Daenerys Targaryen | In the end

"I have never been nothing. I am the blood of the dragon."
» Coloring: Evelyn Jackson
» Song: "In The End" Linkin Park Cinematic Cover (feat. Jung Youth & Fleurie), produced by Tommee Profitt (trvision.net/detail/video-8qLL2Gx3I_k.html)
» A huge thank you to xQueenOfChaos who taught me how to do the thumbnail of this video. I'm very very grateful so I'll leave the link to her tutorial here in case anyone wants to watch: trvision.net/detail/video-roSJHJ6n87c.html ❤️
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  • Me encanta

    Ashley Daniel Coronel MoralesAshley Daniel Coronel Morales16 gün önce
  • The only one who didnt betray her at the end, and stay with her was Drogon... I cried a lot at the end, when shows everything she have lost and everyone who betrayed her, and there was Drogon, from the start to the end...

    Giovanna RockGiovanna Rock23 gün önce
  • 😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔

    Felipe RibeiroFelipe Ribeiro25 gün önce
  • Uyi

    Léa VoisinLéa VoisinAylar önce
  • Since season 6 they gave the starks wealth power and all that but they took daenerys ally, friends,

    Anis Ben AmmarAnis Ben AmmarAylar önce
  • 💘💘

    Phellipe ArlindoPhellipe Arlindo2 aylar önce
  • I love this video so much it's one of my fav I get teary eyed everytime

    Prlnce CasperPrlnce Casper2 aylar önce
  • Catherine of Aragon was like Daenerys definitely..

    Hanna MarinHanna Marin2 aylar önce
  • This song matches Daenerys’ story. All her hard work was for nothing in the end since she didn’t even get the throne

    Tragic SaviorTragic Savior3 aylar önce
  • Ohhh... This End... NOOOO...

    AngyparadoxeAngyparadoxe5 aylar önce
  • I'm crying😭😭😭

    Cоня ПикаCоня Пика5 aylar önce
  • Long live the true queen of Westeros, Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the first of her name, Queen of the Andals and the first men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains, and the Mother of Dragons

    House StarkgaryenHouse Starkgaryen5 aylar önce
  • the world is darker without her

    auxiliar Subauxiliar Sub6 aylar önce
  • She was very good at the beginning but very bad at the end John had to but her down.

    itsme__ __itsme__ __6 aylar önce
  • Im crying 😥

    Daenerys TargaryenDaenerys Targaryen6 aylar önce
  • The Conqueror lives on.

    Gemini SwordGemini Sword6 aylar önce
  • R I P

    Conor McGregorConor McGregor6 aylar önce
  • This song represent exactly what I am.

    Akash AugustinAkash Augustin6 aylar önce
  • Better video than the movie. Very powerful

    Anthea MayAnthea May6 aylar önce
  • My forever QUEEN!!!!!!👑🐉🖤

    Jaja bearJaja bear6 aylar önce
  • I remember the day she died I was having an exam that determined whether I'll get into the uni I wanted. Months prior I got a bracelet from my boyfriend with two silver dragon heads and black and blue minerals in it, which I wore for good luck . The exam went pretty bad and I thought it was fitting to fail on the day she died. I didn't fail, I got into that university, and I wear the bracelet as often as possible. I don't care if they did her wrong, if they killed her. I really don't. This woman gave me and still gives me unbelievable amount of power. This video is beautiful and sums her up entirely. How she was the most delicate yet fierce flame I've ever seen.

    Szőke ZitaSzőke Zita6 aylar önce

    catcat6 aylar önce
  • always my queen

    reiraprincessreiraprincess6 aylar önce
  • This is great! Good job !

