Britain's Worst Airborne Disaster: Battle of Arnhem | Animated History

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Bergström, C. (2018). Arnhem 1944, An Epic Battle Revisited: The Lost Victory, September-October 1944. II. Translated by Newton, J. (pbk. Eng. trans. ed.). Eskilstuna: Vaktel Books. ISBN 978-91-88441-49-2.
Bennett, David (2008). A Magnificent Disaster. Casemate. ISBN 978-1-932033-85-4.



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    The Armchair HistorianThe Armchair HistorianAylar önce
    • Can you please explain to me why are British ( so called historians ) so committed in saying that Montgomery didn’t have nothing to do with the planning of Market Garden and that the results are the Americans fault. I know that Gavin had his part... but the plan was a horrible plan from the beginning, to much exact timetables, only ONE road can be used and like they didn’t think that the Germans would fight .... I mean, the Gerrys took the whole of Europe but wouldn’t fight in Holland ...

      Carlos colonCarlos colon14 gün önce
    • Hello, a video about the Falklands War would be very interesting

      lopezresendizlopezresendizAylar önce
    • Please make a video about the "battle of leyte gulf" (ww2)

      [Zethes Gaming][Zethes Gaming]Aylar önce
    • Lil' Griff ruins what would otherwise be a smooth narrative. Please never use that gimmick again.

      Lon JohnsonLon JohnsonAylar önce
    • Very nice, subtitulos en español pls?

      therkhotherkhoAylar önce
  • Expensive miscalculation by Monty whose competition with Patton, drove him to try untried strategies

    alex lanningalex lanning2 gün önce
    • @Your Average Scotsman All credit to Monty, he won his peerage for a methodical approach in North Africa, at a critical phase of the war, when everyonelse before him had coughed it up.But in France, give me Horrocks anytime

      alex lanningalex lanningGün önce
    • @alex lanning Yet they were never in any competition. Even if they were, Montgomery was winning larger battles compared to Patton, who was screwing up in Lorraine and Metz, while Montgomery was facing and, eventually, beating the Elite SS Panzer Divisions around Caen and forcing his way into Belgium, Holland and, eventually, Germany itself.

      Your Average ScotsmanYour Average Scotsman2 gün önce
    • @doveton sturdee It was a competition of egos, they were both limelighters

      alex lanningalex lanning2 gün önce
    • Montgomery didn't regard himself as in any sort of competition with Patton. The idea was put about in the ludicrous 1970 movie. Patton might have thought himself in competition with Montgomery, but there again Patton had many strange ideas. After his awful performance in the Lorraine, Patton was hardly in a position to compare himself with anyone.

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdee2 gün önce
  • Montys Market Garden was a Disaster.... blame it on the Polish

    Carlos colonCarlos colon3 gün önce
    • @Your Average Scotsman // I don’t have to prove nothing ... you can remain ignorant or in denial if you want ... but you can also Google Sosabowski and read it. Also, you can find references of it with simple search.

      Carlos colonCarlos colon2 gün önce
    • @Carlos colon The burden of proof is on you. If you do not produce any quotes of Monty belittling the Poles, then you're speaking complete lies.

      Your Average ScotsmanYour Average Scotsman2 gün önce
    • @Your Average Scotsman // I’m not your Teacher nor your Psychiatrist to make you search info and not give it to you as baby food or deal with your denial of facts. You can search it yourself ... no matter if you consider yourself “ Average “ ...

      Carlos colonCarlos colon2 gün önce
    • @Carlos colon I will pay you if you can find a direct quote, with multiple sources, of Montgomery EVER regarding the Polish as the sole reasons for Market Gardens failure.

      Your Average ScotsmanYour Average Scotsman2 gün önce
    • @Your Average Scotsman // read your history... Montgomery actually wrote the letter criticizing Sosabowski and recommending his dismissal

      Carlos colonCarlos colon2 gün önce
  • I read a book about Arnhem and when the para's went into the POW camps, they marched as if they were in a parade!, all the other soldiers already in the camp saw them and the general saluted them and they stood to attention and saluted back!

