Brent Rivera - Doin' It Wrong [Official Music Video] w/ MyLifeAsEva

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IMPORTANT NOTE: I understand that OCD is a serious mental disorder that significantly affects the lives of millions of people across the globe. This song is not intended to make fun of people with OCD, but rather poke fun at the tendency of so many people to point out things that are "wrong," off-center, cringy, etc. and say "It's driving my OCD crazy!"
Directed by: Stro & King Bach
Produced by: Brent Rivera
Song Produced by: Andrew Balogh
Song Written by: Gregory Fletcher & Brent Rivera
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  • So he wrote a song about how he wants everyone to do things his way because he doesn't like how other people do things? That's what I think is wrong on this video...

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  • Directed By :King Bach Written By: Brent Rivera Stolen From: Rhett and Link 😂 (Like if u think it’s true)

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Brent Rivera - Doin' It Wrong [Official Music Video] w/ MyLifeAsEva