Coke and Mentos Explosion! #shorts




  • He’s the type of guy to go all the way to the airport and forget his suitcase

    Tiesha BrownTiesha Brown13 saatler önce
  • Wozu der besen?

    DomiComDomiCom13 saatler önce
  • he is my neighboor!!!

    JONY MATVEIJONY MATVEI13 saatler önce
  • You know what, im cool with tvshows or sports events nr. 1 on trending instead of this crap

    Usman KhanUsman Khan13 saatler önce
  • Сиким ин баси

    Haldun ElekberliHaldun Elekberli13 saatler önce
  • He's the type of guy to get his ass kicked by LLCoolJ

    TrinkBruderTrinkBruder13 saatler önce
  • Cool

    July YepesJuly Yepes13 saatler önce
  • I am pretty annoyed from the comments of he is the type of guy that's weird 🌚

    #Ghazaunderattack#Ghazaunderattack13 saatler önce
  • Ali AbbasAli Abbas13 saatler önce
  • 木村スバルなにやってんだ

    ナムウェイナムウェイ13 saatler önce
  • Why does so many people like this, this trend is old

    Jorge AguilarJorge Aguilar13 saatler önce
  • He's the type of guy who would burn his own house just for some heat.

    Eren ・イェーガーEren ・イェーガー13 saatler önce
  • He is the type of guy to look for his glasses but he already has them on

    Vietnam MappingVietnam Mapping13 saatler önce
  • He’s the type of guy to say “1 2 3 that’s enough for me”

    purpaxopurpaxo13 saatler önce
  • Aminah FarahAminah Farah13 saatler önce
  • Cocacola CO²

    Ballez la BawfatekaBallez la Bawfateka13 saatler önce
  • why tf does he grab the fucking broom..? like..? what?

    David KalaydjievDavid Kalaydjiev13 saatler önce
  • Acaso le tiene miedo? Parece el hombre caverna jaja

    ꧁EłMคƒ¡σรσ꧂꧁EłMคƒ¡σรσ꧂13 saatler önce
  • He’s the type of guy will get a broom and yells behind a chair

    Remon MirandaRemon Miranda13 saatler önce
  • Wtf was the broom for

    MrWoofDogMrWoofDog13 saatler önce
  • He is the type of guy that everybody comments on his videos « he’s the type of guy »

    MëdMëd13 saatler önce
  • Tbh this is old-school TRvision at its best

    GoodNightGoodNight13 saatler önce
  • Why is this so satisfying 😍😍

    GoodNightGoodNight13 saatler önce
  • No ten ga miedo ceno pasa nada

    anaana13 saatler önce

    Liam NoahLiam Noah13 saatler önce
  • He’s the type of guy that doesn’t make it has 30 because he doesn’t know how to make Mac and cheese

    Ayron HarrisonAyron Harrison13 saatler önce
  • Hi, i would like to ask the name of the song which plays in the video!I would appreciate someone to tell me the song!

    last cancerlast cancer13 saatler önce
  • I'm just a kid 😂

    My PlanetMy Planet13 saatler önce
  • What's your choice of weapon? Me: flamethrower! Him: broom!

    FaceTheOddsFaceTheOdds13 saatler önce
  • Si eres más tonto no naces

    Enrique MorenoEnrique Moreno13 saatler önce
  • The owners of the house know the guy who cut the grass is doing this?

    JC CicJC Cic13 saatler önce
  • I don't know but his TRvision name..... Was so cringe..... AnthonySenpai? Ugh.... VERY CRINGE FOR ME

    Adilia LunaAdilia Luna13 saatler önce
  • You’re supposed to use DIET coke, dumbass!

    Chicken FateChicken Fate13 saatler önce
  • He's the type of guy to brush his teeth after drinking water

    VeeGCVeeGC13 saatler önce
  • I fkn love vids like this!! Straight to the point unlike other leeches

    FloridaGrownFloridaGrown13 saatler önce
  • This jus gave me what I needed to see 🤔😂 💯 🚀

    Rellyyy DoRightt420Rellyyy DoRightt42013 saatler önce
  • 27 MILLION IN 1 DAY??

