Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Paul Pierce Leaves LeBron James Out of All-Time Starting Five

THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to Paul Pierce thinking LeBron James is not a top 5 player due to LeBron's use of player movement within his career.
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  • In the playoffs Lebron breaks a record almost every game. If they hadn't hurt Kyrie and Kevin Love that would have been one. After winning they had to get KD. If you dont have him number 1 that's your opinion. It's all a opinion. Kareem has better stats to be number 1 but his shoe isnt selling like Jordan's. But anyone who doesn't have him in their top 5 is hating. The man averaged 40 points and a triple double and he needs a iconic moment. How about leading all players on the court in all divisions. Just enjoy the game.

    CelCelGün önce
  • Bron not in my top 100

    Chris KingChris King2 gün önce
  • Ummm paul pierce wouldnt have a Championship if they didnt get Garnett n Ray allen.... So dont talk about James leaving to a better team. When your the DWade n the good players came to you

    Justin LachowskiJustin Lachowski3 gün önce
  • The only numbers I care about is how many times has Olden Polynice impersonated a cop

    Bill CarsonBill Carson4 gün önce
  • I agree LeBron is the second best. The second best small forward to Larry Bird

    Bill CarsonBill Carson4 gün önce
  • Jerry West lost seven finals won one... Is he s Goat?

    Stone LoveStone Love4 gün önce
  • if an organization is unable to bring any talent to their star player, why would the star stay.

    Jason LeeJason Lee9 gün önce
  • Bron is the 🐏. MJ Had Pippen, Grant, Stockton, Kerr and Rodman. Bron won all of his on his own. MJ needed help and played again bad competition.

    Xavier SteelXavier Steel10 gün önce
  • Sport is about success, quality, records, level of competition and most importantly winning. LeBron has 3 titles in 17 full years. (obviously has loads of great stats and personal success, but I can't stress enough the point they have been done over a full 17 years, from a younger age). He has only one scoring title, 9 less than Jordan, has less mvp's, less finals mvp's, never been defensive player of the year, less defensive teams of the year. He's been less successful in most important measures and in a longer career. 3-6 in finals is bad no matter how you slice it also. Plus playing for USA with pro nba players, he lost at the Olympics in 04. Didn't even get to the final. MJ has 6 titles in 13 seasons at the Bulls (84-93/95-98). Of which one season (85-86) he only played 18 games as he broke his foot. Another season (94-95) he played 27 games having been retired for 18 months and came back at the tail end of the season when not in basketball shape, in his 30's. So 6 titles in 11 full seasons (plus a combined 45 games in those other two seasons). Out of those 11 full seasons he was rookie of the year in his first and (then in every full season he played after that, for the rest of his career at the Bulls) he was10 times scoring champion, averaging the highest ever per game. 9 x all defensive 1st team. Defensive player of the year. 5 time mvp (should have been 7). 6 time final mvp. Plus 6-0 in finals. All in 11 full seasons. He competeted against a higher ratio of top 50 all time players, as well as top 10 all time players. Also had to go through the strongest and toughest Eastern conference teams ever, in the playoffs. Plus great teams from the west in the finals. Overall, in the regular season and post season he was competing against some of the greatest teams in nba history and a whole league of teams that were allowed to defend and defend hard. Having gone to one of the worst teams in the whole league in 84, with no winning history (and haven't really won anything since) and through years of hard work and leadership plus playing at a 9 or 10, out of 10 performance level game after game for years, MJ dragged them up, turned them champions and into the best team in the league hands down. Two 3 peats. LeBron is a great player, but has stats from longevity. Has so many finals from years playing in an easy eastern conference during his career and jumping from team to team. MJ was just truly great. Plus more overtly talented and driven, especially when it came to winning. LeBron hasn't even surpassed Magic (for the record 9 finals, but 5 wins), Bird or Kareem. Never mind comparing him to MJ. At best LeBron is top 5. But he hasn't even made it conclusive that he is definitely top 5 yet. There's still Russell, Wilt, Shaq, Kobe for him to definitively surpass. This goat conversation is getting ridiculous. The media push it, because they want another cash cow like Jordan, who stimulated the economy by 10's of billions of dollars. So they need to push the narrative of James being the goat. But he'll never be on Jordan's level. History will show that to be the case. There's so many astrix's by LeBron's name so far. But let's at least wait to look at his career as a whole when it's finished and see what we think then.

