Dan Murrell Leaving Screen Junkies: My Reaction

This is a clip from our live Twitch.TV/PopcornedPlanet streams, and I wanted to share here, since I KEEP GETTING ASKED ABOUT IT... So this is my response to Dan Murrell leaving ScreenJunkies and what this means for the channel.
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  • Andy if you like Spencer, Roth and Dan and Joe, who is the ominus force behind Honest Trailers that you dont like? You don't know anyone else at Fandom, right? Fandom bought Honest Trailers after you left, right?

    Tim TerrellTim Terrell15 gün önce
  • I actually love the new blood. Danielle, Joe, Ed Greer ...funny and full of heart.

    Lola LemonLola LemonAylar önce
  • Omg who cares what she has to say about this situation 😂 it’s like watching a TRvision comment

    Piano ASMR for Sleep, Anxiety and RelaxationPiano ASMR for Sleep, Anxiety and RelaxationAylar önce
  • Andy is SOOOO gross

    jonathan naughtonjonathan naughton2 aylar önce
  • The original 3 was SJ!. I still watch the old shows now. The new cast suck and it will die out

    Paul SarsonPaul Sarson2 aylar önce
  • Why do you do videos on other people? If viewers ask for your reaction just give a quick, good idea, good luck and move on.

    Tom WatersTom Waters2 aylar önce
  • I used to love honest trailers now they are very generic. Its sad!!!!!

    Corey NagleCorey Nagle2 aylar önce
  • Dan is cool Andy is not End of story

    AJ MerzAJ Merz2 aylar önce
    • Hmm y?

      R MakR MakAylar önce
    • Yeah why?

      DohanJoe07DohanJoe07Aylar önce
    • Why?

      Ivan VoronovIvan Voronov2 aylar önce
  • That “if I was Brad Pitt” argument is a logical fallacy. It doesn’t matter if they let Spencer hit on them, Dan, or whoever... the fact remains that it’s ok if they SAY it’s ok. And don’t misunderstand me, I’m not a SJW White knighting my way thru the TRvisionsphere, but that’s like saying just because I’d let Gal Gadot grab my dick, that I should be fine with ANYONE doing it, and that’s just not happening. So yea, if you WERE Brad Pitt they’d probably like it, cause he looks and sounds like and has the the money of Brad Pitt, and you have all those as Andy Signore. People are allowed to have preferences. And I’m not hating on you, I still support you, and I even know what you’re trying to say with that example, but it’s a terrible example lol.

    Chris InnisChris Innis2 aylar önce
  • That chick talks more than Kevin Smith.

    Chris InnisChris Innis2 aylar önce
  • I think Dan and Andy can start working together again. Once Dan gets on his feet maybe somewhere down the line Andy could get a guest appearance. Dan just needs fans to actually ask for it.

    Bud The CyborgBud The Cyborg2 aylar önce
  • Screen Junkies/Fandom Entertainment is dead as of now. Really, Dan was the primary reason Screen Junkies grew (beyond Honest Trailers) in the first place.

    Bud The CyborgBud The Cyborg2 aylar önce
  • He was only reason I watched any of their stuff. He's also a self-righteous judgemental backstabber. That smarmy blonde prick is even worse. They don't use Hal enough now

    Connor McClennyConnor McClenny2 aylar önce
  • Who is the bored looking, quiet audio lady? I feel like this probably should've just been a solo congratulatory video.

    Alex vanKootenAlex vanKooten2 aylar önce
  • nice click bait video,

    Ayele BrockingtonAyele Brockington2 aylar önce
  • Andy says honest trailers hasn’t been funny for a while but It got really bad towards the end of his time there. The Kong Skull island trailer might be the worst (the one written by the director of the movie) then Andy left and the trailers got better again

    Whole She'bangWhole She'bang2 aylar önce
  • Exactly, you had said it before that Dan should leave. BTW congrats to the subs, 111 thousands is amazing

    Johnny SkinwalkerJohnny Skinwalker2 aylar önce
  • Is the lady a professional kiss-ass?