    PandyPandy13 saatler önce
  • the power of the broom-

    Trippet RobloxTrippet Roblox13 saatler önce
  • Whats with the broom...? Did you really lack attention?

    Do Like You Would Be Done ByDo Like You Would Be Done By13 saatler önce
  • Wtf was the broom for 😂

    21sled21sled13 saatler önce
  • 🇬🇵🇷🇸🇹🇯🇬🇱🇫🇷🇬🇹🇸🇾🇻🇪🇬🇩🇫🇷🇹🇯🇫🇷🇸🇷😤😊😞

    خالد الصاهليخالد الصاهلي13 saatler önce
  • #1 on trending 😎👊🏽

    Kam KamKam Kam13 saatler önce
  • he’s the type of guy that looks up on youtube april fool pranks of 5 min craft

    Mabel arenasMabel arenas13 saatler önce
  • He is the type of guy who sits on the tv and watches the couch

    ✨Alaska ✨✨Alaska ✨13 saatler önce
  • It looks like a rush of milk from the penis. 🤣

    الطبيعه physicalالطبيعه physical13 saatler önce
  • Itna bi darne ki zarurat nahi thi vese 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Noor-Af-Shan BaderNoor-Af-Shan Bader13 saatler önce
  • 😐

    wtf gunterwtf gunter13 saatler önce
  • Tive que baixar o volume kkkkk

    Arquiduquesa SunsexArquiduquesa Sunsex13 saatler önce
  • F

    Milo Roman Maciel valdovinoMilo Roman Maciel valdovino13 saatler önce
  • y is this #2 on trending?

    Jadvir RanuJadvir Ranu13 saatler önce
  • 👋😃😘👋

    Fernanda PalaciosFernanda Palacios13 saatler önce
  • No manches

    alan Toledoalan Toledo13 saatler önce
  • Good trick keep it up but don't stop posting 1:03

    Sweet N SpicesSweet N Spices13 saatler önce
  • he's the type of guy who thinks his food runs because its fast food.

    luzuriousluzurious13 saatler önce
  • he is mentol

    Tahir Naeem AkhtarTahir Naeem Akhtar13 saatler önce
  • Pre explosion: If the bottle comes my way I'll joust with it and get a million views, (grabs push broom) During expansion: oh shit it didn't tip over, why am I so scare, prolly look like a punk on camera. Maybe I should.... After ballin pop: oh shit I wasn't ready for that, I think I peed a lil, was that a shart or I'm I just sweating back there?

    Moe MoneyMoe Money13 saatler önce
  • I remember the old him, and the old reaction time. Very sad to see... this... but you still got the scream so that’s good

    Sir Hamps the GreatSir Hamps the Great13 saatler önce
  • It's cool but the broom was unnecessary

    Number OneNumber One13 saatler önce
  • He’s the kind of guy who will make a dumb video so he can read the comments and figure out what kind of guy he is

    McWillMcWill13 saatler önce
  • 27 million views and 7 k comments...

    YaliYali13 saatler önce
  • Essa é a trilha sonora de que mesmo?

    Isaac SantosIsaac Santos13 saatler önce
  • Abre mas la boca guey

    roberto flores perezroberto flores perez13 saatler önce
  • 🤨😐😑🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨😐😐😐😐😐😐😑😑😑😑😈😈😈😈

    а4а413 saatler önce
  • Este guey de que tribu viene..o de que pinche lugar remoto alejado del pinche mundo

    roberto flores perezroberto flores perez13 saatler önce
  • People who fake stupid shit like this and have a god damn mansion or nice backyard are fucking poseurs.

    W0LF B3AT5W0LF B3AT513 saatler önce
  • He’s the type of guy to have comments like this

    Nocturnal BNocturnal B13 saatler önce
Coke and Mentos Explosion! #shorts