Can Iran Stop the US? A look at Irans Defenses

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  • This comment section has the absolute worst takes. War mongering conservatives and we are all 1 race liberals.

    Abby Shapiro's right tittyAbby Shapiro's right titty13 saatler önce
  • Consider World War Three will entail global nuclear and thermonuclear destruction of all life on Earth. Why is this being pursued? Why are we planning on engaging in a war mainland China when the Kremlin is our real enemy. And the people of mainland China might revolt against their communist slave masters without our lifting a finger? Where is this imaginary money coming from? Out of thin air? None of our military weapon systems are worth one dime. They are 40 to 80 years old obsolete against the best the Kremlin has to use against us. Our space-based Tesla death ray technology renders all conventional weapons obsolete. We can wipe out ten million Soviet troops and thousands of tanks and artillery with a push of a button. The US is totally and utterly bankrupt. The world is about ready to follow us into free fall and total financial collapse, guys.

    Charlie FerryCharlie FerryGün önce
  • I feel sorry for the good people or most of them in Iran and are like us they don't want a war , but their wacked backward thinking government is going to kill lots of their people if Iran's stupid military keeps being dumb

    barry athertonbarry atherton2 gün önce
  • Yeah they can stop them

    Bud StarrBud Starr3 gün önce
  • Iran is not stupid they are very smart well educated people and very intelligent they just want you to think what you want to see and say about their military But the reality they have so much brand new high sophisticated top notch technology that they have and show the Public or the mainstream media

    Raed OdehRaed Odeh7 gün önce
  • Iran does not need Any air fighter jets it’s a waste of time they have hundreds and thousands and thousands of missiles on the under ground in the desert They will do catastrophic damages on warships land air sea and they’re not stupid they won’t show you what the new stuff they have so the only thing you guys have is old news about the Iranians

    Raed OdehRaed Odeh7 gün önce

    Ali hiji iddiAli hiji iddi7 gün önce
  • Trump is going to star a war with Iran and others just to try to remain in office, hold on to your seats folks, the orange tyrant believes if he is in office during time of war then he cannot be booted out of office to face jail time in New York. Sounds far fetched doesn't it.... but it is going to happen so get your head around it and his minions (supporters) are all in for mass anhialation on both sides, nukes from Iran to us and us to them, a mutual gift exchange of devastation. Look at the bright side, it will decrease the population so isn't that a good thing? Jobs for the unemployed cleaning up the radioactive fallout, cancer for them so more medical jobs needed filled, a win win. Who gives a crap how many die as long as the orange one stays in power so he can further destroy the Constitution and America that our founding fathers so carefully created and soldiers fought for. I desperately hope the Trump supporters get what they want and American collapses, it's what they want and deserve. I'll be dead (my age) by then so I really don't care.

    Paul BearPaul Bear9 gün önce
    • I hope someone starts a world war today, right now, I'm tired of waiting and listening to the diplomats lie to us all. Let's just get this over with and kill us all.

      Paul BearPaul Bear9 gün önce
    • I hope the whole world blows up into a mass nuclear war killing all life on this planet, then the earth can start over with new life forms, humans have been a complete failure so let's purge them all.///NOW

      Paul BearPaul Bear9 gün önce
  • "Without air superiority it is vitually impossible to win a war" Hezbollah:

    10,000 subscribers with no videos10,000 subscribers with no videos9 gün önce
  • Easy....Iran gets a nuke...24 hour’s later..Two B2 bombers with low yield bunker busting W54’s will end Iran..for good.

    Survivor TurleySurvivor Turley9 gün önce
  • IRAN is first country attack to us military in ainolasad

    MJ ArefiMJ Arefi11 gün önce
  • the only long term strategy is for prosperity for everyone. History has taught us that whenever a nation suffers economically, a dictator always rises to assume power. Its the anger and hate that blinds people to vote dictators into power. People are stupid, brains dont matter, emotions do.

    Nguyen HoangNguyen Hoang12 gün önce
  • We need to nuke them from space. It's the only way. Right Ripley?

    Andrew HeffelAndrew Heffel12 gün önce
  • short answer no long answer no

    Samuel NorrisSamuel Norris12 gün önce
  • Iran develop radar system for low level flying aircraft and high altitude flying aircraft...