    Blizen DeerBlizen Deer12 gün önce
  • One of the interesting things about this for me is that it all went sour in my hometown of Hechtel appearantly. The allied were supposed to take our town in a day and then start their advance over the highway to hell. It took them a week to take our town, leading to the whole delay. Or so I have been told

    Joren BosmansJoren Bosmans13 gün önce
  • More myths perpetuated. In fact, neither Montgomery or Browning put the blame on Sosabowski and the Poles. Both of them blamed the tenacity of the Germans, the weather and lack of time/resources. Additionally, Montgomery also blamed his own mistakes and Browning narrowed it down to the non arrival of the 325th Glider Infantry Regiment at Nijmegen due to the weather. Browning disliked Sosabowski personally, and argued for a younger and more flexible Pole to take over but he and Monty NEVER said Market Garden failed to achieve all its goals due to the performance of the Poles. These old myths need to be eradicated. By the way, Browning was got rid of out of the paras before Sosabowski was. Something people conveniently ignore.

    John CornellJohn Cornell14 gün önce
  • The failure of Market Garden was down to Americans failing to take Nijmegen bridges. They were late moving to take the bridge when they landed forcing XXX Corps to halt its advance, which was making good time, to fight to take the bridge. The Americans had one job to do to take the bridges and they failed to do that.

    TheFreshman321TheFreshman32114 gün önce
    • @John Cornell Why does the Wikipedia page on Market Garden say the Germans were 100,000? I thought they only had 12,000 men and a few dozen tanks in Arnhem?

      Bullet-Tooth TonyBullet-Tooth Tony13 gün önce
    • Arnhem failed as well though. Thanks to the RAF refusing to fly closer to Arnhem to drop the paras off in conjuction with the dispersal of drops over days, this meant British 1st Airborne never got to Arnhem in enough strength to make a difference. Frost only had a small area at one end of the bridge. The Germans always controlled the exit ramp. The idea was a large part of Arnhem captured and held, to establish a bridgehead there but that was never achieved as most of 1st Airborne didn't make it. An area from Oosterbeek and then including Hoogkamp, Alteveer, Paasberg and Presikhaaf. This was a very sizeable area, far larger than just the bridge area. It was never even remotely achieved. I guess the Guards Armoured might have linked up to rescue Frost and his men had the Nijmegen bridge been captured and ready for them but the operation was already a failure. The Germans were too strong and held almost all of Arnhem, when the plan was the exact opposite. Cheers.

      John CornellJohn Cornell14 gün önce
  • You can't win them all.

    Rimshot 22Rimshot 2220 gün önce
  • Enticed by the ultimate prize of the war, the plan hastily formulated due to time constraints, led to failure, prolonging the war, and the ultimate prize remained illusive.

    Carol-HannahCarol-Hannah21 gün önce
  • The British did not scapegoat the Poles. Montgomery offered awards of bravery to them in fact. Montgomery himself scapegoated Sosabowski, because Sosabowski was critical of him, but he did not scapegoat the Polish contribution as a whole; in fact he praised it. I am a big Montgomery fan, and will defend him to the last for his contributions to overall victory, but even I admit the man had an ego and would not be criticised.

    A L WA L W22 gün önce
    • Absolutely. Not a bona fide actual quote from Montgomery putting the blame on the Poles. He did though, in his own memoirs, put the blame on his own mistakes.

      John CornellJohn Cornell14 gün önce
  • The problem is that bloody movie makes people think they know the history of this.

    A L WA L W22 gün önce
    • And especially the utterly false tea drinking scene, which even the actual US officer allegedly portrayed by Redford disowned.

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdee5 gün önce
  • you know the brits have failed if the sun is setting upon em

    yukito _06yukito _0623 gün önce
  • wow so the british blamed their own poor planning and execution of market garden on polish? Montgomery and Browning were massive turd-balls

    Rahul LodhaRahul Lodha25 gün önce
    • @Your Average Scotsman But he didn't say Market Garden failed because of Sosabowski. He said it failed because of the Germans, the weather, lack of resources and his own mistakes.

