Build House For Cold Season and Build Swimming Pool On House (full video)

Hello Everyone ,
Today i'm Build House For Cold Season and Build Swimming Pool On House (full video)

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  • This channel just blows my mind

    Kos TimosKos Timos9 aylar önce
  • What's the stuff you put in water that catch fire

    Chandler TurnerChandler TurnerYıl önce
  • Looks like the roof would cave in due to the weight of the water. You have to make sure that your floor is stabilized when you have a water bed so why wouldn't this roof do the same??

    Maxine WardMaxine WardYıl önce
  • Yo they never talk, y’all notice that, you’d think communication is key when building a house but they doin just fine.

    Alysia YllanAlysia YllanYıl önce
  • Pool and pool and pool 👎👎👎🤮🤮🤮🤮

    By BenBy BenYıl önce
  • Great work

    Cam MerlCam MerlYıl önce
  • Mal adam

    Umut KirmiziUmut KirmiziYıl önce
  • First

    sou saloksou salokYıl önce
  • Great video

    At SotAt SotYıl önce
  • How many pools do you guys have?

    BLANK 131BLANK 131Yıl önce
  • why a swimming pool on a winter home?

    jTΛCTIC5jTΛCTIC5Yıl önce
  • Kinda cool but why not build something that isn't going to fall apart next week? You guys seem to have the skills, you just need different blue prints. Good luck

    Not SureNot SureYıl önce
  • Good idea

    Reach RaReach RaYıl önce
  • Love video

    Wer VyWer VyYıl önce
  • Ya estoy comenzando a pensar que estos wachos tienen una pequeña obsesión con las piletas xd

    • Maaaal jajaja laburan mejor que los albañiles

      Abel NietoAbel NietoYıl önce
  • Well done

    Hp SaleHp SaleYıl önce
  • First

    Ga DaGa DaYıl önce
  • Amazing idea

    xa Haxa HaYıl önce
  • Great work

    va lava laYıl önce
  • Love idea

    qa paqa paYıl önce
  • I like these videos but I can't help in wondering how are the houses structurally sound? Wouldn't the fires under the floor weaken everything? Considering that the first layer was just pieces of bamboo.

    Matthew BoydMatthew BoydYıl önce
    • If it breaks then add more swimming pool

      R0CKYR0CKYYıl önce
    • True true true true

      Miguel HernadezMiguel HernadezYıl önce
  • What about smoke inhalation?

    RobynRobynYıl önce
  • And I watched it all again :) Very good work guys.

    frankoherofrankoheroYıl önce
    • frankohero

      K NaranderK NaranderYıl önce
  • Good morning my friends blessings💋💋😊😉

    kakety Chuchingkakety ChuchingYıl önce
  • Vc são bom mesmo

    fabiano Fabianofabiano FabianoYıl önce
  • Nice video

    Gar RaGar RaYıl önce
  • Copy paste..

    Jun junJun junYıl önce
  • best people ever

    Alek LambdinAlek LambdinYıl önce
  • if you guys see me can you please like it

    Alek LambdinAlek LambdinYıl önce
  • i love you guys and love to watch you build

    Alek LambdinAlek LambdinYıl önce
  • yay first one to post a comment

    Alek LambdinAlek LambdinYıl önce
  • İlk izleyen ben oldum

    Hüseyin SinciHüseyin SinciYıl önce
  • This is awesome. You guys are good at this!

    2Cool4Beef2Cool4BeefYıl önce
  • 1

    ZakZakYıl önce
Build House For Cold Season and Build Swimming Pool On House (full video)