Chinese Craftsman tools vs. USA Craftsman?

Sadly, not as good as they used to be. We also have a look at Wera Joker, Snap-On, Proto and house brands. Thanks for your help making more VJOs. Early access here



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  • I got a full home set from Mastercraft 25 plus years ago. Havent broken 1 piece yet. Lost a bunch but none broken. Also bought a few Craftsman from a friends dad who was the tool Dept manager at Sears back in the 80's.

    Dons stuff channelDons stuff channelGün önce
  • "Only buy tools when you need them." That just changed my entire life XD

    Dean SlegosDean SlegosGün önce
  • Minor piss.... R Kelly? Bahahaha

    Jerk Of All TradesJerk Of All Trades2 gün önce
  • Just by a Wera there's no second choice :)

    Ruben KelevraRuben Kelevra2 gün önce
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  • 3:34 The 10 mm's always go hide an seek.

    mario mendezmario mendez3 gün önce
  • "pulling the old frosback routine" had my dying.

    JerryJerry5 gün önce
  • I tend to use,and abuse my cornwell and hazzard fraught ratchet wrenches, and never seem to have had a prob with them, granted I did not get the gay pride set, I went for the more expensive chrome set, but 3 years of motor rebuilds, and suspension work,and no hickups

    james harperjames harper8 gün önce
    • But as it is said your mileage my very

      james harperjames harper8 gün önce
  • Craftsman suck nowadays

    Blurred LinezBlurred Linez8 gün önce
  • Good information for the home DIY mechanic ! We are always getting carried away with all this cheap inexpensive Chinese adds using photos from original USA tools ! Like their tap an die sets. what you see in their advertisements is American made !!! an what you receive you never ever want your best friend to see how stupid you are !!!

    Sparky RunnerSparky Runner9 gün önce
  • Tappy tap tap... aka percussion calibration!!!

    harleydartezharleydartez10 gün önce
  • AvE, the first job I had was that of steeple jack, then by 34 years of working for John Deere Experimental Farm.Jeff Hansen

    Jeff HansenJeff Hansen11 gün önce
  • How bout a teardown on the Craftsman 20v brushless impact? I wonder if it's worth ripping on a co-worker who bought one.

    john carrolljohn carroll12 gün önce
  • Craftsman is owned by Stanley Black and Decker. Lowes is just one of many retailer that sell them.

    Gary's GarageGary's Garage15 gün önce
  • bocycott sears fuck china

    Scott GillelandScott Gilleland15 gün önce
  • i will never buy a china made craftsman its a damn shame a tool thats top of line american made comeing from china SNAP ON

    Scott GillelandScott Gilleland15 gün önce
  • Wow, I didn’t know Arnold Schwarzenegger has a Brother in Canada “ Where’s the Chopper “ 😂🤟

    Cristian VeraCristian Vera18 gün önce
  • The only non-truck tools I've got are the old USA Craftsman (leftovers from my first tools set, bought 33 years ago). I hate the feel of the Chinesium tools and I tend to crack/round them. I almost bought a set of titanium Facom metric wrenches off a guy that was retiring. Wanted $300 for them. They sell for $1500 new. Then I realized, I'd probably never use them, they'd just be jewelry for my wall.

    Aaron BrittAaron Britt19 gün önce
  • Agree on the toolbox. I consider my Matco 6s an investment. I've made several hundred thousand while I've owned it. It's 10 years old now and works/looks like new. Plus, when I bought it, I wrote it off my taxes as I was a tech at a dealer and it was "necessary" for my job. Bad orange man took that away that write off though, so the boxes aren't as financially attractive as they once were.

    Aaron BrittAaron Britt19 gün önce
  • Craftsman is now a brand licensed to Stanley Black & Decker for tools sold through all but the remaining Sears stores.

    pssst3pssst320 gün önce
  • When I got sent to the UK for a project, my tool of choice for replacements were King Dick ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

    E. Scott DaughertyE. Scott Daugherty20 gün önce
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  • Probably not a mechanic

    Ricky MooreRicky Moore21 gün önce
  • My father always said that I was a toolaholic, cause I was always buying tools that I did not need. Where did he go when he needed a special tool, Hummmmmmm

    RottinrockRottinrock21 gün önce
  • So why would you throw out 10mm.. extremely popular size with Euro and J a pan vehicles.

