College Kids React To 10 Things That Were #1 This Week

The #1 Of EVERYTHING Of The Week reacted to by College Kids. Original links below.
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College Kids react to the #1 of EVERYTHING Of The Week. Watch to see their reactions.
Content Featured:
These were at the top of the lists at the time of filming and may
change by the time this episode is released.
Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care [Official Lyric Video]
Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Official Movie) ft. Billy Ray Cyrus
Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall (Official Video)
Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer
The Big Bang Theory Theme Song
Power Gauntlet
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Ethan James
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College Kids React To 10 Things That Were #1 This Week



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    FBEFBEYıl önce
    • React to the top ten movies and they have to guess what is on what top.

      Jenna HeuvelJenna HeuvelYıl önce
    • React to Igor

      Nicklas Omme FrederiksenNicklas Omme FrederiksenYıl önce
    • Makayla nott is right teens you should try tiny cars i have it on my phone and the game is so much fun im on level 161 teens please play tiny cars

      Brandi BettsBrandi BettsYıl önce

      Jvylean AJvylean AYıl önce
    • life hack2019 Love you

      Yorks DadYorks DadYıl önce
  • it goes 17 weeks as #1 lol its only 6 right now

    Kruppt808Kruppt8082 aylar önce
  • anyone knows Alberto´s snap? uwu

    Isabelle BeauchampIsabelle Beauchamp3 aylar önce
  • I literally couldn´t stop laughing at the boys trying the filter LMAOOO

    Isabelle BeauchampIsabelle Beauchamp3 aylar önce
  • Best game

    Floris BonteFloris Bonte3 aylar önce
  • "Old time road"! #1 Iove this song!

    TheMsLady4RealTheMsLady4RealYıl önce
  • See? I knew people still like Frozen. IN YOUR FACE, BRO My brother hates Frozen. But I don't care.

    Alyssa Melia SullanoAlyssa Melia SullanoYıl önce
  • (clears throat) "Endgame) "Detective Pikachu" "Sonic" No, "Endgame" Yeah, I'm not putting myself through another 3 hours of taking down Thanos....sorry...

    Alyssa Melia SullanoAlyssa Melia SullanoYıl önce
  • React to NOTHING...

    Tavarez VlogsTavarez VlogsYıl önce
  • React to Pierce the Veil

    pixpixYıl önce
  • React to EDEN

    pixpixYıl önce
  • lauren montgomerylauren montgomeryYıl önce
  • Try not to get happy

    osama alsayedosama alsayedYıl önce
  • YES very glad vampire weekend was in here

    teaganteaganYıl önce
  • Yee hah juce

    Alexander martinezAlexander martinezYıl önce
  • They need to react to Rambo V trailer because it has Old Town Road in it!

    Jaden KlipaJaden KlipaYıl önce
  • Power Gauntlet haha

    Kim TumakayKim TumakayYıl önce
  • hi

    Jonathan SoeJonathan SoeYıl önce
  • Old town road I started listening it from Rambo last blood

    _KenjiTX1__KenjiTX1_Yıl önce
  • 3:13 your really, really weird.....

    ElectroWolf 2486ElectroWolf 2486Yıl önce
  • She said three different genres the said two at 3:13🤦‍♀️

    Alana DavisAlana DavisYıl önce
  • Parents look though their baby pictures and their kids baby pictures compare

    Crona StarCrona StarYıl önce
  • React to tik tok trends

    a Aliaa AliaYıl önce
  • React to Nothing But Thieves, please!

    Elia FernandesElia FernandesYıl önce
  • Y’all should do the a most common conspiracy theories or a video all about Grumpy Cat. 😪RIP Grumpy Cat.

    Aracely De La TorreAracely De La TorreYıl önce
  • When John wick 3 does better than endgame on opening weekend.... hold up

    Staples GiftbagStaples GiftbagYıl önce
  • maybe the most talked about male and female artists of that week, what’s number 1 on trending on youtube or twitter

    niamh xniamh xYıl önce
  • I think that you could do more of this, or reacting to movie Easter eggs.

    LightningLightningYıl önce
  • “Part of me wants to go see it again but part of me just doesn’t want to put myself through that again.” Isn’t that most relatable thing I’ve ever heard.

