Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Jeep Cherokee

Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Jeep Grand Cherokee This car was used as a transport for goats and by doing so the smell and filth that is soaked into the carpet and seats was disgusting! With my carpet extractor and drill brush I was able to transform this car and the owners reaction was perfect! If you like carpet cleaning or vacuuming this video also has some great footage of my technique!
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  • You’re close to 500K subs! It is well deserved. Your videos have actually motivated me to start car detailing. Keep up the great work 👍🏾

    Kevin VargasKevin VargasAylar önce
    • Vortex cleaning gun would be good for the hard-to-reach places

      Jeffrey YarbroughJeffrey Yarbrough27 gün önce
    • For those hard to reach place and like where all the electrical components are like the buttons you should use a air hose compressor

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  • "Agitate the carpet" Merch??😂😂

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  • When i go to clean my tires i use armor all. It can be bought at the dollar store. You jus spray it around on the tires. No wiping, no scrubbing. Just spray it on and go about your business. Its a yellow bottle with a black lid. I think its called tire shine. Dont quote me on it. Ive been lazy and havent cleaned my car in awhile. But it works great on my tires. I use on on my husbands pick up tires as well.

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  • Also that vould be molasses but any owner that feeds that muvh is crazy looks more like its red cell a liquid dark red fluid thats full of minerals it smells horrid too I'm betting thats what it is

    Eli KenanEli Kenan3 gün önce
  • I own goats and many other animals that cause smell and stain and kids i use baking soda and vinegar and worked perfect gets out the smell and stains

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  • What dose your extractor sound like

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  • At the end, i feel like I’m missing the full before and after experience, if you could make those clips longer and slower. Your channel is so satisfying to watch. I love watching all the dirt get washed out of the carpets.

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  • You did all that work and you didn't clean the head liner

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  • Agitate the carpet with the drill brush and 10 times worse are his number 1 sayings

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  • You just helped cover up a murder scene my guy

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  • How long did this detailing take?

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  • Sits and watches 27 minute video on car detailing. Takes car to detailer because I am too busy!

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  • Just a suggestion but once you brush the carpet using the steamer might help some to lift the stains

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  • What a great channel! I've been watching your Wife's and your family youtube channel for years and didn't realize you also had a channel. You guys must be a super busy family with 3 successful youtube channels and 5 children! Awesome! Love you guys!

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  • I’m 22 with no license but man I can’t get enough of this lol

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    • All are listed in the description box 😎

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  • so grateful for our videos i'm a stay at home housewife and i work part time st a hotel and guess what is my passion since i was teen i usto clean cars inside but just spray scrub brush with my own hands and dry the water with rags and now that i am seeing these videos you have inspired me to start buying all the real tool necessary i nd to do some good detailing i loveee it then and wacthing your videos iiii ws soo happy i love wacthing your videos it just gets me pumped for when i start ordering lo my tools thank you for your videos inspiration i am gonna do my family and friends car can't wait thank you again

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  • Im curious to know your detailing process during the colder months when tough can't use the outdoor heat to dry the car mats?

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  • Wouldn't waste my time cleaning floor mats. Just get a new set

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  • Talking about goats they sit wherever they want, lol. Man, how I wish I was young once more, you take the seats out of almost every car or truck I have seen you do, it truly is the best way to really do a better job. I am curious and you may not be able to say, but from all the vehicles that you do, I can't imagine how much a detail job like you do would cost? I think that when I started watching your videos, your extractor was the Bissell's Green Machine, maybe I'm thinking of someone else's video, but I have quite a few of the same items you have after looking over your List @Amazon, but I'm a disabled individual (the old 67-year-old guy) and money is a big deal as with most everyone, but on the extractor, what would you suggest in the $100.00 to $150.00 range, I know the one you are using is around $600.00, and Bissell has one that is a so-called Professional one over and above the Green Machine, it doesn't have to be a Bissell in case some other brand has a better rating. I surely can't afford that (the one like you have) until I get into detailing more and getting over breaking my arm this early summer. Wow, what a year it has been for this old Dude, lol !! #GOATMOTEL

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Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Jeep Cherokee