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This is inspired by the great (Gacha Potato)




  • Lets see if this works [Gacha devil] [Gacha devil] [Gacha devil] [Gacha devil] [Gacha devil] hopefully this works i never get pinned

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    • Congratulations

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    • Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • You know what im waiting a month now lets see how much hands we get

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    • @Chris afton almost 800!

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    • You did it!!!!!

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  • Me be like:I'm not gonna make friends again😐🔫...

    XYE MangohigXYE Mangohig7 gün önce
  • Chloe couldn’t get to sleep because she was on the floor

    Random LemonRandom Lemon7 gün önce
  • How can you die from an eye shot

    Lacy McClureLacy McClure14 gün önce
  • Im wondering how you die being shot in the eye i thought it would be like at the stomach

    Grace TanGrace Tan17 gün önce
  • 1

    Cuteberry kikiCuteberry kiki19 gün önce
  • 康复

    月亮水瓶林佩恩月亮水瓶林佩恩19 gün önce
  • 姐妹们不是人

    月亮水瓶林佩恩月亮水瓶林佩恩19 gün önce
  • the ending scared me to death

    munmun24 gün önce
  • I literally love da song ;-;

    sky god69sky god6924 gün önce
  • How did the mom get in the picture if she just took a picture of them

    🌻 cherry Chan 🌻🌻 cherry Chan 🌻27 gün önce
  • Same 😱oof

    Abby AparicioAbby Aparicio27 gün önce
  • Oh its so good!

    ဗN༏NJAဗ #saveralph #freeporçayဗN༏NJAဗ #saveralph #freeporçay28 gün önce
  • so scary movies I love m

    Alisha SygAlisha Syg28 gün önce
  • What is the name of the song???

    Senay YILMAZSenay YILMAZ28 gün önce
  • Lol how did Marinette’s mother know it was Chloe? She might have had an imaginary friend :)

    【C o r a l 】【C o r a l 】Aylar önce
  • What is song name ?

    Juśt IbuqéJuśt IbuqéAylar önce
  • 😨😥😥😖😞😓😓🤧😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    L O L O , C H A NL O L O , C H A NAylar önce
  • Who took the photo if maris mom is Inthem...

    Dani TamDani TamAylar önce
  • chole can't die cuz she's with her family and mari is dumb and Chloe to go outside like that so for me vides like this make no sencs

    ValValAylar önce
  • reminds me of "missing Halloween"

    cupxicake playzcupxicake playzAylar önce
  • The video will be better if it was Layla

    muayad qawasmehmuayad qawasmehAylar önce
  • The mom : Talks to her child ❌ Take a picture ☑️

    ๑ Shaden al-motiri ‏๑๑ Shaden al-motiri ‏๑Aylar önce
  • Part 2 pls

    Ayşegül SavranAyşegül SavranAylar önce
  • I love the song

    Kotoma side gamesKotoma side gamesAylar önce
  • This gave me chills

    Francesca Eloise MarceloFrancesca Eloise MarceloAylar önce
  • chloe never haunted marinette because they are best friends, chloe just came back because mari had none to play with and chloe didnt like that at all, she didnt came back to scare mari

    MayygeinkMayygeinkAylar önce
  • The real scary thing is...you can see the mom with the phone...In the picture who took it?

    シYuriシYuriAylar önce
  • I love chloe and marinette in ghaca in ghaca life in the real movie i hate chloe

    alexie De lunaalexie De lunaAylar önce
    • I forget theres two ghaca

      alexie De lunaalexie De lunaAylar önce
  • I think she had a phobia that she could hear people and see people I think

    Ariana MatosAriana MatosAylar önce
  • I feel like you should let you child have an imaginary friend

    Darkie Afton memerDarkie Afton memerAylar önce
  • 🙀😳🙀

    Супер королеваСупер королеваAylar önce
  • Like missing halloween!

    la zalmoncha uwu XxX eng-espla zalmoncha uwu XxX eng-espAylar önce
  • Adrian was Chloe's beset friends when younger

    Alex PlayzAlex PlayzAylar önce
  • Omg this is such a good vid!

    CloudyCloudyAylar önce
  • It was a little scary

    Samara RahmanSamara RahmanAylar önce
  • Я которая не знаю англ🗿

    Brawl starsBrawl starsAylar önce
  • I am scared

    Monirul IslamMonirul IslamAylar önce
  • Plot twist: she knew she was dead but she was scared because who took a picture of kagami?...