      John CornellJohn Cornell14 gün önce
    • No. Montgomery used ONE Pole, Sosabowski, as a scapegoat. He praised the rest of the Poles, but used Sosabowski, who was very critical of Montgomery, as a scapegoat.

      Your Average ScotsmanYour Average Scotsman14 gün önce
  • my grat ucle called Benjamin swallow was killed:(

    British VaderBritish Vader28 gün önce
  • Hard to read the little text boxes in the vids

    Sean HarrisSean Harris29 gün önce
  • It seems like they had gone a bridge too... what’s the word, distant?

    Chimpo LadChimpo Lad29 gün önce
  • Ive seen the movie... and u nailed it

    Rene VictoriaRene VictoriaAylar önce
  • This video is great when you play Company of Heroes: Opposing Front.

    imran hazimimran hazimAylar önce
  • ohhh we failed, wait a second we can blame a Poles

    Buła BułkowskiBuła BułkowskiAylar önce
    • @Buła Bułkowski No worries. Browning, and others, disliked Sosabowski personally because he was uncooperative and argumentative. Browning suggested a younger man who was more flexible. He named two other Poles who should take over. Browning said Sosabowski did well in training and organising the brigade but that a younger more able man take over.. Sosabowski earlier rejected Brownings proposal to enlarge the Polish para brigade into a full division (with Sosabowski still in charge) with the addition of British troops. Sosabowski didn't want British troops in his unit. This was uncooperative and not very 'allied'.. Cheers. Peace.

      John CornellJohn Cornell14 gün önce
    • @John Cornell yes my man i didn't know about Browning, give me time for check other infos i am pretty busy right now but How can u explain taking down Sosabowski from command of his selfhand brigade?

      Buła BułkowskiBuła Bułkowski14 gün önce
    • @Buła Bułkowski I will pay you £10,000 if you can quote Montgomery blaming the Poles for Market Garden not succeeding. In his own memoirs Montgomery blamed the Germans, the weather, lack of resources and his own mistakes. He NEVER said Sosabowski and the Poles were the reason Market Garden did not succeed. By the way, Browning was got rid of and was out of the paras before Sosabowski was. I bet you didn't know that, did you?

      John CornellJohn Cornell14 gün önce
    • @John Cornell surely if u say so ( btw i recommend u watch a documentary about gen. Stanislaw Sosabowski)

      Buła BułkowskiBuła Bułkowski14 gün önce
    • Never happened.

      John CornellJohn Cornell14 gün önce
  • I don't say this that much but for once thanks, America for helping us capture that bridge and helping us to win the 2nd world war. We lost some bloody good lads those 3 days.

    SkullehSkullehAylar önce
  • yes that is bravery..but now imagine 120 soldiers defending against chinese battalion in the coldest mountains and when they got all their ammunation used..instead of surrendering they did their last bayonet charge. plz make a video about rezang la battle

    vanshaj sharmavanshaj sharmaAylar önce
    • @vanshaj sharma A lot of those Paras did fight to the last though out of 750 men at Arnhem bridge only 98 were left alive on the fourth day. So the other 652 perished in action.

      Bullet-Tooth TonyBullet-Tooth TonyAylar önce
    • @Bullet-Tooth Tony The gurkha battalion of the indian army which was praised by the commanders of all over the world in ww2....has a quote which says ' better to die than being a coward' sorry but there is no word like 'surrender' exists in the indian can check on google..and yes surrender is no shame. by the side of attacking force but if youre defending your homeland...then surrendering is not an option. like germans fought till the last man even after the collapse of the reich.

      vanshaj sharmavanshaj sharmaAylar önce
    • @vanshaj sharma Even the 6th army the most powerful german formation surrendered after a long battle, theres no shame in surrender....sometimes throwing away valuable soldiers for the sake of glory is a waste.

      Bullet-Tooth TonyBullet-Tooth TonyAylar önce
  • German officer: What did they try to send? German soldier: “God save the King”

    Bacon NinjaBacon NinjaAylar önce
  • 1936 aillede and 1300 german solders killed

    Ludwig GustafssonLudwig GustafssonAylar önce
  • The artwork on these videos is incredible. Keep up the great content.