    Radovan MatulaRadovan Matula2 aylar önce
  • Why is this chick just stroking your ego? You are still the small man who preys on those smaller than yourself.

    ant0nio16pcant0nio16pc2 aylar önce
    • she responded cause she knows the people involved

      Johnny SkinwalkerJohnny Skinwalker2 aylar önce
    • @James Bowen then why would you come out and defend this trash bag?

      ant0nio16pcant0nio16pc2 aylar önce
    • @ant0nio16pc Lol sheep? Wtf? I literally said in my comment that I didn't know everything about what happened. Just what he came out and said about that one chick

      James BowenJames Bowen2 aylar önce
    • @James Bowen good for you sheep. This man not only tried to get with that one chick he was preying on tons of other women.

      ant0nio16pcant0nio16pc2 aylar önce
    • He did provide plenty of evidence that that wasn't really the case. He admits he messed up and cheated on his wife and he owns it, but he has text logs and things like that that show the claims against him weren't accurate. That being said I also admit I dont know everything about the situation

      James BowenJames Bowen2 aylar önce
  • came here for the dislike

    dimitrezedimitreze2 aylar önce
  • I can't even watch this. The sound is terrible.

    L exL ex2 aylar önce
  • So what is that chick receiving to sit there and kiss your ass the entire time.

    thejoshbtvthejoshbtv2 aylar önce
  • 4:46 sounds a bit like a Roth impression?

    potterpotty01potterpotty012 aylar önce
    • Nope. Roth is newer on SJ than the other guys.

      A LJA LJ2 aylar önce
  • Dan and Spencer are what keep the whole Screen Junkies channel going, charting with Dan is a great Monday segment and nobody there will be able to fill his shoes right away and even his input for for honest trailers. He'll make a decent living with his own content without needing to follow whatever rules Fandom has in place.

    Isaac AlonzoIsaac Alonzo2 aylar önce
    • why do people give Spencer props for anything?

      Tim TerrellTim Terrell15 gün önce
  • This chick is a major simp

    Raúl ValenzuelaRaúl Valenzuela2 aylar önce
  • 5:14 - You brought in Hal to be "funnier!?!?" Yeeech. He strikes me as a really nice guy, but he is easily the most cringeworthy member of the SJ crew.

    Mark BozzutoMark Bozzuto2 aylar önce
    • @IRONDUDE11000 Roxy can be up there, especially when attempting voices/accents, but Hal is just so damn, spazzy.

      Mark BozzutoMark Bozzuto2 aylar önce
    • Cringier than Roxy...? Yikes

      IRONDUDE11000IRONDUDE110002 aylar önce
  • Screen Junkies and it's members moved on from you, they took the high road. Get over it and stop trying to get views by rehashing the past.

    begumdasbegumdas2 aylar önce
    • @Wrestling Smarks Agreed. They are doing their own thing. Most of those guys moved on to there own channels and they really don't even think about you. Roxy and Dan and so many others have left Screen Junkie. It ended badly. They moved on, so should you

      Geekdom MoviesGeekdom Movies2 aylar önce
    • @Wrestling Smarks not false. get over

      dimitrezedimitreze2 aylar önce
    • @Wrestling Smarks More like for messy behavior, but to each their own.

      L exL ex2 aylar önce
    • @Wrestling Smarks Defy fired him. After watching Andy on SJ before he was fired and listening to all the people on SJ talk about him on different platforms I still think it was the best for everyone that he is no longer affiliated with them.

      begumdasbegumdas2 aylar önce
    • They didn't take the high road. They fired him over false allegations. It's a pretty shitty thing to do.

      Wrestling SmarksWrestling Smarks2 aylar önce
  • Are you kidding me ? Stop making God damn videos about people you knew or used to work with. Move on !

    Hellsing7747Hellsing77472 aylar önce
  • The worst thing Dan could do is join the Schmoedown Entertainment Network. Those shows are fucking awful. He should keep solo until he lands a permanent gig like Alicia Malone did

    GILx87GILx872 aylar önce
  • I've been watching Screen Junkies since around 2014 and Andy and Hal, Dan, Spencer, Nick and many others were the original HT people for me and not to say the new people aren't great (I really love Joe and Billy and Ed!) One of favorite memories was a movie fight Dan hosted with Hal, Andy and Nick and I laughed so hard! It's really sad that things turned out the way they did. I don't feel too confident about SJ and HT going forward but I'll stay optimistic for now and just wish the best for everyone going forward, the people at SJ, Dan and Andy :)

    Jolene JollyJolene Jolly2 aylar önce
    • Crunch Buttsteak oh that sounds awesome! But yeah I agree, it does suck. I used to listen to them in class and at my job. Sometimes I still do 😅

      Jolene JollyJolene Jolly2 aylar önce
    • I used to love Screen Junkies & Collider Movie Talk, use to watch & listen all the time in my room while playing Destiny or Halo or just relaxing with some whiskey etc. Really sucks things turned out the way they did.

