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Namastey people...wassup😎
Here is our new video on how school campaigns actually happen,hope you guys are connected to this,do let us know in the comment section, see you guys next week 😊!
Dialouges: Soma Anthony
Cast : Alekhya harika, Jones, Sandra, aishwarya, kishore, anil nakka, Niharith, vikram, rahul, ikea, pawani, Anthony
DOP : Anvesh Pogakula
Editor : Jayanth
DI : Nani lukka
Publicity designer : Durga Sai
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  • 5.40 ki music bagundhi song name pls

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  • Nice vedio to recollect our school memories

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  • what is song name i want song name

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  • Saagadiyyakunda episode cheyyu Kada. Typical Telugu Serial laga undi

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  • Ant looking very small when compared other tall teacher

  • who is going to win seniors or juniors

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  • Shukriya is not a hindi word. It could have been dhanyawad.

    one 1999one 199925 gün önce
  • Waiting for elections and it's result Then only it will be conclusion of the story

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  • That poem is in 7th class not in 9 the class

    Madhuri ReddyMadhuri Reddy25 gün önce
  • Same story for me lol i am 9th and my hindi teacher also new lol😄😄🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂

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  • Emi akka 26-07-2019 video inka pettaledhu

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  • I will do unsubscribe to you because you are not releasing your videos time to time.. and you are releasing boring videos. Today onwards I won't see your videos. you and your stupid videos anybody don't need you.. Bye ,good bye

    koteswararao maramkoteswararao maram25 gün önce
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  • In our school we also have elections they also told us that we will have whole day cultural activities for week same like you

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  • "If dad is over possessive" deeni meeda video cheyyara

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  • Harika is next session big boss contestant sure

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  • Jones.... your running was really amazing.. just enjoyed the video

    pavani 1234pavani 123428 gün önce
  • My real name is harika and im really proud of my name after 👀 dhethadi

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Campaigning || School Diaries Ep 3 || Dhethadi || Tamada Media