    LeAnne MiddlebrookLeAnne Middlebrook6 aylar önce
  • Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regent of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons ❤

    JC RodriguezJC Rodriguez6 aylar önce
  • The song is more meaningful after season 8

    Sema KayaSema Kaya6 aylar önce
  • I'm crying

    Collins cxCollins cx6 aylar önce
  • Awww poor Dany..... D&D ruined her story

    Lee LeeLee Lee6 aylar önce
  • My Queen deserved better

    Esha AmirEsha Amir6 aylar önce
  • 😭❤

    JC RodriguezJC Rodriguez6 aylar önce
  • After seeing this I remember how pissed I was after her death. I rooted for her since season 1 and they threw everything she fought for and this whole character development away...

    Chris FoxChris Fox6 aylar önce
  • I like the idea of democracy but queen dany so deserved that crown and from previous seasons she fought so hard to defeat the mad ruler titles ugh I like the idea of democracy in Westeros though to prevent future tyrants why couldn’t she have introduced democracy after her reign since she can’t have kids

    Dahabo AbdiDahabo Abdi6 aylar önce
  • Goosebumps...

    Merel LamMerel Lam6 aylar önce
  • This made more sense than season 8. Nice work

    Sarah DSarah D6 aylar önce
  • Best character of the show up until season 8 episode 4. Episode 4 is really when the show went downhill in my opinion

    House StarkgaryenHouse Starkgaryen6 aylar önce
  • Lol why did she burn the city tho....

    Gökhan A.Gökhan A.6 aylar önce

    Archen ForeverArchen Forever6 aylar önce
  • I think they faked the end of GoT and will continue. There are many hints.

    Erza SakurashiErza Sakurashi6 aylar önce
  • People of westeros never loved this bitch! Bitch showed She is like mad king . Jon killed her fucking perfect . fangirls keep barking POOR WRITINGS

    Bharath 97Bharath 976 aylar önce
  • Guys, life is not so right. She let the guard down. This is why she died. Unfortunetly, when you are too nice, you will suffer. This is life !

    Roxana.LRoxana.L6 aylar önce
  • All the other characters paled in comparison to her. Its really painful how she met her end.

    Eunica IjaEunica Ija6 aylar önce
  • it was such an amazing character, the best of all stories i saw

    Urban MonkeyUrban Monkey6 aylar önce
  • bro im so glad she finally got what she deserved

    IllyasvielIllyasviel6 aylar önce
  • This song fits her so well, all her emotions are tied in. One of the best tributes of her I’ve seen in my days. Wonderful work ♥️ Now and always...

    Taylor JTaylor J6 aylar önce
    • Thanks ♥️

      jennyfer of themyscirajennyfer of themyscira6 aylar önce
  • Despite the plot mishaps, Emilia Clarke acted well even till the end. The scene on top of Drogon as she looses to her Rage was a perfect rendition.

    Cadamban KannanCadamban Kannan6 aylar önce
  • This video makes more sense than season 8!! I love it! If that was put like that with more time, it could have been good

    Mu RMu R6 aylar önce
  • I'm impressed that this didn't got a strike cause of the nudism...

    Pedro RebeloPedro Rebelo6 aylar önce
    • same this was also my thought on the end of this video, so much naked Daenerys

      LoliChanLoliChan6 aylar önce
  • _I have been sold like a broodmare. I have been shamed and betrayed, raped and defiled. Do you know what kept me standing through all those years in exile? Faith... not as any gods, not in myths and legends, but in myself_

    Taylor BrownTaylor Brown6 aylar önce
  • Beautifully done!

    Kerri HinerKerri Hiner6 aylar önce
  • Name of song??, please

    Kono_2Kono_26 aylar önce
    • This version is a cover by Jung Youth and Fleurie. But the original is In The End by Linkin Park.

      DaphneDaphne6 aylar önce
  • She really deserved better. She is, in my opinion, the character who had made the greatest efforts amongst the other characters... throughout the series.

    John VincentJohn Vincent6 aylar önce
  • I love her so much! She had flaws but still she is a character to be remembered for lifetime.. Valar Morghulis.