    BMD Big feetBMD Big feet21 gün önce
  • Not any more, not since they stopped making in the USA.

    George WalterGeorge Walter21 gün önce
  • Saskatchewan socket wrench! Beer came out my nose.

    Nancy SchultzNancy Schultz22 gün önce
  • “Ye Haw ... if it don’t fit just wiggle it a bit”

    MattMatt23 gün önce
  • “Just the tip and only for a minute”

    MattMatt23 gün önce
  • Thanks for not having a fan boy, box of organized polished Gucci Star Wars collectible knickknacks. You know the guy that has a perfect organized polished tool that might as well be his grandmothers crystal clowns collection. You know the same guy that goes shooting 2 a year but reloads and has a custom motorcycle he rides just enough to let people know he has it. F-ck them guys

    jamie oxenreiderjamie oxenreider25 gün önce
  • Trying to understand but I don't speak Canadian lol Nice video.

    John RobinsonJohn Robinson26 gün önce
  • I have a special keyboard 😂😂

    Muskat the Maine CoonMuskat the Maine Coon28 gün önce
  • Lol the 10mm, I have around 5 sets of sockets and I'm using the10 mil out of my wifes pink car tool kit.

    solidus784solidus78429 gün önce
  • They have a deep 3 what.....? 🤣

    Evan TykockiEvan TykockiAylar önce
  • i use 90% metric that's why i have a full set of metric snap on wrenches and then Pittsburgh sae wrenches. that said i cant tell you how many 10mm sockets 12mm wrenches and 5mm allen keys i have lost in roadside repairs. thats why the pack along kits are all cheep harbor freight junk.

    jeff doakjeff doakAylar önce
  • My Mastercraft SAE and Metric sets regular shaft and short shaft work just great.

    M DM DAylar önce
  • Blind camp!?! Hilarious 😂

    Abinoam ReyesAbinoam ReyesAylar önce
  • Spoken like a true Canadian, eh

    Craig the DIYerCraig the DIYerAylar önce
  • I'm so glad I found this guy. So many things I thought I wouldn't have the time to care about make the world of difference

    Levi PankeyLevi PankeyAylar önce
  • You should review some ryobi

    Levi PankeyLevi PankeyAylar önce
  • My Crapsman Mechanic set all have Forged in America on them. Still remember that sale, I think it was half off the 150 piece set, still have all the 10mm. As I haven't used the 10mm. Got them before I needed them, was glad I had them when I needed them as it meant I could do the alternator replacement myself.

    Slw Snowman40Slw Snowman40Aylar önce
  • Have you ever tried King Dick tools. Great British brand

    Ste WilsonSte WilsonAylar önce
  • The camera focus point is in the exact center ..the smooth shiny socket was in the exact center when you were struggling to get focus need contrasting edges and texture detail at the focus point in order to grab focus

    Relaxing NatureRelaxing NatureAylar önce
  • I think stanley owns craftsman now. There is a USA Craftsman version but you have to order them and they cost more than what Craftsman used to sell for when they used to make everything in the USA.

    david ghiglieridavid ghiglieriAylar önce
  • Im not Chinese , but when I feel like a good slanted sphincter choochin , I spend my money on chrome plated bamboo 😳🤯🤣👍

    swampratt36swampratt36Aylar önce
  • I buy sockets by the size of the easy to read numbers showing the sizes. I have cans of old sockets that are shiny chrome and almost impossible to read etched sizes. I don’t care if it is Kobalt, Craftsman, or Stanley! If I can read the numbers, I will buy them.

    Old Guys Rock!!Old Guys Rock!!Aylar önce
  • The original GearWrench was awesome the new ones come in 3 classes and are all in garbage class highest are Snap-off prices.