    Ahmadmer SaraniAhmadmer Sarani13 gün önce
  • iran Would be ripped to pieces in a direct confrontation with the US. iran Is nothing.

    rthrwh tjtyjrrthrwh tjtyjr13 gün önce
  • Do they teach Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Iran?

    maillaarnimaillaarni13 gün önce
    • ohgod

      Samuel NorrisSamuel Norris12 gün önce
  • How vulnerable are the U.S. bases that surround Iran?

    Gordon AdamsGordon Adams13 gün önce
  • would iran ever target turkey and why?

    Lawrence FoxLawrence Fox13 gün önce
  • Mig 29.and su 22.and 24 .and mirage f1 .all this aircraft the Iranians stole it from Iraq after 2003

    мохамедоф сенпаимохамедоф сенпаи14 gün önce
  • Don't let politics separate us. Love US citizens from a Shia Iraqi Citizen.

    icyburgericyburger14 gün önce
  • If iran could not defend against USA, America would have destroyed Iran yesterday

    GoldmanShekelberg RothsteingruberGoldmanShekelberg Rothsteingruber15 gün önce
  • Iran would not lose because the USA could not win. The USA got their asses kicked in Vietnam, Lebanon and Somalia. They have no control in Iraq or Afghanistan despite military-power overkill. Iran has a lot of terrain similar to Afghanistan and better equipment than the Taliban. The USA could never win.

    FFM0594FFM059417 gün önce
  • Uhhh

    Vinh NguyenVinh Nguyen18 gün önce
  • “The time for the destruction of the world and its people,” Bahá’u’lláh’s prophetic pen has proclaimed, “hath arrived.” “The hour is approaching,” He specifically affirms, “when the most great convulsion will have appeared.” “The promised day is come, the day when tormenting trials will have surged above your heads, and beneath your feet, saying: ‘Taste ye what your hands have wrought!’” “Soon shall the blasts of His chastisement beat upon you, and the dust of hell enshroud you.” And again: “And when the appointed hour is come, there shall suddenly appear that which shall cause the limbs of mankind to quake.” “The day is approaching when its [civilization’s] flame will devour the cities, when the Tongue of Grandeur will proclaim: ‘The Kingdom is God’s, the Almighty, the All-Praised!’” “The day will soon come,” He, referring to the foolish ones of the earth, has written, “whereon they will cry out for help and receive no answer.” “The day is approaching,” He moreover has prophesied, “when the wrathful anger of the Almighty will have taken hold of them. He, verily, is the Omnipotent, the All-Subduing, the Most Powerful. He shall cleanse the earth from the defilement of their corruption, and shall give it for an heritage unto such of His servants as are nigh unto Him.” (The Promised Day Is Come p.1) How great, how very great is the Cause! How very fierce the onslaught of all the peoples and kindreds of the earth. Ere long shall the clamor of the multitude throughout Africa, throughout America, the cry of the European and of the Turk, the groaning of India and China, be heard from far and near. One and all, they shall arise with all their power to resist His Cause. Then shall the knights of the Lord, assisted by His grace from on high, strengthened by faith, aided by the power of understanding, and reinforced by the legions of the Covenant, arise and make manifest the truth of the verse.”' Behold the confusion that hath befallen the tribes of the defeated’ How great, how very great is the Cause! How very fierce the onslaught of all the peoples and kindreds of the earth. (Compilations, The Compilation of Compilations vol. II, p. 139)

    Faro ZarFaro Zar19 gün önce
    • Let's cut the bullshit and just do it, humans are over rated, we need to go away

      Paul BearPaul Bear9 gün önce
    • Mohammed was a paedophile

      Cock SuckerCock Sucker18 gün önce
  • Remember the simulated US military exercise in 2002, and review the outcome of that exercise?

    A_S_MikaelA_S_Mikael19 gün önce
  • No iran cant

    İtż Řøčķëţİtż Řøčķëţ20 gün önce
  • If this is not going to be a total war but a regional one with US military bases and ships involved, then Iran has a big chance to stop US decisively if not winning a conflict. The US strenght relies on her bases around Iran and on her shiops, and Iran has been preparing for over 30 years for exactly this kind of scenario. So comparing Iran's readiness to take on US agression with those in Iraq and Syria is not correct.

    Mano GMano G25 gün önce
    • Mano G America has more then just a few bases, realize that.

