Chase Young Washington Redskins Rebuild | Madden 20 Franchise

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Chase Young Washington Redskins Rebuild | Madden 20 Franchise
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THE Madden Rebuild King. Rebuild God. Lord Bengal King of the Franchise Rebuild. JK all for fun :). Franchise Rebuilds on Madden are just the bees knees and the cats pajamas.
Seriously though, whether it's madden 20 rebuilds, madden 20 rebuilding, madden 20 realistic rebuilds or even madden 20 franchise mode, I am painfully average
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  • Go to and use code Bengal10 for 10% off your order for a limited time!

    BengalBengalAylar önce
    • ok bemgal

      ahab marabahab marab24 gün önce
    • i j mi

      Tommy SeigneTommy SeigneAylar önce
    • Do the broncos next please then the saints love the vids u always make me laugh

      JAY 3JAY 3Aylar önce
  • We not the worst team bruh tf

    ParisParis2 gün önce
    • You didn’t pick second in the draft for being great

      BengalBengalGün önce
  • I am playing with the Redskins. They are terrible. I have progressed them to an 88 in both Offense and defense and they continue to stink through Sim. I have made it to one Super Bowl then the following year we were drafting 1st in the draft.

    Jeffrey RomanJeffrey Roman2 gün önce
  • Why didn't you have Thad Young?

    Benny HasenbergBenny Hasenberg4 gün önce
  • Anyone else watching this when they are reviewing their racist name?

    RequinWaWa_1RequinWaWa_14 gün önce
  • 18:24 it’s because in 2017, the Niners traded down to 3 and drafted Solomon Thomas.

    CobraKai NeverDiesCobraKai NeverDies5 gün önce
  • bengal trashed on the redskins hard at the beginning like damn man

    Nathan RiversNathan Rivers6 gün önce
  • We switched to 4-3 under i think because greg garbagesky kept us in a 3-4

    1000 subs with no video's challenge1000 subs with no video's challenge11 gün önce
  • We are moving to 4-3 that's why they are that way

    joat leyjoat ley13 gün önce
  • I went to high school with Thad moss. I played youth football with him too. He signed undrafted with the red skins. I don’t think he is in madden yet tho.

    PAPAPOWDER 44PAPAPOWDER 4414 gün önce
  • U know I can tell what dev they will have soon as I draft them. The stance/Flex they do when they get picked tells you what they are.

    Mark LawrenceMark Lawrence14 gün önce
  • that’s racist honestly if anything i died when he said that

    beetle juicebeetle juice15 gün önce
  • getting rid or Guice for being a DB in real life made this rebuild

    Lorenzo FocarinoLorenzo Focarino15 gün önce
  • I started laughing so hard when he made that small race remark near the end

    Daniel SnyderDaniel Snyder16 gün önce
  • Hawthorne sounds pretty cool

    AV_12 _AV_12 _19 gün önce
  • As a Skins fan: Terry can and probably will be elite. Sims Jr can be and probably will be a Top 10 slot WR, and Harmon is a solid WR2 for just about any team

    MenzySportsMenzySports20 gün önce
  • Really traded Sims 🤦🏾‍♂️

    MookReactsMookReacts24 gün önce
  • more like chase old

    ahab marabahab marab24 gün önce
  • WTF are the red Dragons?

    Ioann ParanyukIoann Paranyuk26 gün önce
    • nvm! they are LA! Still a tupid name tho...

      Ioann ParanyukIoann Paranyuk26 gün önce
  • Sleeping on my boy Troy Apke

    Caboose ECCaboose EC27 gün önce
  • 55:02 did he just sware

    Robert KitchellRobert Kitchell28 gün önce
  • Hi

    EddieEddie29 gün önce
  • Bengal Ruined my super bowl🤨

    BookerBookerAylar önce
  • I have no idea why Dwayne is so bad in sim it’s ridiculous Edit: My boi threw for 45😂 to soon?

    BookerBookerAylar önce
  • The NFC East is the type of division that a team goes 6-10 and wins the division

    Robert DelorenzoRobert DelorenzoAylar önce
  • No no you can’t step in on a simulation brotha. You gotta just let them play. You really had to beat my Seahawks in the NFC Championshipv lol

    Dimitri OttoDimitri OttoAylar önce
  • Idk why you committed to Haskins. He held your team back so hard. Other than that, you built a very solid team, but quarterback was really holding you back.

    Dimitri OttoDimitri OttoAylar önce
  • For some reason I get satisfaction watching these hour long videos😂

    Obese Mamas PizzaObese Mamas PizzaAylar önce
  • Did he say Darius guice was a douche bag in real life. In real life Darius guice is a beast in real life

    Chris GrigsbyChris GrigsbyAylar önce
  • 🇩🇪

    Sir LocherSir LocherAylar önce
  • You should do a bears rebuild

    Durkio CapalotDurkio CapalotAylar önce
  • Smh redskin just chnage to 4-3

    Mohamed KanuMohamed KanuAylar önce
  • I will subscribe when you do an Indianapolis Colts rebuild. Love your content! Keep up the good stuff!