    BobbyBobby13 gün önce
  • I think going to 8 straight is better than 3 and 1 8 straight just going against the teams he had to face 8 straight and being the best player on the floor even in losing is the greatest thing about LeBron legacy 8 straight is very hard

    Anthony AdkinsAnthony Adkins22 gün önce
  • Well Kareem is the all time leading scorer and we debate or actually you debate Jordan and Lebron, instead Jordan and Kareem, and I think that's just as ridiculous. Id actually agree with pierce, Lebron just past Kobe on the all time scoring list, difference is Kobe has 5 championships while lebron 3, and these days people talk about. Lebron being better than Kobe as if it's a foregone conclusion. I beg the differ, I think Kobe is ahead of Lebron, Kareem is most definetly ahead of Lebron that's not even debatable, Duncan had 5 chips, he was amazing, the question really. Should be is Lebron top 10. I agree he's not top 5, to me I don't find the controversial, quite the contrary.

    Moe BoutariMoe Boutari23 gün önce
  • You don't need Lebron if you have Magic. Kove and Michael are the wings

    Daniel DeborinDaniel Deborin25 gün önce
  • How can you put Magic over Bron when Bron is literally just the better version? That's exactly like putting Kobe over MJ.

    S0 FridayS0 Friday26 gün önce
  • Lebron used to beat kobe ass everytime they played

    Chris GreenChris Green27 gün önce
  • Paul is officially on drugs

    Gordoh20Gordoh2029 gün önce
  • At peak Kobe better defender than lebron and anyone with any sense knows lebron can’t fill it like Kobe ..

    Geoff EdwardGeoff EdwardAylar önce
  • Stephen Jackson - lebron James don’t give a fu*k Black lives matter just like .. Native lives Latino lives Caucasian lives Asian lives Arab lives Indian lives The biggest issue is fighting for the poor . Broken lives matter and can be mended.

    Geoff EdwardGeoff EdwardAylar önce
  • I don't think Paul Pierce should be saying anything because he did the same thing he just stayed on his team when he got Kevin I mean Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

    Atrain973 main4life386Atrain973 main4life386Aylar önce
  • Why Paul Pierce is talking a lot of crap he did the same thing he built the team he couldn't win without the Kevin Durant or Ray Allen he is such a hypocrite talkin about that LeBron he's not in LeBron's top 20 of all-time basketball player so I mean it really doesn't matter

    Atrain973 main4life386Atrain973 main4life386Aylar önce
  • Truth is Kobe would SCHOOL everyone in anyone's top 10 EXCEPT Jordan. Also, 5 Chips.

    Wesley DunlopWesley DunlopAylar önce
  • Pierce has lost his mind with some of his views. ♊♊

  • Rob is so stupid🤣🤣🤣 ✈🧳

    Anthony Da papiAnthony Da papiAylar önce
  • Wilt had always felt he always dominated Russell but he felt he was playing against the entire Boston team

    Jimmie Lee PattersonJimmie Lee PattersonAylar önce
  • and he did he took them to the finals from nothing he leave the lottery 4 hrs in a row then goes back and 4 str8 finals with that franchise tf u mean nigga act like he did a KD move

    Holy TrinityHoly TrinityAylar önce
  • pierce makes no sense build up the franchise since when was that a criteria excuse me shaq and kobe didnt build up LA legacy

    Holy TrinityHoly TrinityAylar önce
  • Y’all outta y’all freaking mind he’s best player ever. Not even top 2 weak ass eastern conference. And playing in a weak era

    Terrance JohnsonTerrance JohnsonAylar önce
  • I’ve come to understand that you just have to pat Pierce on the head while saying “awww bwess his little heart” when he says silly stuff like this.

    santosonly7santosonly7Aylar önce
  • Michael Jordan took a terrible team and made them out of Champions. He used the same team that he got drafted from and turnt them into Champions, that's a goat. He never moved to another team, he used what he had to what it was worth and made the bulls the greatest of all times champions in history

    Kenan SpearsKenan SpearsAylar önce
  • Wilt wins or not was the greatest basketball player of all time. He owns the record book. How many extra years did it take the others to pass his scoring total up. I don’t understand how he can be so over looked. May God forgive you all for being so blind.

    Robert JohnsonRobert JohnsonAylar önce
  • Lazybron is not in my top ten. How many years is it taking him to out score Jordan. He wasn’t beat up like the old players and why aren’t they drug testing? How is he really staying in shape?

    Robert JohnsonRobert JohnsonAylar önce
  • Lebron is not in my top 7

    King BeefKing BeefAylar önce
  • Game recognize game. Anyone notice the only other players who ranks Lebron high on their all time lists, are average to below average players he got jobs for and his friends? Other alpha winners, past and present rarely have him as the GOAT

    GeeCoach35GeeCoach35Aylar önce
  • You sportcasters act like winning a game is easy. It's playing cards you need a little luck!

