Bucket List: South Africa

BUCKET LIST IS BACK! Bungee jumping, feeding elephants, paragliding, chilling with penguins and rhino rescue... South Africa has it all!
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View the location/activity websites below!
* Rappelling (Abseiling) - abseilafrica.co.za
* Rhino 911 - www.rhino911.com
* Shark Cage Diving - sharkwatchsa.com/en/home/
* Bungee Jump - www.faceadrenalin.com
* Paragliding in Cape Town - flycapetown.co.za
* Helicopter Tour - flythehuey.co.za
* Scuba Safari - piscesdivers.co.za
* Table Mountain Aerial Cableway - www.tablemountain.net
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Bucket List: South Africa