Couple Break Up For 24 Hours - Challenge **HE CHEATED**💔| Piper Rockelle

Shalom bbys it’s Piper Rockelle. Hope your day is great but better watching couple break up for 24 hours challenge (he cheated). Today my boyfriend (Lev Cameron) and I broke up for 24 hours to see what it would be like if we were no longer together. Luckily my best friends did this challenge with me by breaking up with their boyfriends (Jentzen Ramirez, Ayden Mekus) too! These break ups were very emotional for the girls but how did the boys react to being broken up for 24 hours? Will they try to find new girlfriends? Will we ever stop crying? Watch until the end to see if our relationship withstands this crazy 24 hour challenge. Will this be a 24 hour break up or a forever break up???
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    Couple Break Up For 24 Hours - Challenge **HE CHEATED**💔| Piper Rockelle