    Charles J. HunnicuttCharles J. HunnicuttAylar önce
  • look at the organization Lebron was raised. They were trash.

    Charles J. HunnicuttCharles J. HunnicuttAylar önce
  • Iconic moment BS. Can we stop with this already? Anyone placing Lebron any less than second has a grudge or is looking for attention

    jordan wienzvegjordan wienzvegAylar önce
  • All these hatin ass comments rlly just further cementing lbj as the best playrr post jordan

    Jack ChesnekJack ChesnekAylar önce
  • In 14:30, its the same argument, in fact Russel plays less games so his average are better, the same for Karim. You cant make the argument of a team achievment to a player, a title is a group or team achievment so nobody its sayinf than Robert Horry who has 7 titles with a different team undefeated is better. In fact Lebron 9 finals is in the most finals plays for a player.

    Francisco ParejaFrancisco ParejaAylar önce
  • How is it possible for it to be better to lose in the Conference Finals than lose in the finals???

    Paxton SharpPaxton SharpAylar önce
  • I never understood the argument losing the finals is worse than not making it at all

    Blake SteelBlake SteelAylar önce
  • Morale of the story: How can we bring down Lebron?

    Darnell CampbellDarnell CampbellAylar önce
  • Mj crying on the floor made me tear up. Aside from horrific injuries like what happened to Paul George it's the saddest sports moments I've ever seen. Whenever I watch a reshowing if that episode I change the channel during that part. It's hard to watch especially if ure close to ur father and I put urself in his shoes while watching it. Brutal.

    Robert CrockerRobert CrockerAylar önce
  • I just want to ask people how long was Lebron supposed to wait for Cleveland to give him a legit #2? He waited for 7 years. They let Carlos Boozer walk. They didn't get Amare when they had the chance. When was it going to happen?

    JukeboxsterJukeboxsterAylar önce
  • Jordan lost 9 times. It's better to lose earlier? Such a stupid argument.

    Last MohicanLast MohicanAylar önce
  • These guys crack me up. How you can say 6 losses in the Finals is worse than getting bounced 6 times in the east playoffs? Absolutely insane. And I love how 2 months of no NBA and a 10 hour documentary can change everyone's mind about Lebron's greatness. We'll see what everyone's saying 2 months from now...

    greggy805greggy805Aylar önce
  • Real real Paul P. fxck this fascist society! He went shopping for greatness-couldn’t afford it in Cleveland

    Kwame JordanKwame JordanAylar önce
  • Hell he not in mine either or Kareem so what? But he low-key tripping like the Cavs were a dynasty before he got there lol

    quinton corneliusquinton corneliusAylar önce
  • Well let's talk about the team celtics bought put together why not put an asterisk hold it against celtics miami with shaq,Gary payton,stacked team on both sides.

    Broderick AdamsBroderick AdamsAylar önce
  • This is how to END the Michael Jordan and Lebron James Goat debate. You compare their Regular Season and Playoffs (Finals) stats (averages) Stats don't lie, and the ball doesn't lie. 🏀 What's on the back of a player's card: stats! Who has the best stats? Who wins? Air Jordan, or King James? Only stats matter. (objective) Everything else is subjective. Forget championships and MVPs. Bill Russell has 11 NBA championships, and nobody considers him the Goat but, the NBA Finals MVP trophy is named after him. (subjective) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar won NBA MVP 6 times but, nobody considers him the Goat. Because you vote for the MVP. (subjective) The NBA championship is a trophy created to be given to the best NBA team, and the NBA MVP is an award given to an NBA player by voters (subjective) So, anyone can win. Compare stats, Jordan versus Lebron, and let's end the debate. Which NBA player has the best stats? Who would you pick to start your team?

    Howard HollywoodHoward HollywoodAylar önce
  • LeBron didn't get paid to be working in the front office. Jordans front office built up his team. Not Jordan. Pierce is a clown and anybody that believes this train of thought is a clown.

    dafunkywormdafunkywormAylar önce
  • We keep forgetting that Micheal Jordan do not win Championships w/o Scottie Pippen or Dennis Rodman.

    Tim BryantTim BryantAylar önce
  • Why do people still pay attention to Paul Pierce?

    Nut MusicNut MusicAylar önce
  • So now defense isn’t iconic?? Man they move goal post more than a damn video game. That block to stop a win in Game 7 wasn’t iconic. Wow.