      Crunch ButtsteakCrunch Buttsteak2 aylar önce
  • Only sexual predators watch this channel

    Swag Yolo 69Swag Yolo 692 aylar önce
  • I want Screen junkies 2014-2016 back

    carmine-james guglielmuccicarmine-james guglielmucci2 aylar önce
  • political correctness is killing screen junkies… it is going the college humor route

    santiago villasantiago villa2 aylar önce
  • i always have loved murrel on camera...

    santiago villasantiago villa2 aylar önce
    • Ball caps on camera are atrocious

      Sado MarsSado Mars11 gün önce
  • That Girl is Right about 1 Thing: Andy was the Soul of Screen Junkies. Not a coincidence that once He was Removed from the Channel, it is now Soulless. And Dan was the only other talent that Channel had. The rest of them are SJW Woke Hacks. That whole channel is dying a slow Death, Im just sipping a Pale Ale and watching (Probably why im still a Subscriber there)

    Myron SandersMyron Sanders2 aylar önce
    • Dan is an SJW he just isn't vocal like the others.

      bertmustinbertmustin2 aylar önce
  • This is a bitter man and nasty!!!!

    Kameron RichardsonKameron Richardson2 aylar önce
  • I thought Danielle had left? I guess I was wrong.

    psinnopsinno2 aylar önce
  • It's been a year since you came back, and yet you still haven't figured out how to fix your audio.

    Goff CoolGoff Cool2 aylar önce
    • Hey, I bet it takes meticulous work to get that signature 'Andy Signore horrible digital distortion' tone. It's part the brand. Many have tried to copy it but all have failed. It wouldn't be the same show without it ;)

      Nis GaardeNis Gaarde2 aylar önce
  • Don't give up hope folks! The Junkies crew still care about Andy! Look how excited one of them gets when he's vaguely mentioned (wait for the reaction after the question): trvision.net/detail/video-2W25TvVbKOg.html :P

    Aviel LevenstienAviel Levenstien2 aylar önce
  • YOU were hurt? Ha ha...

    Scottish LockeScottish Locke2 aylar önce
    • Yes. We’re both allowed to be hurt

      Popcorned PlanetPopcorned Planet2 aylar önce
  • Dan should have left earlier. Spencer should leave. Roth should leave. Joe sucks up to the fans. Danielle, Lon, etc. are so-so. Gaslight 'em. Trash 'em.

    AhBeeDoiAhBeeDoi2 aylar önce
  • I hope that Dan’s leaving SJ means that he can reconnect with you!

    Tom LazorikTom Lazorik2 aylar önce
  • Screen junkies feels like the next collider. 😢

    Christine MikhailChristine Mikhail2 aylar önce
  • seeing andy back goves me hope for my life, thnak you Andy, i stand corrected for past comments and humbled

    Eric DeRiggiEric DeRiggi2 aylar önce
    • Thanks Eric 🙏

      Popcorned PlanetPopcorned Planet2 aylar önce
  • first Adam blampied now Andy Sgnore, welcome back.....totally giving me hope that there is always another chance for people, i could use this inspiration

    Eric DeRiggiEric DeRiggi2 aylar önce
  • Bottom Line: A person only stays somewhere that they are unhappy unless they have no other options.

    ZERO_Fs_GIVENZERO_Fs_GIVEN2 aylar önce
  • Roth Cornett is exactly WHY I stopped dealing with SJ lol her and that other woman who was throwing an absolute bitch fit over James Gunn getting fired over pedophilic tweets. Signore was the MAN and the beating heart of Screen Junkies, now and forever....

    Greendale ForeverGreendale Forever2 aylar önce
  • After how you were treated.. I'm glad you've found some success. Screen junkies still owe you an apology.