    Marvel ThingsMarvel ThingsYıl önce
  • call of duty modern warfare

    WheelWheelYıl önce
  • 9:34 is it me or does she look like Peter Parker from the amazing spider man 2..

    mouradmouradYıl önce
  • When you're a Kpop fan but you also stan fbe who's fans hate kpop so you just go through the commens wihou getting mad cause a fan wants them to do bts and somebody says they are trash

    Hvney BvnHvney BvnYıl önce
    • @IN NEED OF BTSIKR I kinda like fbe so I watched the video

      Hvney BvnHvney BvnYıl önce
    • kim seokjin is my senpai i came here looking for BTS to be #1 Boy band of the century 😂😂😂

    • kim seokjin is my senpai sameeeee

      Books, Broadway And BTSBooks, Broadway And BTSYıl önce
  • Every time Brandon is in a vid and it’s about songs or trends he literally knows everything

    Rafi YuleRafi YuleYıl önce
  • Most popular sports game

    alex lovingalex lovingYıl önce
  • 9:45 he kinda looks like Gabbie

    PedroPedroYıl önce
  • have any of them heard of lipsi? it didn’t see like it lol

    Sienna SternSienna SternYıl önce
  • Yeah going to take my hose to the time-warp again rats and I can't no more take my rat's you're not kids no more

    Christian NievesChristian NievesYıl önce
  • 9:29 she look like sergio

    Liu AntonioLiu AntonioYıl önce
  • You should cover like the TOP 10 video games if you want to get into esports

    andy ramirezandy ramirezYıl önce
  • cover soccer

    cristian Rodriguezcristian RodriguezYıl önce
  • Do a reaction video to the drake beef with warriors in the NBA finals. Talk about the "drake curse", his ties with the warriors and the game one drama.🙏🙏🔥🔥

    Enrique JaramilloEnrique JaramilloYıl önce
  • People in a nutshell: what are all of these

    Golden Trolley ModeratorGolden Trolley ModeratorYıl önce
  • 9:44 he looks like the girl from DC legends of tomorrow

    Shawns a VirginShawns a VirginYıl önce
  • 9:13 she looks like tommy

    Shawns a VirginShawns a VirginYıl önce
  • When your almost two weeks behind on videos so you can't get the gauntlet...

    Spider BoiSpider BoiYıl önce
  • College kids react to lost pause

    Laillet The EndlessLaillet The EndlessYıl önce
  • You guys should review your top ten most viewed videos

    okemaokemaYıl önce
  • Cover the most sold game off the week. 🙃

    reeeyeeterreeeyeeterYıl önce
  • Do rate vids and plss i want the gaunlet

    kiara marykiara maryYıl önce
  • Why Alberto looks so much like Tori with the snapchat filteeer lolll

    Theodora DimitrovaTheodora DimitrovaYıl önce
  • The first song sounds like something that would be in Mac Donald's

    fartoun hassanfartoun hassanYıl önce
  • you should do a college kids react to top 10 memes of the week. love your vids btw!!!

    Moudy PlayzMoudy PlayzYıl önce
  • Chelsea is so pretty

    majestic zebramajestic zebraYıl önce
  • React to ceeday

    Rogelio MaldonadoRogelio MaldonadoYıl önce
  • Look at the E3 games

    Grayson CruzGrayson CruzYıl önce
  • you should do people meet billie eilish :)))

    summer 2007summer 2007Yıl önce
  • I cried a lot in endgame it was so sad but really cool

  • You guys should react Fortnite in different countries

    jAsMmInEjAsMmInEYıl önce
  • You should do #1 song or something from when each of them were on the show to now

    Liam CLiam CYıl önce
  • Popular food of the week

    Eduardo SalazarEduardo SalazarYıl önce
  • Do the top rap song pls

    Caydan IannuzzelliCaydan IannuzzelliYıl önce
  • you guys should react to global warming (environment)

    annie daoannie daoYıl önce
  • Try some top 10 lists in other countries to show people what is popular in different places other than NA. That would be sick.

    SmeticusSmeticusYıl önce
  • Do some more reacting to song artists

    Jacob BislerJacob BislerYıl önce
  • Most popular emoji of the week and filter of the week

    jay mcmanusjay mcmanusYıl önce
  • Old people reacts to new trends in the world

    TAMIM __TAMIM __Yıl önce
  • You should make them react to sausage party trailer

    Mcjcjdj KsododkMcjcjdj KsododkYıl önce
  • You should make reactors try food from the lowest rated restaurant

    vortex_BEAST19 Fortnite GODvortex_BEAST19 Fortnite GODYıl önce
  • You guys should cover the worst rated items on Amazon and make the reactors try them

    Diego RosadoDiego RosadoYıl önce
  • react to pokemon sword and shield direct on the fifth

    Quiet EagleQuiet EagleYıl önce
College Kids React To 10 Things That Were #1 This Week