    Professor BirdProfessor BirdAylar önce
  • I hate how people don’t use logic 🤦‍♂️ Nobody was coming to Cleveland, NO ONE. If players don’t wanna be there they not coming. And Magic didn’t have to go anywhere bcuz he came in to the league with Kareem. Kobe cane in with Shaq (Prime), Bird had Mchale and Parrish. Y’all gotta cut this out. Cavs couldn’t build a team and that’s why he left. Now let’s be thorough, Lebron DID NOT JOIN OR MAKE A SUPER TEAM. People for the last time; if you don’t play or leave the team and they’re not SUPER, it’s not a super team. Lebron made teams super. There’s a difference. Yes he formed a good 3 headed monster in Miami. Did you see how the guy said Magic, Jordan, and Bird? Who considers wade or Bosh like magic and Bird? Love Wade, had a couple unstoppable runs but he’s not even mentioned in people’s Top 15. Just use logic that’s all I ask. Not bias and points. We can all make points.

    Professor BirdProfessor BirdAylar önce
  • Lebron GOAT (Get Out Any Time)

    Kay VajKay VajAylar önce
  • Lebron in 2016 lead both teams in every statistical category in the finals.. Points, Blocks, Steals, Assists and Rebounds but ahh no iconic offensive moments just doing it against a 73 - 9 win team.. LeBron in 2017 the first player to ever average a triple double this was a against a team that went was 73-9 and added KD.. I mean this is ridiculous the hate is stupid.. LBJ has more clutch shots at a higher percentage in the playoffs than MJ.. There is not always a call for a buzzer beater in the finals.. Its super stupid..

    KODKODAylar önce
  • How people have Kobe in there top 5 are in insane.. LBJ is wayyy better than Kobe and Magic.. The only debate is MJ Kareem and LBJ.. If MJ was on the cavs or Kobe was on the cavs they 100% would of left given the talent that the cavs got for LBJ.. Kobe asked to be traded.. MJ threatened to leave hell he did leave and go play baseball.. Stop this crap..

    KODKODAylar önce
  • He should have stayed in Cleveland & won about 5 titles then he could be in the top five

    Kevoi PrinceKevoi PrinceAylar önce
  • I agree Paul💯

    Kevoi PrinceKevoi PrinceAylar önce
  • Brons block was his iconic moment.

    Joseph TJoseph TAylar önce
  • Agree with Paul 100

    Term InatorTerm InatorAylar önce
  • So by that logic Jerry West should be considered the goat because he went to 9 finals with the same team in an era where there wasn’t movement in free agency, since we’re giving out participation trophies

    NFANFAAylar önce
  • I agree with Paul Pierce. The man played against both Kobe and LeBron. It doesn't surprise me that he'd rank Kobe higher than LeBron. Also, it his opinion and he's allowed to have one.

    jessejesseAylar önce
  • Moving to create better opportunity is to be frowned on. Your success should be measured not by your own merits, but by the merits of others. Don't waste your time striving, you will never be better than _________ as long as we are deciding. Losing in the conference finals (or before that) is better than losing in the Finals. There should only be one way (one path) to success; don't try and carve out your own because we won't acknowledge it. I am right, you are wrong, and I must win! ---That's what all the "Jordan is the GOAT, bar none" mindless drones sound like.---

    Ellis MarcelleEllis MarcelleAylar önce
  • I think Lebron could leave the Lakers and join the Clippers.

    ibn faqiribn faqirAylar önce
  • I admit I held it against LeBron because the media immediately crowned him the King and Compared him to Jordan. That was Disrespectful. Now LeBron Resume and Pedigree is more than Worthy to be called that and Compared to the Reigning King. Is he the G.O.A.T? “NO” but he doesn’t have to be. He has a different Game and the fact that his overall numbers as being the Iron Man than no other proposed Goat can say. At this point in their career and I include Kobe in my Top 3. LeBron deserves to be in that Conversation because right now it’s just a Preference Thing.

    patrick brookspatrick brooksAylar önce
  • Look. Stop bashing him about running to Miami. The man had to get his mom's out of Cleveland

    Shawn CarterShawn CarterAylar önce
  • Alot of ppl lol these niggas is clowns, only analyst put Lebron over Kobe, Bird, Duncan and Magic. And when the same question is asked to players who have played against 3 of these guys on the list they all say Lebron is behind them all.

    Daniel MorenoDaniel MorenoAylar önce
  • Great comparison with the brave and lebron's record. Great Job Rob. We all know it's harder to get to the world series than the nba championship

    Daniel MorenoDaniel MorenoAylar önce
  • It's his opinion so who cares. Plus he has played in the league I would listen to him more than any analyst.

    Daniel MorenoDaniel MorenoAylar önce
  • He's not better than Olajuwon, Duncan, Kobe, Shaq, Sinder, Russell, Magic, and Bird

    Marc MitchellMarc MitchellAylar önce
Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Paul Pierce Leaves LeBron James Out of All-Time Starting Five