    Joe SomebodyJoe SomebodyAylar önce
  • 3:40 wait... these were static line jumps, meaning the chute opened when leaving the plane or you died.

    seegurke93seegurke93Aylar önce
  • Another fun fact, the Brit radio guy had a special hollowed out bullet that he was to use to insert the cypher code into the bullet and fire it out of his rifle so that the code could not be captured. He forgot. But the Germans never discovered the cypher code slip.

    Charles PhillipsCharles PhillipsAylar önce
  • In A Bridge Too Far by Cornelius Ryan, which I read a couple of decades ago, it is mentioned in some great detail how the Germans hit the landing zones with White Phosphorous shells, setting the landing zones on fire. The Germans had some advance knowledge of the landing zones and hence, the Polish Brigade jumped into a burning field. I remember also seeing areal photos of burnt hang glider transports as a result of the white phosphorous fires. This video makes no mention of either the burning field or use of assault gliders.

    Charles PhillipsCharles PhillipsAylar önce
    • The glider troops of the 6th airborne also suffered the highest casualty rate of any unit involved in market garden

      A. XitcoA. XitcoAylar önce
  • The irony is that Montgomery was forever being derided for being too cautious a general, but the one time he gambled on a daring plan he failed. There was however a lot of bad luck in this failure, it might have been a success. If it had been a success everyone would be saying what a brilliant general Montgomery was. Those who forever spout off about 'bold action' and 'risk taking' need to remember that the average outcome of taking a big risk is failure. These are the fortunes of war and for the common soldier they often mean death, not a stunted career.

    Bhangra FanBhangra FanAylar önce
    • @Your Average Scotsman No worries. If you need more names just ask hehe. I have a fair few sources. Cheers.

      John CornellJohn CornellGün önce
    • @John Cornell Thanks mate. I'll write those down so I won't forget them.

      Your Average ScotsmanYour Average Scotsman2 gün önce
    • @Your Average Scotsman Brereton, Williams and Hollinghurst are the names of the prominent air commanders who took over the initial idea.

      John CornellJohn Cornell13 gün önce
    • @Your Average Scotsman Yep. Only the idea was his. The detailed planning and decisions therein were made by others. Still, his ground forces moved 100km closer to Germany and the area gained was the springboard for his advance into Germany. That ground had to be taken anyway and may have been tougher to take a month or two later.

      John CornellJohn Cornell14 gün önce
    • Ironically enough, Monty was never involved with the planning of Market Garden. He gave a broad outline of the plan and then gave it to a group of people from the RAF and USAF (I can't remember their names, but I'll try to find them). He didn't plan a single bit of it, yet because he suggested it, he gets the blame.

      Your Average ScotsmanYour Average ScotsmanAylar önce
  • Heroic means never surrender.......They fought heroically and surrendered??????????,,,,,...?

    Zarni TinZarni TinAylar önce
    • @Bullet-Tooth Tony Hes clearly trolling.

      John CornellJohn Cornell14 gün önce
    • @Bullet-Tooth Tony you can just find it on youtube mate

      Zarni TinZarni TinAylar önce
    • @Zarni Tin cant find it send a wikipedia page if there is one that exists on the battle

      Bullet-Tooth TonyBullet-Tooth TonyAylar önce
    • @Bullet-Tooth Tony kwan loo 40 days

      Zarni TinZarni TinAylar önce
    • @Zarni Tin Source?

      Bullet-Tooth TonyBullet-Tooth TonyAylar önce
  • Why are the brits wearing Rhodesian brushstroke

    Artful DodgerArtful DodgerAylar önce
  • Robert Cain won his VC at at Arnhem, his story is worthy of individual note as an intsance of unparalleled bravery and heroism and well worth looking up for yourself. Jeremy Clarkson did a fantastic Documentary of his story.