      Erwin RommelErwin Rommel24 gün önce
  • Iran's radars jam the targets for enough seconds to hit them unresponsive. Plus Iranians have spent 17 years meticulously watching the USA wage real war, so when know when a pilot is going to the watercloset. On top of that Iran has offensive plans too. Kinda like Switzerland

    Aussie RodAussie Rod25 gün önce
  • Yes they can

    RPG 7RPG 725 gün önce
  • NO

    anthony maciasanthony macias26 gün önce
  • "Come again.." I gat him saying... Their aged weaponz r useless kkkkkk Oooops

    Laston ZuluLaston Zulu26 gün önce
  • A war with no win, just hundreds of thousands of casualties on both sides

    fresh frozenfresh frozen26 gün önce
  • Btw Iran doesn’t fully reveal its weapons

    fresh frozenfresh frozen26 gün önce
  • It could cripple it badly

    fresh frozenfresh frozen26 gün önce
  • Our problem is Israel or it's better to say #covid1948 Israel(Zionism) should be destroyed Our people are muslim and don't let others to attack to muslim nations and we will stay with Palestine

    Alireza mrdAlireza mrd27 gün önce
  • what a silly question

    marc smithmarc smith27 gün önce
  • None of the US wars recently went like they wamted not in Irak and nore in Afghanistan or elsewhere,americans dream a lot and Hope!!

    Mehrdad EmamiMehrdad Emami27 gün önce
  • This is all theoretical.

    Mehrdad EmamiMehrdad Emami27 gün önce
  • What you guys do not seem to understand if there will be a war between this two countries it would not be a classic war like bombing the airports or so ,it would involve the whole area of near east include every country.What you think Iran is building his missile arsenal for ? There will be no producing oil factories anymore in this area.

    Mehrdad EmamiMehrdad Emami27 gün önce
  • Iran will fall like Iraq did won't be much different and would .be over very quickly

    Joel GlazeJoel Glaze28 gün önce
  • I am an Iranian Know that we are very strong Very powerful And you do not know The destruction of Israel is near

    amar yaseramar yaser29 gün önce
  • Fist bring down america than the world wil have peace

    Neil TelemachusNeil Telemachus29 gün önce
  • War kill people from both sides and it is expensive. US isn’t interested in taking territory thus a war with iran is to destroy and damage Iran’s. On the other hand iran can only hit US military in the persian gulf. In conclusion iran will suffer from More damage and destruction Which will bring Long term effects.

    howzit3000howzit3000Aylar önce
  • Do not see it for the quantity and / or quality of the weapons, look at it for the value of its soldiers and its people, Americans can have everything but they are girls.

    WIL MONTWIL MONTAylar önce
  • In 1948, Shoghi Effendi (The Guardian of the Baha'i Faith) stigmatizes modern society as being: "politically convulsed, economically disrupted, socially subverted, morally decadent and spiritually moribund..."

    Faro ZarFaro ZarAylar önce
  • the best defense Iran has....are the tons of chemical and biological weapons they have...enough to strangle all life on earth

    chin ankhchin ankhAylar önce
  • There is a Big difference between Iranian people and their Islamic leaders. The theocracy controls the people through police and military. It’s a result of the people allowing the growth of the theocracy into an irreversible tyranny. Only when the people have had enough will things change. Until then, the leaders will dominate and control the people and create a threat to the world. Under no circumstances will they be allowed the development of a nuclear weapons arsenal. Their leaders are crazy enough to initiate first use thus starting WWIII.

    David RichardsDavid RichardsAylar önce

    ATITKDATITKDAylar önce
    • Exactly

      RRACRRACAylar önce
  • The premise of this vid. is a joke. Iran would have no chance in a full war against the US military.

    crfdlncrfdlnAylar önce
  • Sadly Iran has no chance Americans have a machine to back up their equipment Iran does not Americans have so much Iran has nothing Maybe we should just get a long Peace No one wins War will be in Iran There are women and children No war

    Hubble GardnerHubble GardnerAylar önce
  • Iran is a powerful then america...

    mehdi tvmehdi tvAylar önce
  • We can stop anybody.. come on.

    tom dorntom dornAylar önce
  • Where would the US get the fuel to fly their aircraft though? Saudi oilfields which are in Iran's missile reach?

    Elliot AldersonElliot AldersonAylar önce
  • Who is here after reading about us and uk incursions and assassinations in iran.

    Mariano RodriguezMariano RodriguezAylar önce
  • Please do land warfare next. According to bauer, robert former navy seal iranian military will defeat us ground forces. He said that on cspan long b4 wishful thinking trump came along.

