What happens to the cat if it opens the jar and smells a magic substance there like Catnip? The cat will be on the seventh heaven with happiness.
Do you want to please your cats with Catnip Kittikrack?
Then go this way -
- KittiKrack™ is made from 100% natural silvervine and contains no additives or preservatives
- More powerful and intense reaction than catnip due to the presence of two olfactory attractants in silvervine as opposed to only one in catnip
- Silvervine powder is made from sun dried leaves and vines -- Organic and Natural
- Typical behaviors include excitement, playing, jumping, hiding, rolling, kneading, chin and cheek rubbing, vocalizing (meowing, purring), drooling, staring/gazing and licking. These effects typically last between five and thirty minutes.
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  • Catnip Kittikrack you can buy here

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    • I just subscribe to your channel your cat is so beautiful and smart I almost cried when I see the video when you first got him\ her now look at how happy and healthy he or she is now

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    • 100. Kommi

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  • Мы с Фантиком называли это марихуаной. В случае чего, я его спрашивала:- А как насчет марихуаны? Он несся к холодильнику, исполнял все просьбы - скажи мама, 2 сальто, три тулупа, лег и замер, добрый ор, злющий ор, мурлычь- рычи - и получал свою "дозу". Главное, что без этих выкрутасов ему было не интересно ее получать! Точно такая же раскраска и такой же забавный, был! Канада. Еще кино!!!

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  • Hilarious! I've been calling Kits catnip Crack for 8 years. I'll ask her "want some Crack? " and she comes running from wherever she's at! My dogs have to have some too tho it doesn't affect them like her, but it says it's a good digestive aid and safe for dogs. It's really funny to see it named that on the can!

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