By the way, Can You Survive AREA 51?

Today Daniel, Hosuh, Stephen, Jay and Ann storm Area 51 with Naruto run. Will their raid be successful? Will they survive area 51? Will they manage to rescue the aliens? Find out in this video!
The meme area 51 is probably gone at this point... #Area51storm
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Assistant: Pau -
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  • Wait Bob the Alien? Are you my teacher?

    N A T H A NN A T H A N3 gün önce
  • Me leaving area 51 knowing how a 50cal works

    Warren PottsWarren Potts3 gün önce
  • 4 little Asian kids... DID YOU BRING JAIDEN?

    SISsy's Art'sSISsy's Art's3 gün önce
  • Your Freind, Bob the Alien, you know, the one that BOMBED THE EARTH!!!

    SISsy's Art'sSISsy's Art's3 gün önce

    Erin JohnsonErin Johnson3 gün önce
  • Why is the link for a us military base on a British website?

    lowrider993lowrider9933 gün önce
  • (R 6 Fail) no text input)

    Vertex SVertex S4 gün önce
  • 😜clawee Instagram (error :131 no text) -/427( enter

    Vertex SVertex S4 gün önce
  • 😍😍win a prize!!🥳 go to clawee and Dm clawee on insta and tell me your passwords😄on game the you’ll win stuff😘

    Vertex SVertex S4 gün önce
  • What is Sasuke and Naruto doing here

    Nagisa the Winter demonNagisa the Winter demon4 gün önce
  • Poor Stephen sucks watching this after he left

    Lil KingLil King5 gün önce
  • Everyone: Naruto running. Me: Sonic Running. Also me: Uhhhh.. am I the Only one that Likes Sonic?...

    Anomaly 358Anomaly 3586 gün önce
  • There was a dyslexic guy went to Area 15

    Stay Spinnin’Stay Spinnin’7 gün önce
  • Bo b

    Cool gamer 109LoL EarlsCool gamer 109LoL Earls7 gün önce
  • whoever said they were going and didn't suck

    Victor NgVictor Ng10 gün önce
  • We should have used this as our traning video

    John FranssonJohn Fransson12 gün önce
  • Area 51 is a top-secret Milatary base why does everyone know about it

    nathangaineynathangainey12 gün önce
  • 2:50 “Four little Asian kids somehow manage to knock out military personnel” -DanPlan 2019

    GwynneGwynne20 gün önce
  • I watched a buzzfeed video about Area 51 security, they would have had you pegged the second you came within 1.5 miles, they have perimeter sensors placed around and on the base. And even then, the second you would get on the base, if even one person saw you, they wouldn’t even yell freeze, they would cap you 3 times in the head each with their military-grade fully automatic weapon.

    Gabriel FlamerichGabriel Flamerich20 gün önce
  • They actually guessed how many people went

    Gabriel FlamerichGabriel Flamerich20 gün önce
  • watching DanPlans old videos too? hurts doesnt it?,,,

    Oh WowOh Wow23 gün önce
  • No hate but Stephen does perfect all his characters and you'd were a a big part of 2019 but since you guys started fighting you are getting further from good again no hate I'm just sad you guys stopped being freinds

    poki-fox104poki-fox10425 gün önce
  • *SCP Foundation potrayed by "Area 51"*

    Von MikhailVon Mikhail25 gün önce
  • My alian is next to me

    NBA_ZAYYNBA_ZAYY26 gün önce
  • Jay : "this meme gonna not be relevant for the next three months" Me : *yeah*

    zrboiizrboii27 gün önce
  • W

    MekkiumMekkium28 gün önce
  • I love how Jay forced the video to end early by burning everything

    Bruce DallasBruce Dallas28 gün önce
  • 1:01 dan plan subscribers: .-.

    Ashton R.Ashton R.29 gün önce
  • 1:25 Hosuh? Is that really you?

    victor hugovictor hugoAylar önce
  • Jay: Sees room Also Jay: BURN IT

    Ryan HoodRyan HoodAylar önce
  • >Breaking into a high level goverment facility to steal a jet, arson, assault and battery, espionage, kidnapping/saving an alien prisoner. >Federal prison for six months, in the most incarcerated country on Earth. Yeah... pretty sure that isn't what happens. You wouldn't get a public trial. You'd either be tried under the espionage act, sent to a black site for eternity, or lined up against the wall and executed right there.

    Peter SmythePeter SmytheAylar önce
  • Buy a paramotor. Pay in cash. Steal a gun (silenced handgun, you will be going stealthy, so you need to deal with base personnel at most, not camo dudes or armored vehicles, they're hopefully not wearing body armor). Practice with both including both at once for months. Plan your route to avoid skylining yourself or getting near the observation post. You'll want to go around the back of the base along the hills where you could be more or less behind cover until within 200 meters of a hangar., rather than trying to cover an 8000 meter stretch of terrain that a frontal assault would require while being intercepted on the ground by armored vehicles or in the air by different armored vehicles with AA guns. Conceal your paramotor before entering the base. You should be wearing a proper uniform that at least matches those of base personnel from a distance.

