Cabover Shopping.... Freight Shaker Cabby??

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Randys Transmissions
FTI Competition Converters
12410 US HWY 301
Dade City, Fl 33525



  • Jds transmissions Odessa tx

    el chaparo cuhel chaparo cuh2 gün önce
  • how do you like the super 10? I had fun with one i drove in a 379 when i learned it

    cubehauler4070cubehauler40709 gün önce
  • Ótimo vídeo

    Paulo Mendes SantosPaulo Mendes Santos17 gün önce
  • That truck is GOOD it started right up !!! :)

    Lawn Mowers & Things That Make NoiseLawn Mowers & Things That Make Noise26 gün önce

    Carlos ReyesCarlos ReyesAylar önce
  • Руль на мазаевский очень похож 1,55

    Артур ПирожковАртур ПирожковAylar önce
  • I like truck America

    Prateep ReemnokPrateep ReemnokAylar önce
  • I don't think the city of Austin Texas is dumb enough to buy a truck with a sleeper to drive across the street. LOL It's a great running truck that's why I parked it out back for years.

    James HickeyJames HickeyAylar önce
  • Saw a 12.7 dynoed at 600hp 2050tq, just have to be will to spend the money.

    DJ_229DJ_229Aylar önce
  • Is it an 11.1 or 12.7

    WillardCraftoWillardCraftoAylar önce
  • One of their last comments after it started just shows they have no clue what they're doing. The one where they said they want to trade the Detroit out for a caterpillar. It's a shame they're not smart enough to realize you can't do that with the harness that's in the Detroit

    Ben obrienBen obrienAylar önce
  • It's 11.1 365 horse Detroit. The max you can pump it upto is 400 horse and that's too hard on them. And it won't ever do diddly s*** for fuel mileage with that wheelbase!

    Ben obrienBen obrienAylar önce
  • Зачем тебе столько техники и что ты с ними делаешь

    Данил СуржанскийДанил СуржанскийAylar önce
  • Nice video

    Leroy DiasLeroy DiasAylar önce
  • Nice video

    Leroy DiasLeroy DiasAylar önce
  • You in dade city

    Country man DipperCountry man DipperAylar önce
  • Swearing didn't need to do.

    Darrell RoetersDarrell RoetersAylar önce
  • Sexy FLB

    OGVS11 OG11LUCKYOGVS11 OG11LUCKYAylar önce
  • If you're still looking for a transmission rebuild check out Dick Williams Inc. In Fort Myers Florida

    flibidajibida420flibidajibida420Aylar önce
  • You can turn a Detroit up enough to make any Cummins or caterpillar wish it were never born just bigger injectors and as many turbos as you can afford

    William dobrovolnyWilliam dobrovolnyAylar önce
  • The shit plant!🤣🤣🤣☠️☠️☠️

    mr Chevy 78mr Chevy 78Aylar önce
  • You can restore the pess of shit

    Behind the darkBehind the darkAylar önce
  • Love this truck! Its got 2 of my favorites a Detroit diesel and a freightliner!!😎👍💗🇺🇸

    Justin Ray StylesJustin Ray StylesAylar önce
  • How much is the guy wanting for the freightliner with the 11.1

    Yahvi GaylorYahvi GaylorAylar önce
  • Everyone is talking about the engine and haven't seen many comments on the Super 10. You know a Super 10 shifts like a 5 speed with a 2 speed axle, right? Just checking

    Philip Muth WØRHPPhilip Muth WØRHPAylar önce
  • Hey I wanna private talk with you guys what can I message you on ?

    A&S TransportinA&S TransportinAylar önce
  • What's he asking for that good old cabover

    NIcholas Padgett SRNIcholas Padgett SRAylar önce
  • Detroit rules and they fast

    The Patriot AlienThe Patriot AlienAylar önce
  • Get tht one

    The Patriot AlienThe Patriot AlienAylar önce
  • I had one those Freightliner

    The Patriot AlienThe Patriot AlienAylar önce
  • Not sure about the 11.1 Detroit but have heard for years by older drivers that the 12.7 Detroit was called the "Cat Killer ",so don't knock them or over look them.

    Matt JohnsonMatt JohnsonAylar önce
  • Man, if the Corona virus was an RV....

    Ryan CattauRyan CattauAylar önce
  • God trak lol

    Mahdi ZargarMahdi ZargarAylar önce
  • It's a freaking retired Werner truck. It's probably got 2,000,000 miles on it. And why in the world would you leave the jake brake off???

    Carl VanDuynCarl VanDuynAylar önce
  • Saludo y Bendiciones desde Puerto Rico! te sigo desde tu Proyecto del internacional Blanco Con Franjas Azules y Rojas soy Mecánico pero no Diésel l. Éxito para seguir Aprendiendo y Cuidate mucho del Coronavirus!

    El Compa BoricuaEl Compa BoricuaAylar önce
  • Whistling diesel international can he can shove his ass

    Jasper LarimerJasper LarimerAylar önce
  • Get Pete

    Jasper LarimerJasper LarimerAylar önce
  • Cool Story Bro... Only problem is that truck started its life as a Werner Enterprises OTR truck.