    Rob GRob G2 aylar önce
  • He's a nobody lmaooooo

  • Didn't Dan Murrell stab you in the back?

    supremejosephsupremejoseph2 aylar önce
  • honest trailers gets over a million views... seems pretty successful for "beating it into the ground"

    markmark2 aylar önce
    • @Popcorned Planet alright I'm sorry but I really can't stand you anymore. I tried giving you another chance but this is just ridiculous. You're concideded, bitter, defensive and unnecessary rude. It sucks what happened to you but at some point you have to grow the fuck up and stop crying about the past. What's done is done and nothing's gonna change that now. Just appreciate the success you're starting to have with your own venture and get over the past already. Cause this isn't helping win anyone over who doesn't already sympathize with you. Mute me all you want but that just proves you know I'm speaking the truth. P.S. no one gives a fuck about how you started the channel. It's not yours anymore. Screen junkies is done with you. You're acting like such a crybaby.

      Rick RokRick Rok2 aylar önce
    • Honest Trailers are all Screen Junkies has now. They've been slowly dying for 3 years now.

      Angus MaximAngus Maxim2 aylar önce
    • @Popcorned Planet I rarely watch them because they stopped being funny. The original ones are great but the past several months have been so unfunny.

      Adam AzamAdam Azam2 aylar önce
    • @Holland4evahh And some like myself hated Hal as a host, i stopped watching shortly after the whole re-branding thing after Andy's demise/firing, Hal just came across as a cringe-fest host and i couldn't bear to watch it, which is weird as I really liked Hal as a panelist previously before the whole #metoo thing screwed everything, but his cringy hosting style felt like a really bad cheesy game show host that was trying to insult my intelligence....each to their own i suppose.

      weegaz22weegaz222 aylar önce
    • mark Your right. I also see some hate here about movie fights but still gets a lot of views and people there like Hal as a host a lot more.

      Holland4evahhHolland4evahh2 aylar önce
  • I noticed alot of trash talk towards Maggie so is anyone one willing to debate her? If so put your money up I got $100 that says she will smoke anyone of you guys. If you are interested join the discord at link in the description box and message me Dipsettopnotch.

    dipsettopnotchdipsettopnotch2 aylar önce
  • Ya know. Andy would really be able to boost his career again if he would shed away from talking about other pundits. Andy is knowledgeable and a good critic. I get that these videos get clicks. But it does not gain subscribers. Give us some substance. I want to subscribe. But your focus has shifted. I know it’s your channel etc. but I want a good pundit and a good movie mind. Commentary on the on goings of other pundits is hurting the sustainability of his opinions. I really think you’d benefit more from your movie and entertainment commentary. It is your strong suite. Not pundit commentary. It’s sad. It feels like you’re an outsider looking in. If you want to get back up to the bigs. Move the fuck on. Stop making videos about other TRvision channels.

    T&NT&N2 aylar önce
    • @Popcorned Planet dei otha solradha sei da eruma maatu punda

      sathya skywalkersathya skywalker17 gün önce
    • Look at the views this video has vs others. Does that not say enough? Also, one doesn't exclude the other. I don't like the anti-SJW stuff either since it's actually very SJW for the other side and skip that. Lots of other content here remains.

      L.GH. DjoetmaL.GH. Djoetma2 aylar önce
    • He’s literally doing what his fans are asking

      joshua snyderjoshua snyder2 aylar önce
    • Anyone who tells me to “move the fuck on” isn’t helping... They are hating, and will get muted. I’ve made lots of movie commentary, where have you been? This isn’t just pundit drama, it’s reacting to life moments, which I absolutely will keep doing, so unsub if you don’t like it. Building a new community here

      Popcorned PlanetPopcorned Planet2 aylar önce
  • What no more chartting with Dan. Bye screen junkies

    Matthew RobinsonMatthew Robinson2 aylar önce
  • Lol it's kinda awkward watching all these ppl just sit there on cam and not say anything.

    RDF1nnerRDF1nner2 aylar önce
    • It was part of a larger stream, where i was asked a question... links all over to watch it i. Full - nothing was awkward about it

      Popcorned PlanetPopcorned Planet2 aylar önce
  • Yeah I think Andy was the heart of movie fights. I never watched movie fights again after you left it. I don't watch honest trailers either anymore.

    RDF1nnerRDF1nner2 aylar önce
  • I've always liked Dan but I don't understand leading such a good gig. You are not going to find anything better than getting paid to sit and talk about things you're passionate about. that is the Pinnacle of what someone like him should want to pursue and yet he wants other things. Huge mistake...

