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  • Lol does it look like I care woman? 00:00

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  • It made my laptop cd holder break i got it replaced today 🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • It works

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  • Joujhut,

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  • I am going to try the gum one

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  • it works

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  • i love life hacks

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  • What if ur black? Do u cook them?

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  • It works for the cop holder for the pc

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  • I know 2:02 before i watched

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  • He said pissed holder

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  • Poo is you

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  • The laptop drink holder just snaps the cd holder off I now have to buy a new one

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    • Tay and Mikey i think the drink was too heavy

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    • Yup

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  • Do the toothpaste gummies actually taste good? Cuz I’m curious :D

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  • 2:34 wouldn’t it melt

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  • 1:26 rip poor teddy

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  • Computer trick works

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  • Why the hell would you want to hot glue your phone

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  • RIP bear

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  • You really believe this

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  • Laptop broke

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  • 0:24 what is a free home cinnamon

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  • I have eraseable highlighters

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  • I see your old channel you swear ?!

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  • 2:42 I don’t think everyone could do that one

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  • I hate dogs

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  • 0:49 pEpsi bottle

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  • Why do you end the video without an outro

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  • Give me a shout out Jacob or rugby bro

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  • 2:28 She looks so sad...sowwy

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  • 0:27 the plate isn’t free the phone isn’t free phone case isn’t free the maker isn’t free

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  • Did he said piss instead of saying pierce

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  • 2:29 do you have to chew the gum or chew it a little and have to brush??

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  • Shut up lady fudge I love the dog one I have one

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  • The laptop one works

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  • I did the DVD one it kinda works

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  • Check my video under bed

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  • I like the part where you steal other people's content from other pages and narrate over it... Oh wait.... No i dont

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  • Teddy : please don’t ki- me: I shouldn’t have done this ..... it’s creepy . Teddy : YOU WILL PAY . Me : AAAAAAA

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  • clickbait that can lure you to click it!

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  • I try to do though toothpaste life hacks and it’s fake

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  • It duse

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  • He's just narrating what's happening?? Is this content?

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  • The laptop one with the coke can works 😀😀

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  • I hate your channel i think ok

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  • The last 1 was the best

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  • Fake ALL fake

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  • 50% of these don't even work

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  • Why does everybody the does screen life hacks like a phone stand look at their channel

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  • U realise these are fake right IDIOT

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