    Ria - Zul - ZannahRia - Zul - Zannah6 aylar önce
  • Bravo!!

    pieceofROD2pieceofROD26 aylar önce
  • “Dracarys”

    Sibusiso StarSibusiso Star6 aylar önce
  • I can forgive cheating, i can forgive stealing even a punch in my face... but i can not forgive D&D for what they did with GOT and specially with my beloved Queen Danny... i hate them!

    Mey De Odair 25Mey De Odair 256 aylar önce
    • Mey De Odair 25 I feel you...

      Hotaru YoHotaru Yo25 gün önce
    • i could never forgive cheating same goes for D&D...

      LoliChanLoliChan6 aylar önce
  • perfect song !!

    On my treeOn my tree6 aylar önce
  • Tbh a well written version of Daenerys descending into madness and struggling to remain a hero but in the end succumbing to insanity would’ve been such an interesting and cool take- but D&D did it so shitty that even as someone who enjoyed the concept of dark Dany it sucked to watch

    Trish •Trish •6 aylar önce
    • @Trish • Don't you hate it when you hear bells and suddenly murder a whole town? I hate when that happens. I agree slaver's bay was a test run. To see how well she would do and she struggled. It was meant to show good intentions don't necessarily make good rulers. Dany needed more. She learned in Mereen that you sometimes need to be ruthless. Mereen gave her a taste of what ruling over people who love you could be like but also people who hate you (sons of the harpy). But because she dealt with both ends of the spectrum. The extreme ones. She didn't learn the many in-between. Coming to Westeros you had all of those emotions. Some hated her, some were simply wary, others just tolerated her. She only knew how to rule those who loved her and aside from that she knew how to rule from fear through her time with Viserys and how afraid she was of him. I wish they would have shown us Dany interacting with the people of the North. I mean they were clearly worried about her being there and some were even quite hostile but they never showed her actually trying to connect with anyone in Westeros except the Starks. Show that she tried and got shut down or tried and seemingly succeeded only to lose it which would make her downfall even worst because she actually had gotten people to love her. The complexity of having her descend to madness anyway even with her having everything she wanted would have been so much more rewarding. Why would someone who has everything turn into a monster. A tyrant? Maybe despite their love, they refuse to break the wheel, to comply to her idea of the perfect world. She said they don't get to choose. Well show her getting to that conclusion. Realizing that the world she wants will never exist if she doesn't terrify them into compliance then she burns King's Landing to make a statement. She complained they didn't love her but never tried to endear herself to them. Felt entitled to it. Dany became entitled but never to the extent of just expecting people's love. She expected their respect and allegiance which makes sense since she's a ruler but their love? I can't remember her ever demanding love. Respect and loyalty yes but love came out of nowhere. An argument could be made that she felt the people of Westeros would respond to her like the people of slaver's bay. But she was shown not to be that stupid. She knows they loved her because she saved them from slavery. She knows you can't just demand love. Hell didn't Tyrion tell her she would need to make allies in Westeros in order to back up her claim so that people would accept her. He even suggested marriage. So she knows the people's love is something she'll have to earn. They acted as though her only character traits were paranoid and egomaniac. A huge character development like this should be a consequence of the events of the story. It should happen because of the story not because the story needs to happen. That's where they failed. If your character's motivation change because the story needs to happen and not organically as a consequence of what has happened, it ends up feeling like they are acting out of character because they are. A higher power(the author) needs them to do this to move the story along. They didn't do it because it made sense and it just so happen to further the story. They did it because Well we got to get there somehow. It's very clearly reverse engineering the story. Meaning knowing where it ends without having the slightest idea of how you're gonna get there. They obviously knew how it would end. They looked at where they were at and worked up a list of things that needed to happen. Then they made them happen crossing them off like they'd done a good job of working up to it. They downgraded a complex character with multiple layers to: girl who lost it when she heard some bells ringing, murdering a whole city, after a guy rejected her and some people she never interacted with refused to love her on the spot. Truth is transforming the character bit by bit was too much work and would have taken at least a season and they didn't want to commit to that so they rushed the whole thing and instead of passing the reins to someone willing to finish properly and risk losing all the glory they rushed it. Completely butchered it and hid behind the one thing they spent 6 seasons trying to convince people wasn't true Dany has her father's madness. It's her Targaryen genes.