    Peter SmythePeter SmytheAylar önce
  • My generation is so stupid lol

    Aphodite LeoAphodite LeoAylar önce
  • Hosuh is slowly becoming like Jay and Stephen XD

    The Luna MageThe Luna MageAylar önce
  • Anyone else rewatching the old vids with Stephen in them just to relive the good ole days?

    North Star77407North Star77407Aylar önce
  • 1:33 Yes it is, it’s a thing where you do something and you have to pay money because it breaks the law or something.

    C00k13C00k13Aylar önce
  • I expected to see any comments about this channel's animators and cast leaving DanPlan.

    Michelle TannerMichelle TannerAylar önce
  • Dan: says anything about the plot Jay: I won't do what you want me to do because what im doing is much easier dan protocol initiated option 1: say that im in control option 2: shut up SHUT UP *SHUT UP* option 3: *_R O L L E D A O N E_*

    bacon_lettuce_tomato _bacon_lettuce_tomato _Aylar önce
  • Im going to wrihht the auto stuff , and the rest. the first to review this booking confirmation for the video is the most part, I have been in a while, and the rest. the first to review this booking confirmation for the video is the most part, I have been in a while, and the rest. the first one to two years, but I 990 I was just a reminder to get the most part, but the best way. I am going through the process of area 51

    Slade uchihaSlade uchihaAylar önce
  • 1:10 good choice it was a party anyway lol

    Slade uchihaSlade uchihaAylar önce
  • It's funny that I'm watching this like 3 months later

    Keni F.Keni F.Aylar önce
  • Ok analysis: Jay: sociopath and arsonist Stephen: psychopath and serial killer

    Riskay RavenRiskay RavenAylar önce
  • But if he was down stairs how does he have a window????

    DyhlanDyhlanAylar önce
  • also friendly reminder people actually fucking wentand stood aroubd

    justin i reckonjustin i reckonAylar önce
  • Most countries have banned land mines

    Little DinosaurLittle DinosaurAylar önce
  • 3 months are passed

    Elidon MuzhaqiElidon MuzhaqiAylar önce
  • God. This is such a good video. Everyones personalities fit so well. :((

    Charcol's Trash VlogsCharcol's Trash VlogsAylar önce
  • What if you live in a world where marvel characters are real

    kathleen sommerskathleen sommersAylar önce

    SuperNova XSuperNova XAylar önce
  • Why at 1:24 does Jay look like Dio.

    The -Wanderer 111The -Wanderer 111Aylar önce
  • In Heroes of Olympus there’s a giant named Bob

    DogWisp3rerDogWisp3rerAylar önce
  • This won’t be relevant in 3 months * watches 3 months later*

    Miggle The MigletMiggle The MigletAylar önce
  • Reality: they would be shot on sight

    warlord 2080warlord 2080Aylar önce
  • is ann just Nanako?

    Ben RogersBen RogersAylar önce
  • 2020 Stephen quits

    09dolphinboy Forever09dolphinboy ForeverAylar önce
  • Can you live in slenderman

    harry tranharry tranAylar önce
  • I feel like Daniel just ended it with no happy ending because they were asking too many questions and burning everything🤣

    Sarah MillerSarah MillerAylar önce
  • Stephen come back ;-;

  • bring back stephen

    SuperCatsGamingSuperCatsGamingAylar önce
  • I can tell you It’s not relavent *but it is so funny XD*

    iiGlichyWolfiiGlichyWolfAylar önce
  • Comment sections give go to shit soon

    Joseph KrakowskiJoseph KrakowskiAylar önce
  • Ya jay and it is owned by the goverment so THEY HAVE FULL RIGHT TO SHOOT TO KILL!!!

    Gacha person UwUGacha person UwUAylar önce
  • Oh no jay was right.... EVERYONE RUNAWAY FROM JAY

    Player Vs PlayerPlayer Vs PlayerAylar önce
  • Naruto,sauske

    Mike RamirezMike RamirezAylar önce
  • Dan is like the adult trying to babysit a bunch of wild children

    金辰莉Lisa Jin金辰莉Lisa JinAylar önce
  • Umm..... Why is Naruto in prison?

    Emika_PlayzEmika_PlayzAylar önce
  • I don't trust Dan

    Keith KoganeKeith KoganeAylar önce
  • Do you guys notice the times when Stephen is just quite.

    Iridescent PhoenixIridescent PhoenixAylar önce
    • It all makes sense now R.I.P danplan

      Imar ProductionsImar ProductionsAylar önce
    • (some know why)

      OatmilkOatmilkAylar önce
  • Hey dan maybe you'll find the secret to undo your MASSIVE FUCK UP in area 51

    Doctor DisneyDoctor DisneyAylar önce
    • @Bellaicecream 3 Exactly.

      Scatterbrain M.K.SScatterbrain M.K.SAylar önce
    • Scatterbrain M.K.S just don’t hate it almost never gets anyone anywhere

      Bellaicecream 3Bellaicecream 3Aylar önce
    • Stephen very clearly said not to hate on Dan or anybody else. Don't Start hate comments until Daniel's side of the story is spoken.

      Scatterbrain M.K.SScatterbrain M.K.SAylar önce
  • Everything hurts now that Steven is gone :(

    PaleRosePaleRoseAylar önce
By the way, Can You Survive AREA 51?