    Austin ZeilmannAustin ZeilmannAylar önce
  • So watched the next video and those trucks... this one looked and sounds the better. What motor? Is it a 12V71 or and 8V? Sweet truck. Looks and sounds tight.

    Robert IronsideRobert IronsideAylar önce
  • 60 series engines are good and easy to work on but have to have the ecm tuned to turn it up and it's hard to find someone that will tune it right

    Samuel BerryhillSamuel BerryhillAylar önce
  • Just pls don't buy a cat

    NUMB 4EVRNUMB 4EVRAylar önce
  • I had 2 Detriot 12.7L motors both turned up about 600hp-650hp they Are really strong motors ran them both to 1.3milion before i sold the truck they ran circles around a big button 855 Cummins

    Timofey PinchukTimofey PinchukAylar önce
  • Какой двигатель 11.1?

    константин лактионовконстантин лактионовAylar önce
  • I swear thats my papaws old COE, he had it before they stretched it, traded it for a 377 pete

    Zach KilcreaseZach KilcreaseAylar önce
  • You definitely should do a pete 379

    Dylan JDylan JAylar önce
  • these 2 guys no nothing about trucks cant beat a 60series detroit and you cant make a 9 speed into a 13 speed two different trans.

    fred osburnfred osburnAylar önce
  • Diesel tech in ocala does a great job rebuilding motors and transmissions.

    Tim DavisTim DavisAylar önce
  • Keep looking. You need injectors the a/c is done plus a bunch of other repairs the wiring looks butchered as well

    randlof123randlof123Aylar önce
  • Love your stuff Bruce. You are an inspiration.Thanks for the channel.

    SGT SimmonsSGT SimmonsAylar önce
  • Weller transmissions

    Collin PriesCollin PriesAylar önce
  • Get a 379 Pete

    James TestermanJames TestermanAylar önce
  • If a Detroit don't leak don't buy it .....what's the saying...if it has oil In it there's a problem

    Douglas PriceDouglas PriceAylar önce
  • I like this one the long cabover

    Richay MadhoRichay MadhoAylar önce
  • the 60 series Detroit is one of the most dependendible engine built

  • I know where there is a Kenworth cab over.

    hilham 89hilham 89Aylar önce
  • I was remember a blue freightliner coe that hauled a tapering tanker just like the one mated to the conventional next to the one your looking at. Then I freaked out when the guy said the coe was from austin TX and that's where it was from. Mid 90s as a kid I was in love with that truck and trailer combo, I would always check it out cuz it park right off the hwy, one morning the guy was pulling out onto the hwy and a car slammed right into the trailer, the truck was fine but I think the person in the car passed. Never saw it again. That would be so cool if this was the truck.

    Fonzo HernandezFonzo HernandezAylar önce
  • Fuck a Super 10.

    Justin KeckhaverJustin KeckhaverAylar önce
  • ive seen that beauty driving through Dade City lots of time!!!

    Michael A YearoutMichael A YearoutAylar önce
  • Super 10 piece of crap

    iulian olariuiulian olariuAylar önce
  • So I type in Bruce Wilson right yes it is right I look down under the channel and see a picture of Bruce on the news. So I click on it and it says he was arrested for insurance fraud and I said this can’t be true but it is.

    Dylan FosterDylan FosterAylar önce
  • can you put beadlock rims on flatnasty

    Creedon MccordCreedon MccordAylar önce
  • What happened to the fire truck

    jeremy hankajeremy hankaAylar önce
  • PAI.Junk shit.I got 66000 miles on A model cat.Pulled pistons and rings were like bailing wire.Fucking junk.Bought with 0 miles on rebuild.Ask Don.The mechanic Iceman knows that worked on IH brakes.Tore apart in his shop.Blue 85 Peterbilt 359. Fuck PAI junk shit.

    Dan WelchDan WelchAylar önce
  • What happened to the white freightliner?

    richard haggettrichard haggettAylar önce
  • guys check this out.. please check if you guys can get your hands on this one please.. this looks amazing.. many would love to see it come to life.

    Pratik SridharPratik SridharAylar önce
  • At least save the big block in it

    Lawrence EichLawrence EichAylar önce
  • Forgot the magic school bus

    Kyle KeeneyKyle KeeneyAylar önce
  • next video????

    kimblery meachamkimblery meachamAylar önce
  • What ever happend to his brothers truck ???

    Elliott BishopElliott BishopAylar önce
  • Next cab over...needs to have a paint job done on it, like the 'ol T.V. show - 'B.J. and the Bear' semi had on it!! Most of you wouldn't probably know who/what I'm talkin' about here?!? But it was a Sweet Rig set-up, back in the late 70's & early 80' know...back when life was much better & easier than it is today! And Rock music was also Awesome & Great too! The "Classic Rock" that your listening to today...kind of Awesome! Who's with me on this idea?

    Dee JayDee JayAylar önce
Cabover Shopping.... Freight Shaker Cabby??