    Mariano RodriguezMariano RodriguezAylar önce
  • Yes..., USA number 1...ok! All country is scare on USA alreadyzzzzzz

    Franki WaiFranki WaiAylar önce
  • All the world scare USA soldiers nawzzzzz, scare them viruses 🦠.....ok! Number 1 in the world zzzzzzz

    Franki WaiFranki WaiAylar önce
  • No need war....ok! USA kill them self on viruses 🦠 zzzzzz

    Franki WaiFranki WaiAylar önce
  • Whoi cares; just let Israel combat Iran.

    R W Van DykeR W Van DykeAylar önce
  • Those Tomcats are nothing to laugh at. They’re referred to as “Desert Cats” by the Iranians, and those planes are very beloved by their pilots.

    Stratocaster 13Stratocaster 13Aylar önce
  • Iran is dreaming

    serg shahserg shahAylar önce
  • AH AH AH

    Fernando FerreiraFernando FerreiraAylar önce
    • Did i come disrespectfull to somebory?

      Fernando FerreiraFernando FerreiraAylar önce
  • Iran decided to attack the US, they won’t have any support from any other Arab countries as they view Iran as an enemy. That is why Iran is strengthening their relationship with China. I believe the closer Iran gets to China; the more strained relationship with Russia which as been a military supplier to Iran. Should Iran start a war with US it will not be a ground war. Iran’s geography is too large & the Trump administration as not desire for nation building like Bush did. Hopefully this conflict will never happen because the Iranian people are good, talented, productive people; it is the leadership of Iran that is the problem.

    Michael WilsonMichael WilsonAylar önce
  • Iran doesn't have to stop anybody, the only one who has to stop the Terrorist Regime in Washington DC, are the Americans themselves. Take a close look at the video of the execution of George Floyd and that will give you a clue of who has to be stoped.

    Jose GilJose GilAylar önce
    • 🤣

      RRACRRACAylar önce
  • Even Iran counter heavy losses against U.S , but d damage thy will cause 2 U.S n d region will b devastating n U.S which is facing imenent callaps will heavily b limping 4 decades feeble 2 defend itself from other adversaries n even a spider . We seen it in Afghanistan Taliban with only AK47s against d best of America n NATO combined . U.S will never able 2 commence any indiscriminate evilious war against any nation 4 a considerable centuries . Why U.S never even dreamt 2 go 2 war on their own might just like Russia ????. In reality , U can't win a war with false aligations !! n is humanity that will decide d truth of d root cause of d war !!!. Sooner d world will commence 2 ban U.S from travelling as thy ar negligence 2 deal with covid19 . Thy have failed every simple jigg puzzle when d rest of d world ar winning . D world is busy dealing with d covid19 n thy ar busy campaigning 4 wars . Pompeo thought he can fool everybody which is in his disolution . America shit everywhere thy go n don't want 2 sit on their own shit . No body want 2 b their toilet 2 collect their evilious sit !!!

    abdoulie jarjuabdoulie jarjuAylar önce
  • I agree Iran has good air defence Few months ago they shot down commercial aircraft Sorry for the lost souls

    Dimitre ZaharievDimitre ZaharievAylar önce
  • That was good, but you didn't mentioned MoraLe, and who would fight till the bitter end. Would US fight knowing the bodybags are liable to mount. And this will be no Iraq. Also China Russia negotiate a ceasefire. Not these days, especially when China has an invested interest in the gulf with Iran. You might find US up against the Russian Hypersonic PLatform too.

    KuLdi LakhKuLdi LakhAylar önce
  • Ayatollah: I'm gangsta!! Sun: Rises at midnight. Ayatollah: Oh 💩.

    thegrandfinale2thegrandfinale2Aylar önce
    • Say that to those who got caught up in Eagles Claws.

      Ishraq SowadIshraq Sowad2 gün önce
    • say that to those soldiers who saw the sun in Ein Alasad !!!! Say that to the Amphibious Carries that caught in Fire spontaneously!!!

      alex babinskyalex babinskyAylar önce
    • say that to the thousands of soldiers that died trying to kill him.

      Rush YTRush YTAylar önce
  • Iran would be defeated easily.

    Jeff SpeharJeff SpeharAylar önce
Can Iran Stop the US? A look at Irans Defenses