasuke buff is gonna be the chakra gloves so he doesn't run out of chakra lol

    Vitor Hugo ToffoliVitor Hugo ToffoliAylar önce
  • Damn Imagine Obito with Scientific Technology

    ALYoungFutureALYoungFutureAylar önce
  • They had coms back in Naruto I don’t think tech is inherently bad but has its place

    mattmattAylar önce
  • Are science ninja tools gonna be the reason Konoha gets the destroyed at the end?

    губка боб квадратные штаныгубка боб квадратные штаныAylar önce
  • That fight was trash

    ariel Mccoyariel MccoyAylar önce
  • Boruto and sumire didn’t show no relationship attention

    ariel Mccoyariel MccoyAylar önce
  • In the manga, the bag Sasuke asked Kawaki to throw down is scientific ninja tool

    B FrancisB FrancisAylar önce
  • Kishi:borusara or borusumi? Narusaku fans:It's obvious borusara .. Naruhina: Na fam! We are's gonna be borusumi

    Jayad MahadiJayad MahadiAylar önce
    • Then kishi is like: ohh so u guys want a otsutsuki wife for him? coming right a way!👍🏾

      CookieCookieAylar önce
  • me after saw code in Anime: *Code: Tobi next generation*

    Richo-senpaiRicho-senpaiAylar önce
  • Unlike Akatsuki Baddies in the Jigen`s group are a LOT more colorfull in the anime.It is kinda great that Kishimoto is back in the manga so that i can Read it Without causing the "art" hurting my eyes all the time. ..Also NEXT time will be the Ship moment with Sarada and Sumire about Boruto.Well WHEN boroto trains under Sasuke he WILL get some Uchiha Swag.Hell After time skip EVEN Chōchō Will be checking Boruto out for a while..

    TrainerRED CharizardTrainerRED CharizardAylar önce
  • Next week the war will begin

    Karasu*lKarasu*lAylar önce
  • I think stuff like the mittens and boots that help you claim could help civilians and people they are guarding climb themselves instead of being carried. I'd like to see the technology be based off the power of the user and not power given to the user, like someone with a lot of power would make a large sword in someone with a small amount of chakra would make a tiny sword. At first I didn't like that shadow Shadow possession Jutsu device but then I started thinking what if you were in the forest in the bear was coming at your was it would come in handybso I'm good on some things down on others

    Terrence SummerourTerrence SummerourAylar önce
  • What if Code is an Uzumaki 👀

    Ace AceAce AceAylar önce
  • dammn

    Kaynaan MohamedKaynaan MohamedAylar önce
  • I like the tech as long as it doesn't get too nutty. The lightsabers though we need to see more of those and not just once for 2 seconds like danzo vs sasuke

    Cultured VibezCultured VibezAylar önce
  • How the fuck fid you smell 🤣🤣🤣 there is only few moments of sumire and countless moment with sarada

    AryanAryanAylar önce
  • This guy want kawasara that's why he is 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    AryanAryanAylar önce
  • When sumire gave boruto the medicine it reminded me of when Hinata gave naruto medicine during the chunin exams back in the OG days

    Yeau SamaYeau SamaAylar önce
  • Ok guys, voting time: Who is your favorite Kara member in the anime? And in the Manga? For me it's Code in the anime, and Jigen in the manga, with Koji a close 2nd in the manga :)

    Jesse mannJesse mannAylar önce
  • nice

    Dawson HARTDawson HARTAylar önce
  • everyone: its borusara others: its borusume me: they will die

  • When they gonna give my boy amado a ciggy, he’s feenin

    Hustle HumblyHustle HumblyAylar önce
  • delta so fire

    SirdesqweeSirdesqweeAylar önce
  • Does anybody get kabuto vibes from code

    Abeselom AleneAbeselom AleneAylar önce
  • the animation keeps leaving a space in their lips and its pissing me off!

    GENgamerXGENgamerXAylar önce
  • So they took kabuto’s with the dragon thing and made it into a flash bang......

    Chris Saint-LouisChris Saint-LouisAylar önce
  • I also can't blame Boruto for feeling iffy about the scientific tech because he ended up in trouble in the chunin exams.

    sakura sansakura sanAylar önce
  • The ninja tech being introduced throughout the boruto series is kind of like having avatar the last airbenders show do actual movements and techniques when it came to bending abilities, just to have the legend of Korra be more of an MMA fighting style with bending. It’s just like..... why change something that didn’t need to be fixed u kno. In my opinion atleast. But I mean I’m fine with the tools as long as s boruto is not using it when it comes to the basic nature transformations and shit u kno?

    The True RespectThe True RespectAylar önce
  • Sarada beat mitsuki and boruto Itachi: just like her father

    Chooda pinky : TeenChooda pinky : TeenAylar önce
    • @Chooda pinky : Teen And moreover, I would have considered it fair if Boruto and Mitsuki also used Ninja Tools to fight Sarada. But Boruto and Mitsuki had no tools but Sarada had one, that's uselessness

    • @Chooda pinky : Teen When did I said its cheating? I said its uselessness. Read it carefully

    • @PRANTIK DE and I never said sarada can beat any of them

      Chooda pinky : TeenChooda pinky : TeenAylar önce
    • @PRANTIK DE how is it cheat when they try it out it not cheating if someone is testing that like at practice and you use something and someone say it cheating when you try it out

      Chooda pinky : TeenChooda pinky : TeenAylar önce
    • @Chooda pinky : Teen Can Sarada beat both Boruto and Mitsuki without any Ninja Tool? Hell no! Mitsuki will clap her with the Sage Mode within seconds and I can't imagine Sarada beating Boruto's Water Style, Lightning Style and Rasengan. Anyways, improve your English first

  • sorry about your dog

    Godess ChidikeGodess ChidikeAylar önce
  • Good content bud

    Kokky 011Kokky 011Aylar önce
  • 7:07 lmao wtf

    AliloloAliloloAylar önce
  • Understand why Boruto hates the scientific ninja tools , but damn he just always complaining , little bratty.

    Alex AscencionAlex AscencionAylar önce
  • i think boruto will use ninja tech in the future

    K Dub24K Dub24Aylar önce
Boruto & Mitsuki vs Sarada Begins! Boruto Episode 183 Review