    Peter smithPeter smithAylar önce
  • I thought I was the only one missing my 10mm all the fuckinggggg time.

    Brian DBrian DAylar önce
  • I bought a set of Craftsman at the Sears in Windsor back about 1989. I was working as a Toolmaker and needed assembly tools, but was still going to University so coin was tight. If you were a real mechanic you bought Snap Off, but there was no way I could afford that. I still have them and they are my primary set of tools in my garage. I've never had a ratchet eff up or a wrench break. It was probably one of the best tool purchases I've made. Losing some has been the only issue. RIP Craftsman.

    Brian DBrian DAylar önce
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    11green1111green11Aylar önce
  • But i would kill the asshole that put a grinder to my openend Gedore and Tona wrenchs there only twice my age of 47, my favorite tools are my 1/4" Plumb ratchet and Rigid/Milltek 6" pipe wrenchs

    Dennis RoarkDennis RoarkAylar önce
  • Lmao , polluted soul, interesting, i highly doubt the good Lord puts any foul meaning to any language we see as foul! If so when he copiloted my truck at 80mph and i told him if he didn't help me out that i was a dead sonofbitch if he didn't he would've told me to go get fucked I'm sure!!! Instead delivered me without so much as a bruise,cut or sprain,, fact!! It is us sinners that put meaning to a word that isn't even in his vocab...

    Dennis RoarkDennis RoarkAylar önce
  • I have tons of the old USA raised panel wrenches and none of them are full polish. Full polish is a new trend.

    Karl DiasKarl DiasAylar önce
  • Stanley bought crapsman.

    Big RICKBig RICKAylar önce
  • Both junk.

    Big RICKBig RICKAylar önce
  • I’ve got two craftsman 1/4 socket sets. The USA made set with laser etching is much cleaner and easier to read as well as centered to be in the same direction when clipped to a socket rail. The Chinese etched ones complete opposite on the etching.

    Janes FairJanes FairAylar önce
  • I'm a mechanic 👨‍🔧, i repair cars, motorcycles, lawn movers, chainsaws, snow blovers, I do welding 👨‍🏭 as well, I work whit my brother, we work in our dads workshop. I like watching your videos. I subsscraibet to your Chaneel. 👍. Keep Up The good work 👍. Cheers. Greetings from Slovenia 🇸🇮. 🤠

    Gašper ajdnik the heavy equipment mechanicGašper ajdnik the heavy equipment mechanicAylar önce
  • Surprised you don't have a trusty old King Dick

    750triton750tritonAylar önce
  • the best socket for the fit is sometimes the one you use a hammer to fit because its customized with rust

    Cory KCory KAylar önce
  • The tool chesticles at the Homeless Despot are junk.

    ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑAylar önce
  • I love my facom tools but they are expensive as f...k

    Kenny HoogstijnsKenny HoogstijnsAylar önce
  • What the fuck did he say?

    RCMMRCMMAylar önce
  • I work on small engines..bikes mostly. Pittsburgh works fine. It's also lifetime. But for my car I always bust out my grandpas old Craftsman tools.

    Raymond NoodelsRaymond NoodelsAylar önce
  • Accidentally started to watch another video by this channel. Now accidentally started to watch this one too. Guess I need to just block it. The guy seems to have a fascination with obscenities for no good reason ... and dicks.

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  • mastercraft is great for home use. canadian tire is good with 70% discounts

    AntonAntonAylar önce
  • Whether they are as good as US made or not is irrelevant. If you are buying communist Chinese built products, you are helping to fund the buildup of the communist Chinese military and WWIII.

    Mike HuntMike HuntAylar önce
  • This a quicky and only for a minute... just until the swelling goes down

    joseph flowersjoseph flowersAylar önce
  • hahaha best review i have ever heard!!

    weizguy1weizguy1Aylar önce

    solinvictus39solinvictus39Aylar önce
Chinese Craftsman tools vs. USA Craftsman?