    Chris TerryChris TerryAylar önce
  • that’s racist lmao what

    DTDTAylar önce
  • That site is amazing for real I just bought My first one a week ago and it makes a big difference thank you for the site info I love it Thank you.

    Tomek DudekTomek DudekAylar önce
  • You have a all star d line and you have the defense in 3-4?

    Joshua OsborneJoshua OsborneAylar önce
    • @Bengal The redskins defense run by jack del rio is going to be a 4-3 this season.

      Joshua OsborneJoshua OsborneAylar önce
    • 3-4 defenses still predominantly rush 4/5 vs a 43 front that will basically only rush 4 outside of blitzes

      BengalBengalAylar önce
  • If u hate everyone elses draft class then make your own

    Gill KidGill KidAylar önce
  • Whoever made this class is real bold for putting Tyler Shough in this draft class coming from a Duck fan he’s gonna be in college for a couple of seasons

    Unspherdcomb6Unspherdcomb6Aylar önce
  • That Galladay trade was awful bro

    Daniel KneppDaniel KneppAylar önce
  • Saints playbook every time. It works.

    Daniel KneppDaniel KneppAylar önce
  • Redskins are playing 4-3 in 2020

    Gregory BrewGregory BrewAylar önce
  • can you make a video on how to scout ?????

    Jake sommersJake sommersAylar önce
  • Its TOMpa bay GRONKaneers

    Blake HultgrenBlake HultgrenAylar önce
  • *lamar jackson wins mvp over dwayne haskins* yes very racist bengal

    Kenul GoonewardeneKenul GoonewardeneAylar önce
  • Redskins run a 4-3 now so that’s why they were at DE

    noah duvallnoah duvallAylar önce
  • What’s his name Le’Veon Lowe I don’t believe you 😂😂😂😂

  • 48:20 That's Racist :D

    Derek TumsudenDerek TumsudenAylar önce
  • 34:00 F-ing Engram

    Derek TumsudenDerek TumsudenAylar önce
  • wich roster u have been used?

    Gustavo MorenoGustavo MorenoAylar önce
  • EAs Madden will always be substandard, " a fool and their money are easily parted " But maybe next year's game will be better. Haha keep paying and yeah we'll bring out a better version next year. Haha . Dollar bill ! Dollar bill ! EA, these Madden fans are easy pickings .

    8 ball8 ballAylar önce
  • can you do the cardinals

    FatchFatchAylar önce
  • You should do the Detroit Lions again! You should do these rebuilds twice a week.

    DiGiornoCJDiGiornoCJAylar önce
  • Just got a manscaped kit with your promo code.

    KcChiefsFan 2669KcChiefsFan 2669Aylar önce
  • 34:41

    Jamil KibaoJamil KibaoAylar önce
  • Haskins got robbed EA is racist

    VSauce 4VSauce 4Aylar önce
  • Chicago offense and Cle defense is op

    Aaron BAaron BAylar önce
  • That’s racists

    OhUsersOhUsersAylar önce
  • Please do a steelers rebuild ! Please please. Like this so he sees it !

    CodyG12CodyG12Aylar önce
  • Guice a douche bag???

    Luke C.Luke C.Aylar önce
  • “we not gon use derrius guice he kinda of a douchebag, in real life” 😭😭😭😩 bro

    EvilEvilAylar önce
  • Did anybody notice that Trevon Diggs is on the Redskins? Cause I did

    Jayce BakerJayce BakerAylar önce
  • Steven Sims and Scary Terry are the future of the skins

    Logan WunLogan WunAylar önce
  • We just not going to mention trevon diggs just vibin in the back

    J JettyJ JettyAylar önce
  • HTTR

    Skins Cp3Skins Cp3Aylar önce
  • Guice is not a duche

    Zac AtakZac AtakAylar önce
  • how do i get this current redskins roster that you had at the start of the video?? And do i have to have a PS Plus membership to get it??

    SkywalkersLegacySkywalkersLegacyAylar önce
  • Giants are the worst team in football lol

    M.A.L TvM.A.L TvAylar önce

    Oh yeah YeahOh yeah YeahAylar önce
  • Ryan karrigan looks like seth mcfarlane

    JimmyJimmyAylar önce
  • I got my pocket full of hawthornes pocket full of hawthornes.

    M_ReyesM_ReyesAylar önce
Chase Young Washington Redskins Rebuild | Madden 20 Franchise