    Trigger HippyTrigger HippyAylar önce
  • The expandal

    NASA limbuNASA limbuAylar önce
  • My grandpa told me that his farther who was a Dutch resistance member who always came close to death. He Was a Fireman for Arnhem and was right in the center of it. Here is a little back story. My grandpa’s farther used to live on the coast of the Netherlands. When the Netherlands was invaded. he had to move house’s because when Normandy was about to happen and they (Germans) thought that the Allie’s would land in the Netherlands so they Flattened the house’s along the coast him included. So he moved to Arnhem, when he realised that if you did not work for the Police, fireman, ect (I forgot what he told me) you would go work in Germany in the work force. his father knew that he must join one of those. So he join the fireman, as I told you before. And as you know after a while Arnhem was invaded in operation market garden. And he was in the center, (like I told you before) and oh boy! He had lots of works to do. Allied bombing destroyed his house so he usually sleep in the fire station. Everyday after he got rid of one fire because of Allied bombing the radio would say after he put out one “go to (this street) there is a house of fire there” So that’s it (New story appearing!) my Oma (who is just short for great grandma) she lived through WWII and was 5 when it ended say’s she saw Panzers (Panzer VI’s, Half tracks, she say’s she may of saw a tiger but she can’t remember that one) rolling through her street. She says that she lost lot’s of friends in school from allied bombing or anything else there was one part where her neighbouring village was on fire and she had her best friend in there and as you guess....ded. I’m sorry for making you reading this.

    You daily Kangaroo dr.You daily Kangaroo dr.Aylar önce
  • Hey armchair historian, would a video on the Austrian War of succesion be possbile? If so that would be great!

    Misha MalcevschiMisha MalcevschiAylar önce
  • Nicely done and easy to follow narrative!?

    Dr. WisdomDr. WisdomAylar önce
  • Their is a movie about this check it out on Netflix. I think its calles a bridge to far

    Corn CobbCorn CobbAylar önce
  • do a video on times the kmt was good against the Japanese as all I hear is negative information

    Large Gummy HitmanLarge Gummy HitmanAylar önce
  • Things like this happened all the time at the Eastern front

    Igor BanseIgor BanseAylar önce
  • Watch the movie "a bridge too far "show starring Sean Connery.

    Jason WilliamsJason WilliamsAylar önce
    • However, don't watch it if you prefer accurate history.

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdee5 gün önce
  • Griffin, why don't you do a video on the Falklands war from the USA's point of view?

    Scott AdeyinkaScott AdeyinkaAylar önce
  • This was an amazing video. And thanks for including the Polish Eagle on the helmets. And what is interesting is that the Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands wanted to award the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade. But the idea was opposed because it would upset relations with the big three.

    CT-4859 PolskiCT-4859 PolskiAylar önce
  • اتمنى انك تترجم لنا العرب مقطع الفيديو

    كنق FMكنق FMAylar önce
  • Can You Do How Did Croatia Became A Kingdom?

    The Downfall ParodistThe Downfall ParodistAylar önce
  • Please make a Indonesian history like a Confrontation Between Indonesia And Malaysia Or Indonesian national revolution.......

    Mama AhonkMama AhonkAylar önce
  • For more british disasters, might I suggest the Battles of Doiran during the WWI? Edit: Might be interesting for others to learn why the bulgarian General Vazov was proclaimed by the british as "One of the few foreign officers whose name features in our history"

    DeyanDeyanAylar önce
  • make a video about bangladesh and pakistan war 1971 🇧🇩🇵🇰

    YeaseenRazwanYeaseenRazwanAylar önce
  • The fact that they fought until the end, out of ammunition, failed by their superiors, and surrounded by all sides, and still believed. So much valor in the line “Out of ammunition. God save the queen.” These were true hero’s.

    - Fade -- Fade -Aylar önce
    • @Your Average Scotsman You should read about Digby Tatham-Warter, the guy disabled an armored car with an umbrella

      Buddy ChristBuddy Christ25 gün önce
    • You're forgetting the best part about that quote. The end of it: "Will continue with bayonet". With fucking bayonet against tanks and rifles.

      Your Average ScotsmanYour Average ScotsmanAylar önce
  • Can you explain the Dutch-Indonesian war 1945-1949?