    Ailee’s Wild WorldAilee’s Wild WorldAylar önce
    • @Francesca Eloise Marcelo yeah lol

      Ailee’s Wild WorldAilee’s Wild WorldAylar önce
    • You mean Sabine?

      Francesca Eloise MarceloFrancesca Eloise MarceloAylar önce
  • What is this song? 0:00-0:31

    •Šlvīëşūgårs••Šlvīëşūgårs•Aylar önce
  • _this meme is so sad_ 😭😢🥺

    ♡︎SkyBlue♡︎♡︎SkyBlue♡︎Aylar önce
  • This took a turn

    Camila WestCamila WestAylar önce
  • That's fine ‏طيور الجنة you don't get in your again

    みロクサンナみロクサンナAylar önce
  • Mari is sick

    OwnoGamer101 YTOwnoGamer101 YTAylar önce
  • Hang on Hang on HANG ON THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE PICTURES- In the picture you can see Mari's mom but if she's taking picturing of Mari... Who took the pictures with her mom in it

    Tian Yu HuTian Yu HuAylar önce
  • Dang that really... That really hurt she thought her friend was with her and her mom couldn't see her so she took the picture...

    may nicolemay nicoleAylar önce
  • Imaginary friend :O

    Lil' TechnoLil' TechnoAylar önce
  • Wow

    Yusely CristodalYusely CristodalAylar önce
  • how did she take a picture of her self when she use front camera and point at her daughter. if i dont know who i mean. i mean the mother

    Nam NguyễnNam NguyễnAylar önce
  • Mari be like: *Holy sh_t- * ( turns around ). * aw HELL NAH*

    Diamond studiosDiamond studiosAylar önce
  • ᵒⁿˡʸ ᵖᵒᵍᵍᵉʳˢ ᶜᵃⁿ ˢᵉᵉ ᵐʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ

    theAxgeltheAxgelAylar önce
  • Que miedo estaba alusinando

    yaye lizethyaye lizethAylar önce
  • So creepy TwT I tried not to scream

    ו°+Gaby+°•×ו°+Gaby+°•×Aylar önce
  • I really like your royal guard idea I would love to see more of it but this was a really cool vid

    DJ_Kakegurui KingDJ_Kakegurui KingAylar önce
  • Im the 667 like thank god

    Itz DarkMoonItz DarkMoonAylar önce
  • How is the mom in the picture

    Harleigh WandlerHarleigh WandlerAylar önce
  • poor chloe.. :c

    PRØ NØØBPRØ NØØBAylar önce
  • wow what a fear but what a good video, -w-

    elena yzquierdo perezelena yzquierdo perezAylar önce
  • Скажите пожалуйста как это песня называется(надеюсь что здесь есть тот кто понимает мой язык)

    Маргарита ШветоваМаргарита ШветоваAylar önce
  • My name being Chloe ✨

    Fłûffÿ ČłöûdśFłûffÿ ČłöûdśAylar önce
  • Can anyone tell me what the first song is ?

    city catcity catAylar önce
  • O-O ou mai god!

    Mari sem pôr 100, lobaMari sem pôr 100, lobaAylar önce
  • This made me very sad

    Harry Potter MHA Five Nights At Freddys Fan!!Harry Potter MHA Five Nights At Freddys Fan!!Aylar önce

    Camille SkouboCamille SkouboAylar önce
  • That’s terrifying imagine experiencing the same horrible thing that has happened to you... 😭 btw good video 💕✨👍

    ツstupidkiki_ツstupidkiki_Aylar önce
  • La pregunta es, ¿como es que chloe murio simplemente por un tiro en el ojo? En realidad seguramente hubiera perdido la vistas en ese ojo, no se

    la αму υωυla αму υωυAylar önce
  • It's kinda like missing Halloween

    Hatsume YukiHatsume YukiAylar önce
  • It's the same story as missing Halloween like a little bit the same just the end

    •Ash _Gacha••Ash _Gacha•Aylar önce
  • I am not the only one who has imaginary friends? ;-;

    -Aesthetic Cloud--Aesthetic Cloud-Aylar önce
  • Ahh... What a cute little phone.

    Diamondia .ADiamondia .AAylar önce
But... She is dead! Meme//MLB//Not Original//Read description