      Sarah MONTELLASarah MONTELLA6 aylar önce
    • Sarah MONTELLA you are 100% on the nose. It was just done so lazily and carelessly. Daenerys could have been one of the best most heartbreaking examples of a hero turned villain and they ruined it. This is just what I always imagined- but I was seriously hoping she’d get the throne for a while before going mad. Like I think mereen was the best example of her struggling to rule, struggling to work with the people of the city and past traditions. As well as her never seemingly being that happy there. But Mereen was just a stepping stone to Westeros. I always pictured she’d get the throne, the audience would be thrilled, but then slowly we see her start to fall apart as a ruler, struggling to make the right choices and not being taken well by the westerosi people and not being fond of them as well. Having the quest for the iron throne slowly corrupt her before she actually gets it and it being the think to fully break her. But I guess bells

      Trish •Trish •6 aylar önce
    • That's what I always say to people. Like fine she was supposed to go crazy all along. No problem but do it well. It's a fundamental change to the character's psyche these take more than one episode to do. Hero turned villain story are so interesting. If all it takes is a push, what managed to send this particular character over the edge after everything they already endured? It had the potential to be the greatest character arc ever to be put on tv. They went out of their way for all of the show to present her as a flawed impulsive ruler that could still be reasoned with, admitted when she was wrong and actively seeked council because she was aware of her impulsive nature and other shortcoming. And in the span of 1 episode they destroyed all of that. This story needed a whole season to develop correctly and then it would have been ok what they did is criminal.

      Sarah MONTELLASarah MONTELLA6 aylar önce
  • I didnt even matter because writing was shit in the end

    88Grimmjow88Grimmjow6 aylar önce
  • What a Cut! ❤

    Bhavin MBhavin M6 aylar önce
  • Who else couldn't get the MTG promo video with Liliana out of there heads while watching this? Anyone?

    Abigail SitterAbigail Sitter6 aylar önce
  • Padashje

    Migena PanaritiMigena Panariti6 aylar önce
  • 😱🔥❤ still cant get over the ending 😥😔

    Keaton SandersKeaton Sanders6 aylar önce
  • Such an amazing character ruined my shit writers

    DoeyBapDoeyBap6 aylar önce
  • Se muere? She is death?

    Celeste TorresCeleste Torres6 aylar önce
  • In love😍😍😍

    matteo_from_mars_matteo_from_mars_6 aylar önce
  • Gorgeous edit, and perfect song selection! Thank you for sharing. D&D rushed seasons 7 and 8, true, but I can't see how Daenerys' story arc could've ended differently. She was a raging fire that needed to be stopped sooner or later. The opening of the video rightly exposes the problem with this amazing character: Daenerys Targaryen claimed that the Iron Throne was her birthright. It was NOT. She thought herself this savior, this messiah Westeros was waiting for to be freed from the oppression of "the wheel". She was NOT, she was Aegon the conqueror reborn, returning from her exile with an army of 'former' slaves and Dothraki ready to pillage the entire continent. She was a Dragon, she was badass, she had her moments of kindness, BUT she wasn't a good ruler. She couldn't bring prosperity and peace to slaver's bay, she abandoned the people she conquered, the slaves she freed, to go 'free' Westeros, whose most recent history of forced servitude was associated with the Targaryens. She was a delusional egomaniac, and none of her advisors was able to get her on the right path of leadership. I loved her as a character because she was complex, and I'm disappointed in the rushed execution of the last 2 seasons of show, but I'm not sad that Daenerys died. I'm certain that's what George R. R. Martin had planned all along.

