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  • Leave them as u have them in this video

    Chris HatfieldChris Hatfield3 gün önce
  • Long bed Larry👍👍

    Jeffrey BennettJeffrey Bennett6 gün önce
  • GMC all the way for this comparison

    Travis King 321Travis King 32117 gün önce
  • Just found ur vibs great job luv Chevy trucks and to top it off ur from Pennsylvania me too I'm in the Fayette county area

    Robert AlbrightRobert Albright21 gün önce
  • So glad you put polished wheels back on the minimax!

    Justin HelleJustin Helle24 gün önce
  • You should paint the grill to match the mirrors. I'm sayin, paint the horizontal bar on the grill to match the horizontal white of the mirrors?

    Tyler AndersonTyler Anderson24 gün önce
  • Just so you people know, if you can't Afford to buy stuff from the site to enter, there is no purchase necessary! He doesn't really mention this but it's on the details on the site!

    sNiiPeZ_03sNiiPeZ_0324 gün önce
  • Im team GM

    Jacoby PentecostJacoby Pentecost25 gün önce
  • GMC all day!

    jadonpjadonp25 gün önce
  • Jack in my opinion you couldn’t have done better on the wheels

    Josh Owens11Josh Owens1125 gün önce
  • I don't like either solid color wheel. I prefer the 2-tone look better.

    bugbee petebugbee pete26 gün önce
  • Definitely team Silverado! And black wheels over polished!

    Michael KleinMichael Klein26 gün önce
  • Gotta have that Bowtie but wouldn't throw stones at the GMC.

    knighthwkknighthwk26 gün önce
  • GMC! No lift, just the level!

    Austin DycheAustin Dyche26 gün önce
  • Good match up. The GMC does it for me

    Nordic NevsNordic Nevs26 gün önce
  • GMC =got a mechanic coming - garage man's Cadillac

    Tommy WilliamsTommy Williams26 gün önce
  • Polished 😎😎😎

    Billy LewisBilly Lewis26 gün önce
  • Chevy

    Cesar ArjonCesar Arjon26 gün önce
  • GMC! all the way.....AND love the black wheels.....

    Baier FineBaier Fine26 gün önce
  • Longed Larry and the black wheels, all the way.

    Jack SandozJack Sandoz26 gün önce
  • Jon Jones 💪💯

    Just Awesome ::Just Awesome ::26 gün önce
  • Awesome like the new shoes👏

    Just Awesome ::Just Awesome ::26 gün önce
  • Polish and team Silverado

    Johnie ReeceJohnie Reece26 gün önce
  • Long bed Larry looks bad ass with those wheels

    Itsdah DB8Itsdah DB826 gün önce
  • The trucks are bad ass lets see if we can get that truck to California

    James BateyJames Batey27 gün önce
  • GMC

    Tyler JonesTyler Jones27 gün önce
  • GMC

    Quinn OdenthalQuinn Odenthal27 gün önce
  • Got my 2 entries with one T-shirt 😎

    Brennan FontenotBrennan Fontenot27 gün önce
  • old chevy / old gmc but new gmc / new chevy

    redneck gamersredneck gamers27 gün önce
  • Both trucks look so much better

    Tyler Plays0023Tyler Plays002327 gün önce
  • Bro I love and hate chrome specially wheels it’s like yeah they look good but they also look cheap cuz it’s chrome..personal opinion but good choice none the less! And I rock with the gmc!

    MachineGunBilly97MachineGunBilly9727 gün önce
  • Now, all you gotta do is remove the door bumpers off of Longbed Larry 🤔

    Alberta BoundAlberta Bound27 gün önce
  • 😍

    gerald deusgerald deus27 gün önce
  • Long bed Lary looks good with those black wheels

    BlingBling27 gün önce
  • The accents do absolutely match much better this way, and I think you can tell by my channel picture which side I’m on

    AutoTunedAutoTuned27 gün önce
  • dude been slackin on watching these videos! the intro is bitching!!!

    Michael RatcliffMichael Ratcliff27 gün önce
  • GMC

    Brewn BrewnBrewn Brewn27 gün önce
  • The new wheels look sick!! 😎👌

    Koyah _Koyah _27 gün önce
  • The double entries is absolute crap jack.

    nitrotmannnitrotmann27 gün önce
  • Team black wheels all day.

    Mj 00Mj 0027 gün önce
  • Omg yaaasssss the chrome wheels looks so good

    Joseph  PastorJoseph Pastor27 gün önce
  • Bronze 18" wheels on a white lettered tire would look good. A truck sidewall would help too.

    Timothy JoyceTimothy Joyce27 gün önce
  • YES.... Let's kill the black wheel fad all together!

    G BlackG Black27 gün önce
  • Team mini max

    Fred BevillFred Bevill27 gün önce
  • Haha Team Dodge!!!

    Stacy PfeilStacy Pfeil27 gün önce
  • How did you paint the plastic parts on the front bumper to color match? Want to do mine but afraid of it cracking and chipping

    Rich BondRich Bond27 gün önce
  • Donk

    Jack PeppersJack Peppers27 gün önce
  • How about making Long Bed Larry one solid tow rig

    Charles ManfredoCharles Manfredo27 gün önce
  • Need some wheels that match the torsion bars mane!

    Inshore Slam SeriesInshore Slam Series27 gün önce
  • On the minimax before the new wheels did the where did the old tires rub

    Blake MasonBlake Mason27 gün önce
  • Just when it started looking good again

    Matt StringhamMatt Stringham27 gün önce
  • love the wheels on Long Bed Larry. I think you made the right move.

    Dusty OglesbyDusty Oglesby27 gün önce
  • GMC all the way

    Mason WiebeMason Wiebe27 gün önce
  • Black

    Angelo RenziAngelo Renzi27 gün önce
  • Both

    Angelo RenziAngelo Renzi27 gün önce
  • Damn amazing what a food set of wheels and tires do to the look of a truck

    Daniel Torquemada JrDaniel Torquemada Jr27 gün önce
  • Lift longbed Larry and throw a cool flatbed on it, like a bad ass farm truck build

    Omar RodriguezOmar Rodriguez27 gün önce
  • I’m team longbed Larry, if he had the performance mods of minimax.

    930GearHead930GearHead27 gün önce
  • Minimax looks way better man 👌🏽👌🏽

    Anthony LopezAnthony Lopez27 gün önce
  • Classic Chevy by far

    Curtis ClarkCurtis Clark27 gün önce
  • Minimax wheels look terrible

    Aidan MoyeAidan Moye27 gün önce
  • Love the truck but fix the mirror on long bead Larry

    Chris BoykinChris Boykin27 gün önce
  • Team Both

    John AlexanderJohn Alexander27 gün önce
  • Team gmc

    Christian FaellaChristian Faella27 gün önce
  • I love the gmc body styling I always have but the mini max will always have a place in my heart but on the gmc it looks like the driver side mirror is leveled and the passenger side isn't... bugs me lol

    Biggins DrivewayBiggins Driveway27 gün önce
  • gmc I love the extended cab long bed

    Conor SmithConor Smith27 gün önce
  • GMC and that makes a world of a difference to Larry! Not a fan of large wheels/small tire combos but that looks awesome!

    jadebrecksjadebrecks27 gün önce
  • Those wheels on the mini max looks like Tyler’s wheels🤔

    Blake MillerBlake Miller27 gün önce
  • Black looks better

    Cody HatfieldCody Hatfield27 gün önce
  • I want that lifted gmc behind your two when your revealing them

    Derrick WellsDerrick Wells27 gün önce