    Yautja PrimeYautja Prime2 aylar önce
    • @Popcorned Planet Then more power to him.

      Yautja PrimeYautja Prime2 aylar önce
    • Absolutely 1 million percent wrong. Look at Jeremy Jahns and Chris Stuckmann... they get paid WAY more and they OWN their channel. And they are doing the same thing, less often. WAY better gigs. Dan can get there. Easy. And do everything he wants through fan support.

      Popcorned PlanetPopcorned Planet2 aylar önce
  • Any Oasis fans here? ..this seems familiar doesn't it?

    Niels TheunsNiels Theuns2 aylar önce
    • Haha yes

      Popcorned PlanetPopcorned Planet2 aylar önce
  • Yeah its a crippling blow Screen Junkies losing Dan. They are missing that voice of real credibility now. It is like when Colliider lost Campea and Kristian,

    Simon HansonSimon Hanson2 aylar önce
  • I am gonna comment on every video on Kristians channel "please talk to Andy Signore"

    Owen HartOwen Hart2 aylar önce
  • Be nice in the comments please.. Maggie knew these guys, and I asked for her comment. She offered great feedback - but this format was also the first time trying zoom, will be moderating better in the future

    Popcorned PlanetPopcorned Planet2 aylar önce
  • I never saw any other " movie fights" after Andy left.

    Jessy GamerJessy Gamer2 aylar önce
    • it got "woke" pretty fast

      Johnny SkinwalkerJohnny Skinwalker2 aylar önce
    • @Jesse Cervantes screen junkies is going down hill. That's why he left. Why would anyone stop being the face of a thriving company? Use your brain. No one in their right mind would do that. Things must be going downhill

      RDF1nnerRDF1nner2 aylar önce
    • @RDF1nner dan decided to leave because he wanted to pursue his own passions not because screen junkies is bad.

      Jesse CervantesJesse Cervantes2 aylar önce
    • @Holland4evahh yeah things are going so well Dan decided to leave. Bc you know what people do when things are going well.. They abandon ship.. Bc no one likes doing well.

      RDF1nnerRDF1nner2 aylar önce
    • Movie Fights got a lot better and everybody there loves Hal as a judge a lot better. Since you never watched it you cant have a serious opinion about it but the views and likes there say it all. 👍👋

      Holland4evahhHolland4evahh2 aylar önce
  • Funny thing is, you type Screenjunkies into Google, Andy is in every photo.

    Hadam10RoseHadam10Rose2 aylar önce
    • Hadam10Rose they want to pretend like i don’t exist - THAT was their mistake. They catered to a small vocal minority, and lost touch of the big picture.

      Popcorned PlanetPopcorned Planet2 aylar önce
  • Nice man, seeing alot of ads on your videos now.

    Patrick HolmesPatrick Holmes2 aylar önce
    • Thank god!! Appreciate you clicking on the videos when you see them

      Popcorned PlanetPopcorned Planet2 aylar önce
  • Like a Rock Star Band member with millions fans, theres always a time for going Solo,,,,,....

    Gede putu Agus wirawanGede putu Agus wirawan2 aylar önce
  • I hope without SJ holding him back, he can bury the hatchet with you.

    zalewskmzalewskm2 aylar önce
    • They weren’t holding him back.. he’s done with me 🤷🏻‍♂️

      Popcorned PlanetPopcorned Planet2 aylar önce
  • there's still screen junkies?

    jughead18spjughead18sp2 aylar önce
  • I loved watching Flickbait while I cooked dinner. This timeline sucks.

    Robert FoskinRobert Foskin2 aylar önce
    • @Robert Foskin I hate that we cant get the stuff they did on the SJU channel

      Lynn ReedLynn Reed2 aylar önce
    • @Lynn Reed My favourite was Spencer's Collateral Beauty intro tune and the quiz

      Robert FoskinRobert Foskin2 aylar önce
    • OMG the one where he wrote the letter from Notebook was the best

      Lynn ReedLynn Reed2 aylar önce
  • I agree with Andy that Joe was always the weak link of the comedy chain

    Robert FoskinRobert Foskin2 aylar önce
  • It looks like it may go the collider route

    The Kevcast ReviewsThe Kevcast Reviews2 aylar önce
Dan Murrell Leaving Screen Junkies: My Reaction