    Ethanisky HildermanEthanisky HildermanAylar önce
  • Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway shows the American advance and attempted relief of Arnhem.

    hweirdohweirdoAylar önce
  • Oh great more ads.

    slayerface09slayerface09Aylar önce
  • I think you should cover the war of 1812

    Dax ThompsonDax ThompsonAylar önce
  • Armchair Historian: ''Highway 69'' Me: *NICE*

    Tomas Jr BorromeoTomas Jr BorromeoAylar önce
  • My great grandda was a para during WW2 and he was sent to take Arnhem but never made it and the reason was they over shot it and they were in the country side so they decided to engage the germans if they see them Also he hated the Americans after because the pilot was American and the map they were given was useless as it use the map of the town had no markings on it as well

    Alpha SquadAlpha SquadAylar önce
  • The war of 73

    Saber GrapSaber GrapAylar önce
  • I live in Arnhem, and big respect for the allies.

    MCJMCJAylar önce
  • a bridge too near.

    Pete HrapStickPete HrapStickAylar önce
  • since you always, only point out the bravery of the Allies, never of the Germans, you actually lying to yourself, kind of large scale , which ultimately disqualifies your contribution!

    Gotthelf SchwabGotthelf SchwabAylar önce
  • Another arrogant action by Montgomery, like his four attempts to take Caen. Because of his failures, the Germans still think they are great warriors. Hopefully, Zhukov demonstrated that the murders of civilians are bad soldiers.

    Edwin HidalgoEdwin HidalgoAylar önce
    • @Edwin Hidalgo Zhukovs casualty ratios were abysmal. He suffered terrible loss ratios against the Germans. Montgomery pushed back seven panzer divisions at Caen and with far fewer casualties than Zhukov would have suffered in the same situation. At Cherkassy-Korsun Zhukov had 60,000 Axis troops completely surrounded and cut off, and still most of them got away.

      John CornellJohn Cornell14 gün önce
    • @Edwin Hidalgo taking Caen was not the plan, the plan was to draw the maximum number of German armour onto the British so that the Americans could punch through to the west.

      Bullet-Tooth TonyBullet-Tooth TonyAylar önce
    • @Edwin Hidalgo Wrong country. Republic of Finland.

      Jussi M. KonttinenJussi M. KonttinenAylar önce
    • @Jussi M. Konttinen Another pet of Trump. That is why today China is greater than Gringoland.

      Edwin HidalgoEdwin HidalgoAylar önce
    • @Edwin Hidalgo I'm a republican. You are a homicidal commie apologist.

      Jussi M. KonttinenJussi M. KonttinenAylar önce
  • There's lots of wrong accounts mentioned. Better check mark

    xCAS9xCAS9Aylar önce
  • "Take cover! Bring up the PIAT."

    The Sudanese PrinceThe Sudanese PrinceAylar önce
  • Thank you for this video. My Grandfather fought in this battle.

    David & OliviaDavid & OliviaAylar önce
  • You should do america's worst airborne disaster: battle of the bulge

    bugprsnbugprsnAylar önce
  • Germans have had to be low key annoyed that they took so damn long to surrender even with them being surrounded

    LunarServantLunarServantAylar önce
  • Chosin Reservoir for a potential episode?

    J NarveJ NarveAylar önce
  • gen Sosabowski as only one shows mistakes of plan before marget garden begins. After british put all blame on his shoulders. gen urquhart as the only one respect gen Sosabowski for all what he did. Sad but true, shows how Polish were treated and sold to stalin after WWII.

    crazymike cashubcrazymike cashubAylar önce
    • Sosabowski liked Market Garden. It was the previous plan, Comet, he had misgivings about. Then again Sosabowski wanted to be dropped on Warsaw. Good luck with that. That would have been 100% losses.

      John CornellJohn Cornell14 gün önce
  • That poor polish commander

    J EscapeJ EscapeAylar önce
  • Best wishes for your game sir!

    Bivasundar JenaBivasundar JenaAylar önce
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    Charlene WoodsCharlene WoodsAylar önce
  • TY🙏

    Amit dasAmit dasAylar önce
  • Can we get a video on what happened to italy after WW2

    Ammazer 122Ammazer 122Aylar önce
Britain's Worst Airborne Disaster: Battle of Arnhem | Animated History