    asukachan07asukachan076 aylar önce
    • Tbh Dany always made the best decisions when she decided by herself. Too many advisers clouding her judgement. She was so worrried about her shortcomings preventing her from being a good ruler that she surrounded herself with "wise" advisors who could strategize for her and tame her worst impulses. She trusted them and in the end that's what caused her downfall. Their existence led her to second guess herself, to seek their council before making any move. When she only listened, she became sort of a puppet to a Lannister like her father. She kept losing and that led her to stop relying on anyone and their plans. Only trusting herself to get things done. The feeling that you can't trust anybody because they all have their own agenda drove her to isolation, to shutting other people out. It wasn't the same kind of isolation as her father but feeling alone when you're surronded by people can be even more dangerous than being alone in a cell. You don't know where the enemy is so you start seeing enemies in everyone. Dany was a bad ruler because she was trying too hard to be a good one and save everyone. She didn't think of herself as the savior not at first. She clearly told the slaves they did not owe her their freedom. She's been abused and realized that being in a position of power she could stop others from being abused. She stopped the dothrakis multiple times when she disagreed with their actions. She didn't abandon slaver's bay either she left after having somewhat gotten the situation under control and left a gouvernment in place to manage. She had a chance to leave multiple times and truly abandon them to the son of the harpies. She didn't. I agree that she wasn't a good ruler but only in the sense that she trusted and consulted her advisors too much. They could have never put her on the right path because they disagreed on what that path was. Varys was for the people, Tyrion knew how to handle the rich and powerful because they get you on the throne. What's best for the people and what's best for the rich and powerful are core opposites because what's good for one probably is very bad for the other. Tyrion's moves were never meant to break the wheel simply place her on the throne making her the biggest spike. Varys manipulated the wheel so that the people could benefit from it but he never intended to break it. He moved it around until it landed on what he thought was the best option. Jorah and Ser Baristan were the only ones not pushing decisions on her because it would fit the Westeros they envisioned and simply advising her to take on a path that led to her goals. All of them not just the throne, they kept in mind that although it is the end game there's no harm to having side quests. And those can work within the context of the primary mission. They weren't tunnel visionned or following their own agenda. They were serving. She did develop a savior complex later on and the ego first appeared as she realized her worth in season 1. However despite that ego she was still capable of admiting to being wrong and ignoring her own thoughts and feelings if it meant her subjects would benefit. In this context the ego isn't exactly a problem since it's not stopping her from seeing the bigger picture. It's in season 7 where it magically became one of her only character trait. They could have explored so much here with this hero turned villain story but they chose the lazy way out aka She's a Targaryen and got the mad gene. This story arc had so much potential but in the end it doesn't matter.

      Sarah MONTELLASarah MONTELLA6 aylar önce
    • It would have been cooled if it would have happened that way. But what is worse is they did it so rushed

      Alt 123Alt 1236 aylar önce
    • @Daisy Greenleaf Happy New Year!

      asukachan07asukachan076 aylar önce
    • I agree so much with everything you said. Thanks for putting my thoughts into words. :) Have a happy new year!

      Daisy GreenleafDaisy Greenleaf6 aylar önce
    • Thanks ♥️

      jennyfer of themyscirajennyfer of themyscira6 aylar önce
  • Jon snow should have killed the dragon instead of her , now i guess dragon is eating all childrens and animals on the westeros!. Bloody jon snow he done a mistake! She was noble till season 6 and the power of dragon actually made her arrogance in the end.Thats why she ended up like born to capture not born to rule! She is the best character build up ever and jon is the worst ever.

    ram sram s6 aylar önce
  • I miss her💔 I will always love her❤️

    Daniela MRDaniela MR6 aylar önce
  • They did her so dirty is so fucking unfair

    human errorhuman error6 aylar önce
  • oof how i miss her :(

    Erika BrekkerErika Brekker6 aylar önce
Daenerys Targaryen | In the end